Trying the Photos – again

Will stop here and see if this picture uploads.

44 thoughts on “Trying the Photos – again

  1. Vicki

    Photos still not coming through. Sorry for all your frustration! Please don’t give up. We’d all miss you so much.

    1. Vicki

      I should have mentioned that I normally get 4 or 5 ads, and none are showing

  2. Sherry Whalen

    Sorry Mary – no photo showed up, I tried a couple of things, like refreshing the page and right clicking on the photo to ‘view image’. No luck. But I was able to close 7 ads!! So sorry for the frustration.

  3. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    My heart aches for you (and us) for the frustration you are havi9ng to go through. So many of us love you and your blogs. I for one will wait willingly to see you back (without the frustration.) Will still work on the ads.

  4. Karen

    No pics.

    But I have another question. I signed up for your blog posts as I have done with many others since I stopped blogging. But every single one of yours go to my Junk Folder. Your emails are being sent by “Rhonda Dort donotreply (@) wordpress (.) com.”

    There are quite a few other blogs/sites that come from this “Rhonda Dort.” In fact, I had to delete about 100 from her the other day, all the same email. I have no clue… Hope you get your blog problems resolved.

  5. Launa

    Good morning, Mary!
    No pictures yet, but closed 4 ads!
    Sunny up here in Idaho. Two electrical storms went around and missed me yesterday. I don’t mind the 53o morning @ 8am.

  6. Gloria from CC

    I should add that I always read Chicken Scratch on my IPhone not my laptop.

  7. Tanya T. in Houston

    3 ads, but no photo. I appreciate your headaches on our behalf. We love you!

  8. Sue in Oregon

    Closed 7 ads, but alas, no photos. This is very disheartening for you, Mary, and for all of us. I just know that you will find a solution.

  9. Joyce C

    Is it time for a Beer yet..??!! Gotta be 5 o’clock somewhere. Technology is wonderful when working and a nightmare when not!!

  10. ada

    Sorry,no photos. And there were ads but none of them have the little X to close them.

  11. JudyE

    The only photo that showed up was the one of Connie and you. I did close 9 ads today. Thanks for continuing to solve this issue!

  12. Kathy Hanson

    So sorry for all the frustration! I have finished #8 and will send a picture to your email. As the others have said, we all miss you!!

  13. Caryn Goulden

    Hi Mary! No picture showed up but I was able to close 7 ads. So sorry for this tech snafu. I miss your posts.

  14. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning,
    No photos but I was able to close 3 ads!
    Hang in there, Mary! We love your blog and appreciate all your efforts!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Ads, but no photos.
    I’m anxious to see how Reed did at the fair.
    Did Connie enter any flowers, or photos? If so. How did she do?
    Hang in there Mary, this too shall pass.
    I’m doing the hand work on #8’s binding….love it. I’ll try to get a picture of it and Loretta. Won’t that be a hoot. Many things are coming together for me this week, so far, I’m having a grand week. Just wanted to share.

  16. Mary Roen

    Bless your heart- this technology is so frustrating. I feel your pain. I have always said there are 3 generations when it comes to computers- like ice bergs. The younger generation thinks it’s no big deal. The oldest generation doesn’t have any thing to do with it and then there is our generation- we don’t want it but we have it and our feet on each iceberg struggling to stay afloat. You do an amazing job. I look forward what you have to say each day.

  17. Marlene T in Upstate NY

    Hi Mary, I don’t see any photos, but closed 3 ads. Just got home from running errands this morning- now it’s pouring out. Going to hand stitch binding on one of the #8’s. It’s a table runner with chickens, will try to send a photo when I’m done.

  18. Martha Engstler

    No photos but I bet I have been able to hit on at least 20 ads. They really show up on my Kindel. I can keep opening your sight and get a whole new batch.

  19. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    5 ads no photos but these glitches are solvable, we’re loyal and will wait it out!

  20. Nancy Tiede

    No picture, but closed 7 ads. Relax—things happen. Emailed you my finished picture of #8. Hope you got it.

  21. Jo Anne Bess

    No photo, but I did close 3 ads!
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog!! Jo Anne

  22. Bobbie

    No pictures or ads on my IPad.
    You will figure it out Mary. I don’t know why these things have to be so complicated. I’m not computer savvy, I hate all the click this, then this. Why so many steps.
    Have a great Day anyway!

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