RugAlong Step 3

Step 3, Starting the First Row, is almost the entire instruction for the whole rug. I have just read through pages 5 and 6 and we will go through this step together stopping right before we turn the corner which we will do next week.

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And the pictures still won’t post. Please read these two steps in the book and watch the dvd. I noticed in the dvd that I didn’t put the rubber band back on the nails as I was twining the first row which is a big NO NO. Please keep your rubber band on the nails for the first few rows.

What could be wrong now? I’ll try pictures later – after I finish mowing.

25 thoughts on “RugAlong Step 3

  1. Diane Squeak's Mom

    HI Mary, Your post came through, but in the last one it appeared that I was the only one who received ads which I clicked. This time there are no ads. Technology!!

    I will get moving on my rug. Thanks for the boost:)

  2. Judi L.

    Yep, no pictures. Got squares for ads, no photos and no x’s. Go figure. Makes you want to pull your hair out, huh. Maybe it’s good that you’re mowing…you can take out your frustrations on the grass/weeds. Try and stay cool.

  3. Kathy in western NY

    I got this but no pictures and no ads. Thank you Mary for your efforts to stay in touch with us. I am feeling pretty helpless right now for you and wish I had some answers on all this technology. Just hang in there….us faithful friends will be with you.

  4. Launa

    Mary, After reading and then closing two ads….I discovered they don’t need to be read first….well, unless I am interested in a product or clothing! So 4 more were closed!
    I don’t do Facebook! Hope you don’t switch to it!

  5. Sue McGinn

    Hi Mary, I didn’t get any photos (just an icon in a blank box) or ads. I’ll be patient … your blog is my very favorite.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you and Connie’s picture are back on top, but no ads or pictures today.
    I’ll check back later, I’m more concerned about the ads.

  7. Peggy

    I got the ads but no picture. You have to have your security on standard not strict to get the ads. Glad to get your posts again. Thanks Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Peggy – I hope everyone who says they have and adblocker will read your comment.

  8. Kim J LeMere

    I got the message and 3 ads which I closed but no pictures. I think I should order the book and make one or two of these rugs, looks like a wonderful thing to learn. Is the book still possible to order? 20 bucks correct?? I know my husband would be happy to make me the wooden loom in his man shed.
    Happy mowing, its warm and pretty dry here in TN. We went to a wonderful horse show this weekend and so enjoyed watching all those kids perform. I guess barns are something I will always love to walk threw.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim LeMere – yes, the book and dvd are $20 including postage – you can catch up with the RugAlong!

  9. Joyce from NY

    Got your second post today, i again closed just one ad & got no pictures.

  10. Kathy Hanson

    I was glad to
    Close ads for you tonight! Hopefully all the kinks will be figured out soon!

  11. Anne at Walden Woods

    Mary – after my last comment about my Adblocker program – and having never seen an ad on your blog – I just got an ad! Which I deleted. Very strange? Keep writing – we’re all behind you.

  12. Marie J.

    Thanks Mary!! I just got my rag rug book today, and I can’t wait to jump right in!! You’re such a wonderful inspiration ! I so enjoy your blog! It always makes me smile! No pictures here, not sure if that helps, but I got to close adds!

  13. Jennie

    I had adds with X and closed them. As you know no pictures. Blessing Jennie

  14. Jan from TN

    Not doing the rug with y’all but read the blog & closed 5 ads today. Take care!

  15. Beryl Hoff

    I too don’t want you to quit the blog…highlight of my e mails!! I got no pictures and no ads. Will see what tomorrow brings. So sorry you are going through this mess. So many pluses to technology and so many irritants!!
    Enjoy working in your beautiful yard!
    Praying for a solution.

  16. Carole S.

    I closed the two ads at the top of the page, then, for some unknown reason, I decided to scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the page, even below the last comment, and there were five more ads to close! Yay!!! I’ll start scrolling all the way every time!

  17. Carole S.

    And even more showed up after I posted my comment!!! I’ll do anything to help keep your blog afloat!!!

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