Meet Harley

Harley arrived this morning for a week at “Lucky Dog Farm” – ha!  She already knows Marty and Sam because they are neighbors so I suppose she was really surprised to find them here.

Concord Care Center is lucky to have my friend, Mareen’s dog named Gracie spend every weekday there with the residents.  She follows the activity director, Marline, around all day and Mareen picks her up after work.  Mareen’s mom was at the care center last year and Gracie would visit her.  After Shirley passed away, Gracie became the “resident” therapy dog from 8-5 each day.  Other dogs visit from time to time, my own included.  I remember taking Janey to visit Mom – what a sweet memory.

16 thoughts on “Meet Harley

  1. Launa

    Warm welcome to Harley. I had to giggle when I saw Harley showing her teeth as yesterday my husband had written Shamrock Plant on his little list for the grocery store he’d pass before and then shop after his dental appt. He got a filling, but seems there is some decay elsewhere so he has to go to a different ROOT CANAL dentist this afternoon. Should have bought that Shamrock Plant!!

  2. Cindie Gapinskk

    What a beautiful dog. I worked at a senior community for 29 years and the residents loved it when it was pet day.

    Bless you

  3. Diane

    Harley is a big girl!! Did you see the 173.4 lb pit bull on one of the morning shows yesterday? I gentle giant from all accounts:)

  4. Peggy

    Harley looks like she’s smiling!! She must be happy to be there, especially with her other “neighbors!!”

  5. Mareen

    Well Mary you are so correct we are both blessed! It is a win, win for everyone and it is in fact thanks to YOU that this all came about. Gracie loves Concord Care and they love her too!Sometimes when I go to pick her up she thinks she wants to stay…….what does that tell you…you picked the right name Mary LUCKY is right for any dog that stays with you at the farm!! I hope some day Gracie will be able to stay if the farm is not FULL!! Retirement and dogs (animals) what could be better!!

  6. Bernadette Jackson

    I can’t even imagine having to go into a care center without your beloved animal/s.

  7. anita fetzer

    What a nice diversion for the residents. I’m sure they put a smile on a lot of faces.

  8. Francine Matthews

    What a wonderful scheme. The healing nature of pets is grossly underrated, even here in Australia

  9. Marie

    Harley is such a nice dog, I think that rescue dogs are the best for me. I have a little one called Sparkle and just love her. Nice to find your blog!

  10. Carole

    Did someone say “Cheese” ? Harley sure does know how to mug for the camera. Lucky Dog Farm – the perfect name! I love that Spring is here – it is, isn’t it? … finally! – but you must be going crazy with muddy doggie paws in the afternoon.

  11. Jean M

    What a great thing-doggy guests! And the dog sheets-my grandchildren would love them. I enjoyed your book review, love their quilts.

  12. Ann Barlament

    Harley reminds me of my dear sweet Buck….I miss that unconditional love a dog gives us humans. Hope Harley enjoys his vacation with you!!

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