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With weeks of sewing under my belt, I have lots to show you so every day I’m going to post a recently finished project. Today is Trip Around the World in spring colors. The kit is 10 one third yard pieces plus another one third for binding, total cost which includes the pattern is $40.95 plus actual shipping. I quilted this myself on my Bernina machine with a walking foot and am happy with the results even though it is very simple. If you’re just looking for the pattern, go to Bonnie Hunter’s website and look for Scrappy Trip.
Also a picture of me looking quite normal, don’t you think? I’m holding another project that I’m quilting on today. Our wind chill at noon is around 20 below so I’m going to keep on working where it’s warm.
If you should be interested in the spring Trip quilt, call the shop at 641-923-3893 to order. The phones were repaired this morning!
Check tomorrow’s post for another new project!

10 thoughts on “Something New!

  1. Jeanie

    You look great, Mary, and I love the little quilt. It is wonderful to see how Deano has settled into your family. Stay warm.

  2. Barbara

    You look wonderful! The trip quilt looks great. It looks like a black cat was appliqued to the trip quilt. Such lucky felines.

  3. Mary Evans

    Whoa! 20 below? Yikes!

    Love that little Trip quilt, esp. with the spring colors. Think spring!

    And yes, you are lookin’ good!!!

  4. carole

    Glad to see you looking like your old self …new improved version, that is. I see the inspection team was hard at work checking out your new quilt. I like that they divide the task – one checking the warm, fluffy and cozy factors, another checking the binding and making sure there are square corners (with miters all tacked down, of course) and the other taking the long view of overall appearance and being pleasing to the eye. Good teamwork, fluff-burgers!

  5. Sue Dietz

    How are your eyes doing? We’ve not heard anything for awhile. Hope you are all dug out from the snow. We are waiting for your cold snap down here in east Tennessee. I’m ready for yard work and warm. I’m sure you are about at that point too.

    Sue Dietz

  6. brenda a

    You look just wonderful and the Trip Around the World looks just like a spring trip, even with the “black thing with the tail” perfectly centered on it!
    Keep quilting as there’s not much else to do on a bitterly cold day in Iowa. I don’t miss the winters in Chicago at all, now that I’m at home in the southwest. Think spring.

  7. Jeanine Waal

    You look great! I love the Trip Around the World quilt. It is so much fun to see all your projects. Keep up the good work. It is cold in southeast Iowa today, too, and sounds like it’s going to stay that way for awhile.

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