Test by Ian

UPDATE –Hey everyone it is Denise, I apologize for confusing everyone, I pulled Ian’s post back in drafts to do some more testing and then realized people were trying to comment and the post was gone . . . . SO SORRY!!

Hi folks!
I’m Ian and I help the Tesenes from time to time with computer stuff, and I’m just trying out a test post to see what’s up with the pictures and such.

Since I need an appropriate image to test, please enjoy this photo of my one-eyed cat, Java, trying out her “prosthetic” eye!

Thanks for your patience!

85 thoughts on “Test by Ian

  1. debby

    The picture of your cat came through, but the ads were not marked with an x to be closed.

  2. Sue in PA

    Got the picture of the cat. Plenty of ads but none had an x to click on, only an arrow in the top right. The picture of Mary and Connie looks elongated also.

  3. Sue in PA

    When I clicked back in a second time, Mary and Connie’s picture looked normal.

  4. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Ian, cute cat! I have a bit of a different response from above….kitty picture is present, Mary and Connie’s picture looks normal. About the ads if you are wondering, since I am pretty sure the delivery of ads can be random – I had 5 ads, 3 ‘x’ and 2 without ‘x’ – normal for what I usually get. I am on a laptop. Sherry

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Closed 6 or 7 ads and had a good chuckle at Googly Eye Kitty!

    1. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

      Hi Carol, I think I remember you said you are from Western NY. Is that correct? If so, where is Pin Oak Quilting?

  6. Jan

    Love the picture! I have a one-eyed dog. You would hardly ever know by her actions. Animals are amazing.
    There were five ads and I could close them!

  7. Janice Hebert

    Got the picture of Java! Cool googly eyed kitty, haha. Closed seven ads. Thanks for your help Ian! We all appreciate it so much! Jan in MA

  8. Connie Rademacher

    It all came through fine. Ads and all. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  9. Tina in Oregon

    Picture of Java received! Looks really relaxed like posing for the picture!
    Closed 6 or 7 ads. Thanks Ian. Hopefully everything is fixed.
    On the top of the site it still says Not Secure though.

  10. Donna Sproston

    Cute cat! I closed 7 ads. The ads I cannot close are usually from Fat Quarter Shop or Appleseeds, and there is a blue arrow but no x. Today all were from other sources. I just scrolled back up and closed 5 ads.

  11. Carol Odekirk

    Picture of Java came through. Ads came through with an X to close. I am using a laptop with Google browser if that information is at all helpful.

  12. Jan R. in NW Wisconsin

    Got the picture of the word “TEST”. Got the picture of the adorable cat. Got ads to click on my end. Looks good to me. Here’s hoping.

  13. Joyce from NY

    Picture came through great, everything looks normal. Closed 3 ads on my iPhone!!

  14. Katherine Gourley

    Picture posted. I closed a few adds with x’s . Most adds have only the right pointing error for AdChoices. Thanks for the help your are giving Mary and Connie. We are devoted to this blog.

  15. Jean

    Ian. Thanks! For helping mary. Picture of java came thru. Able to close 4 ads.

  16. JudyE

    Picture of cat and Connie and Mary came through fine. I was able to close all 7 ads without a problem. Address line still says NotSecure—country-threads-chicken-scratch.com

  17. B. J. Berlo

    Everything looks “normal” to me. I closed six ads. I’m on a Kindle Fire 10. Thanks for helping out, Ian! I would sure miss this blog if Mary got too exasperated.

  18. Rosalie

    Everything good here
    Ads have x
    Pic looks good
    Miss your posts
    Know you must be terribly frustrated

  19. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    All’s well thank you very much and Java came thru fine. Also closed seven ads. I’ve been closing ads all morning. As long as they are coming thru with the x’s I’ll keep going back and do them again and again.

  20. Vicki

    Test came through with picture of the cat and one of Mary and Connie and 2 ads with “x’s”.

  21. Deb Harrison

    Hi, Ian! It is 3:09 pm. I could see your kitty and the 3 ads had x’s for me to delete all 3. Thank you for helping Connie and Mary!

  22. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    HI Ian, Java is one cute kitty. Everything came through just fine. I had all
    the pictures in the right places and 5 ads to click. Looking good–no pun intended–Ha.

  23. Jess in FL

    Java is a cutie! The only issue I encountered were NO ads to close until I refreshed the page.

  24. Annette F.

    Everything is looking “normal”. Closed 6 ads. Thanks, Ian for your help w/blog. I know many subscribers are having withdrawals from not receiving them (properly???). I know its my favorite, and always look forward to receiving them…..Greetings from Temecula, CA

  25. Kathy in western NY

    I got a sweet kitty cat picture and I got ads to X out so I am sew happy !!!!

  26. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Ian and Denise. Ipad. Got the kitty photo, photo of Connie and Mary correctly proportioned and at the top right had side of the page again. Two adds to close and a few yellow add blocks with no content, but I’ve been getting that for years (I’m in Europe, so I suspect that not all the add slots are sold for my location, sometimes two, sometimes 10). In short, as it used to be with the addition of a cute one-eyed cat! Thanks for helping Mary out, you guys, much appreciated!

  27. Connie, Polk City

    I received the picture and was able to close all of the ads (10). Thanks for helping and your persistence!!

  28. Pat S

    Hooray!Picture came through!
    You have been missed.
    And… ads closed with X.

  29. Gail Celeste

    Got the picture of the4 kitty!!! Looking forward to seeing all the #8 pictures.

  30. Jane Dumler

    I am in the mountains of northern Colorado. Everything came through—cat, 5ads with x’s and arrows, Mary and Connie looking good. I am on an iPad and Verizon tower on a house a block away. Thanks

  31. Brenda archambault

    Came thru loud and clear here in Arizona. Now … If you’re confident with the site, please let us know how Reed did with his quilt at the fair. Thanks for your perseverance and the help from Ian and Denise.

  32. Donna in Wis

    Got picture & got 2 ads to close…the ones on side do not have x’s

  33. Paula Nordt

    Denise or Ian,
    Help! I use my iPad to read Mary’s blog. If I use Safari there are no ads to close, none at all. If I use Google Chrome, there are lots of ads to close. Any idea why?

    Thank you so much for helping Mary!

  34. Debra Miller

    Java’s picture came through great and is too funny! Closed 7 ads. Thanks for helping Mary.

  35. Bonnie McKee

    Java is lovely!
    I closed 3 ads.
    Thanks for working so hard to help Mary so we can all read the Blog!
    Bonnie in Oregon

  36. Diane in WI

    Beautiful picture of your cat. So glad there is someone who can help figure out computer problems. Thank you.

  37. Linda Winn

    Beautiful cat! Several ads came through and I was able to x several out.

  38. Debbie from kamrar

    Weird! I saw Ian’s test at 2:34 and could only see picture of Java but could not make any comments so sent email to Mary. I’m using an iPad and when I checked email about two hrs later read comments and xed ads…..

  39. Jeanine

    Got the picture of the cat and closed 7 ads. Thanks, Ian, for helping Mary.

  40. Jan B from TN

    Can see your cat. Closed only 2 ads but I’m on my iPhone so that may be why.

  41. Holly in Two Harbors

    Thanks for helping with the blog! Computer problems can be mind-boggling, but I always feel so triumphant when I defeat the evil pixies that have taken possession. What a pretty cat!

  42. Jeri

    Beautiful kitty! Glad to see the picture meaning things are on the mend…Happy Dance!

  43. CynthiaRochelle

    Java looks surprised! No jivin’, Java! Hope you are able to get Mary’s program back up and printing photos!

  44. Karen

    I was able to see the picture of Java (a very pretty kitty) and could close 5 of 6 ads (one didn’t have an X).

  45. Caryn Goulden

    Java is adorable! So nice to see a cat with a sense of humor! Able to close 5 ads, 2 not.

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