Saturday and Jellyroll 16 Patches

Physical Therapy is going OK – hard but I walk fine now – straight and with my heel planted first and rolling to my toes. I was walking on my tiptoe only before and because I walked so bad for so long, my back and hips have needed readjustment at my chiropractor ‘s and sometimes my hip hurts more than my knee and I wonder if I’ve had a hip replacement instead of knee – ha! I get really tired really fast and I have learned to sit in my chair before I do too much – or I should say, I need to learn to sit in my chair before I do too much! There’s so much I want to do! I’m working on my #7 as well as #4 but I’m so slow.

I need to catch you up about Connie – who has also developed a bad knee and is scheduled for an MRI soon. Her doctor thinks maybe it’s a meniscus tear and he could do a scope and fix that, hopefully soon, but I know all about scheduling and it won’t be soon enough for her. When I had the MRI I had a worn out joint full of arthritis as well as a meniscus tear and a scope would not have fixed anything so I hope for her sake, she can get some relief soon.

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t feel well, it’s all YOU can think about. I felt that since last February and walking ANYWHERE was avoided. I didn’t even want to walk to the kitchen for another cup of coffee, get the mail, run the vacuum, do chores, mow the ditch – even walk across the room. I am so looking forward to doing things again!

Here is Connie’s #4 – a Miss Rosie Pattern.

Here is the pattern cover in case you want to find it.

And here are a couple more Dirty Dozen finishes.

Don’t forget to put your name on your project and feel free to email them to me at anytime.

I know many of you are still having issues with the blog posts. I see that an automatic update went through last night which I’m always leery of. I wonder what got changed.

AND because I can’t get into my admin page with email addresses, I listed the names of the winners and found that I have two ladies with the same name – Susan MOORE. The first Susan who sent me an email will get a book from this giveaway and I have a Big Book by Martingale that I will mail to the second person. Who knew this would happen????

I’ve been working on my jellyroll 16 patch. I left all the blues in the jellyroll out of this combo. The first step is to pair up the strips and sew lengthwise, then cut in half and sew together again which will mean 4 strips across. Here are the steps:

Cut into slices 2-1/2″ wide – you need to get 8 slices from each strip unit so be careful not to trim off too much.

Alternate slices.

You will make two identical blocks.

Since I isolated these two colors, I may use the pink, yellow and green blocks as the center of a medallion. I have 20 blocks laid out 4×5 at this point – could make it square at 4×4. I’ll have to think about that. This is such an easy jellyroll project – just keep it in mind for 16 patch blocks. I haven’t been out to the shop to sew much and I guess Reed has decided to sew at his grandma’s house. I will miss him so much.

It’s a football Saturday so back to my chair to put my leg up – the swelling just comes on so quickly when I’m sitting in a chair. I’m also heading to the piano room for some enjoyable playing of nothing in particular. So windy outside, the dogs can hardly run to the barn against the wind! Most all of the crops are in around us but say a little prayer for all those farmers in North Dakota and elsewhere that have had too much snow and cold weather to get into the fields. I feel sorry for them, don’t you?

My nest.

50 thoughts on “Saturday and Jellyroll 16 Patches

  1. Rita In Iowa

    I feel your hip pain, I too was having issues with sitting for long periods especially when riding. During my yearly checkup in July I asked about it and they did an X-ray on it. It came back with a injured hamstring, Heaven knows how that happened. I did physical therapy for 6 weeks and continue to do the exercises everyday now. It has helped tremendously. Just a thought.
    Glad that things are moving along for you, as everyone is telling you take it slow and careful.
    Finally getting the pictures with the text so maybe the update helped.

  2. Connie R.

    When my aunt was recuperating after surgery, she said she noticed all the the things around the house that needed dusting and cleaning. And, once she was back on her feet again, she forgot about all the dust.

    Glad to hear things are progressing nicely with your knee. Hopefully Connie’s knee will be an easier fix.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie R – I think that’s it! While sitting around I have noticed all the dust! And I hate it but when I can do what I choose again, I’ll decide it doesn’t matter – hahaha!

  3. Judy Berna

    Do you have a machine with ice And water in it? I got that from the hospital and use it quite often when I sit in the Lazy Boy with my feet up. There is a pad that you Velcro on your knee and it helps swelling. The hospital put ice in it all the time but a nurse told me that you could freeze small bottles of water (4) and put that in the water in the bottom.

    Do you remember when you bought the darning samples from an antique shop? I have been looking for them on your blog but can’t find them. I was so enthralled with the quality of the workmanship and wanted to have the picture. Don’t know why but do – it was so nicely done!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy Berna – yes, I have that ice machine but don’t really like it because they said I should lay on the bed to use it. And it got so cold it hurt.
      I will look for the photos of the darning samples – they belong in a museum!

      1. Judy Berna

        I put a hand towel beneath it and on my knee. They didn’t say anything about lying in bed. I just use it in the lazy boy. I am sure if it was on my bare flesh it would be too cold. Try a towel it might help.

        The darned pieces should be in a museum – they were wonderfully done. It always amazes me that long ago without the things we have now days that they do such fine work. I would appreciate your looking for the pictures of the pieces.

      2. Deborah

        My husband is recovering from a knee replacement. He sits in his recliner and used the ice machine. If it is too cold, he puts a towel between his knee and the pad that comes from the machine and that really helps.

  4. Diane in Maryland

    Looks like a comfy nest! Obviously you are doing what you should as you have made great progress in a short amount of time. You deserve a lot of credit!

  5. Becky

    You might want to watch “Cole the Cornstar” on utube. He talks about being a farmer in Iowa. He is 22 yrs old and wants to educate people about farming. He’s a delight to watch! Not quilt related! Sorry! Love your blog! Still working on bullseye quilt! Lol

  6. Becky from TX/IA

    Physical therapy is tough…..but sounds like everyday gets better and better. I’ve been getting the blog pages just….ads and all! Hope Connie problem it’s serious!

  7. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I LOVE the bulls eye quilt by Diane & Squeak. The colors work fabulously for my taste. You mentioned someone gave you a collection of pin cushions. Hope when you feel up to it that you will post some of them. We all say “Don’t over do it.” When I think about all the shows etc you did with Reed it makes my knees hurt. Hope he will be back with you soon. Love to hear about his adventures.

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    The pictures today are great.
    My nest chair has kinda sleepy vibes around it. When I sit in it to watch Jeopardy! darn if I fell asleep and miss the final question…not this week, too exciting.
    Your nest looks very inviting. I do hope Connie’s troubles are easy to fix. Both of you are so busy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming –
      I don’t want to miss Jeopardy either- isn’t James amazing? How can any ONE person know all that stuff?

  9. Nikki M in Tx

    So glad your mobility is returning so fast. PT is the key. A beautiful day today, sunny & warm. At sons as d-I-l had hysterectomy Tuesday. Have to share with you story…like most men son is clearly clueless about such matters… while Heidi doing well, minimal pain etc was discussing problem with bowels post op & told her walk, stool softner, increase fiber, increase fluids & normal pot abdominal surgery but since has good bowel sounds & passing gas just give time.. son overheard & said had errand to run. Before he returned situation had resolved itself. Son came home with a squat-a-potty for her. Heidi & I are still rolling in floor with laughter!!!! Bless his heart, intentions were good but think she would have preferred chocolates or flowers..this is me talking not Heidi. Wonder how many men would be concerned enough to buy wife squat-a-potty?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I LOVE IT!!! Hahaha! Give Heidi my best – she’s so lucky to have her own private nurse there with her. Where in the world does one go to buy a squat a potty?

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Home Depot….Heidi & I are still laughing!
        Husband used to say if not at TSC or Home Depot you don’t need it…son thinks along the same lines!
        Still undecided as what to do with remaining 2 Barbados..son says wait & see…they have plenty of space, being feed well, for immediate future will delay decision as to their fate, have friend that willing to take them but fear he would butcher them..No way.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Nikki – I’m not sure I understand the reason he thought she needed it however. My husband says the same thing about Fleet Farm. Oh, don’t let them be butchered! Many years ago I had way too many chickens so my ex- husband offered some to a friend. That friend then invited us for chicken salad one day – she must be crazy!!!!

          1. Nikki M in Tx

            No way would I give to anyone with butchering in mind.
            Don’t know what provoked the fight/attack but Hershey ( brown one ) was definitely an alpha and would charge the other 2 when feed was put out.. even got habit of make separate feed sites but he would bully other guess they decided to put end to it once & for all. Circle of life, nature has it’s way of handling things. When Whitey & Licorice hear me coming in Polaris they come running to feed trough & wait. Have been giving nuggets to Bella as treat several times a week in late afternoon & when rattle feed bucket she comes to trough also..slow walk & waits until I start driving off then Bee lines it to nuggets.

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Nikki – I’m missing some info here – hat happened???? What fight/attack? Oh, dear, I can’t imagine!

  10. Candy

    Nesting is on the agenda here today too, with college football to watch! It’s a wet & windy day out there, so that’s my excuse (not that I really need one). Of course Sunday, Monday & Thursday are NFL, so those are nesting days/evenings too … ‘tis the season! Enjoy your day with you leg propped up!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Candy – both Iowa and Iowa State are playing at the same time so it’s lots of switching channels back and forth! And right now they’re both ahead!!

  11. Sue H

    Mom & I are truly amazed with James’s vast knowledge on Jeopardy too! Glad you’re getting mobile again, just wish it were faster for you.

  12. Janice McCall

    Rcvd my Today’s Quilter magazine, and saw on page 7 “A Country’s Call: Civil War Quilts and Stories of Unsung Heroines.” YAY !!!

  13. Judy s

    My mom had both knees done and like you put it off until she could not take the pain. One thing that was recommended to her was to get into her old fashion rocker and rock. It exercises the leg muscles and promotes circulation without a lot of joint stress. The ice machine does need a towel under the cuff. This machine is used in a number of joint surgeries. My husband had one for his shoulder replacement and we were told to use a towel with it. The water bottles are not great as they melt to fast and you need somebody running to exchange
    and refreeze more frequently than the ice method. After one day of running up and down stairs I bought ice to keep it going and save on my legs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy s – I also use a towel but it must bother me. I’m sitting in a rocker recliner also so I’m going to rock for awhile – glad to know that little bit of wisdom!

  14. Joyce from NY

    Sounds like your coming along very well, I know it seems like it is going very slow, but it has to heal good so you can do your thing this summer. The dirty dozen pictures are great as always . It was sunny here today but temps still in low 30’s.

  15. Jessica in Florida

    Thank you for the 16 patch instructions, it looks easy and FUN! I’m glad your PT is going well and you’re walking correctly! That was a huge issue for my husband…putting his heel down first and rolling through to his toes was so foreign to him. He still prefers to just walk on his toes.

    I love your nest! It looks cozy and warm. What is the name of the plants you have on the left hand side of the picture? One of ,y cats devours plants and all the ones I love are toxic to cats so I’m looking for new ones.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jessica in Florida – those plants are pencil trees which I understand grow wild on the beach in Florida! You don’t recognize them? They are so prolific that anytime I clip a branch, I let it scab over and then plant it and then I have another one to take care of. It’s a vicious cycle! I would double check on toxicity to cats because I don’t know but my cats don’t bother them.

      1. Jessica in Florida

        No way! I’ve never seen them! Now I’m going to be on the lookout when we’re at the beaches. I’ll definitely check the toxicity. My house needs plants! They always make me feel, I don’t know….comforted? I’m just a weird one….hahaha

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Jessica – not weird at all! I think plants fill in the cold corners of a home and make them more inviting- cozy and warm. I’ll bet I could mail you a branch and you could start a pencil tree but let’s check toxicity first. It has a white sap when cut which can be irritating to the skin.

  16. Sandy Kolarik

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Love your room it looks so cozy and inviting. I’m having knee problems like Connie so keep us posted. My Dr. said I didn’t need a knee replacement and it’s been feeling better but it’s been 6 months. Love all the quilts u post I know it’s a lot of work for you but we all enjoy it!

  17. Linda from Estherville

    Probably the reason the hospital wanted you to lay in bed was, some don’t like us using the recliner improperly. My Dr. said to place a pillow under the lower leg so the foot is higher than the knee. More opportunity for more swelling and blood clots if the foot is lower. I used the recliner and pillows…you may need your nurse To help you there. As you sew, be cautious not to sit for a long time. Get up often…perhaps move your ironing board not so close to your machine. After Christmas sewing last year it to the chiropractor and massage a couple times before I could travel. My lower back was just wretched…and I do practice good ergonomics in the sewing room.

    Energy? It was only this summer that I felt I had a fair amount of it after 4 surgeries in 6 years. I’m now 1 1/2 years out from the hip surgery. But, it does take a while to finally say. “ I feel truly well” That was 1 scope, 2 knees, 1 hip with the deep glut muscle repair. Be kind to your self, you will be happy you cooled your jets abit👸🤗

  18. Pat Smith

    I had a meniscus repair some years ago after a ski accident. It was completely successful and my knee good as new all this time later. Hope Connie’s turns out to need only that. I opted not to have the physical therapy after the surgery—a mistake. After I broke down and did the therapy all turned out well. Having something wrong with a knee controls every day in a negative direction. I wouldn’t await again to do something about an injured knee as I know how much I missed while coming to the conclusion I really needed the surgery.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – good advice! I’m going to make sure Connie sees this. I know I won’t be in denial again – I want it fixed and now!

  19. Beth

    I am glad you are walking better. I have had both knees done and it was worth the pain and work. I remember my first PT person telling me to “WALK PRETTY” as I was getting better. Another thing I will always remember her saying……… “ICE IS YOUR FRIEND.”

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth – wow! You’d think you had my therapist because she tells me essentially the same thing! This morning I’m going back to church and I walk into the very front of the church to the piano and I am going to remember what you said – walk pretty! Thanks!

  20. Paula Philpot

    Your nest looks soooooo cozy!!!! I was wondering about Reed and then I saw your comment. Has he been over to check on you? I bet he misses you too. Continue to get to feeling better. Is your husband doing all the chores??? Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – yes, Rick is doing the chores for me . I’ll just say that he doesn’t find my animals as loveable and entertaining as I do – you can read between the lines.

  21. Barbara Forde

    What a great nest you have! Though I guess no nest is that great when all you want to do is get up and get doing something! Just keep doing what your PT tells you to do and it will soon get better. I have intermittent problems accessing the blog…sometimes it pops right up and other times I have to go searching….don’t know why!

  22. Janice Hebert

    So much good advice from everyone, it’s like having your own pep squad! The quilts featured are beautiful! I’m sure it’s frustrating not to be able to do what you want when you want to but you’re getting there! Rick helping – I’m sure he remembers all of the work you did for him when he was recuperating. I can’t wait to hear more about Nikki M’s sheep! What fight? I missed that too! It’s cold and dreary here in Topsfield. We’ve been raking leaves, lots of leaves. And we had our first fire in the fireplace this past weekend. Love sitting by the fire doing hand quilting or whatever I happen to be working on. Enjoy your day everyone! Jan in MA

  23. Wendy T.

    Hi Mary-
    So glad to hear that you are walking properly now. We definitely do find ways to compensate to avoid pain don’t we? I just wanted to mention that while looking at your piecing pictures I noticed there was a stain of some sort on a couple of the blocks you made. It’s probably just water but thought I should let you know before you got too far and possibly discovered the spots wouldn’t come out. Love the bullseye quilt you posted. Really pretty colors.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Wendy T – which blocks are you referring to? I’ll bet it was water spots from my stupid iron!

      1. Wendy T.

        The yellow background fabric in the “two identical blocks” photo from the jelly roll sixteen patch you posted about. It probably is just a water blob like you said.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Wendy T – I got the blocks out again and still cannot see any water marks! Are you sure?

        2. CountryThreads Post author

          Wendy – I went back to the post – that’s just spray starch you see – nothing to be alarmed at and even if it were all quilts get washed as soon as I finish them.

  24. Paula S.

    I’m sorry you’re having to deal with the physical therapy, etc., but you’ll hang in there and be running again soon! Well, maybe by springtime!
    I love that 16-patch quilt and made one for my granddaughter when she was born. It has been loved and washed many times and those bright colors I used still shine.
    Your winter nest looks cozy and inviting. I wish I could sit with you a bit and have coffee and chat. That would be fun!

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