Here We Go – The Rug Along Begins!

I just watched the first 3 chapters of the DVD about cutting strips and joining strips as well as reading pages 2-3 and half of 4.    I want you to watch the first 3 chapters, too and then read.  The only thing I will add to the instructions on the DVD is the little drawing on the top of page 3.  I have learned to cut off the excess corners of my strips so they don’t stick up through my weaving.

Since we talked about cutting strips last November, you probably have your strips ready and waiting to be joined.  I hope so.  If not, do that now and cut about 50  two inch strips for a rug warp.  If you’re making a smaller project, adjust accordingly. 
The first thing I do when warping the frame is to tape the rods to the wooden bars so they don’t slip out until anchored with a couple of weaving strips. 


Watch the DVD chapter on warping the frame and follow step 2 in the book on pages 4 and 5.  I used 45 two inch strips joined together for the warp on my rug frame which will give you an idea of how tight to pull the warp strips.

Here is my rug frame warped and ready to go.  I will answer questions in another post tonite and tomorrow we will tackle the first row.

My email is if you need help.  Personally I enjoyed watching the DVD again – it’s better than I remembered – ha!

7 thoughts on “Here We Go – The Rug Along Begins!

  1. Diane

    Thanks, Mary. I have my warp strips finished, too. I put a rubber band to hold them, but I also used some hair clips and some of those new green plastic holders about every 5th row. Not sure if they’ll stay, but thought I’d give it a try. I love your rug:) Are you feeling better? Hope so. Cold here in Central Ohio–31 degrees, but no snow.

  2. Emily

    Did you find pencil rods already bent or did you or Rick bend them. The rods we found are straight. Matt is still figuring out what to do there….
    Thanks and hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Lynn

    My husband put the pencil rod in a vice and pounded it with a hammer to get a right angle.

  4. Rebecca H

    I also own this frame and have enjoyed making rugs on it. Makes a great rug doesn’t it? I love choosing the fabric. I do a clothes giveaway once a month and look for cottons and wool there for my rugs. I’m teaching myself right now how to hook wool rugs. I also enjoy crocheting and knitting them also. There is something about rugs, I love making them.
    From the very deep snow of Washington state. We have about 18-19 inches right now. I live north, by a mountain, so we get dumped on. But makes for a great time to sew, quilt and make rugs.
    Hope your feeling better.

  5. Julie - Me & My Stitches

    My husband made me a frame and I have the book (have had it a looooong time!) but no DVD. Is that something that has to be purchased separately? I have made a couple of rugs, but it’s been years and I think it would help to see the video.

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