Saturday Night

I’ve been watching college basketball all day and March Madness is right around the corner. March Madness is the only thing that makes the month of March tolerable and when the tournament is over I will suffer from basketball withdrawal! By then I should be working outside again.

The snow and ice are slowly disappearing and the pond is full once again making the geese very happy!

Emma is almost back to her spring/summer hairdo after shedding her heavy winter coat.

I visited Connie yesterday before they left on their trip so I could take a picture of her with Hope who is showing her age. Aren’t we all?

Last night Reed and I along with Myra, Vera and Karla went to the movie Peter Rabbit. I loved it! Connie loved it and said I should go see it and while I’m not much of a movie-goer, I made a real effort to see this one and I’m so glad I did. The rabbits were so endearing but of course this is how I think about all animals – they think, they feel and they almost can talk! So it’s not surprising that I thought this was the cutest movie I’ve ever seen.

As I was sorting and cleaning I came across the first quilt book I ever bought. It’s dated December 1976 and I remember looking at the pictures over and over and finally made a log cabin quilt with blocks sewed on a muslin foundation. Does anyone remember this book?

Everywhere I look I come across UFO’s and I’m determined to finish the lion’s share of them. Here’s a few that are moving up the list.

Oh, it’s such fun to start projects, isn’t it?

And here’s a cat you rarely see a picture of – her name is Moda and she came here with her mother as feral cats. A lady in Garner begged me to take them and I did but I have never once in 15 years touched her. Mama died a few years ago and I never touched her either. I trapped them both so I could spay them and Moda has lived here as a ghost cat all these years.

Hazel stole the sweet teddy bear off the guest bed, tore its eye out and it became her bear.

I’m watching the Duke/North Carolina game – I don’t care who wins – it’s just a great game.

PS – I’ve got another possum in the cat room in the barn!

34 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. Janet

    Reading the book you recommend,I’m enjoying it. I Just finished a must read the new book by brad Meltzer called the escape artist I couldn’t put down a must read. Looks like you have several snow in days, not to make you feel bad but here in fort Lauderdale fla we’re enjoying the beautiful 70 degrees plus days , luv you blog, I drove thru Iowa this past June on our way home from. .N Dakota. My husband family lives in n.d.. Iowa very pretty state with all the farm land.

  2. Debbie

    Is that a CT pattern behind Connie? if so, what is the name? Hazel is a rascal, but don’t you love her for it!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Debbie – the pattern is a CT pattern called Favorite Things and is available for $10.00.

  3. Sue H

    Emma looks so regal sitting on her throne! hahahaha! I too was wondering the name of the pattern you are working on with the large applique flowers. So pretty!

  4. Beverly Lockmiller

    I too am hooked on Bball. Texas teck and Texas Aand M girls are my teams. I’ll trade my skunks for your possum. Love my cats and dogs.

  5. Colleen

    Moda what a lovely kitty. So glad you took her in and got her fixed. We had a feral kitty stay in our yard until she had kittens then she brought then into our bedroom and raised them there of course we were not able to touch her but we were allowed to love on her 2 babies. We were able to get her caught and fixed. She came freely through a small dog door into the back of the house. finally during the last years of her life she would come in and out the front door and sleep with us and allowed us to brush and groom her she loved it (and must have thought about all the grooming she missed out on)
    She let us pick her up and place her on a chair or the like we were not allowed to hold her or heaven for bid walk or take a step with her. She would meow and demand food and rubs and grooming
    She loved to have her neck rubbed she wore the paint off a table leg just by rubbing up against it.
    Our furry and feathered friends bring us such joy

  6. Diana

    I have loved Peter Rabbit since I was a child. I collect Peter Rabbit china, memorabilia, books etc.
    We are a wrestling family, so my husband is usually glued to the computer watching. Today it is the Big 10 tournament, yesterday he watched Grandview Univ win the national championship for the 7th year in a row.
    My uncle passed away Friday night, funeral is Tuesday. Wouldn’t you know – it’s supposed to snow in Des Moines Tuesday. I’m ready for Spring!

  7. Kate

    I just love reading about your animals. My dogs and chickens are like people to me. I say they talk to me and my kids think I am crazy, but that’s okay.

  8. Linda Kosfeld

    I visited your shop several times, years ago, and always enjoyed it. I just discovered this blog recently and I love to hear what you’re doing. Finishing UFO’s is my main objective these days, also.

  9. Diane

    Moda must like fabric, hence the name? Mary, how was Farmer McGregor portrayed in the movie? That’s our last name.
    I made your delicious Almond Bars yesterday. I cut the recipe in half and baked them in a 15″x 10″ cookie sheet with sides for 20 minutes. 18 might have been better, but they were wonderful and were gobbled right up!!
    I love bball and March Madness, too. I hope the OSU women’s and men’s teams do well.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – Farmer was mean! Wanted to kill the rabbits. When his grandson inherited, he started out mean, too, but was out smarted by the rabbits.

  10. Gloria B.

    Basketball fever striking here too. In Chicago area we are cheering (and hoping) Loyola can get back in.

  11. Marilyn Cook

    I also love March Madness and sad when it is over. I will be cheering for my Buckeyes as with the new coach thought this would be a teaching year. Also working on hexes as I watch.

  12. Ann Barlament

    You have a cat you can’t pet? Hmmm…sounds like a cat I could tolerate! Sorry, I’m such a dog lover…

    A dear friend has a possum in her yard and was surprised to see it awake during the day, so I did some research and was surprised they don’t hibernate. But possums do sleep more during the winter and only come out during the day as those non-hairy places are prone to get frostbite.

    They are so ugly, but they offer many benefits.

  13. Dorothy

    I take care of a feral kitty named Pixie–male–trapped and neutered by his original caregiver. When she moved back to Europe, she “made” me promise to take care of Pixie (named by her 2 year old daughter at the time) My neighbor took care of him for 6 (?) years before they moved, I’ve been taking care of Pixie for 6 years now. Neither one of us have never been able to touch him. I love him dearly though, he comes running to the gate to greet me when I come home from work at night–he knows the sound of the car–and “talks” to me a mile a minute as we walk up the sidewalk to the front porch. Where he sits and waits until I bring his dinner out to him. 🙂 And then curls up on one of the 2 quilts he sleeps on.

  14. Sue

    How could Moda be a ghost cat when she is sleeping in your sewing room?? I love calico’s. Of all the cats we have had, our calico was my favorite.
    Hazel looks adorable sleeping with her bear.
    Nice photos, nice UFO’s. Spring is coming.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – is is a recent development! The minute I come into the room, she leaves. I had just enough time to get a photo.

  15. Tina W

    I had a tortoise shell calico like yours at one time – found her in a rest area and brought her home. She was a great cat but the vet said that color of cat can be very bitchy (excuse my French!) and at times she was. Amazing that she hasn’t let you touch her in all these years.
    Good luck with your opossums!

  16. Meta O’Connell

    I’ve got a opossum that comes & eats my outdoor kitty’s food. One good thing about them they eat ticks & other things.

  17. Martha Engstler

    Glad to know about the Peter Rabbit movie, sounds like my kind of movie. I’m working on an incentive idea so when I finish a UFO I can do or get something I want. I have a quilt I want to start but really want to finish one I started a number of years ago. I love doing the punch needle so that and jig saw puzzles might work as a rewards.

  18. Ellie

    My mother had a copy of that book and I think my sister has it now. I remember looking at it and wanting to make a quilt but I was too busy with a husband and two babies to sew!

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