Wednesday, November 19, 2019

I have nothing interesting to tell you. I’ve been scolded for doing too much and I can hardly imagine what it is that I’m overdoing. I’ll tell you what I’m overdoing —– sitting in that chair! At therapy yesterday she added 2 more weeks on to my schedule!

So today I’m writing just to show you some Dirty Dozen finishes.

And this one is mine – remember the Temecula quilt along last year sometime? Yup, I started and didn’t finish until now.

I should have a Dirty Dozen list beside the quilting machine because I’m really falling behind. All that side stepping across the width of the quilt will have to wait.

I had a gazillion triangles cut/leftover from previous projects that I paired up with muslin triangles and now I’ll sew them – I have no idea how I’ll want to arrange them – any good ideas?

Telly and Hazel were out in the grove a long time and came in wet and kinda muddy.

So where do they sit? In the clean chairs, of course!

And I walked through the house – this is typical of the cats’ daily routine. And if you have cats, I know you understand.

Ernie Joe Mauer – no more explanation needed here!

Heidi begs to go into the piano room.

Parakeets, Sherman and Timmy

Dianne with two n’s lives exclusively in my sewing room.





And Millie last night – I was sure this cupboard of little clocks would tip over!

And look what my friend Bobby sent to Hazel – a 5 year supply of tennis balls and a carrier/drier in case she needs more than one ball at a time! Isn’t that hilarious – honestly I haven’t even let Hazel look in the box yet because I shouldn’t be outside throwing tennis balls. And once she sees those balls, she’ll bark and carry on until we can’t stand her!

What a fun box to receive in the mail. I got two boxes yesterday. I’ll show you the other one tomorrow – because I need something to talk about? Haha! They don’t call me Windy for nothin’, do they?

Back to my boring chair! What are YOU doing today?

62 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 19, 2019

  1. Midge HolInger

    Trying to finish a raffle quilt for our rescue group….have all the parts just need to get it together and then quilt it…

  2. Diana

    If there is reincarnation I want to come back as one who has a life like my cats do. They eat then nap away the day in the sun and may sit by the window to watch what is going on outside. They get brushed every week and are horribly spoiled.

  3. Diane from TN

    Just started a new book named Marcel’s Letters by Carolyn Porter. Then will head to my sewing room with a stop in the garage to spray baste a baby quilt that needs quilting. Capping the night off attending a gathering of Whiskey enthusiasts for a Christmas party. Already made the Kentucky bourbon Pecan Pie to share with the group.

  4. Gloria from CC

    Hi Mary – I just took a break from dusting/waxing furniture. I removed all the Fall decorations on Sunday so as I’m cleaning I’m putting out Christmas decorations. My favorite time of the year. I love getting reacquainted with all the antique and vintage Christmas decorations. As far as sewing I’m binding a Hudson Bay quilt, still cutting out HIPS and starting on a red truck panel quilt. Love all the dirty dozen quilts and your little quilt. Have a great day!

  5. Diane Bauer

    Oh, Mary! I’m glad to hear you are behind on your Dirty Dozen as well! I am still looking at my #7. It’s close, but I am so unmotivated on it that I will choose anything else to work on besides it! I’ve started and finished 3 other quilts in the time frame when I should have been working on it, so it’s not like I’m not being very, very productive, just not getting done the one I need to get done!

    I have clients this morning and then lunch with a group of ladies I play Canasta with and then the afternoon is mine to sew! I sewed well into the night last night. I’m just loving my new machine!

    Do take care of yourself as you recover. I suspected the required sitting would be a challenge for you since you are always so very busy! You’ll get there! Love seeing all of your four-footed friends as well as the beautiful finishes on Dirty Dozen projects!!

  6. Jane dumler

    Loved your post this morning. You did a great job for someone who didn’t have much to report. You will get this behind you son and be up and at ‘em in no time. My house phones went out yesterday so I m waiting for repair toco e tomorrow. Today I am working on “dirty dozen” projects. I think I am at least six months behind but making progress. Everyone have a great day and count your blessings!

  7. Deb Renken - SW Minnesota

    I have the quirky little quilts book. I am always making small quilts to hang as decorations. It is a good way to use up scrap pieces left over from larger projects.

  8. Diane and Squeak

    Wow, Mary. What a great post: quilts, dogs, cats, YOU–fun, fun:)
    Sorry you have more PT to do, but it will be good in the long run. No pun intended–ha.
    I didn’t know you had two Tuxedo kitties. Squeak would be right up there with the clocks trying to knock them down. Flat surfaces do NOT need anything on them in her world.
    I have been CLEANING my sewing room and making bags of things I don’t need. I also have cut out two quilts and will cut two more today so all I have to do is sew:) I must get to work on my “real” #4 before the month ends. The Bullseye was just so you could see I finished it:) Stay warm and keep doing your PT; it will be Spring before you know it.

  9. Jan from TN

    Closed 5 ads. Ok, you had me worried I’d lost a whole day somewhere! LOL! 😅It is 11/19/19 BUT it’s only Tuesday! Ha!! Whew!🙃
    Love all the pics of quilts & your pets! I guess I didn’t realize you had sew many cats! I’m mostly a dog lover!
    So, you’ve been overdoing, eh?🤔 I think we all warned you about that! 😐
    Do you use the stop/start button on your sewing machine when you piece? It might make it easier to keep your left leg elevated when you so. I’ve heard most people who must sew that way for whatever reason find it easy to adapt too. I haven’t needed to to so — yet! 🤞
    Take care & do only what you’re supposed to & you’ll be done with PT in no time! Hugs, Mary! 🤗

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan from TN – HAHAHA! See – when you do nothing but sit in the chair, you lose track of which day it is! Dang! Do I feel dumb!!!!

      1. Janice Hebert

        Hahaha! I had to ask my husband what day it was when I read your heading Mary! Don’t feel bad though, doesn’t seem that too many of us noticed! Love all of your cats! We had six here together for a while but I lost track of all of yours! Who gets to clean the litter boxes? My husband won’t let me get any more, but I miss them so. I didn’t realize you have parakeets! We have three of those right now. Two that were bought and one that I captured outside. What a lot of fun those little birds are. Such easy care pets. And so fun to listen to. Their chatter makes me smile. Love all of your little triangles, such pretty colors! Crappy day here in MA, but we are having new garage doors installed today! So excited! We’ve never had doors that open with an opener! In fact, I’ve only had my car in the garage about five times in the last 42 years! Maybe now it will be easier and kept clear so that I can. Take care, keep that leg elevated! Jan in MA

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Jan In MA – Rick did the litter boxes for almost 2 weeks and then I took the job again – I think there are 11 cats that go in and out, mostly in during the winter.

  10. Nancy TD

    Very foggy this morning. Rain during the night. Today I am wrapping Christmas presents. We are going to my daughters for Thanksgiving. We celebrate two birthdays and Christmas while we are there. This year we will also meet our new great grand daughter. Three grand daughters and four great grand daughters.
    The finished quilts are fun to see. Inspires me with new ideas too.
    Glad to see you are sewing. It will take your mind off of things for awhile. You are doing great on your rehab. It takes time to heal.
    Good luck to Connie. Hope all goes well for her.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Love all your pictures of your animals/pets. Are you sure your not staging these photos? Hang in there Mary you will be doing these PT exercises to keep yourself limber as they are made for recovering just that part of your body. I am still trying to do mine everyday.
      Does Deb O have a name or pattern for her #3 quilt? It’s gorgeous!

  11. Jeanine W

    I really enjoyed your post today. It is fun to see the UFO’s and of course your pets. This morning I wrapped Christmas presents for my family. They will all (15 of them) be coming for Thanksgiving, and we celebrate Christmas then as it works better for all of them. My daughter and husband are in ND, and he is a pastor, so it is hard to get away at Christmas. Our son lives in OH and Thanksgiving works better for them as well. It doesn’t matter that we are a month or so early……the important thing is that we get together as a family, which usually only happens once a year. I live in SE Iowa. Keep pressing on. We are cheering for you!

  12. Mary Rhodes

    Sorry have more PT ahead of you. My mornings is the 3 cats feeding them they run in and out! Have to limit them now since it’s cold. Trying get over very mild cold. This thursday have to see Ortho surgeon for total knee. Trying to clean the cluttered house, little at time! Along with knee have get secondary cataracts taken care of too! Been trying straighten up/clean before surgery haven’t been sewing or weaving! Understand about cats real well!

  13. Gail Otte

    Do I know what you are going through. I had major back surgery 2 months ago and am so restricted and restless. I also got reprimanded yesterday at my first pool therapy. I was bored with walking so decided to up my pace and got scolded for running in pool and told it was too soon to run. Ugh. Like you I have things to do, projects to finish etc. It’s hard to hold active people down. Today I will punch needle because now I can sit for longer than 15 min. Hang in there, healing will come in time. Anyway that is what I am told.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gail Otte – I feel your pain! I told my physical therapist they ought to wear shirts that say “It’s gonna take time!” Because I hear that every time I go there. haha!

      1. Diane and Squeak

        Mary, my husband says PT’s are the grown up teenagers who see to pull the wings off flies~~LOL

  14. Marsha

    Well, my day is the same ole different day. Work 8 at city hall then drive across town for a meeting of the Harbor Commission. But I did get to sew a large share of the day Saturday, so that was good. We don’t have animals to get things dirty but our 2-year old granddaughter manages very well!

  15. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    My number one cat, Max, came at 4:30 a.m. and worked on me till I thought he needed food in his dish, wrong, he just wanted me up so now I’m ready for a serious nap. I had bags of Christmas cards pushed under the sewing table in my sewing room that I dug out this morning.. Had no idea how many left overs I have but have offered them to the husband of a friend of mine that delivers the news paper. He’s thrilled so he doesn’t have to buy any. That makes me feel good that they will get some good use. There are enough for me too. Love all the pictures you posted today. Didn’t know you had that many cats.

  16. Rebecca

    Hi Mary
    Its pouring out so good time to think about sewing in my cottage. I’m making two baskets for a veterans fund raiser. One basket for Army in their colors and one for Navy. They will be filled and put out for raffle.
    Thursday i’m headed to Kauai, and i see three days of snow in my pacific nw, so good time to leave. I checked they have quilt stores there, yay🤩
    Funny sometimes it fills good just to sit in my chair and be lazy. Ha. Different circumstances. Love all your pics. Thanks

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rebecca – sounds like a warm vacation coming up – have a great time!

  17. Sue in Oregon

    Going to the dentist in a little bit. Ugh. Need to have old fillings redone in the front teeth. Novocain in the front is the worst.
    This afternoon I want to do some cleaning in my sewing room so that I can get in it. So bad right now.

  18. Penny C Maryland

    I am preparing to have my right kidney removed due to cancer on Dec 5th. Did my Christmas shopping through the mail and my Sweet Daughter came last weekend and wrapped it all! The kids and grandkids will all be here for thanksgiving and put my tree up! God is good he gave us two kidneys and it does not appear to have spread. I will be happy to get rid of this daily pain. I get getting told I am doing too much too Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Penny – yes, aren’t we lucky we have 2 kidneys in case one quits working! I hope you’ll be pain free very soon!

  19. Lois Ann Johnson

    Hi, Mary: I loved seeing all of your quilts and cats today. I didn’t realize you had so many (cats). I am allergic to cats, so have not had one in the house since my last one died (2014). I have a 2 year old female bull terrier named “Bailey.” She is a rescue; I brought her home in July. Still teaching her some discipline and manners. It is a slow process but we’re gaining. Today I went to my weekly Bible study and then had coffee with some friends afterward. Now I’ve fed Bailey and it is time to feed ME! I am not a quilter nor a crafter, but I love seeing what you and all of the others create. I am in awe of your work! I hope your recuperation and physical therapy keep going as well as they have been; we’re all hoping you are “back-to-normal” very soon.

  20. Pam in NC

    Mary, that second “dirty dozen” pattern is identical to my husband’s tv quilt! But that’s not the real reason I’m writing…. I don’t envy your TKR as I’ve had three of them. I think I’d rather have a hip done! Hope you are back to top speed soon!

    Update on the 51 dogs that were rescued near here. It is pretty good news for the animals-only one was euthanized because it was too ill to recover, seven are in hospice care for terminal illnesses, one chipped boy was returned to the rightful owner after being lost for two years. The remainder have either been adopted or are being fostered. There are only about seven that remain at a no-kill shelter. Thankfully the dogs weren’t being starved just not cared for. The temporary shelter has closed and I’m happy with the end result. The hoarder has been charged with various crimes including weapon charges for meeting the Animal Control Officers with a loaded gun when they arrived to rescue the animals. The outcome could have been a lot worse.

    Take care and thanks for all you do for all of us!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam In NC – what a great outcome for those dogs! I hope that hoarder gets some punishment. If he lived in a Iowa, we have the 46th worst animal cruelty laws in the US and he’d get a mere slap in he wrist at most!

  21. Lynn Handberg

    As a court reporter I was downtown Mpls at a deposition this a.m., very short with an interpreter. Last week I was at a quilt store inhouse retreat very near my home…my favorite kind now as I never sleep at the stay-away retreat places. Got several projects almost finished and got to hang with good people! Will go to work at my daughter’s dance studio tonight-as a desk person, not dancer instructor!
    I really enjoy catching up on the happenings in Northern IA, I have several family members in Lake Mills

  22. Kathy Warren

    Mary – someday soon all this will be a distant memory. Our neighbor across the street had his knee replaced a couple years ago and it didn’t fit. The hospital he belonged to had a “one size fits all” policy and he’s a tall guy! Said his knee actually clicked as he walked across the room. Changed insurance, got another correctly sized knee and he’s been fine ever since. See – it could be worse!

    Tomorrow we get our 4th scheduled power outage due to expected wild winds (which we won’t get). Generator sales are doing very well in the area, as well as charging stations. And, we have company coming for a couple of days. They don’t live that far away and their power will also likely be out. I figure this way they won’t have too many expectations about what I cook, etc. We may as well be powerless together!

    Kathy Warren.

  23. Sunflower from Michigan

    Hi, Mary! Love all the pictures today. A cat in every room seems perfect. I am making applesauce in my crockpot and it smells heavenly. Took a long walk in a new park in my city. There was a big crew of landscapers there putting in mulch, plants and some wild grasses around the ponds. They make it look so easy when there is a crew! Gardening takes me lots longer! It’s about 40 degrees and our first big snow is melting. A beautiful brisk day for a walk. And I can do it because my time is my own as I retired!😊
    I am working on a crossstitch project and starting on #4 today. You’re making great progress with your knee, take care.

  24. BarBQue

    Great pics of all ! Everyone at your house looks so peaceful. Isn’t it nice to see the sun?
    Spent 4 hours with my sewing group, celebrating a birthday and lunch. PT this afternoon.
    Then I feel a nap coming on.

  25. Mary

    I’m in Hawaii having coffee on my lanai! Glad I’m not in cold and snow back home in Alaska! Went to a nice quilt shop in Kona, Quilt Passions. They also have a small quilt museum next door. If you are on the Big Island you ought to see it. Hope you are up and going soon.

  26. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I know how hard it can be to take it easy. It’s a relative term anyway– what’s sedentary to one person might be active to another! Thanks for the down time, though, to share all those precious sights and faces from your home; what a treat for us! I love your Temecula Stitch-along: I am just now finishing up the Summer Sampler from their blog four years ago!!

  27. Nikki M in Tx

    Tree trimmers here from power company…impressive machinery… mulching what cut..I just keep thinking fire wood. Doing a great job. Had to get in canyon
    to do some cutting & told them would need trim trees along path as had gotten shaggy & somewhat over grown…they did really nice job…& is big benefit to me.
    Internet streaming company that wants to put transmission tower up here this morning also,had son come up to talk with them. Looks like a go. Son will go home later this pm. I will return to FW on Tuesday morning or Monday evening & stay until Friday or Saturday. Will help or do cooking for Thanksgiving..bought a 10 lb turkey on way home & all nonperishables on way home so just need the fresh veggies.
    Made a pumpkin pie by the New Fashioned pumpkin Pie recipe on the Libby’s label.. only difference I did was used 1 3/4 tsp cinnamon instead of 1 tsp, added 1/2 tsp nutmeg & 2 Tbsp bourbon, oh yeah, it was good..will use that recipe in future. Don’t laugh, but what I am looking most forward to is my cranberry relish & biscuits & relish the day after.
    You said you didn’t understand what I was alluding to as Heidi’s problem…constipation & son bought the squat-a-potty ( which is a step stool like thing that sits up close to front of commode & you rest your feet on it & your knees at up under your chin) because it places you in a squatting position that tilts your pelvis in a more natural (?) position that helps eliminate bowel. Reason I think did this as a friend of his Mother passed away about a month ago of a blockage …she also had multiple health issues.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – I get it now! And what about the “attack” or fight you referred to among the cattle? How did I miss that?

  28. Diane Cannon

    I do enjoy hearing all about your adventures–even that of having to be ‘sitted’ these days–
    will be looking forward to more adventures with you and Reed once you are totally on your feet!!
    As I was reading your blog today–a question popped into my mind–I just finished embroidering 20 blocks of baskets with 30’s prints going around them–and it is a line from about 8-9 years ago–so wondered if you might have a layer cake of laying around or might know where I could find one–
    you can see the blocks and the pattern on my blog site–
    it is called Snippets, by American Jane (Moda)–I would like to finish the quilt as they did in the actual pattern this time–
    thanks for your time–a faithful reader–
    luv, di

  29. Agatha B

    Even on your most uninteresting day that only you think it is. Is way more interesting that what I think my life is. We moved 6 months ago and all I have been doing is painting and now raking leaves by the tarp full. But I have been getting some sewing in ever once in a while. Having all the wonderful pictures of all the animals is fantastic. And all their stories are fun to hear. So even if you have to rest and take it easy you are still the most interesting person.

  30. Charlotte S

    Love all the pictures of the quilts and your animals. That’s a lot of triangles….can’t wait to see what you make. I plan on binding my #4 today. Making applesauce in the crock pot sounds like a great idea too. Sorry you have to have more PT.

  31. Brenda In Iowa

    Ernie Jo Mauer is just the most elegant cat I’ve ever seen! I would love to meet him sometime. Is he a lover or does he have an attitude?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – he’s a lover but hard to hold for long because he’s just too big!

  32. Marilyn Holder

    Honestly, you “run” circles around me even in your condition! I needed to make the trip to get truck tags for David after doing “stuff” around the house when I got caught up in the impeachment testimonies and had to listen to a lot of it. I’ll do the tag run tomorrow morning along with several other things; I cannot just do one thing. Forecast for Thursday is rain all day and I do not want to be in that messy stuff.

    You have lots to do each day, but somehow you must take one job at a time. You want a full recovery and not have complications later which cannot be fixed with therapy.

    Be patient…the more rest now, the more you can do later,

  33. Anna M

    Love to see all of your cats! Does Hazel chew up the tennis balls? We had to quit giving them to our Jack Russell Quincy because he tears them up and eats the pieces!

  34. Diane in WI

    I loved all the animal pictures. I just saw on the news about a lady who rescued a koala that had gotten caught in the fires in Australia. The koala was injured and taken to a shelter. The reporter said that others have perished in the wildfires. What a loss! I taught sewing at Joann’s today. We’re making a hooded sweatshirt. I should be working on some projects for the craft show I have to be at on Saturday. Relax and read a good book. I just finished Deadly Threads by Jane Cleland.

  35. Carol from Memphis

    I am new to the blog but not to Country Threads…..I’m wanting to know what the Dirtty Dozen are? And I LOVE the first photo today. Is there a pattern?

    Had quilt retreat a week ago so enjoyed just sewing and sewing. Working on my second Farmer’s Daughter quilt. Making a Queen size one this time.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol from Memphis – last summer I asked everyone to pull 12 unfinished projects and label them 1-12. On the first of each month I draw a number and they work on that project to finish it before the end of the month. It’s an inspirational invite to finish a project and then send me a picture to post on the blog. You can still join us anytime!

  36. Kathy Hanson

    Love the Dirty Dozen pictures, I have my #4 top almost finished, quess I won’t get it quilted by the end of this month but hope to have the top all done – maybe this wee!! Love seeing Hazel and Telly – of course they know the cleanest places to sleep when they are the dirtiest! Typical!! And the cats – I have always had a cat until recently – they rule the house for sure ! Love all those triangles you made, can’t wait to see what you will do with them! That Millie is a looker for sure and really knows where to sit for a picture – with all the black and white things around her!! Give her a hug for me!

  37. Dee Winter

    C&W Rustic Hollow cat shelter in Nashua had a fundraising on line auction that closed on Saturday. 4 of us showed up today to pack up the sold items, got them all done in about 4 hours. And of course we went out to lunch. Good job done for the kitties. Now I’m going to have some supper, go up and try to finish making aprons for the great grandkids and great nieces and nephew for their 1st gift of Christmas. They are reversible, Christmas on one side, a plaid on the other side for the girls and the boys get John Deere. I will mail them and they will open them after Thanksgiving dinner. Long ago tradition I started, they all seem to like it.

  38. Paula Philpot

    Good to hear from you today. I am gonna email you 3 pics of scrappy quilts where I used left over triangles, etc and you might want to make one of them. Paula in KY

  39. Kathy in western NY

    Good to read your post Mary and see all the pictures. Love your pets. What kind of dog is Telly? The cats just look so contented and happy so how satisfying it has to be to know you provide shelter for innocent defenseless kitties. My cat comes alive at 3:00 when my husband walks in the door and it cracks us up that he sleeps all day till then. Enjoy this rest time now as hard as it cause you know when winter is over, it’s busy busy busy and the aches and pains from long days puts us back in a chair to rest.

  40. Margie Braaksma

    I’m doing therapy on my golden retriever , Murphy, who will be 11 in March. He has arthritis really bad on his hind knees. Rehab consists of range of motion, stretching, and exercises. An hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. He is very large normally about 95 pounds so if he resists me I feel it too. Chiropractor helped me this afternoon!

  41. Margie Braaksma

    Murphy also has lots of company when doing his therapy as I have 6 cats also. They think it’s fun I’m down on the floor!

  42. Sharon Bennett

    Fabric and furry friends are a perfect way to start the day! 🙂
    Your Temecula quilt finished up nicely…the fabrics you chose make it look so vintage!
    Those tennis balls are going to summon sooooo much energy! lol! Good luck with keeping those hidden… 😉

  43. Janie Lang

    Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures. I have 2 cats that keep me entertained but I sure do miss my dogs! The quilts are beautiful and inspirational.

  44. Kate Schloemer

    I’ve been sewing for a friend who doesn’t have time to do any projects . So I have made about 20 long potholders, a couple simple baby quilts to finish, and now ready to make some burp rags. I have several of the 10 minute table runners done and more to do… so I’m keeping busy.
    I do have a question. I was given a sack of hankies from a 93 year old friend that passed away. How do I make a quilt from them?? Any ideas?? Some look quite thin.

  45. Pat in Michigan

    I love all the pictures of your animals, especially your cats. I also enjoyed seeing the old cooking pot with your cards in it. What a great way to keep them in one place!

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