62 thoughts on “Test

  1. Jan from TN

    Got it! And closed 5 ads. There was one more but it wouldn’t let me close it. 🙄
    Good night 😴💤!

  2. Betty P. Cain

    Test and please back like we did before – miss all the pics and acting and quilts and books…Animals in barn and outdoor…

    Betty Cain

  3. Donna Sproston

    Blank space for photo and the word test in a separate frame. Closed five ads

  4. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary, is there a pic above the Test pic? I see a blank box there. Question – what do you use to write your posts – an Ipad or a lap top? I am clueless with blogs and how they work…are you in a browser when you write a blog? I ask because it almost seems like there is a setting that is blocking your photos… I wish I could be more help! Sherry

  5. Deb Harrison

    Got it 10:34. Elongated about 6 ads by hurting their feelings by telling them I was’t interested😪

  6. Linda

    After changing your password, try restarting your device, clear the browser cache, and try again. See if that helps.

  7. Jo

    Got your hand written “test”. But up in your address line it says Not secure? Thought you might want to check on that.

  8. Debbie Lindeman

    Received a blank frame. Below that a frame with your word test. Closed 3 ads.

  9. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Saw test, blank box above it, closed 7 ads and yes in address bar it says not secure -country-threads-chicken-scratch.com

    Not sure if that helps you. Gotta love computers when they work, hate them when they don’t.

    Don’t give up yet. We really enjoy your blog.

  10. JudyE

    Got the empty frame and the hand written “Test” word below it.
    In the address line it shows “ Not Secure—country Threads-Chicken-scratch ( can’t read the end) .com
    I closed all nine ads at top and bottom of message.
    Photo of Connie and Mary towards bottom.

  11. Caryn Goulden

    Yes! Got an empty frame with handwritten word test below. There were 7 ads but I could only close 6.

  12. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Empty frame above hand written word test. About 5 closable adds (which I closed). Hang in there, you’ll get this sorted.

  13. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Got it. Empty frame above. Closed 5 ads, one wouldn’t close. Thanks for being so persistent. I know it’s aggravating.

  14. Dee Dalton

    I see the word test scrawled on the screen. I know you’re frustrated. But that was a chuckle for me this morning!!! Ha!

  15. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Test came through loud and clear but above it as Sherry and a couple others said, it looked like a blank square as though a picture should have been there.

  16. Connie Blyler

    Ditto what Martha Engstler Gettysburg said above…. Hope this means you’re close to the solution! 🙂

  17. Joyce from NY

    Got the test & blank square above it, I think that is where the picture of you & Connie was. Closed 3 ads.

    1. Sue in Oregon

      That comment above is me…Sue in Oregon. I was signed out and forgot to sign in.

  18. Marlene T in Upstate NY

    The test word shows up along with the picture on the right of you and Connie. The posting list shows on the right. Closed 6 ads. Things are looking up.

  19. Kathy Hanson

    TEST came through! Hooray!! Hopefully you will be ‘in business’ again!

  20. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi, Mary, only the word test showed up, if there was a picture only the blank space came thru. Take care, Felicia

  21. Tina W. In oregon

    Received your “test” script but no picture (there was a blank box). Closed a bunch of ads though.
    I emailed you a picture of #8 this morning.

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