Rainy Thursday and Basketball!

At least it’s not snowing, huh? When I got up this morning several hens were in the yard – they hopped through the cat door! So fun to see them in the yard again! The Big. 12 Tournament is going on today so I have a day of BB. Reed is coming this afternoon to piece his quilt back. You all were so complimentary to Reed and we all appreciate it – Reed, his siblings, his mom and dad, his grandmas and all of us who love Reed. Thank you!

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Here are a couple more Harveys:

From Mary Ellen

From Robin

And from Carol, Churn Dash from Sew Charming

And yes, Spring Gameboard was originally named Looks Like A Gameboard but since I have made any number of these in seasonal colors I thought it was just easier to call this one Spring Gameboard. If you already have this pattern, just change the colors.

Pattern is $5.00.

I am looking into what Goat Gazettes we may still have on hand, cost of postage, mailing envelope, etc. and will let you know. We have decided we just do not have time to package up scrap bags. Someone even requested fabric from a specific fabric line! We just can’t do this and keep everybody happy plus spring is nearly upon us which means much yard work!

On Martingale’s blog the other day this book Preserving History was featured. And it’s not surprising that 3 of the quilts pictured are marked in my book – my “to do” list.

The quilts on my list are, from the right, one, two and four. Hmmm… maybe during a game I could start cutting.

Also on the Moda blog a sew along using this book is scheduled to start March 25.

I believe it was the cover quilt they were making – I might consider that, too. Ha!

Many of you asked about Reed’s second quilt – this log cabin IS his second quilt. He got a Super Blue on this quilt last year at the fair as a junior.

I started a rug last night – anybody interested in following along?

I don’t know why the ads have disappeared but our revenue really reflects it. Gonna try to figure that out. Plus I’m working on posting YOUR pictures which have to be transferred and saved and I don’t have that down pat yet.

Off to the ballgame – go Iowa State!

51 thoughts on “Rainy Thursday and Basketball!

  1. sandy

    I love hearing about Reed…..such a talented young man!
    Love all the pictures……
    Only one ad today, but I clicked on it 🙂
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Carolyn Stevens

    Watched your Iowa Hawkeyes defeat the other team today 79-72!!!!! here in N.C. It was a good game!
    Enjoy your pictures and notes so much. Hope your weather is getting warmer and the sun will soon shine there and melt all the snow!

  3. Anita Fetzer

    I feel Reed is an exceptional young man. His quilt is wonderful, I can see the blue ribbon on it already. What a treasured relationship you 2 have. Can’t wait to see what you 2 do next. We had 1 day of “spring ” Tues then the rain and wind came 🤗 maybe a snow flake or 2 this weekend but I have Faith it will be spring soon. For all of us. Anita Fetzer

  4. Paula Philpot

    Would love to meet Reed…. I would like to see the rug in progress. I have forgotten how to connect the strips together. I have one in progress too from a few years ago. lol Paula in kY

  5. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    The Harvey’s are great. We will all be waiting to see the back of Reed’s quilt. I do county fair judging and i often ask, “When did you finish your project?’ I can’t believe how many times they say, “Last night.” Even with quilts when you see lots of threads and maybe cat hair. At least they made a project and learned something.
    We had rain on Wed. so today everybody is vacuming up water from their basement. Me included. The local drug store closed due to water and a bar and grill has 3 inches of water everywhere. They are closed for at least a week. No school today. This is day #10. When will it end??

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      KathySchwartz – I am not a procrastinator so if Reed is going to learn from me, his quilt will be finished early and he will not be allowed to start a new one until his paper is written for the fair. Now I have a problem with that – starting lots of projects – but the fair project is different. In his mind he is already planning——like all of us.

  6. Jennie

    I would like to make the rug along with you. Enjoy your blog and all the animals. Click adds as they come along. Blessing

  7. Marsha Ransom

    You and Reed are so lucky to have each other! I hope he continues as he obviously has a gift (and a great teacher!!) 🙂 Both of the books look so interesting to me.

  8. Polly Perkins

    Great job Reed. I wish my grandchildren lived closer. Whenever they come to visit we do sew!

  9. Nikki M...Tx

    I always find an ad above the heading when I go to the read more..also often have to go to comments then scroll to top of page as read more tells me not available…just FYI.

    Beautiful day today..followings day of storms &11 hours without electricity … ah spring in Texas. Did find baby calf in pasture this afternoon..Momma must have given birth last night.

      1. Nikki M Tx

        Perfect…Momma cows will hide babies n pasture..she most always near…beautiful black angus calf…got Momma &calf into pasture near house so can keep eye on both for week or so then will allow back in pasture with others ….knew something up way llama was behaving…he was staying over in one area not with grip of cows and lone cow also there so went looking for a calf or problem with cow..all cows have right now heifers & I always worry about first calf’s…have bet on speed dial just in case….

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, if it helps, the only ads I got today is one across the very top of the page and one under your picture on the side. Normally, there are several sprinkled among the comments.

    Reed got “Super Blue”, how very grand is that! A young boy getting such great ribbons.
    He can apply so many math lessons to quilting and it will make sense.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – he was a junior last year and not eligible for State Fair or purple ribbons so they get Super Blue. This year he is eligible to go to State Fair and I have little doubt that he’ll get there.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I had 2 ads tonight to click so will keep rechecking comments the next day or so and click more ads as they appear. Good thing I love reading the comments too just as I love your blog. The other night at our quilt guild a lady used 10” layer cake leftovers that she pieced for her backing. It looked so cool. I am sure with Reed’s expertise he will have a nice backing for his quilt. We got to 71 degrees today so loved loved loved it for a welcomed change. And with it comes the mud on the dogs but goes with loving them.

  12. jan VanDeWalle

    I was thinking of you and Reed last night . We were watching a PBS program about historic railroad engines and they had a section from Boone Iowa and talked about their train museum, looked on the map but could not find Garner to see if that was close to you. My husbands family came from Illinois, all his aunts ,uncles and cousins are still there in the Moline and Rockford areas.
    Love Reeds Log Cabin Quilt and your adventures together.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – Boone is 2+ hours from here but I’ve always wanted to ride that RR and go to Ledges State Park, also at Boone!

  13. Carla

    Reed has grown a lot since he won that blue ribbon at last years fair. I look forward to his backing progress. Your to do list sounds like mine and I need to get back to my stitching. Enjoy your bb, we will be keeping an eye on the Big 10 tourney here.

  14. Pat Smith

    Only 1 add today which was for a Baby Lock event over in Tampa which took place last month. Odd that the add was there for an event that’s over. I’m getting almost no adds at all, and I don’t know why they stopped. Love the game board which I’ll be ordering and also the one with about a thousand flying geese. (Sigh) Great picture of Reed and his blue ribbon so well deserved. Wonderful for him to be learning these skills thanks to your help.

  15. Donna W.

    I’m jealous that you were able to watch the game, Mary. I followed the score while at work and was so happy they won. Will get to watch the next game tomorrow evening. My son is an Iowa State grad and I love the ‘Clones!

    I’ve been following you since last summer, I think. The two blogs I follow daily are written by fellow Iowans (Jo Kramer is the other). Both of you have varied interests which I enjoy even though the quilting initially was the primary draw for me.

    Thanks for sharing all that you do. I also try to click on as many ads as possible. I have been known to back out of the blogvand reclick ads, too. Sometimes I wonder if there are less ads when you post more photos. Don’t get me wrong–I love the photos but wonder if there is a correlation.

    Congrats to Reed on his beautiful log cabin top!

  16. patti leal

    love the new harveys and their personalities. for a while i wasn’t getting ads at all. i turned off my ‘ad block’ for your site and they came back. never the same number twice. today there were two but yesterday there were four. i click on all of them. i’m hoping to do the quilt along with the teceluma people. i really like that quillt. i love lots in your newest book. i’m usually afraid to commit to things because my health gets in the way so much. right now i’m working on a couple quilts for a new grandson due next month. two different sizes so he’ll have a drag around one also. love the posts. i am a ‘city girl’ thru and thru. patti in florida

  17. Jane Eilderts

    I do some fair judging and love judging quilts like Reed has made! The write-up goes hand in hand with a good project! Keep us posted! I made big Harvey many years ago and it is hanging. I have always loved him! Thanks for always sharing with us?

  18. Jane Eilderts

    I do some fair judging and love judging quilts like Reed has made! The write-up goes hand in hand with a good project! Keep us posted! I made big Harvey many years ago and it is hanging. I have always loved him!

  19. Pam in NC

    Mary, I picked one of the same quilts from “Preserving History” as you have. It’s the all flying geese one-I think it is the second one pictured. Love the “old” look of that one. I’ve been cutting littke rectangles from scraps as I work on other projects. Couldn’t face cutting those thousand or so all at one time! HA!

  20. Rita S

    I love what Reed is doing. Hopefully when my Grandsons get older I can teach them to sew/quilt. Go Iowa State. Both of my daughters and son in laws graduated from Iowa State. I have a nephew who is attending there now.

  21. Marsha

    I enjoy reading your blog posts no matter what you have to say for the day. Your pictures are always interesting and just pull the reader into the experience. I am not sure which one of you – you or Reed, benefits more for being in each other’s lives. Your example and caring is so much needed for so many other children and “seniors” in this sometimes lonely world. Both relationships have so much to offer each other. As for ads, yes they have sorta disappeared, but what I do is – refresh the page a few times and usually I get a few different ads each time. I try to close at least 8- 10 ads each time I read a blog post.👍🤗. Enjoy your March BB!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marsha – thanks so much for being diligent about the ads – our expense account thanks you, too!

  22. Deb Renken

    I usually click on the ads as I read through the post (only 3 today). Then I go back up to the top, hit refresh, and click on them all again.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb Renken – we so appreciate you being mindful of the ads! Thank you!

  23. Pam from Waterloo

    Sending love and congratulations to Reed! The fact that you finish your projects says a lot. Many young people get interested in projects and get off to a good start, then what happens…..they never finish! I’m sure adults can relate to that too. From looking at the pictures Mary has sent, it also looks like you are having lots of fun. Keep up the good work! We are all proud of you.

  24. Diane in Central Ohio

    I am happy to hear you are not snowed under! We saw CO on the weather and were worried about it coming to you–Whew! Both of Reed’s quilts are beautiful and he does excellent work. I clicked on an ad from Wayfair and after looking I accidentally clicked out of Chicken Scratch so when I came back, there was a different ad so I clicked it, too. Maybe the trick is to click an ad, click out of Chicken Scratch, and click another ad. I used to receive 4 or 5, but now only 1 each time. The Little Harveys are so cute. I’m getting mine ready. Good luck to Iowa until they play the Bucks!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in a Central Ohio – I have to research the ad issue – thanks for be mindful of the ads! Reed is here this afternoon piecing his back

  25. LouAnn Engelhardt

    I’d be interested in following along when you are making your rug. I do enjoy your blog.

  26. Launa

    Can you image my delight with the weather news for here…no snow for a week and temperatures rising up to 50’s too? Spring is coming. Sorry about the bad storms elsewhere making life so miserable for so many. It’s a sunny 27o here @ noon!

    I hope Reed keeps a quilt journal! His second quilt is wonderful.

    Sheryl Johnson, owner of Temecula Quilt Shop, author of Quirky Little Quilts has a free sew along ongoing on the shop blog now. It’s One Block Wednesday featuring machine sewn Hexie blocks inspired by an antique quilt. Not too late to join in. The blocks finish @ 3 1/2”. Sew 12 a week.

  27. Marilyn Cook

    I am sitting here watching the Big Ten tournament and Ohio State is currently leading Indiana.

    Love the Harvey’s

  28. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    I’m interested in following along with your new rug project!
    Reed’s quilt is wonderful!
    Thanks for taking the time to write your fun blog. I really look forward to each of your posts!
    Bonnie, in Sunny Oregon

  29. Diane Bauer

    Wow! I wasn’t aware the Log Cabin was Reed’s second quilt–I love the first one he made as well. His choices in pattern and fabric are great! Keep it up, Reed!

    We are still at a standstill here. I’ve heard one plow go by, but nothing else is moving. A lovely neighbor came by early with their plow and cleared my walks, which was much appreciated!! I’m going to let the driveway and patio melt on their own. It’s just too hard and heavy for me to try to shovel it.

    I made two pin cushions yesterday as I was hunkered down inside. The first was a ‘spokes’ pinnie out of the Pin Pals book and then second was a 21st Century Bullseye pinnie! I had made a mini bullseye for my quilt label so had extra parts in the scrap pile. Both were fun projects!

    Enjoy the basketball games! I hope the storm goes south of you and you get a break from the weather!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I think the snow went northwest of us but we’ve had heavy rain and with the ground frozen still water has come in the quiltshop in places I’ve never seen water! Just holding my breath!

      1. Diane Bauer

        Ugh!! Hope there’s not any damage in the quilt shop!!! This has been just an incredible year as far as weather is concerned, and I’m afraid there is more to come.

        I-25 is finally open south of Colorado Springs, so I will be heading south in the early morning. Hoping to get to White Sands by dinnertime. Sunday will be the Bataan Death March and I’m so excited that I will be able to be there for the event!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane Bauer – what is the Bataan Death March and where is White Sands? Signed- an uninformed Iowan!

  30. Betty Klosterman

    The SD Girls basketball tournament starts today in Rapid City. Evidently there must be something in the rules that says teams will be eliminated if they can’t get here so all the teams came in a day earlier than scheduled and are settled in their hotel rooms. Rapid City will make sure they can get to the Civic Center for games and meals will be delivered if necessary. Haven’t seen the plows go by here yet, but we’ve got drifts at least 5′ high and I haven’t got out to see what is behind the garage. The wind is still blowing about 50 mph, but it is about 30 degrees which isn’t bad. It started as wet snow yesterday and my living room window is clean for the first time in months! Hope you don’t get it?

    Does Reed live on a farm or in town? He is certainly getting a very basic education on how to do so much stuff. He will never regret his interests.
    The only thing I remember from geometry is “the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.” but something must have stuck because when I need it I can figure it out going in the back door. The teachers should tell students why, how and when we will need these things. Same with typing and bookkeeping.

  31. Dee Winter

    Hi, love the pictures, stitching kids and their quilts always wonderful. The ads are there when I first open the blog, but if I comment, then they have disappeared! So I click 1st, then comment.

  32. Sarah

    Reed is one remarkable kid. As we lknow, his ability to stick with a project to the end will serve him well in life. Obviously he has a lot of support from you, family and friends, but in the end it’s up to Reed. Can only imagine what a jewel he must be to have in class! His quilt is beautiful.

    Thank you Mary and Reed, for sharing your adventures.

  33. Chris from NW PA

    Reed has done so well with both quilts. He can certainly be proud of his accomplishments. Much of
    this is due to his teacher. You have really done an excellent job with his skills. I hope he will continue
    his interest in sewing.

  34. Diane

    Good for Reed! He does good work!
    I have a sister and several nieces and nephews who are graduates of Iowa State!
    Good luck in the games!

    1. Jody

      Love Reeds quilt ,such a good job . I feel he is so lucky to have you for a mentor and friend.
      Your critters are fun to see what they are up too .

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