Sale! 3-26-22

If you’re coming to the sale at Connie’s house, here are the directions:

Turn south at the stoplight in Garner.

Travel approx 6 blocks south to 8th street.

Turn right on 8th street.

Connie’s house is the second place on your right next to the apartment house on the corner of State Street and 8th Street.

If you have any trouble, you may call me at 641-512-5188 – I will try to answer all unknown phone numbers that morning.

Please bring your own tote bag of some kind – all we will have available are small handled plastic grocery bags.

We will have 3 people at the checkout station – one to remove tags, one to add totals and one to take your money.

Yes, we will accept cash, check or credit card.

We will, as a group, go to eat on Thursday night and Friday night with anyone who would like to join us. The Garner Inn, 641-925-1000, has rooms if you choose to stay overnight.

We have Hardee’s, Mat’s, Casey’s, HyVee and Kwik Star for lunch. Please tell them you are in Garner for Country Threads’ sale.

Please keep this info on your phone so I don’t have so many questions to answer – although the blog comments are finally fixed! Thank you, Kayla who teaches school full time and has a one year old at home – she is busy without me bugging her for help!

Reader quilts:

And look at this sweet Christmas picture – a card in the making if you ask me.

Yesterday’s eggs

Dusted this shelf and put the sewing baskets there – while watching basketball.

And two more pictures of Susannah!

I am now working with another publisher – one I can afford. I hope I’ll have this book available to sell you in a few months. Keep your fingers crossed!

That’s all – back to basketball!

48 thoughts on “Sale! 3-26-22

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Yeah!! It’s fixed.
    I’m surprised martingale didn’t want Susanna’ story for a quilting book. But we will get her story another way.
    Those eggs are beautiful as well as the readers quilts.
    My, I wish to come to the sale….but it’s a long way from Wyoming.
    Have a great sale.

  2. Jill Klop

    I also wish I lived closer and could come to the sale. You win some, you lose some! My husband has been watching the tournament…I’ve been sitting next to him sewing bindings and doing counted cross stitch. Good luck with the sale!

  3. Wonda Myers

    Enjoy the blog. You live an interesting life. If I had it to do over I’d work in a quilt shop. Love to see all the beautiful quilts. That little goat is precious.

  4. Jan Hebert

    Oh how I wish I could come to the sale, meet you both! But as others have said, it’s a long way from Topsfield, MA! Great reader quilts, and you’re right, that kitty on the bed would make a great Christmas card! Your black kitty is beautiful! And Susannah is just adorable! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Hebert – I love to hear why people can’t come to the sale – I get to know where you all live!

  5. Jacque

    I would soooo love to get to your sale – but it’s a bit too far from South Central Texas unfortunately! I know it will go well and y’all will be sold out quickly.

    Definitely looking forward to reading that Susannah story – fingers crossed the new publisher will be receptive.

  6. Quilting Sister

    How funny! I’ve never met a goat, but I’ve always assumed they’ll eat anything in sight. Cute!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Quilting Sister – goats eating everything and anything is a myth – they are very finicky eaters actually.

  7. sandra

    I met Susannah at quilt camp.
    would love to see a book about her!!
    Sandra in Virginia

  8. Launa

    Last week Fed Ex delivered to the house…imagine the driver’s surprise when he was closing the truck’s back doors and discovered our Border Collie, Pepper, was inside there!
    Am going to miss the great sale.
    Watched two March Madness games last night. St Peter’s …image that!
    Fingers crossed for your novel!

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the cat just needs a Christmas stocking hanging from the tree!Good luck with the sale, best wishes from Sandy

  10. Debbie G

    Susannah is simply adorable!! Was hoping to get to the sale, but don’t think its going to work out for me. It would be about a 5 or so hour drive and all my friends either still work or babysit for the grandkids. I’m certainly not short on projects, but love to shop. Hope it all goes well. How about St. Peter??? Hoping to watch their game tomorrow!

  11. Connie P. Sheldahl, Iowa

    A friend and myself are planning to come to the sale on Friday, can’t wait to see your treasurers! What are the hours of the sale?

  12. Teresa

    So glad to see the comments are fixed. Susannah is so precious! Have a great sale day. I live in WV – just a bit too far. It’s snowing here today. Love the basket of colorful eggs too!

  13. Sheila in WI

    Absolutely love the basket of colorful eggs! Nature at its best.
    Thanks for all the other pictures too. Glad to hear the comment problem has been solved.

  14. Denise

    Would have loved to attend the sale. Texas is quite a distance from you

    I look forward to Your book

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Everybody is so excited about your sale. What wonderful treasures. Please, before the sale starts, take close up pictures of EVERYTHING so those of us who can’t get there can see everything. It would be wonderful to see you and Connie and maybe a lot of the blog ladies, too. What an adventure. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting for your books. Hope the weather will cooperate.
    I have a lot of pictures and great memories of Country Threads and feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy all our visits. Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  16. Vicki

    I remember Susannah as I attended your quilt class in Iowa City when she was in attendance. My memories are that she was so tiny and well behaved. And tiny is what she is in those early pictures that you share!
    Thanks for triggering that memory.

  17. Deb in Idaho

    I would love to come to your sale but a wee to far from Idaho. Love all the quilts. They give me inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend

  18. Charlotte Shira

    Glad you have Kayla to help with blog problems and that you have a publisher for your book. I will order one. Great quilts again today. That cat under the tree is a perfect Christmas card. Like everyone else, I wish I lived closer to Iowa. I went to an estate sale of a quilter a few years ago on maybe the 3rd day of the sale. I couldn’t believe all stuff…so many patterns and probably 100+ pairs of scissors.
    Hope the sale goes well.

  19. Lorraine

    I wish I could come to your sale. I haven’t been to a quilt shop for over two years. I have plenty of fabric to make quilts with but it is so fun to see what is new out there.
    Susannah looks so adorable and too cute but just to cuddle her.
    Love the pictures of the quilts. By any chance does anyone know where I could get a hold of the pattern of the rabbit. Looks like a long wall hanging. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Pat Williams

      I am pretty sure it is Country Threads pattern, Harvey. You can purchase digital download by clicking on “shop”at top of this page in right hand corner and search for Harvey. It was on page 4 when I looked. Hope that helps. Pat in Iowa City

      1. Lorraine

        Pat in Iowa City-thank you for letting me know where I could purchase the rabbit pattern. I did order it this morning but don’t know where the download went. Hopefully, Mary will let me know how to get in contact with Kayla. Thank you so much for helping me out.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Lorraine – I forwarded your comment to Kayla – did you read the directions tab at the top of our home page? You might start there

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lorraine – it’s a Country Threads pattern called Harvey – available in online store.

      1. Lorraine

        Thank you Mary for the info but I went to your shop this morning and ordered it digital and can’t get the download. Is there a way to contact Kayla? She may be able to help me. Thanking you in advance.

  20. Teresa from Port Coquitlam BC

    I too would love to be able to make it to the sale, but google maps says it’s a 27hr drive. A little too far I’d say. Best of luck, though you will probably sell out quickly. Love the pictures of Susannah as well.

    1. Candy

      Add another 5-or-so hours on for the ferry ride (plus travelling time) from Courtenay, BC … sure would be fun though! I hope the sale is a huge success, and that we get to see a few pictures.

  21. DebMac

    I had hopes of coming to the sale but Hubby is having knee replacement instead. Forwarding the email on to a friend in the area. Hope it is a good day.

  22. Sue in Oregon

    I hope you will get a chance to take pictures at the sale. I would SO-o-o love to go, but you are way too far away. I hope you and Connie sell tons and have a very successful sale.
    That Suzanna is the cutest little goat. I loved the photo of her on Ricks stomach. Wishing you much success with that venture as well.
    Very cute Harvey….

  23. Joyce from NY

    I too would love to come to your sale but New York is too far from you! Hope you do well, I know you will!!
    Been watching the basketball games. Good for St. Peter’s!!

  24. Deborah Grisanti

    Omg!!! The kitty in the bed is totally precious!!!!! A purr-fect picture!!!!

  25. Sandy in Indiana

    Love the kitty on the little bed under the tree…..Just the sweetest picture!
    Good luck with your book….such a precious story
    Lots of good luck with your sale….gosh I wish I was closer
    I’m sure you will have a huge crowd!

    Enjoy all your games…..My team is Purdue and they lost last night 🙁

    Take care,

  26. Joy in NW Iowa

    I wish you the best in the publisher! Your blog has a great following so why wouldn’t we want to read you book!?? I don’t think I will attend your sale….144 miles from my house. Have a great sale!

  27. Connie R

    I won’t be able to make your sale either but would love if you posted pictures. Then again, maybe not, as I would hate to see all the treasures I missed out on! Have a great sale and hopefully a lot of your blog followers will join you for lunch. Sounds like such a fun time!

  28. Ginny

    I am so happy you are getting your book published. Liam will definitely receive one from his great grandma!

  29. Kris in WI

    Oh, that pix of the kitty in the bed tugs at my heart. I used a red mitten with angora embroidery (I never got the 2nd one made) as a “stocking” for the cats at our house! I’m sorry they didn’t have kitty quilts, but Tyger, the orange tabby. preferred a box my DH had left on a radiator and Einstein, the black and white, would just take whatever comfy spot we chose. Man, he was fast! I’m surprised he never got flattened. I know the sale days will be crazy busy, but if you can manage a few pictures that would be really nice. I wish I could be there to thank you in person for sharing your quilting/farm/animal adventures with us. Best of luck and enjoy meeting your audience!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris in WI – loved hearing about your cats!!! Yes, I will take pictures for sure!

  30. Beverly

    Would love to come to have supper with you on Thursday or Friday evening but coming from Blanchester, Ohio it would be a bit of a drive. I’m not a quilter (my sister is & she would love the sale ) but I like to see the readers quilts & hear about your animals. Can’t wait to read your book about Susannah! Enjoying March Madness & cheering for St Peters tomorrow!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beverly – I think we’re all cheering for St. Peters! Can’t wait for the game.

  31. Diane Bauer

    I’m excited to hear you’ve found a publisher! I will be looking forward to reading Susannah’s story to Laurel!

    I’m in Estes Park for the weekend, enjoying my Golden Eagle National Parks Pass to go moose watching! We got pulled into Bridgerton on Netflix. I’m not much of a TV watcher but enjoyed the marathon!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane Bauer – moose watching? Wish I could go with you! I’m saving Bridgerton until March Madness is over – l can’t wait till the book is ready so all of you can read it to your grandchildren.

  32. Linda

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good luck with the publisher, I definitely want to have Susannah’s story, she is love at first site!

    Wish I could be at the sale just like everyone but Michigan is to far away. I hope you post some photos of the sale although I’m positive I’ll see a few things I wish I had.

  33. Kathy in western NY

    Love the kitty doll bed pix! So beautiful. I am finishing a Little Quilts oldie doll quilt for my doll bed so will send a pix soon.
    Sure wish I was able to drive our 40’ motor home out to Iowa next weekend and buy lots of stuff to bring back this way to share with my eastern country Threads friends. And make a stop in Ohio too for them and more fabric buying.

  34. Linda in Michigan

    I’m another one who would love to attend the sale, but live too far away, in Michigan. I hope the weather co-operates with you, but those diehard shoppers won’t let weather deter them from their goal,HA HA! The reader quilts are always a good inspiration for new ideas, they’re all so pretty. And the Christmas pic of the cat is something else, love the red and white quilts in the pic.
    Will be looking forward to the Susannah story book. I think I have one of your Country Threads patterns called Oh, Susannah.

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