Quilting Mastery by Joyce, 6-6-23

This was a “panel” that Joyce quilted – breathtaking, isn’t it?

More quilts by Barbara.

And more quilting by Joyce!

I’ve had so much fun showing you these marvelous quilts by Barbara and Joyce and I know you’ve loved seeing them! Aren’t we hoping they send me pictures of what they’re working on in the future?

Tomorrow I’ll catch up on all the reader quilts and pet parade photos and news from the farm. What a fantastic quilt show this has been – and we didn’t even need to travel!!

60 thoughts on “Quilting Mastery by Joyce, 6-6-23

  1. Bonny

    I am humbled but inspired by the artistry of the quilts and quilting! Thank you for sharing! And what more needs said about the quilts? Exquisite!

  2. Vicki in Seattle

    The quilts are magnificent! It has been such a treat to see them, Mary. You are correct….that panel is breathtaking!!

    Thank you Mary, Barbara and Joyce!

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Amazing creations. Even her left over blocks (?) look so great. Talent is really appreciated.
    I do wonder if she doesn’t want to loose her privacy. All the quilting groups would want her to come to talk to them. Then she wouldn’t have the time to come up with these wonderful creations, which would ruin all her fun.
    Thursday is near and the promo says 400 quilts for the quilt show. And we have 20 venders. Oh, what fun to see all the quilts, old friends and the new friends.
    Our quilters out here have had lots of fun with the big mum quilt, but I haven’t seen any quite like Barbs.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – it would be so exciting to have that big quilt show in your backyard! Wish I were there – don’t forget to share a couple of your favorites. Are you shopping for anything in particular?

      1. Betty Klosterman

        What do I look for at the quilt show? EVERYTHING!! There will be great quilts, very carefully made and there will be lots quilts that somebody is very proud of. They have happily put the pieces together and have something that will keep others warm and comfy. It will be a feast of colors and imaginations and lots of ideas.
        I won’t be shopping as I have way too much fabric and patterns already and am working at making stuff that will leave the house and not come back. But……if I see a pattern, maybe. (I just bought the Big Foot pattern) Personally, I enjoy making Project Warmth quilts. Once I made the Sister’s Flower Garden quilt and I really liked the process. Frank asked if I was going to put it on our bed ? My answer was NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME!!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Breathtaking hardly describes the show from the 2 quilters.
    Thanks for sharing with us. It is a fantastic show of talent and imagination.

  5. Sue in Oregon

    Wow…the quilting on what looks to me like a dahlia!! It is fabulous. I envy her artistic talent, that’s for sure.
    All the quilts are wonderful. I especially love the rose quilt. Thank you, thank you Mary. It’s the best when you can sit in front of your computer and go to a quilt show. Now to bed and dream about quilts.

  6. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Everyone has said what I would say. What incredible quilts. Thank you for the quilt show. I really enjoyed seeing all the quilts. Very inspiring.

  7. Sharon G.

    What beautiful quilts and the quilting is unbelievable! Barbara and Joyce are very talented artists!
    Thanks for sharing, Mary.

  8. Arrowhead Gramma

    WOW, what a wonderful quilt show. Two
    unbelievable talented and creative ladies! A big thank you to you, Mary for your efforts in making this possible!!!

  9. Sandy

    Wow Mary! There is a lot of talent in the wonderful quilts shown today, will need to study the odd block quilts as l enjoy that style of quilt economy. Have found some photos of my old cats l must send you too. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  10. Rita in Iowa

    Barbara and Joyce have inspired many of us with their piecing and quilting. Thank you both for sharing. Mary thank you for posting the quilt show, I have several of the panels to quilt. Need to get in gear and get them done.
    Not much sewing getting done here. Many flowers getting ready to bloom. It just seems like the days are flying by. Had a deer visit the yard during the night, having been out to see what snacks he found.

  11. MaureenHP

    I’ve so enjoyed the quilt show! I’m in awe of what Joyce did with the panel. It is gorgeous.
    Barbara’s basket quilt is more my style and I really liked it as well.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    I feel so fortunate to have seen these beautiful pieces of cloth transformed into quilts. The amazing part of quilters all showing their creativity and talents in their own special way. In the future I do hope Barbara and Joyce continue to share with us as I feel like we are their friends after all you have enlightened us to hear Mary.
    Another hazy blurry day here with no rain in so long. I keep thinking my glasses need cleaning on the lens but it’s the air quality with the wildfires blowing our way. And we are camping finally in our motor home so seems good being out.

  13. Teresa in Indiana

    Absolutely love all of Barbara and Joyce’s works of art! Again, I’m blown away by the talents of these two. That’s the most beautiful panel I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    These quilts are stunning. Thank you sooooo much for showing them to us. Way beyond my abilities but I love seeing what masters can do.

  15. Judy Gnade

    My heart goes out to you for all your pet losses. Each one was so special in its own unique way. The quilt show has been awesome. Armchair viewing is wonderful for those of us who’ll never have a chance to see these particular beauties up close. Thank you!

  16. Diane in Maryland

    Thank you for sharing the quilts by Barbara and Joyce. All of the quilts are incredible and amazing! Each one is so beautiful. These ladies are very talented!

  17. Rachel Summy

    Thank you Mary for sharing their talent!! Awesome quilt show!!!!!!

  18. Rhoda Ebersole

    Barbara and Joyce’s quilts are incredible I think!!!
    Love the fabric choices and the quilting. Do they have a longarm machine for the quilting?
    Thank you for sharing the pictures Mary.

  19. Cathie

    Such gifts these women possess. I do so enjoy looking at everyone’s work. Have a good day.

  20. Janet S

    It seems that exceptional artistry and abundant creativity have found a home in Iowa. It must be something in the water. Maybe we should all move there and hope it rubs off on us. Let’s hope Barbary and Joyce continue to share their work.

  21. Pat Farrell

    What masterpieces the quilts that Barbara and Joyce have created.
    Thank you for sharing your quilting

  22. Sue in PA

    I loved seeing the beautiful quilts by Barbara and Joyce and hope they will continue to share pictures of future quilts.
    We went to our grandson’s baseball game last night and the smoke from Canada’s fires was pretty thick in the air. It even smelled like fire near my daughter’s house a few miles away. We live in the suburbs north of Philadelphia.
    So sorry about your recent losses, Mary. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet.

  23. Susan K in Texas

    Wow! That quilting is amazing! What a treat it has been to see Barbara’s piecing and Joyce’s quilting. What talented ladies. Thanks for sharing the quilt show.

  24. Jamie in Phoenix

    I’m not a quilter, just a big Mary fan. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the quilt shows and have to say today’s show is absolutely stunning. That first panel took my breath away. I love all the creativity I see here, along with the farm reports.

    Your posts are most ten the highlight of my day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jamie – I love being the highlight of your day – sometimes I think writing everyday must be boring but I’ve always said this blog is about nothing! Haha!

  25. Jan Hebert

    Just amazing work by these two women! What talent, what patience!! I’m sure they have sparked some creative minds here on the blog. I’ve been looking into free motion quilting and the talent I see on youtube is just amazing. Watched one woman do quilting on leather yesterday! Amazing! I love all of Barbara and Joyce’s quilts but I think my favorite one was the farm one! So clever. We had a dry spell and now it’s been wet for days! My garden still isn’t fully planted. Going to be a weird summer here in MA! Jan in MA

  26. Lynn h

    Absolutely fantastic quilt show, Mary. Those two are definitely a dynamic duo!

  27. Linda in Michigan

    I am just amazed by the things that can be done by these women. I’m just happy being able to sew square and rectangles together,ha ha. Thank you, Mary, for another wonderful quilt show!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – that’s how I sew, too, and love to do that but can admire their work!

  28. Marsha from MI

    Those are some amazing quilts! The second quilt, after the panel, what kind of thread is being used for the quilting? Variegated or?

    I visited the Iowa Quilt Museum yesterday! It featured a show of Ricky Tims from 1st quilt to present. It was quite amazing to see the quilts in person! Wow!

    1. Joyce

      I usually use Glide thread…both on top and in the bobbin. My long arm seems to like it the best. I rarely use variegated thread. I didn’t use it on any of Barb’s quilts.

  29. Char

    These quilts are just stunning!! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you’re doing well

  30. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, you know your readership so well! You knew we’d love seeing Barbara and Joyce’s quilts and quilting. THANK
    YOU😻. They are stunning pieces .
    I have a friend who also quilts, but will not attend a quilt show because she says she could never make a quilt like the ones at the show. That is so sad. I will never be able to sing an aria, but I love to listen😀
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful quilts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – AMEN, SISTA! I don’t really have envy in the way that I’d be jealous of talent but I can appreciate it. That’s not why I go to a quilt show – it’s the sheer enjoyment of seeing those fabulous quilts but I like utility quilts very much as well. Your friend looks at quilt shows differently than I do!

      1. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

        Absolutely agree😀. I would have had a dull life without art, music, quilting, flowers etc etc!

  31. Sharon Geiger

    I always enjoy the quilt shows and various other things you show us: pet parades, farm animals, plants, etc., etc. You share your life and you are always doing something!! That’s the best part of farm life. I have my fondest memories of my youth on the farm.

  32. Sue Hoover

    This been a fabulous escape-at-home. Thank you for sharing, Barbara & Joyce, and also to you Mary for forwarding the show on to all of us!

  33. Carla

    Mary, do you know if Barbara did hand quilting? Beautiful quilts for sure. Comment section was interesting reading today as well with the Canadian fire effects. We have had some haze, very orange suns at day’s end with pretty sunsets over the Lake. It’s sad to think of all the damage, but I take comfort in the rejuvenation that will come. Right now, on a local level, I’m hoping my formerly thriving peas will come back after being quite chomped by rabbits. Hubby fenced in my veggie beds, and now I shouldn’t have to worry. I grow my strawberries in tables, and I just covered my blueberry bushes with mesh bags. Strawberries also will get covers otherwise there’s nothing left for us! I’m still wondering what to do to protect watermelons and squashes from deer…..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – I’m not sure I understand your question – did Barbara hand quilt somewhere on each quilt? I’m guessing she did none of the quilting which was all done on a longarm by Joyce. I could be wrong so I’m hoping Joyce will correct me here. Good luck on your garden – sounds like you’ve got a very large productive one – glad you now have some fencing so you’ll be able to share with the deer and rabbits!

      1. Joyce

        I don’t think Barb did any hand quilting on her quilts after they were quilted by me. She does do the hand stitching on the cathedral borders and adds some embellishments after it is quilted. Her binding is always hand stitched to the back.

        1. Carla

          Thanks for the reply, I thought the thread looked like the thicker kind used for hand quilting and it made me wonder. They are all so beautiful.

  34. Carolyn from Ohio

    Stunning quilt s, wow on the quilted panel. Thanks for sharing. Love the quilt show!

  35. Joyce

    Thank you all for the kind comments. Barb and I appreciate each and every one. Many thanks to Mary for taking the time to share with all of you!

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