Rug Report and More

The sun is shining and this snow is melting fast. I shoveled the walk but that’s all I’m going to do this time. I can wait it out.

Look at these forlorn chairs – they’re just waiting like all of us are.

It won’t be long now – there are 50’s in our forecast!

Since we’re all stuck inside, Connie made good use of her time working on her rug.

Work in progress – it helps to have it in her kitchen so she can work on it while fixing supper, etc.

And the finished rug! Congratulations, Connie! It’s beautiful!

Connie’s rug is made with t-shirt strips – which explains the solid colors. The t-shirt knit does not ravel and the raw edges curl into almost a round “strip” when you’re twining.

Who wouldn’t want this rug in their home?

Dot and Lily are enjoying it!

Here’s my t-shirt rug made many years ago.

And here is one of the wool rugs – notice the white cat hair?

And this is the reason for the white cat hair – Pammie!

Oh my, this makes me want to start a new rug! Reed wants to do a “round robin” rug with me – it actually sounds like fun. Just like a round robin quilt, he will do sections of the rug and then pass it to me.

A quick note about using denim to make a rug. I would never recommend trying to work with denim on a first rug. It is very heavy and very stiff. It also ravels badly so the denim strips need to be cut with a pinking rotary blade and it will take several blades because the denim dulls the blade quickly. The strips need to be cut no wider than 1-1/2″ because they’re so bulky to work with. Now the positive side of using denim strips – the rug will be beautiful in shades of blue and if constructed correctly, it will last for years and years!

Remember – the book and DVD are $20 and I’ll send them out as soon as your check arrives.

A Rick update – he has an appointment at Mayo this Wednesday to get the stitches out. I’ll try to get matching shoes on this time.

14 thoughts on “Rug Report and More

  1. Kathy Hanson

    I started laughing as I read the Rick update! Ah yes, we all do funny things, don’t we! The rugs are so lovely! Love that the kitties love them and even leave a hair present for you – one of the wonders of cats! I miss mine.
    The snow is going here too, looking forward to some warmer weather (but not hot and humid which I really dislike). Took Roxie’s coat off and redid the parts that were too big so next winter she can be warmer. I certainly hope she doesn’t need it agin this “Spring”!! Hope all goes well at Rick’s appointment. Is he home now?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – he’s having some balance issues hopping on one foot – so no, he’s not home yet.

  2. Diane

    Ahh. I remember hopping on one foot in rehab. It’s not fun!! Too all readers. I highly recommend Mary’s book and DVD for the rugs. Mine came out great. No, I did not get paid to say that:)

  3. Colleen

    A question or two on Connies rug where the vertical fabrics tee shirt fabrics?
    How wide do you cut tee shirt fabrics?
    I maybe to able to get a tee shirt type fabric sheet set lots of fabrics cheaply
    Thank you
    I love to see your animals and read about then
    Glad to hear up dates on your darling husband too

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Colleen – the warp strips were cotton – knit strips would be too stretchy. Knit strips cut 2″.

  4. Kathy

    I started laughing at the shoes thought so heck Mary you have to do something good to top that story !
    Seriously though I hope all goes well for him as he’s probably just as ready to be in his own home as you are to have his company.
    Love the kitty hair on your darling rugs. I still adore the rug my beloved grandma made me over 20 years ago and it still is in my bedroom. I can always remember a ball of strips of fabric sitting in a bowl with a rug started.

  5. Launa

    Good wishes to Rick…know how nice it will be to have him home.
    Here’s to melting snow and warmer temperatures at your home and mine! We are up to 43 degrees this afternoon.
    The rugs are really lovely, Mary.

  6. Sue

    I love those bright a cheery rugs. Looking at them makes me want to try it. When I think of all the projects I have, though, I realize I don’t have enough time left to do them all. lol Bummer! I have always enjoyed trying new things. I just bought a quilt kit for my husband for Christmas. At least, I have plenty of time to make it, but it has to get behind quilts to finish for the 4th of July quilt show.
    Good luck to Rick tomorrow and to you when both your shoes are the same. HaHa

  7. Anne

    I really like those rugs. I don’t have a loom but I do crochet little rag rugs. You need a giant crochet hook like an S or a Q?? , strips about 1/2-3/4 inch and you crochet through the back loop only. You do have to first sew your strips together ( I do it by hand and you don’t have to put in more than 3-4 stitches) and roll them into a big ball but that is pretty mindless work for TV time or car trips (when you’re not driving haha)

  8. Diane M

    Bernard and I wish Rick a speedy recovery. His whole outlook will change when he can finally be home. He will feel so much better. The rugs are beautiful; the snow at this time of year is not. We had a dusting again yesterday, but it quickly melted.

  9. Jane Busby

    Do you still have the rug making book/cd set available?
    If so, what is your mailing address and who do I make check out to?

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