Reader Quilts, 8-31-23

I complained and you answered! Thank you for all these fun photos of your quilts!

Tomorrow is September 1 – DIRTY DOZEN DAY! For those who asked, I will also write the explanation of what this day means – however…..we’ve been doing this for years now so if someone asked me what it meant they must be new readers, right? Or have they just not been paying attention?????

Almost 10 years ago to the day, Rose brought Susannah treats!

Remember all those pictures of my mess? I also have this little sign:

25 thoughts on “Reader Quilts, 8-31-23

  1. Kim

    The quilt on the top with the appliqué flowers – what is the name of it? Thanks. Kim

    1. Debbie G in SE WI

      It’s mine. The name is Sew Seeds. It’s out of print and very hard to find. Designer is Cheri Payne.

  2. Katie in Gilbert,AZ.

    ❤️the 5 pic colorful quilt..
    All the pics r very nice, thanks for sharing…

  3. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the reader quilts. The granddog quilt made me smile. What dog doesn’t deserve its very own quilt?! And Cynthia’s table runners are the size quilts I go to when I am short on time. Plus, they are sometimes the most practical thing I can make. Looking at Barbara’s quilt of spools reminded me of spool patterns I saved over the years. I need to dig them out. As I looked closely, I could see a few spools within the spools. How neat! Thanks for the reminder of my pattern hoard that I need to unbury.
    There are so many amazing color combinations in these quilts. I could hang many in my home or easily snuggle under the bigger ones. Kudos to all the people who shared their pictures.

  4. Pattie from PA

    Great quilt show today. Working on several at once. Suddenly they will all be done, right? Lol.

  5. Ginger S

    What a fantastic quilt show today! I loved the log cabin style house. Interesting. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend everyone!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    A good quilt show this morning. Thank you everyone for sharing what you create. I keep thinking of what Betty commented on that she is 15 projects ahead in her mind. I can identify with this as my UFO list grows. Thanks to Cynthia for showing her pattern next to her runner.

  7. Connie R. in Wis.

    Great quilts. Looks like Debbie got a blue ribbon for her cabin quilt. Congratulations! Debbie: I would love to know the pattern name for your cabin quilt. Thanks.
    Cheri Payne’s quilts are always so interesting but, the patterns are impossible to find since she passed away. I wish her patterns were reissued now as there is so much interest in her unique designs.

  8. NancyTD

    Great quilts everyone. Enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing.
    Just remember—Dull women have immaculate houses!
    It is going to be a hot weekend in SE Mn. We are in a severe drought. The worst in 50 years. Almost -9 inches of rain.
    I’m going to start my new dirty dozen . Have a nice weekend!

  9. Carol

    Oh so many beautiful quilts! Love the flowers and all this triangles!! Working on using up my basket of leftover triangles – made almost 2000 hsts sized 1.5” and worked on that this month. Hope to get it finished-eventually- and post a photo.
    So happy to have a heavy drizzle rain the last 2 days. I could almost hear the soil saying aah. Carol in WA

  10. Betty Klosterman

    I love the jack-0-lantern quilt. Must admit I started looking at the ‘odd black accents’ on the orange and then saw the face!!! A perfect example of looking at the trees and missing the forest? I really had to smile. Was this your creation or was there a pattern?
    Isn’t this what is great about people’s ideas? These wonderful ideas help keep our minds off how hot it is. Thank you.
    Septemter 1, how time flies by us. Oct. 3, 2013, we had our 3 day snow storm and at least 20″ of snow. The wind did so much damage as the trees still had all their leaves. Huge drifts. Also killed more than 40,000 head of cattle and other animals still in summer pasture with no shelter…
    We just never know.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  11. Joyce from NY

    Beautiful quilt show, love them all, you guys are so inspirational!! We are going to have a hot dry week finally, of course when the kids go back to school. Soccer has started, my grandson plays so lots of games to go to.

  12. Helen

    I just love the spool quilt. does this pattern have another name besides “spool”? Love all the others as well but might just have to make a spool one someday! haha!! thanks for sharing everyone.
    Cooler here today…! down to 90 instead of 100! So ready for fall! Helen in SW Georgia

    1. Barbara

      The spool quilt is called “Scraps of Kindness” by Kim Diehl. I bought it as a kit a few years ago and didn’t finish it until now.

      1. Helen

        Thank yo so much Barbara for the info. I’ love this pattern and may try to find it. Thanks! God bless!

  13. Carla

    That crazy quilt is so bright and cheerful. My mom always made crazy quilts and took one to a quilting day one. Well, she got everyone’s interest and started a sort of crazy quilt revival lol. Many pretty quilts today, for sure!

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