Thursday Night Update, 3-24-22

Between Hazel and the trap I found #16 and #17 dead rats this morning – I’m afraid this is bordering on the macabre. I can hardly wait to check my traps! Haha!

Watching basketball – the Zags lost! Now I’m cheering for Texas Tech. Tomorrow night both the Iowa State men and women will be playing – we’ll hope for the best.

I don’t know what’s happened to the comments and needing to be approved. Kayla says nothing has changed but something has changed because I have to manually approve each comment including my own! And I have never ever had to do that before so bear with me – I’ll do the best I can.

I can’t wait to start showing you the new patterns in the store – between Kayla and me we will need a couple more days.

I’ve been in contact with another publisher about Oh, Susannah! Self publishing is the only way to get a book published if you’re an unknown writer. And the only way they’ll consider the book a success is through sales – I’m hoping I get to write the follow up book about Susannah and Charlene. Right now they want me to rewrite the original story for a slightly older reader. Do I really want to be an author?

Our visit to Rochester was rescheduled as a phone appointment – I was so glad! The wound is finally beginning to get smaller and more shallow – is shallower a word? I’m not sure.

Reader quilts-

Isn’t this a beautiful basket of eggs?

I don’t think I’ve ever posted this picture before – Rick and Susannah relaxing on the couch.

Back to the game……

50 thoughts on “Thursday Night Update, 3-24-22

  1. Ann in PA

    Between Hazel and your trap, you are making a real dent in the rat population. Hard to believe there are so many. Thankfully Rick’s wound is finally healing as it should, and the phone appointment will save you a trip. That photo of Rick and Susannah is precious. She’s so tiny! We’re watching basketball, too. March Madness is the best.

  2. Marilyn Miller

    Wonderful, and very telling, photo of Rick and baby Susannah. Ohh how she was loved!

  3. Jan in NW WI

    Savannah is so tiny! If I’d been there I’d be carrying her everywhere. Aren’t baby animals (and grown animals) the very best! I too liked being able to do some phone consults with our physicians after my husband had a stroke and 2 heart surgeries this past year. It made things easier. I am astounded at the number of rats. I know they multiply quickly, but WOW, that’s a lot of rats. Oh, if only you had x-ray vision to see in the wall. When I was in my early 20’s ( a very long time ago), I lived in New York City for two years. There were always rats in the garbage cans (which were on the sidewalk next to the apartment stoop) and in the subways. Yuck, I am not a fan. Bravo for you Mary! Eradicating the rats. The pied piper of Garner.

  4. Debbie G

    Well, FYI, I can no longer see comments!
    Love the basket of eggs. Sometimes, simple things like that bring so much joy. Good luck to your Iowa State team. Gonzaga was always a team I kept in my bracket until close to the end. Glad to hear that Rick’s wound is getting better. Celebrating my dad’s 90th birthday this weekend. So much to be thankful for.

  5. Jan Smith

    Wasn’t that Arkansas Gonzaga game a surprise?! I’m watching Duke now, and have to cheer them on as my Dad was a huge Duke fan. So exciting!

  6. Mary Howland

    Would Martingale be interested if you made a couple quilts to accompany the text? You have a goat in another quilt. Perhaps you could enlarge it so it would be 30” or so plus. borders. Then a quilt with chickens, another one with a barn and chicken coop, etc.

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    There is something going on with comments.
    What a cute pix of Susanna, boy she was little.
    Hazel must love checking for rats as much as you. It sounds a little addictive.

  8. Beryl in Owatonna

    I’m sorry you are having trouble with the Blog again. I get so frustrated with computers. Why do they have to update everything when it worked fine before! I finally found a calendar template now I have to figure out how to send the month I want sent. GRRR

    That little Susannah is so cute!! She was very small wasn’t she. I don’t think I was reading you letters at that time.

    The quilts are so nice again!! I hope to get at a small one tomorrow,,,I am finally getting n the mood to sew!

  9. DebMac

    Mary, you already are an author. How many quilt books do you and Connie have? How many blog posts? You will just be writing in a different genre. Think about the rewrite, try the rewrite and see how it goes. I was fortunate enough to have a story published in one of the Missouri Star books. The story was about my grandmother and I am more pleased on her behalf than on mine that the story was published. Good luck.

  10. Dorothy

    The approval of comments is common on a lot of blogs. I think it’s a security measure, but I don’t know who instigates it. Those eggs i the basket are gorgeous. And believe me, we in WA cried in disbelief over the Zags loss.

  11. Jean

    That picture of Rick and Susannah is the most precious picture ever! I do remember that little girl. She did not know she was a goat!
    YES! I most definitely think you should write the book. Just think how many people will get to enjoy the story. It is too good not to tell.

  12. Pat in Michigan

    I’m glad that Ricks wound is showing signs of healing. What a long road for both of you.
    Hazel is doing her life’s work, she’s indispensable! I’m glad she and the trap are both working so well on the rat population.
    Cold and wet in Michigan , I guess even a chance of snow. All the better to stay home and sew.

  13. Sandra Goddard

    Oh that picture of Rick and Susannah is just precious. Please do your book. I know it will be a huge undertaking but I so want my grandkids to have this amazing story. Being farm kids they will love it. Have a great day. Look forward to your emails and being able to see the reader quilts. So much talent!

  14. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Good luck to Iowa State, sadly our Badgers are done. I will be at the Mukwonago Quilt Show all weekend. So happy our quilt shows are back.

  15. Mrs. Goodneedle

    That picture of Rick and tiny Susannah is the sweetest thing ever! The self-publishing, author, route isn’t for the weak; but I’m cheering you on, you can do it!!

  16. Carla

    After 2 days of not even having time to check blogs I had a lot to catch up on. The reader quilts, and wool eggs, have been lovely. I think I want that Daughters of the Regiment pattern so may have to think about the book that contains it lol. As to my Davis treadle… that’s a bit of a story. I may have mentioned that in addition to being intrigued by the vertical feed system, Davis is a family name. My Davis ancestor fought in an Ohio regiment during the Civil War, hence my interest in the quilt. Anyway. I’d had my eye out for one and found one (head only) nearish by for a good price. She’s in good shape, but was filthy! So much oil behind the faceplate. They aren’t as easy to take apart for sure. I had no treadle table for her, but was so happy to have her regardless. No sooner had we gotten her settled in than I found another one, in a table, for a good price, and nearish by. DH, aka my enabler, took me to go get her as well. Spare parts? Eventually sell? No idea yet. But my first machine is now in the table, named, and running fairly well. She occasionally skips a stitch, so maybe a new needle is in order. The head original to the table has some issue that isn’t allowing the foot to do its motion properly, soooo. Hard to find info on Davis maintenance. Nevertheless, I intend to keep working on them both. My flock (fleet? herd?) now sits at, ahem, twelve. How did that happen? Haha! One needs rewiring, two have issues with, as of now, unknown causes. My 1970s Beast also has an issue that keeps the cams from working, but she sews a straight line perfect for quilting like a, well, a beast. We’re narrowing in on that issue. I’m not very mechanical at all, btw, but DH is. I do think it’s good for my brain to work on the machines. That’s enough blather for sure! Do you ever feel like you have a whole passel of pen pals? Keep us up to date on Oh Susannah. Blessings.

  17. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    OK, the red star or asterisk – only 5 points on it which is why I said it was a star – is by Comment, Name, and Email now, so perhaps needing to approve each comment won’t be required of you.

    Susannah was certainly tiny lying on Rick! ; )

    Glad Rick’s wound is healing more now. From the inside out, right? So yes, I’d say it was getting shallower. I can’t recall why Rick has the wound, but my husband has venous insufficiency in his right lower leg and has to be careful with certain spots, putting cream on the thin spots every day after showering. And then there’s the compression socks to put on.

    If you really don’t want to re-write Susannah’s story (and I don’t blame you), do look into offering it for sale on Amazon, as print-on-demand. It has to be formatted in a certain way, but they do the printing and ship it out as ordered when sold just like anything else on Amazon. I’ve purchased at least 2 books that were print-on-demand, which I didn’t realize until later – and I have no complaint about the quality of them. Rather than 1- or 2-day shipping for Prime, it took maybe 4 days to get, allowing for the printing and binding. They were paperbacks, by the way.

    1. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

      Nope, “Your comment is awaiting moderation. . . .” still came up. Ah, well.

  18. Kim from TN

    I’m so glad that you got to have a phone appointment with Rochester, sometime technology is grand. The picture of Rick and Suzanna is sweet. Enjoy the game. We are in Osage for a family funeral, and it was snowing big flakes yesterday, lovely to see and so glad it didn’t add up in inches.

  19. Joy in NW Iowa

    At our age we can make up our words, right. So did you have to send Mayo a picture? That little goat is so tiny and cute snuggled with Rick! Take care! We r going to hang on tight in the wind today here in the NW!

  20. Jeanice Domino

    I love the picture of your hubby and Susannah on the couch. She is so tiny and so cute!

  21. Christie

    Mary would martingale publish if you peppered the story with quilts designed and made during the process? A two for one. Quilts and a great story??

  22. Diana in Des Moines

    I think you could write Susannah’s story in a quilt book. Down home farm quilts with her story and photos. Many have done it with recipes, stories, photo histories. I would check with Martingale and see if that was something they would be interested in. I KNOW you would sell many, many copies – at least to the blog readers and you have thousands of Country Threads followers across the country.

    Just a thought.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in DM – I’ve already asked Martingale and they are not interested at all! I hope at some point they realize they should have helped me because I do know the blog readers will order this book from me. Thanks for your support, Diana!

  23. Jan Hebert

    How frustrating to have to approve each comment. Something must have been checked off in order for that to have happened. I know a lot of bloggers do use this option though as there are so many spammers out there. Sad but true. I love that you are so excited to go check the traps! We get pretty excited to catch mice in the garage – Peter gets so frustrated when they make nests in his 39 Plymouth! That picture of Rick with Susannah is precious! Happy to hear Rick’s wound is looking better! Sun is coming out after a really rainy Thursday. Jan in MA

      1. Jan

        Hi Mary, just reading this question. Jaime is doing ok, still no answers. She had a consult with the doctor who is going to do a needle biopsy of her lymph node sometime in the next two weeks. He asked if she had been scratched by a cat or bitten by a tick. Apparently both of those things could lead to lymph nodes being swollen – I’m just praying it’s not worse. I’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything. Thank you for asking. Jan in MA

  24. WI farm wife and quilter

    YES/ you are all ready an author!! Continue to write and write your Susannah Story!! Maybe it could be illustrated with quilts and appliqué!!

  25. Quilting Sister

    Hey there … YES, of course you want to be an author! Just keep at it … not sure what age range they want you to target, maybe the early readers who enjoy more details and longer stories? Chapter books? And what an amazing photo of your teeny tiny goat – that had to be quite an experience for you and your husband to share.

    Glad you’re following the b-ball tourney, me too, except that I want the NC teams to win! That Duke game was crazy good last nite. I’m sorry your team lost, but very glad Coach K gets at least one more dance.

    Hazel is amazing, what a rat snatcher! For many years I tossed bread, sunflower seeds, etc. out on a small 2nd floor roof by a large window, where my 2 kitties watched the birds & squirrels show up to eat. It took a long time, but eventually a possum showed up at night to eat the torn bread. My cats loved watching that possum and it couldn’t see them pressed right up to the glass just inches away in the dark. A couple years later, mice & rats began stopping by at night, & I stopped tossing anything out except for in the morning. I’d say 14 rats is a LOT, wow. I guess they’re after the food you put out for your animals and chickens??

  26. Wendy on Cape Cod

    Oh Mary that picture of Rick and Susannah is precious! She is so tiny and sweet!

  27. MartyCae

    Thanks for sharing the picture of Rick and precious goat! Glad to hear Rick’s wound is healing.
    FYI – I would buy a book for myself and one for our local library. Such a cute story.

  28. MaureenHP

    I hate to admit it, but I’m getting into the rat tally! I’m finding myself cheering you and Hazel on each day.

  29. Dorothy

    I love the pic of Rick and Susannah on the couch. She looks like a little stuffed toy!

  30. Donna in Wis

    I have been very reluctant to tell you, years ago I was told if, you see 1 rat there is probably 50…Hazel & you are well on the way…Hazel is earning her keep & as well as living up to her breed.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna in WI – yes, I do know that so we won’t give up – three traps and Hazel!! We will make progress – I hope we’re quick enough to keep dozens more from being born!!!

  31. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The picture of Rick and Suzannah is adorable.
    It has been windy here all day but was more so at your house. I am grateful I could stay in and sew today.
    Have a nice basketball weekend. 🥰

  32. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Watching basketball all evening today. How about those Peacocks from St. Peter’s! Love this time of year, but my sleep sure suffers. Hazel is a champion!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meredith – this has been a really great evening of basketball!

  33. Kris in WI

    Oh, Susannah, I’d love to hear the rest of your story. I didn’t realize she was so tiny.
    My husband asks daily about the latest rat count. 17! Woo Hoo! Go, Hazel, go!
    And the St. Peter’s story continues. It sure is March Madness.

  34. Diane in WI

    The picture of Rick and Susannah is a keeper. I seem to remember you saying that one of the goats liked to jump into the back of the UPS truck. Was it Susannah? A group of friends are going to a quilt show tomorrow. It’s been a while since we’ve done that. We had some snow squalls today. I can’ wait for green grass and warm temperatures. Enjoy the basketball games.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in Wi – yup, that was Susannah and that picture is right here waiting to go on the blog! Can’t believe you remembered that!

  35. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – we’ve been watching basketball all weekend – my Zags are out so my bracket’s completely shot, but how about Saint Peter’s – a 15th seed finally makes it to the Elite Eight! Since they’re from our “local” conference (MAAC), we’re going to cheer for them. I think I would lose my mind if I found 16 rats on my property. At least you have Hazel, the champion rat hunter!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jackie in NY – we like St Peter’s, too! Mice don’t bother me but the rats just about turn my stomach – the only thing that makes it bearable is the fun Hazel is having! Haha!!

  36. Linda

    Oh Susannah! As small as a kitten. I love the picture of her cuddled in the crook of Rick’s arm. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a breed that would stay that small, that way they couldn’t jump up on the hoods or roofs of cars and I could have some! When we were building our farm my husband said we would get the small breed of goats because we both fell in love with the two that followed me around the farm where I was boarding my first rescued horses. He immediately changed his mind when we went down to see the horses and there was Cocoa and her baby on the roof of my friend’s car.

    Mary, I hope your good luck continues with the rats, even though they don’t bother me I wouldn’t want them in my barn.

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