Retail Therapy, 10-27-20

Connie and I went to Osage today to meet Amy and Anita from Kansas City ( they are at a retreat center in Cresco near Osage) to get some retail therapy at Debbie’s Quilt Shop as well as the HUGE needlework shop just a few doors down. Obviously I can only do one thing at a time because I forgot to take any pictures! Darn!!!

I’ll have Connie take pictures of what she bought but here’s mine.

Connie has really dived into counted cross stitch and it is so beautiful but I won’t be joining her. Not only can’t I see it, I can’t hold the needle! So I will admire her work from afar. The needlework shop was unbelievable – huge with dozens and dozens of framed models. And the pattern selection was extensive – soooo extensive!

This is what I’m working on at home – just getting started.

Here are the latest Dirty Dozen quilts:

Thanks for reading, Everybody!

34 thoughts on “Retail Therapy, 10-27-20

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I’m down in Franz jozef glacial town, south island of new Zealand ,touring with my brother. Having a wonderful relaxing time,even found the pink possum quilt shop yesterday!best wishes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – so what’s popular at the Pink Possum Quilt in New Zealand? I’d be interested!

  2. Diane from TN

    How are you adjusting without puppy duty? They are always so busy, I don’t know that I would survive their boundless energy.

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    Fun fabrics today. Great DD’s. And , yes, I voted early. Glad I did, the line is getting longer and the temps are too cold to stand outside.
    GREAT NEWS. The paper said the snow that fell on the fire in Wyoming won’t melt till spring! That’s a lot of snow, and it means control of the fire. Such happy news. We had 18” fall at our house. Temp -5. That’s ok, the air is clean, no smoky smell, clear blue skies. I’ll take it and hope Colorado has good news too.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Jo in Wyoming: Isn’t snow beautiful and it just feels so good to be outdoors. I feel sorry for people who have never known the wonders of snow and all the fun. Of course, too much is too much, but it does melt and it is Moisture! I was trying to remember which year or years Yellowstone Park had the gigantic fires. Finally they just protected the buildings and waited for snow to do the rest. They sure clean out the forest and everything starts to grow.
    Mary, is Counted Threads coming back? That is fun and the sky is the limit for what can be made. Connie will have fun. What fun to go shopping. I love the blue and reds. You are really going out of your comfort zone.

    1. Jo in Wyoming

      I, too, think fresh snow is beautiful. When it’s below 0, and no wind, it’s magical.
      The fires in Yellowstone happened in 1988. We went through the park a few years ago and our son, who lived in Jackson, was our tour guide. He pointed out many areas, now visible, because of the fire. We saw moose, dear, wolves, chayotes and lots and lots of buffalo.
      I wish we could stop the wind in California. I think the firefighters would make progress if the wind would calm down. I pray for them.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – yes, I do think counted cross stitch must be having a resurgence because I have never seen so many patterns! They were beautiful and would make anybody want to make the, but I know I cannot hold a needle. I’m actually going for some nerve testing tomorrow to check out my hands. Hope all is good in Rapid City!

  5. Sherry Whalen

    Well darn! I will have missed you at Osage by just a couple of days! I and a couple of friends are going to retreat in Osage on Thursday. We were supposed to retreat in April, but well, we all know what happened then. I am also looking forward to it being slightly warmer this next week, at least closer to what ‘normal’ temps are supposed to be. We still have snow on the ground here!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – there was a group in the retreat center while we were there shopping – looked like they were having a great time! Wonderful facility to sew in! Have a good time!

  6. Sue in Oregon

    Hi Mary…I love your fabric selections. Those reds and blues….delightful! The dogwood fabric looks like it goes with the tossed daisies. Such interesting colors. I am so glad you got to go shopping.

    Sandy…It sounds like you are having a great time down under. It must be spring there now…Right?

    I am so happy to hear the snow is putting out the fires. Wish we could send snow to CA.

  7. Sandy

    Hi sue in Oregon, yes,spring is here.still snow on southern alps, my brother is walking up to the glacier, 1.5 hour hike while i relax, my knees are stuffed! Tomorrow wanaka, then queenstown for a couple of days. Kiwis are out seeing the country as no overseas travel this year, so no crowds,yay!stay safe everyone, best wishes from sandy

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Hi, Sandy! I wish the virus would go away so I could come to Christchurch/Canterbury, visit my granddaughter, future grandson-in-law and maybe meet you! That would be fun! Have a great time!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I envy you experiencing spring while we are getting cold temps and snow already. Enjoy your beautiful trip!

  8. Charlotte Shira

    I love your fabric choices and the be still block. Can’t wait to see that finished.

  9. Angie from Baltimore

    Your selection of fabric is delicious. What a lovely addition to your stash!! Love the quilt with the dog and the one that says “VOTE”. Are wonderful. I am paper piecing a king size quilt which is keeping me busy but love looking at other work.
    Fabric therapy is less expensive than the the sit and talk AND you have beautiful fabric to look afterwards. Win Win situation

  10. Joyce from NY

    Just love your new fabrics, & your be still beginning, can’t wait to see the rest.

  11. Nancy TD

    Retail therapy looks like it was a good time. Iam enjoying doing the many quilt kits I have stashed in the cupboards. I have a lot of fabric that needs to find a pattern to be sewn into. Shopping might be my weakness. Making quilts is my therapy during these times. Enjoyed cross stitch too—framing became expensive. The good thing about the snow is it is helping put out the fires and the skies in SE Minnesota are clearer too. Be still.

  12. Jean

    Mary! That blue and white polka dot fabric in your first pic. It’s EXACTLY what I need. Can you tell me who makes it and what line? I can order it from the shop. Yaaaaay. THANK YOU.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jean – Wilmington prints – Garden Gathering by Jane Maday. I won’t guarantee the photo shows the true color you’re looking for.

      1. Jean

        Mary thank you SO MUCH for answering my fabric question. I’m ordering it now! Yippeeee.

  13. Sunflower from Michigan

    Your new fabrics are lovely! I really like what you’ve started with the Be Still block, I think you should be sure to date that quilt with the year so you always remember 2020 was the year you helped us to be still.
    It was so nice to have the Big 10 football games last week. And I enjoyed the World Series, too. Take care.

  14. Connie Heffner

    You are so lucky to have such nice and so many fabric stores around you. The only place in my town to buy fabric now is Walmart. They used to have a decent selection but now they are going to precut and just is not the same. There is a JoAnn’S and hobby lobby about 30 miles from my town. Your selection of fabrics that you use for your orojects and patterns are always so nice. I was thinking if maybe when you are sewing a project you could make a note of the fabric line or designer and post that with your picture of the project. I buy the biggest majority of fabric on line now and am sure lots of your customers do too. That would be so helpful. Love your new fabric. Read your blog everyday.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie Heffner – the shop we visited yesterday is about 60 miles from us – we don’t have anything close by. There is one shop about 35 miles away but we don’t often find much there that we like so we keep driving a distance. The shop we went to last summer was about 3+ hours away!

  15. Tanya T. in Houston

    Love seeing all of your new purchases and wish I could have gone with you and Connie to both shops! With all those dots, this will remind you of “Going in Circles” with the puppies this year! Jo, SO glad to hear that you got snow in Wyoming!

  16. Sharon Ernst

    Hi Mary! What a gorgeous haul you got!
    Could you give us the name of the needlework shop? I’d like to look them up online.
    Thank you, Mary! You’re so generous to share everything with us!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Ernst – look up needlework shop in Osage, IA – there’s only one.

  17. Jeanine

    I love seeing what you buy at quilt shops. I see you got some Little House on the Prairie fabric, the one with the little red houses on it. I used it in my DD # 6, which was a Little House on the Prairie quilt. It’s so fun to see what you are working on. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for all you do.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanine – I’m going to use that little house fabric on the back of my red and pink quilt that I’m just now finishing. I’ll be sure to show you!

  18. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    So nice you and Connie could go shopping. I love all your yummy fabric purchases. It sounds like a wonderful day.
    You needed an outing after being tied down for weeks with the puppies.

  19. Kayla Pins

    Mary- I love your Be Still quilt! I appreciate the saying as it’s meant, but this morning I giggled to myself thinking I needed to make that quilt for above the changing table! 🙂

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