Rug-Along Day 2

I didn’t get many questions so you guys either did ok or maybe nobody’s taking part in this rug along.  After watching more of the DVD this morning, I can’t believe it’s so complete.  It’s really quite good – anybody could make this rug with that DVD to guide them.  Since the book was updated, the page I referred to is wrong.  The most important step is found on page  7 of the current book, not page 9 that I mentioned in the DVD.

So starting on page 5 in the book at Step 3 Weaving Row #1, follow the photos and watch the chapter on your DVD.  It’s true that if you forget to pass the strip through the loop at either end, all of your work will be in vain.  Your rug will come apart and you will be devastated!  I know from personal experience years ago.

I am going to work with t-shirt knits again and one question that came up was about the design on the front of the shirt.  The reason I happened to work with the knit was that after making a t-shirt quilt I had the remainder of the shirts left and I’m a “use it up” sort of girl.  They worked so well I started shopping the thrift stores for just the right color of t- shirts.  I avoid the stiff design part of the shirt because it just doesn’t “curl” nicely.  When I say “curl”, I mean that when I hold that strip in my hand and start weaving, the raw edges tend to curl to the inside all by themselves and there are no raw edges to deal with.  Just a nifty coincidence.

Here’s my start.  I’ll keep checking the comments and my email to see if you’re having any problems.  If it’s unclear, watch the D

21 thoughts on “Rug-Along Day 2

  1. Lynn

    I am taking part and have my warp done and all my strips torn or cut. I have made many of these rugs and started by taking a class at a quilt shop. I always wonder how much fabric to use, but I have found if you have a laundry basket heaping full, you will have enough.

  2. Noel

    I’m participating in KY and my mom is participating vicariously through me in IL. 🙂 Have to work tonight so I’ll be doing today’s assignment tomorrow.

  3. Liz

    This is my very first rag rug making. Warp done. I am using homespun fabrics. The DVD is really good to follow for first timers like me! The only problem I “think” I will have is the corners. Cannot wait for the next lesson.

  4. Loris Mills

    I hope to get started but got distracted. Kind of wish I had the DVD. Is it still available? I bought the book and made the frame over 16 years ago! Apparently, I’m not fast. LOL

  5. Barb Bee

    Would you please provide the name of DVD and the book name? I am here late I guess..Thanks!

  6. Pam Klemm

    I did four rows, but had missed something on row two, so I took it out back to that point. I think I am okay now, but won’t believe it until it’s done and it doesn’t fall part 🙂 Is there a way to send you a photo so you can see if it looks right?

    1. Liz

      I did the same thing missing a under. I think I am doing okay too. I added one task for me and that is to go back each step and make sure I didn’t missed any steps. I am going to take a picture and send to see if I am doing this right.

      Pam, if you go to her post yesterday, she posted her email address.

  7. bernadette

    If you offer this again, I hope to take part. I will watch your progress and get a feel for how it goes. I do like the finished products. I actually was given a circular weaving made out of men’s silk ties that sits on a table underneath one if my plants. Always thought it would be nice to make one.

  8. Linda Smith

    Frownie face.
    The rugs are beautiful and I would love to make one. But I have enough crafts going, without adding a rug loom. I did make 3 tee-shirt rugs for Christmas presents out of single crochet. My (sort-of) grown kids loved them for their apartments. I made the tee shirt yarn out of a continuous strip one inch wide- cut with my rotary cutter. The crocheted rug turns out pretty thick, I think the woven one would be smoother. Have fun ladies. I wish I could join you.

  9. Sharon

    I will be participating, but I’m behind. I still haven’t cut any strips. Hopefully I’ll get on this soon.

    I made a couple of placemats a number of years ago, and really messed them up. I need to follow along with you so I can do it right this time!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I hope you follow along this time, Sharon, so you can determine what went wrong with your placemats the first time. The DVD is very helpful.

  10. Rhonda D

    We’re participating and the DVD is fantastic! Since there are several of us we’re running a day behind with our different schedules. I’m cutting the last of the strips now and looms are ready to be warped this evening when I’m done 🙂 Thanks for posting the page 7 info and the loop reminder!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Don’t panic because you’re a day behind – we are all in this together.

  11. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary, I am going to work on my rug when I can – I warped and cut strips (I do t-shirt ‘rings’ instead of strips, it works for me) a while ago. It’s a good thing that I did that in November, we are spending quite a bit of time at Mayo clinic with my dad right now, so I will keep up if I can. I also am working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery… Anyway, thanks for doing the rug along! Sherry

  12. Penny Brooks

    I am enjoying the posts, when Hubby is more independent with his new knee I am going to be all over this. The surgery was not expected. My rug making courier plans are on hold LOL. Enjoy everyone, post lots, I am eager to hear and see how everyone does. Mary, did you get my US money order? I got both book & DVD and have loved reading and watching everything in them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Penny, I got your money order – thanks! Hope your hubby is doing well. Join us making a rug when you can.

  13. patti leal

    hi mary, i still haven’t found my book so put a check in the mail this a.m. for book and dvd. am excited there is a dvd. i’ve discovered i’m partially a visual learner. i read everything and usually am okay but once i can see someone do it, it’s so much easier. i’m excited about the rug along
    patti in florida

  14. Meri

    Forgive me if someone has already asked this, but if you use t shirts do you cut strips the same width and use the same technique to attach them? I have made 6 rugs before and wanted to try the knit version…and was thinking of stitching the ends together to avoid the knots. I LOVE this book and making the rugs. Very therapeutic!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Meri- yes, I cut the t-shirts into 2″ strips. These strips can be stitched together by hand as needed if you wish. That’s what I do when I use wool and that’s what Rosa did always. I just wanted a faster method.

  15. Jeri Niksich

    I have finally decided to jump feet 1st into making these beautiful and personal rugs, however my DH is NOT a wood worker, so I have been trying unsuccessfully to have a frame built for myself through your suggestion of ordering through Farm Chick Quilts. I get a block each time I try, I get nowhere! Is there another way to get an order through to them? If not I’ll have to drop my hopes of making memory rugs for my Grandchildren. Also if possible could you email me your suggestions I’m not too computer savvy as is noticeable by my problems. I’m
    I wasn’t born in Texas but got here as fast as possible (originally from Des Moines)
    Thank you for all your help in this matter. I also love your posts and seeing my home state from afar!
    One of your faithful followers

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