Some Technical Advice….from Denise

Hello everyone! My name is Denise & I am looking to help lessen Mary’s stress level! I am going to try and help a few of you that are struggling with a possible ad blocker. I have opened this blog on my mobile phone, ipad, and laptop and I have 5-8 ads every time. I am wondering what browsers everyone is using…internet explorer, google chrome, firefox, or safari? I have discovered that if you are using Firefox on a laptop or computer, it automatically has a blocker and I will show you below how to disable for this blog only. There is a small shield in the address bar (top circle), if you click on that a box drops down where you can turn off blocking for this site only by clicking the blue line.

If you are on an ipad, using Firefox, by clicking on the shield, a dropdown will appear and you disable for this site. Once disabled, an ad appeared instantly. (See below pics)

There are a few ads that do not have an X and those you will just have to bypass.

I hope this helps a few of you as I know Mary & Connie appreciate your support of this blog by simply clicking on a few X’s.



34 thoughts on “Some Technical Advice….from Denise

  1. Nancy

    This interesting. I use Firefox and can see both photos and ads when I visit, but I haven’t changed any settings. I’m definitely not tech savvy.

  2. Gwen

    I have firefox. I just followed your instructions on shutting the ad blocker for this blog. I haven’t seen any ads yet but hope this helps.

  3. Cindy in Hayward,Wi

    Mary, I agree with Jo-she just made me laugh! I had already done what Denise was explaining, I couldn’t enter a sweepstakes. You are worth the wait.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    If there is no X, just open the ad then close it. It takes a lot longer for Mary to write the blog than me to give her some credit for doing it. She keeps our online quilting community inspired, laughing, informed, together, educated, and caring for each other.
    Denise, thanks for all your help. It has to be frustrating for Mary to give up and call you. But thanks for helping her, we all appreciate you.

    Mary, remember…when you get to the end of your rope, type a knot and make a swing!

  5. sandy

    Denise: Thanks so much for the instructions… to close now to help Mary & Connie. Thank You!

  6. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    I have Safari so that must be why I don’t have any issues with ads. Probably 99% of the time they have come through just fine:)

    Rainy and cooler here in Central Ohio. A good day to work on quilting:)

  7. Margaret Jessen

    Hello, I am in the camp with Jill, Beth and Kathy that we need to click anywhere on the ad to open it (not on the X) . To me, clicking the X closes it and how does the advertiser get any benefit from it—when that is the whole idea. I am clicking alot. I too feel for Mary and want to help.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Thank you Denise for helping us understand our computers with so much clarity and the pictures came through as well as ads for me. Many times if I refresh after reading I do get a couple more ads to just X out. I too wonder why we don’t have to actually open them and go view their contents for Mary to get the credit because X’ing them closed is so easy to do. Bloglovin confuses me to try to go view any blog from so I just delete this email now and am ever so thankful that Country Threads is a separate email I receive so I click the blue header and I read the post thru safari.

  9. Janice Hebert

    Denise, thank you so much for helping us and Mary with this issue. Being hacked is no fun for sure. Until the last week I have been able to click on at least five ads every time I read the blog. I use Google Chrome on a pc. I’ve never noticed ads when I have to view on my phone but I rarely use my phone to read blogs. Today there were at least five and maybe seven ads that I closed out. I think we’re getting there! Jan in MA where we slept on the breezeway last night because it was so HOT last night here! Can’t use the AC because it’s freezing up. Going to be 90’s again today…yuck. Stay cool everyone!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice Hebert – I’m thinking about you guys sleeping in the breezeway! Not fun! Hang in there – our cool weather will get to you soon!

  10. Kathy Swanson

    Thank you for posting the information about using the shield symbol to change the settings for a specific web site. I use Firefox and never saw ads on any of the blogs I read. I wanted to help, but didn’t know how to get the ads…now I do! Although my shield was located on the right side of the screen.

    I would suggest posting this again for those who may miss todays post. And an explanation of how it helps you would be good too. I had no idea that closing an ad was good until someone (it may have been you) mentioned it.

    I look forward to reading about your adventures on the farm and appreciate all the photos. The quilt photos are so inspiring too.

  11. Deb

    I’m on an iPad with Safari. Only had 3 ads until I clicked on the date to leave a comment. Then there were 3-4 more.
    What concerns me is for a good month now, Country Threads header has been saying Not Secure. Should I be worried?!

  12. Beth Laverty

    I admit to being confused. Why do we want to click on the X. Doesn’t that get rid of the ad. How does Mary get credit for that. Aren’t we suppose to “READ” the ad by clicking on it????? Please answer so I can do it right.

    1. Janice Hebert

      Beth Laverty you do not need to read the ad. Apparently we just need to close them by clicking on the x and Mary gets credit. It’s a subliminal thing I think is what they told her? Anyway, just clicking gives credit. No harm in reading them but she is just asking us to x them out. Jan in MA

    2. Anonymous

      Hi Beth. Just Xing out does the same thing but you can click and open if you goes to.

    3. Denise

      Hi Beth. Just Xing out does the same thing but you can click and open if you goes to.

  13. Jan VanDeWalle

    Thanks for the info, I used a PC, Out look and my grandson uses Google Chrome on my computer but recently got a Samsung Galaxy phone and will maybe use it for some thing in the future, as I learn to do more things on the phones. Some days I have ads and some days I don’t, so click on them when I can.

  14. Sue in Oregon

    I use Google Chrome. I just now closed 7 ads. One was in there twice and two of the ads have no x. Altogether, though, as I said, I had 7 to close. Thank you, Denise, for helping the ones that were having trouble. Computers can be so frustrating for those of us that were not born into the age of technology. Ask any 5 year old how to run the thing. lol

  15. Mary M Rhodes

    I dont have PC, just a Samsung pad and phone. I usually read through email the. It flips to Google. Some times you see the ads if holding phone long ways but none none other wise. Haven’t tried the pad. Thank you for helping Mary and explaining to us!

  16. Karen Gaither

    Thank you for the lesson! I have a Mac that I hate, iPad & iPhone that I love. I am a PC girl, so any Mac
    Help is appreciated!

  17. Deb Harrison

    Thank you, Denise, for helping to destress the blogging problems for Mary, Connie and their devotees! Bless you for taking the time to help.

  18. Teresa

    I too find refreshing the page will usually clear up any wonky stuff such as blank Ads on my iPad.

    I have no issues viewing the blog on my iPhone, always 6 or 7 Ads but on my iPad it can be finicky but viewing most sites on my iPad will look different than my iPhone and computer so it’s just the device.

    Thanks for the tutorial, Denise 😊

    1. Teresa

      Forgot to say I use Google Chrome and Safari on all my devices. Have a lot less issues with those two web browsers.

  19. Jill

    I appreciate this post. I thought you had to actually open the ad in order for the blog to get paid. Simply closing out the ad is so much easier!

  20. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Denise—I have no add blockers on and I use Google Chrome on this computer and Internet Explorer on my other PC. I do not receive any adds when I use Bloglovin on my iPhone or iPad (which is the same for all blogs forever and forever).

    Today was the first time that the adds did not have x’s to close them. I only had the right facing arrow for “add choices”. I was able to close some adds on this post, but there are some without the x to select. I have been using computers for years (back to 1973) have a good working knowledge of how things work, but I think Mary has some gremlins since the episode of 50 transmissions of a 2 year old blog post the other day.

  21. Carla

    Denise! Thank you!
    I appreciate your info. This post I could close all the adds, earlier today everything was a certain company and I could not close any of them. I think that is the first time that has ever happened.
    Glad the photos showed exactly where to locate the ad blocker info.

  22. Meri in SoVA

    Just closed 6…I view on an iPad and usually have at least 5 or 6 to close.
    Thanks for the very good tutorial, Denice! 😉

  23. Carole S.

    Funny, but when I opened this, there were no ads at all. I refreshed the page and got to close five ads. Go figure!

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