Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

Ian posted the cat picture from NC, I think. It’s ME that’s having the problem on MY IPad. I have not been able to post a picture for 8 days and counting! Tonight Denise and I are working again on deleting the program and then re-installing it to see if that’s where the problem is. But believe me, this is not fixed! Have you ever experienced stress eating and drinking?


34 thoughts on “Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

  1. Marilyn

    I have definitely experienced stress eating. So sorry this is not fun I’m sure

  2. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Yes, I’m looking forward to some post-stress eating and drinking tomorrow night, and maybe Friday as well. I have waited four months for an appointment to see an endocrinologist about my messed up thyroid. I had a bad experience with a previous endocrinologist, so I’m getting stressed just thinking about it!

    1. Carla

      Best of luck. I have dealt with thyroid issues for almost 15 yrs and probably longer.
      Stable for now but there are times that it has been a huge struggle.

    2. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

      Good luck. I have a great one in Central Ohio, but it can be hit or miss. Where is Pin Oak Quilting located?

  3. Joanne

    Mary THANK YOU for all that you are doing for us. truly miss the scratch but please do not stress yourself. We will patiently wait. Relax with all your farm animals and a cold beer😄🍻

  4. Carla

    Post came through just fine. No photos and had a few ads to close.
    Then I could page backwards to see Denise’s repost of Ian’s that I could never see earlier more ads closed.
    Complete posts will happen,
    Best things are worth waiting for.

  5. patti leal

    don’t eat too much but at least make sure it’s something really really good. it’s been a good way for most of us to just keep clicking on ads. hang in there. patti in florida

  6. Jill

    Stress eating and drinking wine is what got me through my son’s high school years! I hope you get it figured out…only because I understand how frustrating these issues are! I’m closing lots of ads, so I hope that helps you out!

  7. Mary M Rhodes

    Oh yes stress eating experience well. I gain weight from 185 to 240 lbs. The stress came from my dad ,we where losing my mom , his love of his life. Love him dearly but the stress was great! He thought something was really wrong with me , he refused to recognize what he was doing to me. 5 years of it! Just relax.

  8. Susan Lenz

    I did receive the photo of the one-eyed kitty-💗
    Do not feel pressured over this,we can all take a bit of a break,we understand having tech issues!
    Good luck!

  9. Mary M Rhodes

    Oh yes stress eating experience well. I gain weight from 185 to 240 lbs. The stress came from my dad ,we where losing my mom , his love of his life. Love him dearly but the stress was great! He thought something was really wrong with me , he refused to recognize what he was doing to me. 5 years of it! Just relax. You will get it done.

  10. Peggy Sanford

    Hang in there Mary girl!! We’re in the same age bracket & this technology stuff has an odor sometimes!! 😂 It’ll work itself out!! In the meantime, sit back, put yer feet up & enjoy a couple “cold ones!!”
    You know the rest of us will be watching for the fixer-upper!!
    What was that saying?? “Patience is a virtue, posses it if you can. . . Etc., etc.,”
    Peggy S

  11. Shirley mord

    Yup both stress eating and drinking. Hope things go better I love your blog and pictures.

  12. Jane Dumler

    Stress drinking is more fun than stress eating. You laugh a whole lot more stress drinking! Thanks for all your hard work on this.

  13. Brenda C.

    Please don’t feel pressured. We know you are working on it and will wait patiently for your pictures to join the blog again. Cheers and enjoy your beer.

  14. Amy M

    Stress drink away and if you don’t mind may we join you?? We will continue to click on ads and we the computer and blog universes decide to collide again all will be good. Do not worry about us!! I guarantee we are more worried about you!!!

  15. Susie Q

    Yeah…. I was getting my hopes up to see a chicken……. it will come in time…… hang in there…… from Texas

  16. Teresa

    Yes, I have had the most stressful year in my life. Stress eating keeps me going, and my twisted sense of humor helps too.

  17. Anonymous

    I was so excited when I saw Country Threads come up as an e-mail. Yay! My eyes got big. I gasped. My heart began to flutter. Then I read “Don’t get your hopes up yet.” Aw shucks. Big sigh. Shoulders slumped. Poor Mary.

  18. Darla

    Oh Mary, alcohol won’t solve your problems…but then, neither will milk! LOL😊

    No need to feel so stressed over this. We all miss the blog but are faithfully waiting until it’s fixed.

    1. Nikki M in TX

      Hang in there..we are here for you.
      This will be solved.
      Cold beer.. feet up…know that we feel your pain..have a slice of pizza with that beer.

  19. Diane Bauer

    Ha! Stress eating and drinking? I live on it!! Glad to be back in CO, ready to start sewing again! So sorry this has been such a hassle, but glad you seem to have good, competent people helping you! Sit back and enjoy a beer!

  20. Diane’s Squeak’s Mom

    Ha—stress eating and drinking—oh yes! I learned in Weight Watchers that stressed is desserts backwards so…..
    Please don’t get too stressed over this. We can be patient and supportive😃😃. I am working on my rug and UFO’s because of your encouragement😺😺

  21. Joyce from NY

    Looks like your getting closer & closer Mary. I know hard you are working on this.

  22. B. J. Berlo

    Talking about stress … Just watch the Presidential debates for a while! Don’t get your panties in a twist. We love your blog (and you) and will patiently wait for for the technical problems to be solved.

  23. Peggy

    Definitely waiting here in the wings (Alaska) for your return. In the meantime, we know you are working diligently to figure out this nasty technical glitch issue thing 🙂
    Thanks to everyone who is helping Mary out, I know nothing about ipads to even offer a hint of advice.
    Will be working on ufo’s, please do not stress too much, hugs Peg in AK

  24. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Technology is so fabulous…until it isn’t!! Nothing can take me from calm to “where is a gun” quite like my computer (or some other technology) decides to screw up!! I’m sure it is amazing to watch, not!! But, hey, every time I come over here, there are 7 more ads to close!!

  25. sandy

    so sorry Mary for all your stress……several ads to close! Technology is wonderful as long as it works, but when it doesn’t, oh my the stress! Hang in there!!

  26. Ann in Va

    It will be okay. I think you are very brave to take
    on “a fix”. I could not do it. I would have to turn
    It over to Staples!!!

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