Storm Update

The wind blew Saturday and Sunday 30-40 mph from the east, the direction that we have no windbreak. A friend arrived for a visit on Sunday and Monday morning it was raining, sleeting, snowing and blowing harder than ever. Knowing we couldn’t go anywhere, we each settled into a chair by the windows and as the storm raged, my friend took this picture. I’m posting it just so you know I do sit down and I love naps when Hazel sleeps on my legs.

And here is Day Two of the storm. Ha!

We had such a fun two days – Rick was gone so I didn’t even have to make real meals. The minute my friend, Carol, sat down, she had a lapful of cats.

I was at the thrift store today and got this great cotton tablecloth for $2.00. It will look great on the table in the porch.

And now a UFO report. Remember this pattern called Duet? It’s very similar to Connie’s polka dot quilt but I used a jellyroll for mine. I finally got it quilted and bound.

I also have friends who have a French Bulldog named Norman and I had this novelty fabric with Norman on it so I made him a quilt for his birthday.

We used to get sample rolls from Moda of different lines of fabric – I’ll bet I’ve had this one for 20 years but now at least I have it in rows and soon I’ll be able to show you a quilt. It’s a line of pastel brushed cottons.

Many of you have asked about the big flowers. They are from Linda Brannock – they’re working their way up the UFO list.

The Big Twelve tournament starts tonight – and then next week its March Madness!

Coming to you from snowy North Iowa.

29 thoughts on “Storm Update

  1. Diana

    Looks like a great way to spend the day!!!! I love days like that when you can stay inside and look out!!!

  2. Karen barto

    We had very bad wind here I’m Pa. on Fruday, was suppose to get 6to 12 inches, but it didn,t happen. That quilt is beautiful, and your kitties are too.

  3. Launa

    A sunny day after a few days of Idaho snow. Lucky Norman receiving a darling birthday quilt from you, Mary. Your DUET quilt fabrics are great combos with your plant, too. Pepper has fully recovered from her spaying and is as energetic as any Border Collie. She didnโ€™t enjoy wearing the cone, tho.
    Love the bargain tablecloth and your Moda brushed pastel cottons.
    Hazel knows how to spend a comfortable wintery Iowa snow storm day!
    Really enjoyed your pictures.
    Stay warm!!!

  4. shirley

    Love your quilts, love your animal family. Its great to get a chance to put your feet up and share love with your fur friends. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Martha Engstler

    We escaped the snow all together this time. I think it’s to warm even if it had snowed to stick. Love to see the pictures of how to spend a snowy afternoon with a nap. When we get to Iowa this summer I want to check out your wonderful thrift shops. You get some great stuff.

  6. Marian

    Hi! It is a bright sunny day here today! But, it was a blizzard with those winds a couple days ago. Eight inches! Love all the kitty pictures with Hazel thrown in for good measure!!!! Must have been fun to have your friend there to visit and get caught up with each other. Always love your thrift store finds!
    Just waiting for spring…

  7. Diane

    Oh, Mary. I have been watching the weather and worrying about you. I am soooo happy to see you snug in your chair with baby Hazel on your lap. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you had a good time with Carol and all the “babies”. Good to see all the kitties. That table cloth is so pretty. I love those Villa Rosa Design cards. Yours is gorgeous. We had 58 here in Central Ohio yesterday, but it’s cold and lightly snowing here today. Enjoy the snow and the games–good time to quilt and bind. Ohio State Girls won Big Ten. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Janice

    You gurls look so snug – like bugs in a rug! Love the pictures. It’s snowing here mixed with rain. Luckily the rain is winning so far but we just got a call from National Grid that they have crews on hand just in case – warnings of the dangers of downed wires, etc. This is our second big storm in a few days.

  9. Ruth Cozad


    I tried the caramel bars/sheet cake that you posted the link for a couple of weeks ago. I’ve now lost the recipe and can’t remember the link—could you post it again please. Thank You—I so enjoy your posts.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ruth – not caramel sheet cake – Almond! Site is Kristin in her kitchen.

  10. Brenda archambault

    And it’s 77 here in the Phoenix area, but cloudy. My daughter from CT is visiting and we’ve watchd the UConn women’s basketball playoffs and now will have to watch the series, sandwiched in between the male March madness. The best part for her, other than basketball, is the snow and bad weather she’s missing. No time for quilting this week, but will make up for it next week.
    Love all the quilting you’re getting done.

  11. Kathy

    Love the pictures of the kitties happy to be inside out of the nasty weather. We got 12″ of snow Friday in our area of western NY but it’s been cold so gradually will melt. I cringe looking at all that coastal flooding and decided I will take a snow storm any day and stay inside than have to evacuate my home with flooding. Look at how relaxed you and Hazel can be inside all snuggled in. Your home is so warm and welcoming so it’s nice to see your friends join you. Thanks for sharing your days with us.

  12. Pam Wakeman

    Hi Mary, In one of your posts, you said that you and Connie had some things you’d like to sell. In Lincoln, NE there’s a business called “Those Girls” who do tag sales and on-line estate sales. I was thinking maybe you could contact them as a resource for how they set up their sales. People have to be registered on their website and “Those Girls” send out announcements with photos of what’s for sale. For the on-line sale, they give a suggested price and people bid on the items. The highest bid wins and the winner is called. The bids are not revealed. You could check out their website. Hope this might be a solution for you!
    Pam W.

  13. Paula S.

    Iโ€™m glad you and your friend could stay in and not worry about going out in the weather. Cats love warm laps and blankets and quilts so itโ€™s not hard to see why they hung out with the two of you! I love all the pictures and enjoy reading your blog so much.

  14. Patty McDonald

    So happy to see you sitting and relaxing. I can’t think of anything better than sitting with a dog in my lap watching it snow. ( Easy for me to say……I live in southern Ca.. ) That Hazel looks to be a sweetheart. Has she calmed down? Our youngest lab Mazie turns 3 the end of March. She is the wildest lab we’ve ever owned but she has become much calmer in the last 3 months. Hope the same is for Hazel. Blessings. Patty Mc

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Great pictures of relaxing in the house. You don’t show the ones outside in the blizzard when you are doing chores?????
    We were in line for a storm this last Sunday and Monday, but it went north of Rapid City and all we got was horrible winds. Gusts to 66 mph. The Interstate was closed. It is so nice if we don’t have wind, but…this is South Dakota. Staying inside is nice if we can do it.

  16. diane matthews

    A lap full of kitties will chase the cold any day. My daughter who was born in So. Calif married a Michigander and lives in Grand Rapids – she has 3 Great Pyranees dogs who keep her warm as well as 2 kitties that find laps any time someone is sitting down! I still live in Calif, but not near the beach where I grew up 80 years ago! The snow is beautiful to look at, but I can’t handle the cold weather. Thanks for posting the pictures – love the red barn. Diane M

  17. Dorothy

    Very wonderful to see both you and Hazel taking a break and relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a “kitty” that has to sleep right up against my heart. Have often wondered if that was her place in the womb, or if she’s just taking care of me.

  18. Sue

    All of you look warm and cozy in your chairs complete with quilts and lap warmers. Good place to be in a storm.
    We woke up to a wind storm this am. It isn’t cold, though. Just very windy. The trees are flowing back and forth and it’s gusty with squalls of rain. It’s right off the ocean.
    Your Duet quilt is great. Perfect pattern for a jelly roll quilt.
    Lots to do before leaving for the quilt retreat I go to every March. I leave on Monday, home on Fri. I am getting excited now.

  19. Paula

    Love love the updates. Will also b watching the games. I love the blue/white quilts for winter.
    Paula in KY

  20. Nancy England-Poole

    Your photos always make me miss Minnesota and Iowa I grew up in. Comfy day in winter and your quilts are great.

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