Rose’s Visit Post #1

Rose never visits without a load of treats – the cats, the dogs and even Charlene and Emma got goodies!

This is what Rose brought for us to work on – Marcia Derse’s alphabet panel!  I love it but not sure what creative idea will come to mind.  She also brought me the little dog I’m holding – I might have to be happy with this one instead of a live   one.

Connie is busy figuring her project.  None of us got too far – we talked too much – ha!

Rox guards the door.

We’ll see what we get done tonight.

8 thoughts on “Rose’s Visit Post #1

  1. Patricia G Hayes

    |Can you share this pattern of ABCs.

    I have a different one I have made as I Love these type of quilts. ABCs for sure. Will share with you if you are interested. Cannot believe how you g et all y ou do and animals and plants, phew. God love you

    Thanks for an answer. Patricia G Hayes

  2. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…Anxious to see what you do with the alphabet. I like the look of the letters. What a creative time together (Rose, Mary and Connie). Always enjoy the animal reports/pictures. The chickens are interesting too. Thanks for your news. Your stamina for getting things done is “off the chart”…today I made a pillowcase that will make a little grand boy happy (with nature scenes). So from Texas a big “thank you” Mary for inspiring with ideas and other creative ways.

  3. brenda archambault

    I’m seeing the alphabet quilt as a wall hanging for little ones with velcro buttons on each letter and a pile of flat stuffed items with velcro on then too. A as for apple, etc.
    Good luck, whatever you do, as I’m sure you’ll come up with something extremely creative … you always do!

  4. Ann Barlament

    I remember a few stitch night’s that I only accomplished drinking my pop, because talking was more fun!!

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