I’m Sorry

No matter what I try I cannot get the photos to upload. I’m really nervous and upset because tomorrow I have 26 photos of #8 that I want to post. I have so much to catch up on and I know you’re all helping by closing ads but I simply am out of ideas. Maybe Denise, bless her heart, has time to help me tonight. Please know that I can “feel” you waiting for a solution.

48 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Janice Hebert

    Agree with everyone’s comments. Don’t be sorry Mary! I’m going to take some time and go through past posts. I’m sure there are quite a few that I missed along the way. I’ll wait to send a photo of my #8 and look forward to seeing what August’s number will be. I’ve actually been watching video’s on Free Motion Quilting that Jeanne Harrison filmed, amazing tutorials! I’ve never done FMQ so this is something I’m hoping to learn. I can’t afford a longarm and have been doing hand quilting on small quilts. So I too am sending {{HUGS}} and hope you are able to enjoy this last day of July. Jan in MA

  2. Vickie L. Devore

    Giggle!! Things like this happen and you think they will never end. Most of the time, it turns out to be something simple (sometimes not). Think the computers are working with you to give everyone time to finish #8.

    Or, maybe the computers think you need a rest for all the wonderful you do for all of us.

    Hang in there, love you!!!

  3. Paula Walker

    Mary, I am sending you a HUG. When this gets fixed we will all celebrate. Until then we can work on our UFO projects and/or plan new projects. Please do not be upset, you do more with technology than most of us. I know I am more than willing to wait for a solution.

    Paula In Texas

  4. Jan VanDeWalle

    Relax , put your feet up and have a beer, We will be fine if you can’t post pictures for a few days. Maybe your blog needs to go to every other day or twice a week so you have time for all your other projects, without stressing over the daily blog. we would miss you but think we would all survive. Love and hugs. Jan

  5. Sarah, northern California

    You have built up such good will, that most if not all of your readers want to assure you of our understanding during this stressful time. We’ve learned so much and had our days brightened by your writings and photos that now it’s our time to say, “We understand, we care, and we’re sorry you are having such a rotten time getting the photos/blog out.” I know it’s easy to say, but get an ice cold beer, put your feet up, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. As others have said, there is a solution to the web problem and when you get it fixed (for however long it takes), we’ll be here waiting, patiently, because you have become not only a blogger and educator but a friend.

  6. Carolyn Rector

    Bless you for all you do, we’ll wait. We want you to be happy about your blog and all that you do for your readers. If you can’t be happy about it, we’ll understand whatever you decide. Life is too short to stress over these qliches.

  7. Teresa

    Don’t worry about it! We will still be here when it’s all up and running again. So please don’t stress yourself out, it just not worth it. Relax and take care of yourself.

  8. Marilyn

    This will pass..yes we miss you but you will be putting this behind you and will all will be happy,

  9. Linda

    Mary, have you tried changing your password?

    I think we are all grateful for what you do, so no pressure-at least from here!

  10. Carole S

    Friend, no need to be sorry. You do so much for other people. We can be patient. Please don’t worry about us!

  11. Caryn Goulden

    Oh Mary, please try not to stress over this. Technology can sometimes be a pain in the kiester! Put your feet up, hug some critters, and have a couple of beers. We love you and we’ll wait.

  12. Martha

    Mary, we love the pictures, but we love you more. Take care of it when you can. We’ll wait.

  13. patti leal

    a different type of message. i am so grateful to you for recommending the book ‘the great alone’ by kristin hannah. i was up until 4 a.m. reading another of her books – ‘true colors’. it is a fantastic book. about a family and how they come together. also biases and disconnects. i loved the ending. highly recommend this book. patti in florida who is very tired!

  14. Tina W. From Oregon

    A big “ditto” to what everyone else has said! There’s always tomorrow or the next day, etc.
    I’m sure you’ve done this already, but I always forget to “re-boot” when things go awry on my computer. Take some time off from the blog – rest, relax and sew!

  15. Linda

    Please stop stressing out. We all have your back and we feel your pain. It will work out and when it does we will all have smiles on our faces!

  16. Beverly in Texas

    We understand your frustration, but know that you will get it worked out in due time.
    Like so many of us, your blog is such a joy to read & the thought of you closing it would be awful!!

  17. Lynn in Scottsdale

    The picture of you and Connie is coming through so maybe you can post 1 completed number 8 each day in that spot.

    Or post several times a day with different pictures in that spot.

    This would be a short term fix until you get it figured out. I would maybe just spend 1/2 hour a day on it and that is enough. It will be fixed when it is ready.

  18. Kris in Naperville

    Sending you a hug! We are with you through thick and thin, pictures or no pictures… closing ads along the way! No pressure… just have fun!

  19. Jess in FL

    Don’t stress over this, Mary. We all love hearing from you…pictures or no pictures. We know you’re trying to figure it out and we’re not going anywhere.

  20. Linda

    Relax and know we all will be here. Technology is great when it works. Not so great when it doesn’t . This is supposed to be fun for you. Don’t stress we all understand.

  21. Brenda archambault

    Don’t be sorry, Mary. When I started using a computer and something went haywire, I took a very long shower and let the water beat on my head as I tried to think like a computer, whatever that means. Eventually I worked out the problem AND I had the cleanest body and hair in town!
    So, sit back, relax, have a beer or two or three, eat some chocolate, and don’t fret. We all love you and would hate to have you get so upset. There’s always tomorrow!

  22. Sue in Oregon

    Please don’t be upset, Mary. It’s not good for you and we will wait and be very patient. I won’t even send my photos of #8 until I know you are up and running. BTW? Do you have windows 8 or 10. They say my Windows 8 is so old now that I am getting weird complications. For one thing, it will not hook up to our new printer. It acts up more and is very slow. Just a thought.

  23. Deb Harrison

    Mary, we will wait until _____ freezes over for you. I think you should take a break, too. Then maybe try the IT teacher at the high school or one of his recommended honors students if Denise cannot help you. Also when is the last time you did a scan for malware or cookies?

    We love you and want this to succeed for YOU but NOTat the cost of making you frantic!

  24. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Technology is a PITA!!! Don’t worry about it…we can all wait. Have some chocolate and maybe a glass of wine!!

  25. Gloria B.

    Susan is absolutely right. We SO enjoy hearing from you, but not when it’s so frustrating for you. Kind of like sewing a bunch of blocks without thread in bobbin. Relax. A solution will work itself out.

  26. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    No worries, Mary. We are all old enough to wait. We don’t want you to stress. Have a beer or three and put your feet up. We are hugging you from all over the country. I will close ads when I get to my computer.

  27. Linda H - SE MN

    Take a deep breath – or two (just don’t hyperventilate)… then gather your furry friends around, put your feet up and have a beer! We’ll all be here for you when you make it back – I promise. However long it takes…we’ll be here!

  28. Earlene Springs

    We’ve all been there. Don’t stress. We will have to be patient and understanding. This seems like a big thing to you and it’s very frustrating. Time for a break

  29. Diane Deibler

    No worries! Don’t stress yourself out. We’ve all been there with computer problems and completely understand. Walk away and come back to it later is my theory or go out and pull some weeds!!!!

  30. Mary Hawk

    Mary, please don’t stress. It’s a blog. It should be for fun. Technology can go sideways. I hope everyone is being nice and calm. Hope you can find a fix.

  31. Cindy S in VA

    Take a deep breath . Know that we all share your frustration with our own computers.
    We can wait. Take your time. We love your blog, but we don’t want you to be so frustrated that you
    Don’t want to write.
    Go visit your animals, sit and rest. Have a beer.
    We will all think positive thoughts. Eventually it will all come together.
    And BTW you have me so well trained that i actually enjoy closing those ads!😉

  32. ada

    Breathe. It will be OK. It’s only a computer. I tell myself that all the time.

  33. Kathy in western NY

    Susan said it correctly for us devoted readers who will be here whenever it all comes together again. Just know we care and feel your frustration just as much and wish we could all do more other than just close ads.

  34. Marie

    We love hearing from you,but don’t want it to be so stressful for you. Okay to take a break from it, and relax and enjoy summer, until all the issues can be resolved. We want it to be fun for you, like it is for us to receive it. We will be patient until the time is right for you to be back with posts going better. Nothing worse than computer problems. We all understand that!

  35. Janine

    Walk away for a bit if you can. We can wait! It will be that much sweeter when we do hear from you. Don’t want to think about you stressing out over something that should be fun.

  36. Nikki M in TX.

    Mary, we are your loyal followers & we understand, have no fear, we are here.
    Technology is a cruel mistress!

  37. Ellie

    Susan has the right idea. Breathe, have a beer, relax and get to it when you can. We will be here.

  38. Judy

    I think Susan just said it all in her post. We will patiently wait and be glad when you are back with your blog working as you want.

  39. Beth T.

    I hope you can feel us rooting for you and cheering you on. This will get worked out, and the time it takes will be short in the big picture of how much time we have spent here, enjoying your company and the community, and the stories of Iowa life. Hang in there, Mary, and know we’re hanging with you.

  40. Susan Lenz

    Please relax,maybe take a couple days to skip the blog. We all love hearing what you are up to,but when it becomes stressful it isn’t fun anymore. We all understand tech issues, needing time off ,etc. Please be good to yourself. Susie

  41. Darby in WI

    Technology is a bugger! Those of us that appreciate your posts will still be here once you get it figured out & meanwhile will not give you grief!

  42. Jo in Wyoming

    Not to worry Mary, one thing retirement gave us is time.
    When it gets here, it will be the present.

    1. Jo, again

      PS, I’m really glad your photos are back on top, those smiles are are a great greeting!

  43. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I don’t know of anything more frustrating than problems like this! Praying that there’s an easy fix and this situation will be solved quickly for you.

    1. Bonnie Specchio

      Sorry for all your troubles! We understand and are waiting patiently.😊

  44. Susan in PA

    You need a 12 year old kid to fix it. I had some but they all grew up and moved away. I feel your frustration.

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