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    1. Jan R

      Yay I got the picture…it was Hazels touch!!!
      I’m sorry you’re having these problems! But it looks like it may be working…YIPPEE!!
      Hugs, Jan

    1. Anonymous

      Hazel in all her glory! Three ads which removed via the arrow in upper right corner. I am not too annoyed with ads….I delete them before I settle into the CT news of the day. No problem opening the site to read. 8:43 am Thursday Aug 1. Deb Harrison htdeb@netins.net…could not post my contact info below the comment box…will see if it posts anyway

  1. Jan B from TN

    Ta-da! I see Hazel!! Yay!! Success! And I closed 6 ads (I’m on my desktop)! Congrats!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Not so fast – did you see what our home page looked like? A mess!

  2. Peggy S

    Woo hoo!! There’s that beautiful, sweet looking terrier!! Hazel!! So photogenic!!
    Picture came in loud & clear!!

    1. Connie Tesene

      Good Morning Blog Readers!!!
      This is Connie- Mary asked me to let you know that everything looked great last night BUT was undone by this morning. The “hacker” really did a number on the blog!
      But, speaking of numbers, the August UFO # is 3. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures of July’s project- it will happen, but it might take a bit longer.
      Thank you for your patience!!!! Connie & Mary

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    If it’s any help, my iPad is acting a little squirrels too.
    I got the picture of Hazel and that’s all.
    The test post was yesterday.
    I just got Hazels picture, 7:35 pm mountain time.

    I’m going to reboot and see if it helps.

  4. Lisa in Washington state

    I got Hazel’s picture, however she’s on her side, not right side up! There was one ad to click on.
    Glad you are back!

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    The picture was sideways in the email, but has proper orientation on your blog! 7 ads to close!!

  6. Judy

    Oh Hazel,
    SO SO GOOD to see your sweet lil face!!!
    You be extra nice to Mom right now, she may be a little ‘testy!’

    And this too shall pass!!!
    Hang on!!!
    Hugs from Judy in Texas

  7. Marcella

    Yes, I see Hazel very picture perfect. But the picture is larger, no heading with County Threads sketch, the adds are at the bottom of the post below a larger picture of you and Connie. The comment section is larger. This could be my computer acting up? Do we all have bugs? This computer stuff is so annoying get kinda addictive. Sure enjoy the conversation.

  8. mary jane

    the photo of sweet Hazel came thru but she is sideways??
    I don’t envy you Mary with this problem…I think I would have given up. We are thankful there are those who will help one get back on track and you seem to have found 2 of them..Good Luck…Thank you for all you are doing to get us all back to the news of Garner IA farmlife…

  9. Katherine Gourley

    Hi — the pic of a very fluffy Hazel is good. The Country Threads banner is gone and the picture is huge.

  10. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    YES. There is adorable Hazel. I have been getting everything all along. Not sure why, but happy it’s working. Hang in there, Mary.😺

  11. Nikki M in Tx

    Test worked.. picture of Hazel came thru…
    Have beer 🍺 to celebrate!!!!
    Thanks for all you have been thru… we appreciate you!

  12. Montana Kathy

    Great to see sweet little Hazel! Hope this means all is well! (only had 2ads to close, though)

  13. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Great to see Hazel. I’ve closed at least 30 ads today. Just keep going back again and again to your site. Each time I open your site there are more ads and I keep closing them.

  14. Jennie

    Hazel came through great. Closing all the ads. Hopefully this takes care of the problem. Jennie

  15. Janice Hebert

    It’s 10:53 here in MA and I just got a picture of Hazel! The Country Threads header is wonky – REALLY BIG so I only get portions of it but that’s OK! I know it’s you Mary! I hope you get some rest tonight but it’s so good to see Hazel… Jan in MA

  16. Janice Hebert

    Oops! It was 9:28 when the post came through. I must have been watching the debate! Good night all!

    Jan in MA

  17. JudyE

    Love the picture of Hazel on the flag quilt. Both this picture and the one of Connie and you came through great. I closed nine ads this time too.
    You are making progress! Kick back and relax now, you are overdue after working on this most of the day!

  18. Amy M

    Chug a lug, dinking is working, Or Hazel to the rescue! Hopefully this lets you get some good rest tonight!

  19. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hello Hazel! She came through just fine in the e-mail and on the blog, but your header and letter type is different: text on a greyish background, no drawing. Lots of add to close, though.

  20. Dorothy

    A lot of “mish mash” when clicking the post’s title. Things did not look right. But Hazel came through loud and white 🙂 Perhaps you need to take the computer in to a pro and have it “scrubbed” clean 🙂 Also your blog reads “not secure”

  21. Dolores Austin

    The picture of Hazel came thru large and bright and sideways. Your site is still red flagged and marked as “insecure” and all the warning info that goes with it. Praying that it is all fixed soon for your own piece of mind. You are a wonderful person to go thru all the stress and hassle to keep this blog going. God Bless you and those helping you. Dolores in NW Ohio

  22. Nancy A Poole

    picture of Hazel and ads closed. You’re doing a great job fixing this. Patience is hard to hold.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I hope this comment posts because the blog site did not hold the changes we made last night. I just tried to post the August number which is 3.

  23. Tina in Oregon

    The picture came through but the site is kinda wonky – and still “not secure”. Closed lots of ads. Don’t give up! You’re almost there!
    Going to go see what #3 is.
    Thanks Mary. Your blog is my very favorite!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tina in Oregon – did you get the post or the message from my reply? You found out it’s #3 but where did you read that?

  24. Mary r

    got picture except it was sideways and extremely large!

    Was I the only one to get the picture that way?

  25. Vickie Devore

    Great picture (and kitty picture was good earlier but couldn’t get red of ads) of Hazel and got rid of ads! Hope things get better and better.

  26. Karen

    Good picture of Hazel. Almost looks posed like a photography studio. Was able to close 5 of 5 ads.

  27. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    HI Mary, I am so hoping things will get better. I came back on this afternoon to read the comments. This time Hazel is sideways, but still adorable. Connie sent the #3 for the Dirty Dozen and then I saw that you sent it, too, down a few from Connie’s. I hope this helps you. I had ads this time, too, which it seems that I have had ads all the time, but not everyone has. GOOD LUCK. We are all concerned about you. HUGS.

  28. Sue in Calif

    When I “click” on the email’s title “TEST” to fully open the message, the photo of precious Hazel rotates a quarter-turn to the left. Everything else in the expanded message remains upright. I can click on the ads.

  29. Jill of NE Iowa

    Hi –
    I see the picture. The ads will not let me close them. On and off when I checked today — and before the picture — I could close some at random times.
    Please do not give up — you just stay strong!
    The picture is amazing. I love Hazel; the clocks and the quilts.

  30. Beryl BC

    I see the pictures fine. Your header looks good. The ads close fine. As others have said, your site does say “Not secure”.

  31. Kathy Hanson

    Hazel is gorgeous as usual! So cute! The picture was sideways but it was there!! Hooray!

  32. Carolyn Rector

    Everything looked great to me. Hazel is too cute! I see that #3 has been chosen by Connie. I read a great book, The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill by Abbie Waxman. It’s new.

  33. Diane in WI

    Beautiful Hazel. Today the home page was back to normal. #3 -is it the next number for the Dirty Dozen? Hope you have a better day.

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