Remember the radish fabric?




I almost forgot about this quilt made with my favorite radish fabric because I finished it right before my eye surgery. The pattern can be found in Issue 8 of Quilty magazine which can be purchased for $5.99 and the yardage will be COD — cut on demand– for $74.95 which includes the magazine. I made a note on the pattern page that I loved the pressing on this quilt which means I’d make it again. This quilt is not quilted yet but that’s next. I think it’s too big for me to attempt on my own.
Bitter cold today and I feel like the bronchitis is rearing it’s ugly head again.

2 thoughts on “Remember the radish fabric?

  1. Paula S.

    What a happy quilt! The perfect project for these cold winter days. Hang in there Mary. Spring is coming.

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