A Really Quick Post, 9-23-2020

Momma’s name is Nala – I do not know who named her.

Puppies are 3 weeks old – they think. Seems like they are more mature than 3 weeks however. Here’s a pile of puppies!

I will never be allowed to know who adopts these puppies – that’s how it is with shelters and a foster program. You know I’d stalk those people, don’t you? And that’s why I won’t be allowed to know.

The name of the shelter I work with is Patriots For Pets in Clear Lake, IA.

And I have not forgotten about Betsy who seems much better although she tends to lay out of the way by herself and I have yet to see her chewing her cud which would be a very good sign if she did.

Tomorrow will be easier than today and so it will go.

I am being very still.

29 thoughts on “A Really Quick Post, 9-23-2020

  1. Peggy S

    You’ve taken on a very big job again, dear. But we all know you kinda’ thrive on this kind of thing. Such a good “grandma” you are!!
    Those puppies are as cute as they can be. Sure hope mama comes around & realizes what you have done for her!! She’ll love you for it!!
    Betsy looks content.
    Hang in there & “be still!!”
    Peggy S

  2. Teresa

    You have a big heart, Mary, to do fostering. A mother with all those pups is a lot of work and a huge commitment on your part. But also very rewarding to know they’re getting the care they need and not living on the streets. It will be fun watching them grow!

  3. Beryl in Owatonna

    What a beautiful family!! You are very special to take them on. The puppies are all so cute and do look pretty alert to be only 3 weeks. They will keep you hoping for a few weeks, that is for sure!!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Those are some cute puppies. Betsy looks better, I hope she gets better soon.
    Just so you know, I ordered food today..it should be there Monday. You may have a truck load on Monday.
    Bless you, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in So Cal – yes, I COULD adopt Nala but it would make it very hard to continue fostering. So – do I adopt her or let her go to a great home that understands her background and continue use to foster? I’ll have to decide.

  5. Jean

    What a precious pic of those pups all bunched up! You are goodness in human form mary. You saved those pups and momma from a life of misery. It’s great getting pics and info on the family. It’s sorta like being there with them!

  6. Pat Smith

    I thought there were seven puppies, but I just counted 8! The Clear Lake shelter sounds like a good shelter with ways similar to our shelter here in VT. I so hope they will be able to find homes for all the puppies and especially the mother.

  7. Jackie Baumhauer

    I missed the last couple of posts. Catching up now. Nala looks so sad, she doesn’t know yet that she has hit the jackpot. Each day will get better. Hazel will have a ball with the puppies.
    I wish I lived closer so I could help.

  8. Launa

    Mary, I counted 8 sweet, fat babies this morning! Lots of thanks for you n Rick fostering! Looks like Betsy is recovering; an answer to many prayers!
    48o up here…sun is just coming over the mountains.
    Thank you for the pictures.

  9. Kim J LeMere

    I so hope that sweet Betsy is doing better with each day. Those puppies are looking fat and playful

  10. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    You are an Angel of Mercy taking in this momma and her pups!!! They are so blessed to have you taking care of them!!! May God bless you and your hubby richly always!😁✝️
    Bea knight

  11. Jan in NW WI

    Puppies look great and they do look a bit older than 3 weeks. Betsy looks better, more alert as well. Here’s hoping she is on the mend for good. Poor Nala looks wrung out and in a daze. Hopefully after some quality time with you and Rick, nurturing, good food and fresh air she will get some “spark” back. Trust is going to be a big issue for her. She will need lots of gentle talk and reassuring pets. She couldn’t be in a better place than yours to heal. Thanks for all you do.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    You can’t help but love Momma Nala as she did what any mother would do to save her children under horrific treatment. Now she is is in good hands to give her peace and safety thanks for you and Rick. Thanks for the update.

  13. Freda Webb Ireland

    This is the third time I have come back to see the puppies!!! Soooo Cute!!! I just want to spend a afternoon cuddling them all ! They are just’ great Doggy Dogs’ and look easy to keep groomed! They need to be on ” So Cute” the TV show! Can’t wait to see Hazel take them outside to play Ball ! My 4 cats would give them’ fits’! My Fluffy (15 lbs.) would loose some wt. running up the Cat Trees to get away! Betsy looks like she is getting better; we are hopping she does soon! “Thank You!”… Mary for fostering the Puppies and the Mom!
    Lots of LOVE to You & Rick for taking them in for a while ! Freda in ALA.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Freda. – wish you lived close to me so you could come and play with those puppies!

  14. Beryl BC

    There’s nothing cuter than babies in any form. What a good looking bunch of puppies; I really like the black and white ones! I’ve never had puppies or a dog, but have had kittens and know some of the work with them, but know dogs take much more care. Thank you for being the one to provide them the care they need.

  15. Holly in Two Harbors

    It was nice to see Nala getting a mom break. What a great idea! Those pups are so cute! My library system had a copy of Finding Gobi and I’m reading it right now and really enjoying it. Some of those puppies remind me of her picture, but I’m sure they’ll be a LOT bigger.

    It’s good to hear that Betsy is improving. It’s such a worry when they get to be that age when you don’t know what the outcome will be.

    Take care of yourself while you’re taking care of Nala and her pups!

  16. Jen

    You are terrific Mary! What a handful! I am totally interested in adopting a puppy or even mama. How old is Nala you think? Do I contact the shelter now or wait? Sorry to bother you with all the questions!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jen – you would need to contact Patriots but if you live locally I sure wouldn’t care if you visited them here at the farm. To be honest, I worry about Momma getting adopted – she is so sad and downtrodden but is already quite attached to me. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with the puppies leaving but Momma! I could keep her but then I can’t foster like this so I’d be cutting ties with the foster program – or at least to this degree so she is my main focus. Today I brought her out of the kennel on a leash to walk around – we’ll do it again tomorrow. I can’t say how old she is – I would imagine this could be her first litter if the owner locked her up to punish her for getting pregnant. A vet will have a much better idea of her age.
      Here’s my phone number – you can text me if you like or just call me – I may not pick up however if I don’t recognize the number.
      Before you contact Patriots, come to the farm IF you want to. They may not like me letting you think you’ll have first choice. If that’s the case, just tell them you’re a friend of mine and happened to be at my house and saw the puppies.
      They are rolypoly little sausages!

      1. Jen

        Thanks Mary! Let me talk to hubby and I can get back to you. We lost our black lab in Aug and we have a golden Retriever named Kooper. We have always had two dogs or even three and it is strange having one! I am local, Charles City. I met you and Connie at the trunk show at Quilters Window in New Hampton. Was that last fall….. you are giving momma and she puppies the best of care in the world. We have always happened upon dogs that need help or a better life. We are told that if dogs get to the Burton household they hit the jackpot! I will get back yo you!

  17. Diane in WI

    What a beautiful bunch of puppies! Nala and her puppies are so lucky to be at home with you and Rick. They will certainly thrive. I hope Betsy continues to improve. Our cousin”s corn was chopped today. The field is wide open again. It really looks like fall. Be still and take care.

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