Saturday Snow! 3-14-20

Guess I won’t be cleaning flower beds today like I had planned because we got up to snow. Not really surprised because it’s still March but we’re not in the mood for snow any longer!

News of the virus is everywhere, isn’t it? Does anyone reading this blog have it? If so, how do you feel? Are you self quarantined? OR – are you an employee now working from home? Are you employed at a place that has closed due to the virus so you’re not working at all? I know I would be interested in hearing from you and other readers are probably interested as well.

I will finish up the photos from Connie’s retreat. She took a picture of this beautiful stained glass.

This gal marched to the beat of a different drummer and did another project from the book.

This old vest was also in Connie’s trunk show – we have both worn it and even though vests are not exactly “in style” any more, I begged her not to throw it away.

Here is the block on my table which is so springy looking.

And as soon as I turn my back……

Here’s a great Bullseye Dirty Dozen.

Here’s Paula’s 30’s quilt made with many family memories connected to each block.

I have more photos to post but will write again this afternoon so I will be caught up.

55 thoughts on “Saturday Snow! 3-14-20

  1. Shirley

    This weekend, March 13 – 15, was supposed to be the Dallas Quilt Show. Everything in Dallas with 500 or more people has been canceled. Prayers to all who are ill and for those whose businesses are suffering.

  2. Christie

    Mary. Aon (where I work) has determined a mandatory work form home unless you have to be in the office. This affects almost 50,000 employees in the US. In NJ there are about 50 reported cases and 1 death and so panic has set in. Grocery shelves are clearing and all group activities are cancelled. My over 55 community closed the clubhouse until further notice. Hoping for the best and thinking this may be a good chance to spend some time sewing as I expect I will not be leaving the house for a few weeks. All the best Christie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Christie – so glad you’re staying home and hope you’re safe! On with your sewing!

  3. Jan Jaqua

    I think part of this is media hype…but my son dropped a client off at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix yesterday and said it looked like a war zone-very few around…

  4. Donna Sproston

    Snow is falling now in West central Illinois. I have been self quarantined since the end of January, and reading and quilting are the two best outlets to maintain my sanity. I had a biopsy in early February and waited two weeks for the result. The longer the wait, the probability of bad news increases so I was not shocked to learn it is cancer. It is a rare sarcoma that is more often found in young men. I immediately requested a referral to Mayos, and I have one more week of waiting before my full day of appointments there. I will be in good hands. I made two paper pieced house pin cushions yesterday and will send photos of the other projects that have lifted my spirits these last few weeks.

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear this, I’m glad you’re in good Mayo hands. We all need to keep our sanity, and you have two good outlets, like Mary, reading and sewing.
      Prayers for a speedy recovery.

    2. Caryn Goulden

      Donna, sorry to hear this news. The folks at Mayo will take excellent care of you. Reading and quilting are great For comfort and hope. Prayers for you and your doctors.

    3. Beryl in Owatonna

      Donna, I will be praying… seems we always have something to renew our trust in the Lord. Keep us posted, so many prayer warriors here. He is good!
      All healthy in Owatonna, nearly all meetings cancelled for the next two weeks at least. I will go to church tomorrow at the church where I sew. They are a small church and will continue to meet!! I will be making 3 diapers and 3 more dresses for missions and take them with me Wednesday when we sew again.
      Tomorrow is National Day of Prayer…let’s all pray this hysteria quits and people start using their heads again.

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I was heading to Lancaster PA for the AQS show in about a week.. Rented a cute little bungalow. Had plans to meet friends in Philadelphia for dinner.
    So many plans, and money invested. Cancelled the bungalow and they didn’t keep my deposit, well, that was unexpected. I almost felt like I should let them keep it, so many people are going to lose so much money for so many weeks and months. We rebooked first October just to get away. They were happy about that.
    AQS maintained firmly the show must go on, until yesterday. I guess the words “national emergency” woke the planners up to the seriousness of the virus. So… my long arm class with Judy Madsen, not happening, I get a refund but… none of this matters.
    My mother lives with us, she’s 90 in May, we have already been self quarantined for a week. I did about $800 in shopping two weeks ago, everything from thermometer to staple food products, so I will not need to venture out for a good long time. I’m not letting siblings or repair people or anyone else in these doors until the virus is flat lined and I know I can get medical help if needed.
    So far, we are well and prepared for a bit, but fresh fruit and vegetables and coconut and almond milk, the staples of our diet… pretty hard to think of how to replenish these things while not leaving the house!
    On a very high note… let the sewing commence!

    1. Joyce

      Try Walmart online buying. I did this and pulled into parking spot.. they loaded into my car and that was it. Slick! Some have apps that deliver to your door!

  6. Nikki M

    Dallas cancelled quilt show this weekend & Tyler TX cancelled their quilt show later in March. St Patrick celebrations/parades have been cancelled. Over a week ago I was diagnosed with Influenza A after having attended QuiltCon in Austin on Saturday. Dr prescribed Oseltamivir Phosphate for 5 days, took from 2/25-2/29…still have cough & while don’t feel bad still not feeling 100%…sure she is a factor…have not been out since went to doctor on 2/25..& other than make a run to grocery store this afternoon to pickup groceries ordered on line have no plans to get out. So glad our small local Walmart has pickup service. Guess one might say I have been self quarantined…Feel good enough today to do some quilting.

  7. Ginny

    A company here in South Carolina had an employee that returned from Italy with the virus. My son was supposed to make a delivery there but the whoLe plant was shut down.
    We are pretty much staying home working on my yard.

  8. Carolyn Boutilier

    How is Angel doing? Any updates? We were 70 degrees yesterday and today 55 degrees with snow showers this evening. Thanks for the pictures of quilts. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  9. Lisa

    Well, here in the very rural NE portion of Washington state we are getting a late winter storm also. Blowing and drifting snow, wind chill temps are minus 10 to 15. Yuck, I want spring! Stores are empty, schools and government facilities closed until April 24th. At the big grocery stores the shelves are empty but at the small local stores in our town there seems to be plenty of everything. My grown children live in the Seattle area where things are nuts. My son thinks that all private businesses will be on a mandatory closure within the week. People over there are stocking up on water, gasoline and propane as if the power grid was going to shut down completely. I think we have the media to blame for much of the mass hysteria. Everyone, keep calm and sew on!

  10. Pat Smith

    Although no one in our tri county area of more than 125,000 has been diagnosed with the virus, everything is on lock down. If that virus got loose in our community of retirees, we’ll, I can’t even imagine. We have plenty of food at home and could hold up at here for quite awhile. I feel so sorry for the hourly workers and food service people who depend on all of us to eat out. I know this will pass, but financial and emotional recovery will take a long time. I’m hoping to get a lot done here at home in my quilting room. Congratulations to Karla on a beautiful bullseye finish. I studied how she did it and it’s truly creative. All the best to everyone.

  11. Sue in Oregon

    First I want to say that I love that latest Bulls Eye quilt. I sure love mine. I have been sleeping under it this winter and it has been especially wonderful when I had the chills so bad. I backed it with flannel and glad I did because it is so cozy and warm.
    I will be so happy when summer arrives. I am hoping this whole pandemic thing will die down and go away. They say the virus hates the heat.
    Remember, if this thing gets out of control and were not reported, we would still be mad at the press. We can turn the TV, Internet and Phone on or off. We can take in or leave out exactly what we want.
    Donna Sproston….I wish you the very best news at Mayo.

  12. Carla J

    Had to make a stop at my nearest shop which had a few shoppers and a class happening. Grocery stores have bare shelves in places. I think people are looking at this like a snow storm coming here. None of us has every prepped for a health emergency of this magnitude. Our pantry is full, the fresh veggies could use replenishing but not going on the weekend. We are all retired and don’t need much. There is food of various kinds.
    Michigan’s Governor closed schools and all functions of 250 or more from 5 pm yesterday to 5 pm April 5. Our grandchildren in Ohio are the same closure dates. The third grade teacher my granddaughter has planned ahead so MJ has her schoolwork to do. With her brain like a sponge (soaks up everything good or bad) she won’t have a problem doing it.
    Donna please know you are on my prayer list.
    Love seeing the photos everyone is sharing.
    Hubby has to go to the farm store, I think I may go and see what seeds I can find. Mary that grass is beautiful on your table… a white dish unused I my china hutch.

  13. Marie J.

    I’m here in southern California where we surprizingly have RAIN scheduled for the next week to 10 days!! So I’m happily enjoying not only my well stocked sewing room but lots of time with our grandchildren!! Yep the local schools are closed through the 31st…so far. Our stores are also getting well shopped but the shelves are also getting restocked. A quilting buddy out grocery shopping said the lines are long but everyone is friendly, patient and taking the time to chat. My husband (and 6 friends from all over the country) were supposed to have been at the Nascar race but sadly all those plans are cancelled……yep I’m bummed too!!
    I don’t know of anyone personally diagnosed with the corona virus, so I too am interested in hearing about that. My grandson plays hockey and the local rink is open until they get a confirmed diagnosis that someone has the virus. I’m really feeling for people in assisted living and nursing care because no one can visit. Sadly my mom is in hospice care so she like a lot of others, I think are feeling the effects the most.
    So we’re counting our blessings , hugging our loved ones, sewing from our stashes , cleaning out our freezers and mostly keeping our sense of humor and our sanity!!

  14. Betty vest

    Here in Dallas Tx it is raining. I am almost 73 yrs old. I’m a little afraid to go out in big crowds so I am staying home chrocheting. Quilting. Embroidering. Oh wait a minute that’s what I do every day. Lol. Petting the cat Elvis. The dogs Lucy,Gracie and Dooley. No that’s not different. I’ll take a nap. No still not different. Watch TV.

  15. Beryl BC

    I have a FB friend in central Washington state that was self quarantined after an exposure to someone diagnosed with the virus. The friend’s quarantine period ends today and is feeling fine. My daughter who works for a county agency is to start working from home Tuesday for at least 3 weeks. As I work in health care, that won’t be possible. After being off 2 days, it will be interesting to see if there are any new changes when I go back in. I, too, have been enjoying my sewing time. We were rather surprised at some of the items that were very low on the grocery shelves (dried beans is one I can think of.) The store has placed limits on items such as milk, eggs, tp, paper towels, and tissues.

  16. Sandy

    We are having a blustery winter snow storm in Eastern Washington with very cold temps. Washington schools will be closed starting Tuesday through April 24th. I work in a large elementary, so no students, but staff will work for at least the next week. More info will come from admin as they formulate plans. This is all such new territory for us. No cases here yet, but these precautions are necessary. My 90 year old mom will be staying home. Boring, but necessary. Thanks for the continued updates, wonderful photos, and taking time to reach out and provide a forum for sharing with others. We appreciate you.

  17. Mary Roen

    My daughter and son-in-law are coming home from a cruise. They have a 2 year old son and two dogs who desperately miss them. San Juan was considering not letting the ship dock. I literally became weak in the knees when he told me they were at the airport. So many prayers about so many situations.

  18. Betty Klosterman

    Western South Dakota got a blizzard, but only for 1 day ….so far. Looks like at least 6″ or more here but probably double that on the west side of Rapid City. This blizzard came from the south which made a difference in the drifting. I don’t know about the interstate but most of the other roads are closed. We quilters and our stash are all set, plus a stack of books to read and maybe a nap. And loads of good movies. I’ve been staying in the house but would probably do that anyway. I only fill the top half of my gas tank once a month. Another blizzard may be coming next week with a lot of snow, but time will tell on that. It is winter and we can get some of our worst storms in the spring. And I’m giggling at all of the TP jokes on facebook. Some are very clever. The Iowa group offered their corn cobs. Our great niece was in Spain working in a health clinic and supposed to get back yesterday. Haven’t heard, but she will probably have to self quarantine. Will be interesting to hear her adventures. The Internet and phones sure make it easy to communicate so we aren’t cut off from the rest of the world. On a good note the Johnny Jump Ups are blooming like mad. They are so dark purple, they look black. Take care and like Mom always said “this, too, will pass.”

  19. Sharon Ray

    I am in Florida and when they said Disney was closing Sunday, I knew things were getting interesting. They don’t close for ANYTHING, even hurricanes. They wait until the last minute. I feel bad for people who are already in the state with nothing to do but find a way home. The cruise ships just made a bunch of people get off 20 minutes before departing port! huge mess. I hope and pray that this virus dies with the coming heat and humidity. The stores look just like when we prepare for a hurricane except no one stocks up on TP for a hurricane. Still not sure what that is all about? Maybe it keeps the flu away?? Take care everyone I’m staying home and sewing.

  20. Mary Rhodes

    Here in southwest Ohio had a Children Hospital person come down with it per test. I think it is 33 people known with it. Governor Dewine cancel all events over 100. Suppose have basketweaving gathering this weekend, canceled. The quilting group canceled for 2 weeks. Colleges and schools closed till April 6th. Grogery store went to yesterday completely out of easy fix stuff! Panic yes! Me and my 3 cats got food to last. Have sewing, basketweaving and crocheting to do! The quilt shows canceled too! That’s sucks! Oh well media make it worst! Hospitals near by not allowing visitors too besides extended care places!

  21. Sandy

    A friend is taking a suitcase full of toilet paper to Australia, none to be had in Melbourne! Self isolation after travel and wearing a mask on the plane kept me safe from the usual bugs l get after a flight from wishes to all,sandy

  22. Rosalie

    Closest cases are in Austin- an hour away. Have 2 quilt guilds next week and meetings have not been canceled yet. I was at grocery store yesterday and disinfectant and tp and paper towels were in short supply. I’ve been working on decluttering my closet and working on the yard. Bought 18 Pepper plants yesterday and have 10 tomato plants – those won’t go into garden until next week’s weather is past!
    Working on Frolic- coming slowly – I want to do a different border and as I was going to sleep last night I thought perhaps something similar to what is on the bullseye quilt! Serendipity.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosalie – my Frolic is still in pieces – I was not able to concentrate on the assembly that winter so put it away. Now I’m wondering if I can purchase the pattern on Bonnie’s online site so I can finish. It’s big on my UFO list!

      1. Jan from TN

        Mary, Bonnie does have the pattern on her website. It might even be on sale for a short time. I think it’s a PDF download only but I’m not sure. Do you get her daily blog posts in your emails every day? If not, please go check out her blog for the last 2-3 days! She adopted a new puppy! Too cute!

  23. Darlene

    I really like the border in the bullseye quilt. I live in a western suburb of Chicago and the schools are closed, the churches are closed grocery stores are running out of food- no whole chickens or rice. A local quilt guild cancelled their quilt show this weekend. Boo hoo. Watching it snow right now and trying to figure out a project to keep me busy. Keep on quilting.

  24. Paula Philpot

    Mary that is my REAL FEEDSACK Quilt not a 30’s quilt. The blocks represent the farm. This quilt hangs in my fabric shop leading up the steps to the upstairs and that is why it is hanging odd.
    I also want to hear from someone that has had the virus. 11 cases in KY right now and none around us but I will keep you all posted. Paula in KY

  25. Judy S

    I am home for the time it takes as I am over 60. All senior centers are closed along with libraries, schools and a major university. We are just seeing the tip of what is coming in terms of the virus and the resulting economic impact. I know that is a scary statement but this has been taught about for years in the medical community and now it is happening.

  26. Ruth

    I am trying to stay put and use common sense about contacts. Our church has cancelled all activities until April 5 which is our main source of activities. Because of the across the board closings a college grand son will be stopping to spend the night with us on his way home. We are delighted for that visit. I have plenty of projects lined up to work on and books to read as well as food in the house to prepare–what else can I need? I’ll miss company other than my husband and puppy but that’s not a big issue. I have a chronic pulmonary condition so must take care to not even catch the regular flu. I am doing fine.

  27. Jean

    I live in a small town just south of Brussels in Belgium. So far neither my husband nor I are showing signs of the virus. We are both retired which makes things easier. As from yesterday (Saturday) we are on lockdown. All stores will be closed at the weekend except for grocery stores and pharmacies. Cafes/pubs/restaurants will be closed at all times. Schools/universities/sports fixtures will be closed until April 3 when the situation, I presume, will be reviewed. There wasn’t much left on the shelves when we went to the grocery store earlier today. The weather, at least, has improved but it is very cold and I understand this is what the virus likes. It is just a matter of staying calm.

  28. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I wonder how Angel is doing also. That was a big stone for such a little dog. We have enough movies from the library to last many months. (The library is closed for 2 weeks so no hurry getting them back.) Hope that will keep my husband home. We are both serious seniors so don’t need any flu or virus. In this case age would not be kind.

  29. Linda in So Cal

    I’m in southern CA with lots of much needed rain & no March Madness to watch… including UCLA. A real downer. It’s cold & windy too. We need the rain but not use to being house bound. Working on Lori Holt Vintage Christmas and Frolic. Mary – Bonnie has Frolic for sale on web site – PDF and printed version. So glad I have quilting projects to help pass the time. My quilting group has cancelled this weeks get together. Grocery store was nuts this morn but everybody was laughing & taking it in stride. Hopefully covid19 will peak soon & we can get back to our normal routines. The roses are blooming!

  30. Linda Carpenter

    I LOVE that vest. I’d wear it in a heartbeat. I might even try to make one. I am ordering a Sashiko kit from Amazon. Good handwork for watching TV. Hoping I like doing it. Our rug hooking group and knitting group are canceling for this month. I’m content at home, but my husband has a harder time.

  31. Celeste Hultquist

    I really like the border on the bullseye quilt, too. And the squares of colorful fabric between the blocks. Here in northeast Wisconsin I have not heard of anyone having the corona virus, just the flu. I’ve heard that schools are closing in the Green Bay, WI area but not up here.

  32. Frances

    The pictures of the animals taking turns in the new table topper are so cute! The things we do for our animals. I put a footstool between my sewing table and the window. I then put an old quilt folded up to just the height of the window sill. One of our cats loves to lay there and look down at the street below. We’re staying home in NC as the virus is spreading. We’re up to 23 cases confirmed in NC right now. The schools are staying open for now probably because so many poor children would do without two meals per day, and the parents probably couldn’t work if they were home. The MethodistS, Episcopalians, and Catholics have cancelled all church services through the end of the month. Most events have been cancelled. It is just a bleak time.

  33. Robin B

    No quarantines here in North Coastal SC…no cases..fingers crossed. St Pat’s Parade canceled..first time in over 40 yrs…has not stopped Spring Breakers or travelers from coming…personally wish they would stay home..
    Grocery shelves like everyone else’s..lots of bare spots…but limits have been set as to how much of each of those items you may purchase…thank goodness.
    We have not stockpiled anything..

  34. Donna Wyatt

    I work in a family practice clinic, we will not be closing, they are setting up ‘drive thru’s’ and will have people evaluated for the virus and tested at that time. Just thankful that this coming week in my ‘short’ week. (Only working 3 of 5 days). I was relieved to have Friday at 4:59 pm come! Still had to stay late, but, the phones stopped ringing. Media has done nothing to calm fears! I have turned off the social media, and television to give my weary mind a rest!

    I love the block that is on your table! Any chance that pattern is available? Lately I have gotten into doing the smaller projects!

    Stay healthy! Wash you hands, cover your cough, wash your hands, stay 6 feet away! Best of luck to the gal headed to Rochester! Will say a prayer for you!

  35. Jo in Wyoming

    All this doom and gloom…then Hazel! What a joy to see her! Gives us all a smile.
    I work in a quilt shop and we had a customer come in to “stock up” she got 2 spools of thread and 2 yards of fabric. I’m sure she will be busy.
    I’ve heard neighboring cities are being massively effected. Mom and pops still have to pay rent and utilities, I feel badly for all those stores and employees who depend on tips to make it.

  36. Melinda

    No Covid-19 here at the assisted living facility where I am staying. We are on lockdown. No visitors allowed. Hard for me to not have our church group in for services. I’m also a vegetarian and to stay here I have to buy my own food but have no money since a rent raise and no visitors allowed as the church group who bought me food. I am teaching one of the residents to quilt, hand piecing a long cabin. I owned a quilt shop for many years here in So. Fl. I ordered many of the patterns from CT to sell in my shop.

  37. Teresa

    We still have no known cases of the virus here in West Virginia. The schools shut down yesterday for an unknown length of time, but the teachers still have to go to work-which I do not understand. My husband has many medical issues so we are cautious, but he has appointments every week-can’t be helped.
    I am staying busy finishing half our basement into a sewing room.

    1. Connie R.

      I also love the bullseye quilt with that wonderful boarder.
      All Wisconsin K-12 schools closing for a couple weeks starting Wednesday.

      I did stock up on some extra thread just in case.

  38. Kathy in western NY

    Here in NY it’s hit us. One positive case in our community is someone in a school district so now all the county schools are closed indefinitely. I would not want to be a teacher figuring out how to move forward but they will. I feel for the kids cause so much disruption in their lives. It’s not like 911 when we could still hug, hold hands, go to church, gather together to seek solutions to a new normal. Economy was hurt but not like this . Just pray for all those who work in health care, first responders who answer these distress calls of anxiety, parents seeking child care so they can go to work, and for those who work in stores, restaurants to serve the public trying to keep it normal. Our college age grandkids will never forget 2020 and how a virus changed academic learning. I have been staying in a lot in recent weeks so continuing to wait this out will not Impact me. I chose the safe road and remain vigilant in caring for my own protection. Thank you for letting us talk about our feelings.

  39. Jan B from TN

    Well, my daughter works for a large firm in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago & Thursday was their last day in the office. Effective Friday, 3/13/2020, their entire office building (owned by her company) was closed & everyone will work from home indefinitely! I’m sure her 2 cats & dog will love having their mommy home! No more cruises allowed. Today, the President or VP urged people to not even travel by air within the USA unless absolutely necessary. NJ is the new “hot spot” in our country. A friend told me AQS even cancelled the Paducah quilt show in April already! Dollywood was a stand out still staying open until today when they announced they, too, would be closed for a while. While some media outlets do overhype the situation, I do believe it is very serious & everyone should be especially vigilant when in any public places because the person behind you in line coughing may have just returned to the states from another country highly infected or even another state. I do NOT understand the hoarding of toliet paper. The “flu-like” symptoms to watch for do not include gastric problems since this is akin to the respiratory flu not the stomach flu. So, I just don’t get it. Our stores are limiting the purchase of TP & hand sanitizer. I think the drive-thru testing sites that are getting set up across the country is a great idea. I only wish there could be more as we live in a rural area & doubt one will be nearby. I think quilters are the best prepared for this self-quarantine stuff — we’ve got plenty of stash, plenty of UFOs, plenty of “bright & shiny” which I recently found out means “oh, look at that quilt! I want to make that one too!” I could be quarantined for months, no years, & never run out of fabric & kits. Maybe needles. Not thread. I wish everyone well. I’m in TN & our weather is just more rain, rain, rain….Already, middle of March & we are over “normal” precip by almost 12″!!!! Crazy! Keep calm & sew!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Jan – I was questioning this toilet paper issue with a very elderly friend yesterday on the phone and she informed me that it all made sense. I said why, is there stomach bug with this virus and she replied not that she knew but logically if you had several kids, a spouse and yourself home and told to stay put for a couple weeks, think how much toilet paper that family would go through. I got it after that comment!!! Normally days are at school or work, and if you live alone or just with one other person, you don’t use as much as kids do. So i felt a little better knowing families need it more than me and I decided if I was really sick at home and couldn’t get any, I will just cut up my flannel stash!

      1. Jan B from TN

        LOL! I’ve seen posts where a quilter sewed small TP sized pieces of flannel together & rolled them on an empty TP roll & hung it back on the holder. It was only as a joke, but heh, if it becomes a real necessity, I have plenty of flannel too! 😂😂

  40. Diane Bauer

    We have something like 50 cases in Colorado so far and one death yesterday–an 80 year old woman with underlying emphysema. We have cases in Johnstown to the south and Weld county to the east of us. Virtually everything has shut down. Church is online tomorrow unless the little Lutheran Church in Windsor holds services. I’m planning to go as I feel the need for fellowship with fellow believers. I’m in good shape as far as food and essentials are concerned–I’m from MN and know how to plan for a blizzard. I had to pick up a prescription yesterday and the local Safeway was PACKED. I got what I needed and bugged out. As everywhere, toilet paper seems to be the item in lowest supply. I had to go to Verizon today and stopped at Joann’s to pick up a stock of thread so I can sew. I’ve been working on UFOs–bound a quilt yesterday, finished 4 zip bags today, and started on the binding of another quilt. I could stay home happily for quite awhile.
    Jenica fears she will be without a job by the end of this next week as CUDenver has gone all online and the dorms are emptying out. They do not expect to open campus again until fall. The ski resorts are closing tomorrow–that’s HUGE. Justin is in Texas and I just heard that the DOD has put a stop on all domestic travel for troops and government employees. Hoping he will be able to get home at the end of the month. Liz says the NICU is doing well and she doesn’t expect to be pulled to other areas of the hospital to help.
    I pray you are well on the farm and well stocked enough to stay put for awhile. I am contemplating a quick trip to MN to pick up my parents to bring them to CO, but we’ll see. Stay safe!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – are there cases in Rochester that you’re concerned about regarding your parents? I need to listen to the news closer – I don’t think we have any cases around us and we are well stocked always. You’re right – we live in the country and can plan for a blizzard in the blink of an eye. I hate to think of you driving to MN. Where does Jen work? I don’t understand that abbreviation. Will she move home if her job is cut? We’re all still having church tomorrow and schools are still open. Actually nothing much has changed for us but from everything we read, it will find us.

  41. San

    Hi Mary, Thank you for taking the time to get everyone’s input.

    Here in Murphy, NC, the schools will close tomorrow for 2 weeks. Part of that time is spring break. The John C. Campbell Folk School will be closed until April 19th, and that includes all concerts and dances.

    I also work at Wal-Mart and the lack of TP is creating a lot of jokes among the employees. However, we’re all working hard to continue to stock and supply the needs of our local customers who are coming out in droves. Several items are off the shelves including vitamins, cold medications, bleach, Lysol spray, etc.

    The comment about “keep calm and sew on” was wonderful. My prayers go out to all of those affected by the shut-down. Please stay safe everyone and look after our elderly with pulmonary conditions.

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

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