Puppy Update, 9-23-2020

I know you’re all wondering how it’s going – this picture will explain it all! Haha!

I moved them all into the other kennel that has this chair in it – a chair from the thrift store. It’s perfect – Momma can be with them but can also get away from them and she needs to have her own rest.

After yesterday’s fiasco with the blender, this morning I knew what I was doing and I will get the routine all figured out. This afternoon I’m going to put the puppies outside in the kennel yard which will also help momma rest.

Here are the latest Dirty Dozen quilts:

Remember those orphan kittens last spring? Teresa sent these pictures of her Oliver – he is so handsome!!!!

Another note about the puppies – they will be wormed 3 days in a row this week and will also be taken for a vet check one of the very next Tuesdays, the shelter’s regular vetting day. I worry more about Momma than the puppies. Several readers have sent Chewy gift cards and I am very grateful. Several have asked what food they are on – Iams puppy food and the momma also gets this canned food made by Amazon. M.

(A note – I CANNOT get that M. Off!!!)

I will take more pictures to send you tonight – in the meantime a reader sent this to me – it is EXACTLY how I feel when I say Be Still.

54 thoughts on “Puppy Update, 9-23-2020

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Momma looks totally exhausted. Do they have something to help her get better? She is completely drained probably not having good food and care for a long, long time. And no love and attention. That is important, too.
    And look at the DD’s. All the fabulous colors. That is why we quilters enjoy putting them together, petting the fabric and totally enjoying the creation of something beautiful. It is good for the soul. Betty

  2. Pat

    Oliver has really grown and looks so handsome! The puppies look very fat and busy already. I bet they are glad to have such good care. Mom dog looks so sad, I could cry for her and her lack of previous care. What is her name and how old are the puppies?
    DD finishes are better and better. We love seeing them.

  3. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, God bless you for taking in Momma and her babies. You have the biggest heart❣️ ❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️

  4. Jan in NW WI

    Mama dog looks worn out, but I am sure she will thrive with your great care, fresh eggs and a comfy chair to relax and rest. Thanks for keeping us updated. You are a wonderful steward of animals.

  5. Rita AM in CT

    You might not want to take those puppies outside until they have had their distemper shots. You have a very kind heart Mary and Lord knows these poor animals need some kindness.
    I will have some photos for the DD soon.

  6. the other Angie

    When I saw that picture, it just made me smile! That poor, sweet mama doggie has landed in the absolutely best spot in the universe! Is she eating ok? I guess, like in the previous post, I am wondering if there are supplements that could help her. Feeding those puppies must take everything out of her. Mary, you are just the best! The puppies look great – really well nourished. This is a much better day and you are to thank for that!

  7. Cheryl

    Oliver is one very handsome and contented kitty!
    The dear mama is so traumatized. I have had several abused animals. I have literally held a full grown collie in a rocking chair and rocked and sang hymns and baby songs. Same thing with my beautiful Siamese who was found on the side of the interstate with a kitten. Rocked and sang. Takes time and love.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Cheryl- my heart melts thinking of you rocking those animals for comfort and solace. People like you will have a special place in Heaven. Thank you for going above and beyond to give relief to these poor babies.
      And Mary, I was so hoping to see an update soon. Take care of yourself and wished I lived closer to just pet mama all day long so she would know no one will ever hurt her again.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl – oh my yes! You understand that Momma is the one I’m worried about!

  8. Susan K in Texas

    Bless you Mary and your kind heart. That mama will get the best of care with you! Those puppies are just the cutest!
    Beautiful DD quilts today and a cute kitty too!

  9. Diane Bauer

    More gorgeous quilts! Love seeing what everyone is up to!!

    I love that Momma has a comfy chair from which she can oversee her brood and still get some rest herself. Those pups don’t know how they got so lucky, but I’m certain they know an angel arrived in their lives. Thank you, Mary, for all your efforts to bless God’s creatures!!

  10. Melody in Wisconsin

    I agree Mary, I worry more about Momma than the babies. She looks so drained and sad. Give her lots of treats, praise her and build her self-esteem back up. I volunteer at a shelter in Wisconsin (as a cat cuddler) and it sickens me to see what some humans are capable of towards animals. It breaks my heart. I never had any children so my fur babies are the center of my world. Bless you for being her guardian angel and I am sure in time she will learn to trust again. I wish I was closer – I would come and love her to pieces. Thank you for keeping us posted and I hope Betsy is doing well.

  11. Carolyn Meadows

    I can’t wait to see mama with some meat on her bones. I know you will see that she is well fed. Thank you for all you do for animals. C

  12. Donna-Cottage Grove

    Mary it just breaks my heart to see this mama dog. She looks “so sad” 😢. Maybe she’s wondering what she did wrong. I hope the owner pays dearly when the time comes for God to judge him. She looks so sad & I hope she is warming up to you or will soon 🙏. Prayers for her & all her puppies. You certainly have provided the best set up possible. God bless you Mary.


    I can only say Mary, that LIFE is never boring!!! Puppies are a kick in the pants but take so much work, so please take a rest when they nap!! I worry about Mom too. She is probably so tired with being transported to Iowa from Texas, the constant demands on her feeding these puppies, and then the shock of a shelter. She looks like the kind of dog that would fill many a lone hour for a lucky owner. I live in California with dogs galore and I still want her. She needs some honest to goodness pampering… I am so glad you are there for her as your nature understands the needs of this beautiful creature. Thank you so much for taking care of them and give Momma a hug and kiss from me! Carolyn

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn Barnett – I, too, am worried about Momma! The puppies are such a drain on her – I hope she weans them soon so she can gain some weight. Every morsel she eats just makes milk for the puppies. They just hang off her boobs – I don’t like it but she won’t lay down for them to nurse. Yes, she needs some rest and quiet time to recover all of these traumatic experiences.

  14. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: Thanks so much for the update on mama dog and the puppies! We are all praying for them, especially mama dog. She looks like she needs a lot of tender, loving care as well as good, nourishing food. I hope you are taking care of YOU throughout all of this trauma. God bless you and Rick for all the love and care you give. It is a beautiful day here in northern Iowa! Your friends here on the blog will be anxiously awaiting a daily report on the puppies and mama each day until they are ready to be adopted. Take care of yourself!

  15. Sheila in WI

    Wow! Thanks for this update. It just made me smile to see mama and puppies getting the love and care they need and deserve. And the DD’s are all absolutely beautiful!

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, momma is lucky to have comfy chair and quilt, plus you Mary. 8 pups is enough to wear anyone out! Have you heard how old George is getting on?the Chinese coin scrap quilt is my favourite today. Enjoy the pups, take care, best wishes, sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – well, I’m so glad you asked because I got a message today from George’s mom who wants to come over and just spend time with momma – it will be just what she needs! George is doing so well – enjoys his walks with mom and dad and his naps in between. I’m going to go visit him some time. Old George has got it made! Thank you for remembering him!


    I wish I could be there to help you. I will pray for you and the dogs. Nancy Pleimann

  18. Sue in Oregon

    What a great idea putting a chair in their kennel. And, look at those little pups trying to get up there too. Kind of comical, really, but she sure does need to be out of reach from them now and then. Taking them outside is a great idea too. Sniffing the air outside will keep them busy. Wow! You are an angel.
    All of the finishes are great today. Just love them all, but I must say…The blue coneflower, the first one, is awesome. I love that pattern. I think it says Nancy S. Nancy, will you tell us the name of the pattern? Thanks.

    1. Anonymous

      Quilt name is Prairie Song in a 2002 Rural Yesterday pamphlet by Creative Expressions, Toni Phillip’s & Juanita Simonich. Loved making it, and it is finally quilted!

  19. susie Q

    what kind of dog do they think mom is? and dad?

    that black box quilt of Vickie in Seattle I can see made with my scraps!!!

  20. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Mary, you have such a wonderful heart. I could not have resisted either. I know Mama will regain her strength and get to a good “forever” home because you care. Just being able to get away from the puppies for awhile will help her immensely. It will seem like a lot for the next few weeks, but it will pass by quickly. My daughter has been fostering kittens for the local Humane Society, and has enjoyed doing it also.

  21. Carmen Montmarquet

    Mary, you are one very special lady, with the kindest heart I think I’ve ever seen! Bless you for taking in this poor Mama and her puppies! If anyone can save this very sad Mama and pups you can!!! And how wonderful for Mama to have her own special chair for a much needed rest, only you could have thought to do such a kind thing!!
    I am also glad to hear Betsy is doing better also!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ellie

    Beautiful dirty dozens quilts, Ladies! Want to make several of them!
    Mary you are an n angel to take on momma and all those fat little puppies. They will all thrive I’m sure with your good care. Oliver is beautiful.

  23. Amy M

    Such great pictures. Mom seems to be looking for you to come back Mary! I am fascinated with the different coats on the puppies. Mom appears to me to be yellow lab or mostly. Two black puppies, two grey with spots, to yellow with it looks like some spots and two that might be solid yellow? So glad the puppies are healthy you don’t have to worry about them. How is Hazel taking to the new visitors?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – Hazel has not warmed up to the newcomers – a shock, I know! Haha! Momma would like to follow me out of the building but we’ll have to work on that – cats and chickens to chase, Telly and Hazel to meet, etc. haha!

  24. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Amazing DD finishes!
    I hope Mama can heal now that she is with you. Take Care. 🥰

  25. Donna M from South central KS.

    Mary, Mary, Mary.
    Bless your heart and soul!!!!!
    All of your readers love you for fostering this sweet family.
    I thought about mama and pups all day and night. I know it is a lot of work but I’m glad you are doing this. Mama looks just like my granddog and he was the sweetest tempered dog. Thank you and Rick for doing this.
    Thank you for sharing the quilts. I loved them!!!

  26. Jean

    God bless you Mary! That momma dog will soon realize you love her and she will respond. I’m sure she is emotionally traumatized by her life experiences. It will take a little time but she will come around and soon be playing with hazel. Maybe even be her forever friend. The dirty dozens were GREAT today.

  27. Charlotte

    Smart and thoughtful solution that chair, Mary! Mamma looks exhausted; now she can grab some rest. Puppies are beautiful. She will be too when she puts on some weight.

  28. Linda in So Cal

    So relieved that you brought Mama & her pups home. Poor Mama, she’s been shuffled around while trying to care for her brood. She deserves lots of T LC, treats & a good night’s sleep. The chair is a wonderful idea! Remember, you need rest too!

  29. Linda Schluchter

    God Bless you Mary for taking over the care of the momma and puppies. You truly have a kind heart and are a blessing for your love of animals. I wouldn’t be able to resist taking them in either even though I know how much work puppies are. I know you will get mom back to health but I will worry about her until you show us her improvement. I don’t know how that man can look in a mirror or how he can be so ugly as to abuse that beautiful innocent dog. There’s no punishment that could equal his cruelty. Take care of yourself and kiss that mom for me!

  30. Susan

    Mary, Mama and her pups are so fortunate to be under your care. You are so good to them. Taking care of puppies isn’t easy but you have the knowledge to give them what they need. So many beautiful quilts, once again.

  31. Nikki M in Tx

    As much as I believe there is a special place in heaven for loving & caring people like you , I also believe there is a special place in hell for people like mama dogs abuser.

    I am not normally attracted to pastel quilts but the starburst pastel quilt speaks to me, absolutely beautiful !

    Things have been nuts around here.. neighbor lost an estimated 30 head of black angus to rustlers last week, yes there are still cattle rustlers. Ground still soft enough from rain could see tire tracks in field where drove semi into field & loaded them up. Cut two fences.. drove in across coastal field turned around & back out with loaded tractor trailer. None of his cows have shown up at any area auctions or feed lots, probably crossed state lines. Have made perimeter fence line checks & all intact . Per cattleman’s association in last couple months has been an increase in such activity. Man whose cattle were stolen would give anyone in need a cow & pay to have it processed for them .

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki in TX – cattle rustlers, good grief, it’s the Wild West all over again and I had no idea this was happening. Honestly – why do people have to steal other people’s property ? Do they think they shouldn’t have a job – a legitimate job? I don’t suppose these thieves will be caught, huh?
      Funny you should mention that quilt because I decided I would draft it up – shall I send it to you when I’m done? I won’t make the block size too small.
      I’ve had a busy day of course but along with the puppies I also mowed most of our yard along with all the regular stuff. Once I get a routine down, it won’t be so bad. I feel so sorry for the momma – she’ll never be able to gain an ounce while she’s feeding those 8 mouths! They are eating gruel and even some of Momma’s dry food. I’ll bet she weans them in a week or so.
      Don’t I wish I knew more about that owner – he should have been charged with a felony!

    2. Susan K in Texas

      I habe seen a cattle rustling case around here also. Man working for rancher loaded up prize longhorns and sold them at several livestock auctions. He was caught but some of the cattle weren’t recovered. People can be so crazy stupid and greedy. I don’t understand how they can in any way think it is right.

  32. Charlotte Shira

    All the quilts are beautiful!! The puppies look great but momma looks exhausted. Glad you have figured how to get her some rest.

  33. Mary K Hearn

    I saw a pattern on Pinterest from Country Threads and it was 4 chickens or turkeys in homeland. Is it available?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary K Hearn – I would need a picture so I can identify this pattern as ours.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Mary K Hearn – I didn’t get a picture that I know of but Wild Turkey is available for $10 and $2 postage to Country Threads.

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