Quest For Freedom

This is the quilt. Connie  taught on the cruise, the one on the right.  It is in our book Civil War Remembered and when Connie returned from the cruise she had a number of individual patterns left which  we will make available to anyone for $10.  The quilt on the left is a smaller version of Quest For Freedom and we will include those directions as well.

If you already own the original pattern or the book and would like just the smaller version cutting recipe, we will slip it into an envelope for $5.00.  Connie is shown here with 2 small versions that we made in contemporary fabrics .  Here are some close ups.

I made the orange and black one – remember I showed you a little corner of it before Connie took it on the cruise.  All the spacer squares in the center were cut from thrift store shirts.  Can’t wait to start on another shirt quilt of some kind.

Here is Connie’s current handwork project – isn’t it sweet?  She’s going to continue adding to it so it will fit a twin bed.

And I am coming to the end of New York Beauty.  Now just sew it all together!

And remember this old quilt I showed you?

We’re going to call this Volas’s quilt because that’s who made it for Steve and Nancy.  Kathy, Cheryl and I started cutting  it out last night.  My next post will be Volga’s  quilt with pictures and all the measurements.  Want to keep it separate so you can find it easily.

Quest For Freedom pattern, 2 sizes – $10.00

Quest For Freedom – small size only – $5.00

Make check out to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner,IA 50438

28 thoughts on “Quest For Freedom

  1. sandra

    I just completed this quilt.It is ready for quilting.I enjoyed making this Thanks. Can anyone help me? I am looking for a an alphabet pattern.I love the look of letters in patchwork.

  2. Bonnie McKee

    Once again, I’m so inspired by these beautiful Quilts! We are supposed to get snow and freezing rain, in western Oregon, tomorrow night and Friday. What a great excuse to stay in and sew!!!😊

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Teresa – you would need to contact Stitchin Heaven about a kit. Our shop is closed.

  3. Paula S.

    I have your Civil War Remembered book and love all of the patterns in it. There are several on my to-do list. Love all of the projects you and Connie are working on!

  4. Judy Linn

    GREAT quilts! Thanks for all the variety!

    Love your New York Beauty! Makes me want to find the blocks I started.

    Hugs, from 70 degrees in Texas

  5. Diane

    All those quilts are stunning. I can’t pick a favorite. I am anxious to see the New York Beauty all finished. Retreat Friday through Sunday; I am working on Country Threads Northwoods Quilt from COUNTRY SEAMS. It’s my fifth or sixth one and a favorite:) Cool here in Central Ohio, but no snow yet.

  6. ANITA Fetzer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The black blocks in the center. Have the book will do it. Also loved the 2 colored blocks in Volga s. Your New York Beauty is wonderful. You are an overachiever for sure😉anita

  7. Deb Blaufuss

    Please reserve one for me. I’ll get the $10 check in the mail tomorrow. Thanks!

  8. Pamela

    Will you tell us where to get the pattern for the quilt you are going to feature next? It looks to be one that I would like to make.,I have quite a stash of fabric in addition to a couple of dozen shirts I have bought to use in Quilts someday. I look forward to reading Chicken scratch as it often comes on one of the gloomy days and brings me a ray of sunshine😊 Speaking of sunshine, this afternoon is the second day this week when we have seen it. But now we are heading into a cooler spell which I’m sure you are getting right now. Blessings, Pamela

  9. Debbie Miller

    I laughed when I saw Connie’s new project! I did the Circle a Day hand applique blocks last year finishing on New Year’s Eve. Now to figure out how to put them together-366 blocks don’t exactly work out-but it will be pretty big! My blocks were 4 1/2 inches squares. Love the Quest quilts in both sizes but I usually make bed sized quilts.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Good looking quilts. Your New York Beauty looks great. Isn’t it too bad that our fingers, cutters, etc don’t go as fast as our minds? My mind has always been about 20 (at least) projects ahead on everything. It is about 20 with a cold NE wind. I just scraped a path on the sidewalks. The snow cover may be best as there is ice underneath. We’re in for more snow tonight and tomorrow… It is worse around us. The hills protect us, or we REALLY get it.
    Betty in Rapid City.

  11. Colleen

    Your quilts are all lovely the snow not so much.

    It’s funny what you notice in pictures in the circle quilt top picture it’s June on the calendar so what special is happening in June ? The readers want to know LOL ???

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Colleen – ha! It’s June 2016 – I don’t pay much attention to that calendar obviously.

  12. Ann Barlament

    I love the contemporary quilts…your inner child certainly loves playing with fabric and colors!!!

    Today, I started putting my quilting thoughts on paper…I want to make three quilts for each of my therapists. My imagination is going at full throttle!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – oh, how fun – 3 new quilts! Keep me updated on what you’re doing! Do you need certain color fabric? Maybe I can help!

  13. Paula

    I love those quilts.
    I wanted to tell you I did some deep cleaning in the sewing room and I ran across Country Threads Sewing Circle. I thought it might be a good blog post for you to share. I don’t remember if I paid for these or how it worked. I’m excited to sit back a moment and go thru these after I do this deep cleaning in the sewing room. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – sewing circle was many years ago – I can hardly remember it!

      1. Paula

        They were on a tan sheet of paper with a pincushion pattern and a recipe just so you know. Paula in KY

  14. Claudia Voorhees

    They are so such lovely quilts….. and you girls are so inspiring !…… thanks !

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