Every spring I ty to take a hard look at my succulents.  Many have outgrown their pots and I try to repot in the spring so they have that extra energy outside to give them a boost.  Here’s the first one I tackled and none too soon.  Just look at that root system.  And I’m sure I have many more that will require my attention.  As I bring them out I will set those aside that need repotting.  Of course if they’ve multiplied like this one has, it means I end up with more plants to care for and that is not my intention.  I have a very hard time throwing them away however so I’ll let them grow all summer and then fall will come and I’ll wonder what I’m doing with all those plants to bring in!

Here are the new pots.

And here are the roots that I’m trying hard to throw away.

17 thoughts on “Repotting

  1. Diane

    HI Mary–You just give them to me and they’ll be dead before you can get back to Iowa:( Sad, but true. I inherited the quilting gene from my Nana and my sister inherited the gardening gene. Luckily, my husband has the green thumb:)

  2. Tina W

    I’d take them off your hands if I lived closer! I have a few healthy hens and chicks and a couple ice plants. They stay outside year round and do great!
    Tina in Oregon

  3. melinda

    Those are not all roots, some are new plants that could grow if planted. These like being a little root bound.

  4. Nyelphaba

    This will be my first summer having succulents. Do you put them in direct all day sunlight?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nyelphaba- no, I have discovered succulents do not like direct sun. They like heat and bright indirect light instead. In fact most of mine live on the south side of the house in the shade.

  5. Susan K

    I have aloe Vera plants by the dozens. All need separating. I separate them every year and by the end of the summer they need it again. Last year I sold some to help pay for the pots and potting soil. I have a hard time throwing out any plants even if they’re basically dying.

  6. Becky from IA

    I know just what you mean about throwing away plants….I feel like they are my children. I just hate doing that!!! I live in town so the extras I have I will set out on the curb with a sign for free…..sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t but at least I try.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Becky – I care for these plants like children, too, but I have too many and my friends don’t want any more – ha! Smart friends! When they do take them and let them die, it makes me feel bad.

  7. Kathy

    Any plants that are separated from the “parent” plant, I repot and give as gifts to friends. I also pack up a lot of succulents and take them to my family living four hours away. They always have space for these plants. Great project to release the roots from bondage of overcrowding. You are so energetic and always amaze me with your quilting and raising chickens and boarding dogs. What a full life! Wish I had as much energy as you do! I’m sure it keeps you young in heart and spirit.

  8. Delores

    Mary, you never cease to amaze me and I love seeing and hearing about all of your varied activities. Healthy and beautiful plants. Thanks for sharing. Also, see you had some interesed “friends” helping.

  9. Rebecca H

    Boy do you have a green thumb. I love all your pictures, thanks for taking the time out of your day, each day, to share with all of us. Like your repotting helpers too! Cute

  10. Lynn

    I name my plants with the name of the person who gave the plant to me. My mom is taking care of and enjoying a large Christmas cactus we named Harriet after my mother-in-law who passed away last year. Harriet would have the Christmas cactus on the coffee table when we came for the holidays. Love your kitty helpers.

  11. Nikki Mahaffey

    Oh, if only I lived close enough to drive over and liberate some of your plants…I promise I would give them a loving home……….but Texas is a bit of a drive I am afraid.

  12. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi Mary, I might have to take abtrip tomyour house and get some plants from you. I have thebregular catus and thebflowering cactus that I got at the big sale. But my fern died. Felicia

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