Saturday Night 

Another finish  —  the garden is back in order and fence is in place again.  I planted an oak leaf hydrangea and 3 sun kings.  Remember that was the plant in Connie’s garden that we all liked but didn’t know what it was until a reader identified it.  I visited the local nursery where I found it front and center.  I also met this sweet pup named Lena who lives at the nursery.  I’ll go back just to see her again!

Bentley is here this weekend, too, so that’s a houseful of big golden retrievers.  I so wanted them to sit for a picture but they were not in the mood.

When Rick comes home, Faye becomes a “daddy’s girl” and can’t get close enough.

It was 15 years ago today that we got our black lab puppy named Carly who had been rescued with her mother along a local blacktop road where they had been dumped.  She died of a heart attack in the front seat of Rick’s car on a cold winter day in January when she was 9.  Gosh, do we miss that dog!

14 thoughts on “Saturday Night 

  1. Diane

    Awwww. All those babies are adorable. Love thoseGoldens and Lena and Faye with Rick are cuter than words. Dry, dry in Ohio,.

  2. Louise

    New rejuvinated garden spot looks great..Lena and Carly are too cute for words.
    I am a sucker for Goldens though..they win my heart every time.

  3. Angie Rowland

    Looks like Faye is saying, “it is just you and me Dad, Not sure why that woman is here and you aren’t BUT now is just you and me.”

    The Goldens are beautiful. Our granddog is a golden and has the best personality you could ask for.

  4. Delores

    Mary, thank you for sharing your love of life with us. Your delightful pictures are priceless. Lena has the biggest smile ever and Faye the most contentment ever.

  5. Bernadette Jackson

    Thank you for your blogs, Mary. I have many of your books and will be quilting for a long time, hopefully! Love the dog pics as they are such special little creatures. I found our little poodle mix almost two years ago — the best thing I ever found, actually. My husband and I both adore her.

  6. Crystal Daniels

    I so love reading your blog, Mary. You are my kind of people….lol Animal lover, quilt lover, country lover….well you get my point! Thanks so much for sharing your life, pics and stories with all of us! Have a Blessed and wonderful day.

  7. Beck Schoonover

    I used to have a dog that looked like Faye….loved her so and miss her so!

  8. Launa

    Good to see your fresh worked flowerbed pictures. Faye is so precious… is the new garden shop puppy. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  9. Maryjane

    Lena and Faye – what sweet pics of both. Boy, you sure cleaned out that flower bed. What’s next with it? Love all your pics and sharing.

  10. Ann Barlament

    Your garden looks “naked”…but by this time next year, it will be filled to the brim (I suspect).

    Lena…is precious, I’d be tempted to spend the day visiting with her. After all – my day isn’t often filled with a “dose of dog”.

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