I’m Back!

I won’t promise that I’m completely well but yesterday when I wanted to sew something, I knew I was better.  This all started on December 10 when I started having a throat “issue” that developed into some coughing and laryngitis.  As my commitments kept me busy at Christmas, I got sicker and sicker even after a trip to the clinic.  I am lucky that Rick was home on vacation to take over the chores and the dogs because I have lived in my chair.  Some of my plants have even died because I’ve been too sick to water them – mostly the ferns.

What a waste of Christmas decorating!  And I’m having trouble getting it all put away because I’m so exhausted but that’s OK.  It will wait  and believe me, nobody is coming to visit.  I’m going to visit with you guys.  I wanted to be able to post today so that you will be reminded that tomorrow the Rug Along will start.  We will start by warping the frame and I’ll give you a day or two to finish that before we start weaving.  I will take some new pictures of the rug I’ll be working on as well as referring you to the photos in the book.  I’m looking forward to starting — I am so sick of being sick!

Here’s a t-shirt rug that has faded somewhat into a lovely subdued shade of brights.  I’m going to work on another one.

Remember I said I needed some sewing therapy so I started another scrap vortex?  Last night I put this much together and I love it!  I think I hate following a pattern any more.

Thanks, my good friends, for all the good wishes, both holiday and health!  Rug Along tomorrow!  Yay!!

30 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Mary Says Sew!

    My husband also says he knows I’m feeling better when I start sewing again after being ill. That’s his cue to stop worrying! I’m so glad you’ve reached that point. And happy that Rick was home to look after you and the rest of the chores.

    Love your latest Scrap Vortex quilt. I’ve tried doing “low volume” quilts, but I haven’t been happy with them so far – I want to put in “too much” color. I’m going to keep working on it, though.

    So good to have you back, Mary!

  2. Gaile Schriber

    Please do not push yourself. Feel better soon. I enjoy your blogs and I wished I could have made it out to your shop before you closed. Thanks for sharing. Gaile

  3. Rose Mikulski

    Happy New Year! So glad to see that you are feeling better. I cut my warp strips yesterday and strung them together while watching the season premiere episode of Downton Abbey and also some of the rug strips. I’ll be using decade old homespuns. Bill thanks you for starting the rug along, when he went to the Utility room to fetch the rug frame, which he made well over ten years ago after I met you for the first time at the Rosemont Quilt Show, he noticed that the water heater was leaking, so guess what is being installed today. I think I’ll watch the warping portion of the video again before tomorrow–can’t understand why you thought Connie and you couldn’t be YouTube stars.

  4. Daphne

    I’m intrigued–what’s a “scrap vortex”? The term is new to me, but it sounds appealing.

  5. Louise

    So glad you are on the mend. Wish I lived closer (I’m in Blaine, Wa) I would just trot on over and give you a hand. I am going to pass on the rug..love it but have way too many UFOs..take care of yourself Mary.

  6. Paula S.

    Glad you’re better. I, too, am getting over the crud and will do some sewing today. It’s been quite awhile so am looking forward to it. I will pass on the rug-along but it sounds like fun and your t-shirt rug is beautiful.

  7. Diane

    Oh good, Mary–you’re back:) It does take a while to get over that particular “bug” so don’t over do!! I have my warp all finished and am ready with some strips, not sure how many I’ll need. It will be scrappy! I love the vortex quilt. Take care of you:) Cold and a little snowy here in Central Ohio.

  8. Julie

    So glad you’re feeling better Mary! When you don’t feel well enough to sew–YOU’RE SICK!!! So really glad you were able to do some sewing this yesterday.

  9. sue

    So glad to hear you are on the mend. Isn’t it nice to not have to worry about inventory. The rug blogs will be quite interesting. I’ve too many projects to be able to join in the weaving, but I want to be inspired for a project for the summer. I can see myself sitting on the deck weaving.

    Don’t press yourself too much. Remember it does take time to recoup from these things.

  10. Susie

    So glad to hear you are feeling better and getting well. Nothing like
    a good husband, warm quilt, cozy chair and the remote control!

  11. Holly

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I love the look of the new scrap vortex. I’m going to have to try that one of these days. Happy weaving!

  12. Betty Klosterman

    We are all thrilled that you are feeling better. It will take awhile for the cough, etc to work it’s way out so don’t push it. Just take care of yourself. Don’t worry about Christmas stuff as in 11 months, you will be all ready for next Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I like looking at the decorations and really hate to see the trees come down, etc. My decorating consisted of the little trees on the coffee table and I’m not tired of them yet. It’s very simple but I just love looking at them.
    Is there a pattern for the Vortex quilt? In looking at the picture, it looks like there are several parts….. If you just show us each part, I’m sure that’s all we’ll need.
    There are just too many things to get done. A couple months ago I was handed a small plastic bag of 2 1/2″ squares of some colored fabric and whites and told to see what I could do. I finally decided what I’d do and it is DONE! Turned into a 38″ X 39″ very colorful pediatric quilt. There was a piece on top of the pile in the closet that hit the spot. Some little kid should like it. In the meantime, back to the other stuff waiting to be done.

    Happy New Year to everybody and keep up your posts. They are so interesting and from everywhere about everything we love.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – scrap vortex is a quilt technique by Crazy Mom Quilts and she has an excellent tutorial on her website. I will warn you however there is no pattern. It’s all freehand sewing of scraps but she has great directions – I learned from her. I think it’s great therapy.

  13. Jeanice Domino

    Such good news that you are feeling better. Happy New Year to you and yours, including those dear animals!

  14. Christine H.

    Glad you are finally on the mend. There is some nasty bug out there and it obviously grabbed you.

  15. Heather K

    I love the new scrap vortex! After the gypsy wife I have a bunch more scraps to add to mine- I am keeping it to the same color scheme. I also got a new book that has a quilt similar to the scrap vortex, but has you add a few structure pieces that repeat throughout that I like

  16. Jeanie from sw IL

    Happy New Year, Mary. I am sorry you have been so sick. We were both sick for a month during last year’s Christmas season–bummer. Take extra good care of yourself and don’t worry about the decorations; they will wait.

  17. Penny Brooks

    Happy New Year and hurray you are on the mend. Nasty that you were sick over Christmas šŸ™ Hubby just had a knee replacement New Years Eve and home on the 2nd of Jan. I will not be able to start my rug at the moment. I do have the Book & DVD, I do hope my payment reached you. Can I follow along any way? I was so looking forward to getting in on the fun. Oh well helping hubby is much more important.

  18. Ellie

    So glad you are feeling better but take it easy. No sense pushing yourself. Decorations will wait to be put away and you can just enjoy them longer.

  19. Launa

    Good to hear you and Bernina are back to creating again. Your new Scrap Vortex looks like something I could possibly be doing this year. Rain is heading to the valley; bring it on! I’m slowly changing from Christmas quilts and decorations to Snowmen quilts for Winter. The tall snowman is on the front door. Stay healthy……..

  20. Rhonda D

    Glad to hear you are finally feeling better! Being sick around the holidays is hard enough without it dragging on forever like yours has. Daughters and I are looking forward to starting the rug along with you.

  21. Felicia Hamlin

    Hello Mary, so you went ahead and posted! I am glad to hear that you are better, try not to do to much.

    I hope you are napping now and them. Felicia

  22. Freda Ireland

    It takes longer to get “better” the older we get! Stay out of the cold & keep some “Moisture” in your house! My DH ask me why he had not seen any Animal & Farm PIC from the “lady” in Iowa! ( I show him the Quilt PICs too!) I told him, “Mary has been very sick!” We all enjoyed Your Christmas decorations so Not a Waste !!! LOVED your Tree! Just Loved IT! We can’t put a Tree up because of the Cats! Happy New Year! Will be following the Rug-A-Thon! Keeping you in our Prayers! Freda & William

  23. Jane dumler

    So glad to hear you are perking up. Now take it a little slower and heal well. That bug is a real meanie. I too am passing on the rug but will watch it for tips and tricks. Am in a finishing UFO mood this winter and making progress. Tonight is our quilt gathering for the battered women’s shelter–we will probably have about 125 quilts to donate. We gather quilts twice a year for them. Take care and Happy New Year to everyone. Jane

  24. Shirley Carlson

    Hi Mary,
    So glad your feeling better – no fun to be sick at Christmas. Excited about to start working on my rug loom. Yeeks I haven’t done a thing to get ready. We dig out the book and look for warp fabric. What color do you use for warp or is that what we’re going to find out tomorrow!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Shirley – listen to the DVD chapter on cutting the warp strips and all your questions will be answered. Yes, I’m better but won’t win any races.

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