Here’s More Good News!

Yes, doom and gloom everywhere except – Gloria’s house! Look at this bright eyed little sweetie pie, Angel!

Gloria says when Angel pees now, it’s a gush rather than a dribble. Just think how miserable she must have been! I’d say Gloria has saved Angel’s life twice now!

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Remember the 3 Amigos? The three goats that I took in about 5 years ago? One has always had really bad hooves which grew very fast and curled up making them nearly impossible to keep trimmed. I made the decision last week to have her put down because she had no quality of life – couldn’t walk, could hardly get stood up and never went outside. I took a picture of her terrible hooves so you’d understand.

On a lighter note, I bought cabbage for my chickens – it’s only 28 cents a pound this week before St.Patrick’s Day.

I also went to the vet clinic to get the dogs’ meds for heart worm, flea and ticks. Last year I had a terrible flea outbreak here and no matter the cost, I hope it never happens again. Thus I left with $618.24 worth of meds. I haven’t bought anything for the cats yet! Yikes – Seresto collars – about $60 for a cat times 12 cats!!!!!

Since I thought we’d be watching March Madness I bought everything to make Mexican or Cowboy caviar. Not watching games but had to make it anyway since I had all the stuff.

And here’s the recipe:

Remember this bird seed bag?

Last night it became a grocery bag!

Dirty Dozen finishes.

Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop with your area concerning the virus. If you haven’t commented yet, please do and include your city and state. I think we all appreciate what others are experiencing.

Remember Charlotte whose hospitalized husband Dick was beginning to talk? He was having a good weekend a week ago. On Wednesday of this past week he went to be with our Heavenly Father and Charlotte wanted me to thank all of you for your kind wishes and prayers. Hope you’re doing OK, Charlotte!

And I’ll sign off with a picture of two of my house yard chickens. And remember, this blog is supported by thank you ads.

64 thoughts on “Here’s More Good News!

  1. Brenda Archambault

    I was trying to live with the coronavirus pandemic and decided to get serious about it. Will cancel or postpone all medical appointments including blood testing only because the last appointments (Last few weeks) were all positive and didn’t address any new problems. I will postpone my hearing aid fitting until later, as the only one I’d be listening to would be my husband! Plenty of TP, tissues, food, and Rx to last a few weeks.
    Everyone, stay away from others, sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands often and sew those UFOs.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    I was at a quilt retreat for the last 5 days. It was great but, of course, lots of talk about the pandemic! We all went home today to be very careful and wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands, and stay away from groups of people. We had a prolific retreat and enjoyed our time with our quilting buddies. I will have to send pictures – two of them are dirty dozen finishes. So nice to have the time to get things completed. Guess there will be more time to sew as we aren’t going anywhere except to take “a ride” on a nice day and stay home! Hmm, more time to sew!! Hope everyone is staying well !!

    1. LaNan

      I too was at a retreat this weekend…embroidery that is. Always a lot of fun and corona was a hot topic. Everybody was very conscientious about washing hands and using hand sanitizer before eating etc. now that I’m home and plan to stay there I can continue with the retreat solo!!!


    I live in Southern California and am seeing much of what you all are experiencing. Of interest to me are the die hard people that do not want to adapt to a crisis situation. They say they do not want to panic but are not taking precautions. I belong to a large quilt guild in the area and was slated to teach two in-house workshops in April and May, and I postponed them due to the fact that I am caring for my daughter that has an brain tumor that can not be treated and a husband that works in a residential /care center for seniors. Now everyone was very understanding but instead of taking my lead and cancelling their meeting and workshops which are held at a very large and busy senior citizens center, they just replaced me with another teacher that was going to teach a workshop later in the year. I am hoping that my city will close the senior citizen center for the net few weeks so that my neighbors and friends will be protected. What’s your opinion??

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Carol, you and your family are in our prayers! Senior Centers, nursing and rehabilitation facilities are closed to all visitors in our area and possibly in
      all of Maryland, I am not sure. I think it’s a good idea just because so many people do not take sime precautions like washing their hands. I know people who will say ‘it’s just a cold’. That cold could be life threatening to some but besides that, who wants to catch a cold? Surely we can all put up with being inconvenienced for a while. God bless you.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn Barnett – sounds like you’ve got more on your plate than anyone should have to handle! I am so sorry about your daughter – goodness, what a burden for you to take care of her without treatment. And why didn’t they use their better judgement and simply cancel the classes! They didn’t do the right thing, did they? We are all learning a new way of life and it’s not going to be easy right away. We will learn to adapt – not panic but adapt to our new lives. I wish you all the best, Carolyn! Write when you feel like it and share your daughter’s journey with all of us prayer warriors.

  4. Debbie B

    So glad to hear of little Angel’s recovery. She is so cute. I, too, was planning on watching tons of basketball but oh well. Thanks for the recipe. I’ll have to give it a try. Take care of you and yours.

  5. Diane in WI

    My condolences to Charlotte. Sorry to hear about one of the three amigos. Angel looks completely happy. She is one lucky dog. Last I heard we had 19 cases of the virus here in Wisconsin. All the schools are closed into April. Many are doing on-line classes. Bishop Listecki of the Milwaukee Archdiocese gave dispensation to Catholics if people didn’t want to attend Mass for the next three Sundays. I chose not to go because my husband just got out of the hospital for the second time in two weeks. Our grocery store has put a limit on how much toilet paper and cleaning supplies one can buy. What a mess! Hope the sun is shining in Garner. It is trying to here in Elkhorn. Stay healthy.

  6. Sandy

    I live in LaPorte, Indiana. Our first case of C-19 was reported on Friday. Schools, senior center, and casino closed. I am expecting to hear of more closings as we move forward. Grocery stores are out of toilet paper, low on cat food, dog food, paper towels. Purell and hand wipes are non existent. I too love the churn dash quilt. I am working on Piece of My Heart quilt by Nancy Odom. It is in yellows and blues, my happy colors. We are staying home as much as possible. Please stay healthy everyone.

  7. Kim LeMere

    Hi Mary, I’m from TN just outside of Nashville. Most everything here has been cancelled due to the virus. Most of the universities have closed for the semester and the public schools are closed till the end of March. The stores were fairly empty of paper items, canned goods and all disinfectants. I grew up far from town and raised our children far from town so I always seem to have plenty of t.p on hand and also more than enough food supplies. We are taking this time to weed our flower beds, wash windows and there is plenty of quilting happening. We borrowed the DVD’s Foles War from a friend and now we have time to enjoy watching it. I must admit that is nice to be on lock down, simple and less hectic. I hope all stay safe and healthy.

  8. Sue in Marion, Indiana

    So glad for Gloria and Angel!

    I live in Marion, Indiana. No cases in our county yet. My son is a student at IU med school in Indianapolis, and he and I have had many conversations about coronavirus. I must say adamantly that asking people to stay away from each other and closing down institutions and meetings is NOT an overreaction. Coronavirus is far more contagious than flu. Flu transmission is about 1:1 and coronavirus is 1:3-4 others. Since it is a new virus, nobody has immunity, and a CDC spokesperson said that 3/4 of the world’s population will get it in the next couple of years. 80% of the people who get it have a relatively mild case and will recover and be just fine. Older people, immunocompromised people, people with chronic conditions are at risk for pneumonia and other pulmonary conditions that are what will kill you. I was surprised to find how many seemingly healthy people are taking immunosuppressant drugs…just about everybody that has some kind of autoimmune disease, and there are many.

    The “distancing” strategy is to spread out the cases so our hospitals are not overwhelmed.
    Fact: US population is 330 million people. We have fewer than a million hospital beds in the country, and a lot of them are already occupied. I’m not concerned about me or my DH getting coronavirus…but I’m concerned about possibly passing it to my 92-year old Dad who is very healthy for his age, except that he has congestive heart failure. He would end up in the hospital, likely needing an ICU bed. I know that if a doctor has to make a decision between a 92-year old and a 40- year old dad with lung issues, the younger guy gets the bed. Medical personnel are already having to make these decisions.

    I’m not trying to be an alarmist…I’m not really alarmed. The world has survived many other pandemics and we’ll survive this. If we can help by slowing down the spread, it’s not much of a sacrifice. I’m blessed. I’m healthy, I have food, I have a huge stash (fabric AND yarn), I have books, I have Netflix. And we can go for car rides, a walk in the park, etc. Just stay away from other people! We plan to order carry-out a couple of times a week to support local restaurants without going in to eat. Trying to think of other ways to support local businesses while this is going on.

    I’m trying to look at this situation as an opportunity !

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Marion, IN – what a wonderful positive comment! We are quite isolated in North Central Iowa but I have read many statistics about people who aren’t showing any symptoms but are still passing the virus on to others. I hope that doesn’t happen here.

  9. Gloria from CC

    Yes I read the story about the stone – my vet said the same thing about the size!
    Just received an email from our church and services will be held but no hand shaking, no communion, no passing the offering plate (it will be located in the entry), no morning coffee, and hand washing stations everywhere.
    I am so sorry about Charlottes husband. I prayed for his recovery and now I’ll pray for Charlotte and her family to find peace.

  10. Carolyn Rector

    So sorry to hear about the loss of Charlotte’s husband. Prayers are going out to you and your family. Here in Ohio they are shutting down the libraries, which I couldn’t believe, but it is a safety measure. No school for three weeks, no college for a few weeks I guess. The sports ban feels sureal. University of Dayton basketball Flyers were in the top four Associated Press polls and the loss of March Madness hit the local fans hard. I went to the store early Saturday morning to avoid the crowds. Shelves weren’t too bad, but Toilet paper was scarce. Too bad people have to hoard. Be safe, trying to get used to the new normal.

  11. Janet Baer

    I live in West Virginia and there are no cases here of the virus YET. But people are still stockpiling and schools and colleges are closed for two weeks at least. It’s a very odd situation. Going to the store and finding no canned goods, no bread and no toilet paper (of course) was very surreal.
    But I do have the ingredients to make Texas caviar. I love that stuff!
    I had a dog named Muffin that was poodle/pomerian. She had a big stone like that also. In fact, the vet said he had never seen such a large stone. He kept it and still has it today in his office!
    Everybody stay healthy and safe.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janet Baer – I hope Gloria sees your comment about the kidney stone – did your dog live a healthy life after her surgery? Angel’s story has a happy road ahead!

      1. Janet Baer

        Yes, Mary, Muffin did live a long time after that. She was a beautiful little girl and we loved her so much. Gloria did a wonderful thing when she adopted that little dog!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Janet Baer – I’m going to make sure Gloria knows about Muffin! What good news!

  12. Virginia McKenzie

    Wonderful!!! Angel looks like she will be Glorias baby for quite a long time.

  13. Sue H

    Thank you for the recipe. Looks & sounds delicious. We are sharing your pain over the loss of sports too. Tere’s not a lot of good TV to watch without it. Watched The Two Popes last night and plan on watching The Irishman all afternoon today. I’m so happy for Gloria & Angel. They are both lucky to have found each other!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue H – we have 6 tv’s hooked up to cable and we allow ourselves to do that because we never go on vacation – tv is our main interest and now there’s just nothing on we care much about – without March Madness. Still sad.

  14. Lois Ann Johnson

    This entire Corona-Virus thing is kind of surreal. I have never experienced anything like it in my 84 years! I live in Humboldt, Iowa which is north central Iowa. Not many things shutting down “yet,” but they are starting to limit visiting in hospital and care centers. I’ve heard of no churches cancelling services. My little church usually has attendance of about 90 to 100. Our pastor is recommending we not do handshakes or hugs till further notice! We do not pass the offering plate so that problem is solved. I am wondering how much longer we can serve the morning coffee? Little Angel is such a lucky, little girl; so happy for both her and Gloria. We had about an inch or two of snow yesterday and much of it has already melted. I keep hoping and praying that this “virus” will not settle in our area. I am not one to get sick very often, but this particular strain is bad for “the elderly.” And that would be me! God bless you, Mary, and all that you do for your animals and the people you serve.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann Johnson – gosh, I feel like I know you, Lois, and you live so close to me! We should get together sometime – when the world settles down! I am also in that “elderly”group but will be playing the piano this morning in church. I also don’t get sick very often – hopefully not with this virus either.

  15. Rhoda Ebersole

    So sorry Charlotte for the loss of your husband. Life changes fir all of us.
    Glad Angel is healed again.
    Sorry for another goat loss Mary.
    Love the bird seed bag.
    Las Vegas Strip is a ghost town. Colleges are closed as are the large churches.
    My niece, Andrea Bartz, was supposed to go out on a tour for her newest book “The Herd” snd the entire cross country tour is cancelled. This is her second book. Her first book “The Lost Night” is in paperback and available on Amazon. Both are mysteries.

    A friend said this happened in large cities (closed down fir a time)in 1943 due to the polio epidemic. Aren’t we fortunate 77 years later to have immunization for that disease?

  16. Wendy

    I’m in Victoria, BC. We only have one case on the island. Not sure where. No gatherings over 250, no outside of the country travel. Grocery stores have some empty shelves. Cruise ships banned until July. Tourist industry is going to take a big hit. Ferries are reducing sailings. All sporting events cancelled. It’s strange – like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop – but have no idea when. At least, I’ve got lots to do around the house and in the sewing room and we are well stocked for food. Be safe everyone and wash those hands.

  17. Joyce from NY

    I’m from Aurora, NY about an hour south of Syracuse, just tonight got a message that all schools in the state are closing for about 3 weeks. I was signed up for a bus trip to visit some quilt shops, but it was cancelled. Stopped at Wegman’s yesterday, it was like a zoo, so many shelves empty. Things are closing down all over. Sorry for your loss Charlotte, you also Mary. The quilt pictures are beautiful. Angel looks so happy & healthy!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joyce from NY – 3 weeks of no school is a LONG time! Sorry your bus trip was cancelled, too. Yes, don’t you just love seeing Angel in her healthy little body?

  18. Jan Rhoades

    So glad to see Angel doing so well. I am in North Texas. Things are just nuts. Was told by a friend that Wally has empty shelves. So glad I stay stocked up. We are going to church in the morning. will not be surprised if they cancel for a few weeks after tomorrow .

  19. Beryl in Owatonna

    Angel is smiling!! She sure looks like she feels so much better.
    Charlotte, so sorry for your loss, I will be praying for the Lords comfort and peace for you and your family.
    Your poor Amigo, Mary. those feet must have been so uncomfortable. The chickens look pretty happy to be outside!! I never knew how many different kinds of chickens there are!! Yours are so beautiful!!
    Many places closing here in Owatonna. No services at the church I have been attending. I will go to one where I sew every Wednesday. It will be good so I can decide if I want to go there! It is a smaller congregation. Owatonna will be having a testing station in the next couple of weeks…so far no cases here. I am so ready for all of this to be over. The senseless hoarding is disgusting. I feel for the people at the stores who are trying so hard to be kind. More people need to work retail to see what they put up with. They work at the establishment, they don’t set the rules. It is NOT their fault the shelves are empty and they can do nothing about it. Sorry, I have just about had it.
    The projects being finished are so amazing, thanks for posting all of them!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beryl in Owatonna -:yes, I do think Angel is smiling! Yes, people are getting rude everywhere, aren’t they? My church has not been cancelled yet and I hope it isn’t ever. I don’t think anything is closing around here – yet.

  20. Sandi

    I’m in Enterprise, Alabama and Alabama just got its first case about 2 days ago. I love the pink and brown Churn Dash quilt. Hugs,

  21. Jane Dumler

    Please send my love and thoughts to Charlotte. My husband died last April. It is quite an adjustment. We had been married 60 years. I am so relieved he is not here for the Coronavirus scare.

  22. Jane Dumler

    Thank you for the Mexican Caviar recipe. That will become a staple for summer on the ranch.
    Loved the churn dash quilt. That is a labor o love.
    Glad to see Angel looking so perky. Sorry about your Amigo—always a hard decision but in most cases a wise one.
    We are slowing down in Colorado with the Corona rules. Schools closed in the larger metropolitan areas and most of the colleges closed. The hoarding has been horrible in the groceries and I just red some chains are shortening hours so they can get restocked and their staffs will get a little rest. Museums, libraries, and all all big conventions are closed down.
    I guess this is my chance to get more of those UFO’s out and organized.
    Everyone please take care of yourselves. This is a time to hole up and let the virus run it’s course.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane Daimler – I’ve read that CO might be pretty bad – stay on your ranch and enjoy the scenery!

      1. Jane Dumler

        Please send my love and thoughts to Charlotte. My husband died last April. It is quite an adjustment. We had been married 60 years. I am so relieved he is not here for the Coronavirus scare.
        Unfortunately the ranch is under about 4 feet of snow so I am in Denver. I am staying home and getting the sewing room organized,

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Jane Dumler – that’s a lot of snow! Sounds like you’ve got a big job ahead in your sewing room. And I just have to say that 60 years is a long time – no wonder you miss him.

  23. Sheri

    Here in Utah we don’t have too many cases, but many things have shut down. The Mormon Church has canceled all Sunday services world wide. They have shut down their downtown facilities including the Family History Genealogy Library. Their April conference will be televised with only the speakers in the 20,000 seat facility. Those are all big decisions. We have both had really bad colds (no fevers) and have basically been home for the last two weeks. We are so glad we have had extra food since we are in the older age group.
    We went out yesterday to the bread store and did get some product, but they were not well stocked. I stopped at the store at the gas station to get milk since some stores were out. Everything seems so strange.

  24. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Glad for the update on Miss Angel. Love the picture of the Haimish quilt from Laura P. I am working on this quilt also only I am adding a few star blocks. During this time of being home bound I plan on finishing my Easter wool applique wall hanging, finish put the binding on a hooked rug and work on the Haimish quilt. We do have several doctor appointments next week, after that we should be able to stay home. We are getting rain right now at 11pm but could expect an inch of snow by morning. It was 55 degrees today so the snow won’t last . Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA.

  25. Vickie Lemonds

    I am in Davidson, NC, 20 miles north of Charlotte. We are virtually shutdown. We went to Outback for dinner tonight. It’s typical to wait 45-1hour to be seated, unless you call ahead. At 7PM, there were 5 other couples in the entire place. Deserted. Eerie. Schools are cancelled for the next two weeks, grocery shelves are empty-not just bare-EMPTY. We went tonight because I needed some buttermilk. I got the last carton. I needed one lemon-no lemons, no potatoes, all fruit gone, no milk, no dog food, no cat food, a few cheeses hanging in the dairy, no eggs, butter, water, TP. We are in fairly good shape, because we stay stocked. Even churches are having congregants view services online. Our gym is considering closing til April 1. We have full gas tanks-no sure for what, but many have tested positive for CV. It’s seems like a lot of over reaction, but I’m fully prepared to shelter in place for a few weeks w my sewing machine-plenty of projects! It’s sort of wait and see.

  26. Sandra Corrigan

    Purdue is the big employer here in West Lafayette.It is no longer meeting classes.All the classes are on line.Most activities have been cancelled.Most of the churches have cancelled services. I went to the grocery store this afternoon.Many of the shalves are nearly empty. I have never experienced anything like this. The public schools are closed for spring break.The break will extend for at least another week. I hope,this stops the spread of the virus.We had a light snow today. I am (I hope) going to use this time well. I finished the string quilt in Mary andConnie’s new quilt book. I am very pleased with the result. It was easy and fun and used up some of my favorite scraps.Charlotte,Please accept my sympathy.It is so hard to part with a loved one.I am pleased to see Angel enjoying life and being loved. I am going to make Mary’ recipe. I love getting a recipe.Thank you,Mary. I am sorry about your goat. It is remarkable how much a speechless creature teaches us.My wonderful pets who have shared my home taught me more than I taught them.Dudley is curled up right next to me.He is warm and soft and wonderful company.Take care and stay well.

    1. Vickie Lemonds

      Both our boys went to Purdue. We were living in Houston and I didn’t want to have to live there forever. It didn’t compute that they might meet and marry girls and stay in that area of the country! Our mechanical engineer did meet and marry a Chicago, Purdue graduate. They now have two kids. We were lucky as youngest son, Jon, (Krannert, 2006), is in Charlotte. We retired, Left Texas, and built a house in the mountains of Asheville in 2003. In 2017, we decided we needed to move to be closer to one of the sons, and it wasn’t going to be Chicago, so here we are in the lovely college town of Davidson. We have so many fond, fond memories of Lafayette and W. Lafayette. We shared many good times there. There used to be a great quilt shop there, off Rt. 231- or was it 213? Harvest something…I think. Is it still there?
      Don’t you just love Mary? I enjoy her blog so, so much.
      Stay healthy, safe, warm. Happy sewing!
      Vickie Lemonds

  27. Diana in Des Moines

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your critters. RIP little goat.
    Lots of tee pee hoarding down here in Des Moines. Church is cancelled tomorrow, so will spend the day sewing.
    Did I miss directions for the bird seed bag? I gave a best sunflower seed bag I could use.
    Take care and wash your hands,. Lol

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana in Des Moines – directions for the bag are all over the internet – it wasn’t my idea. It’s a great one however and I have made many bags!

  28. Kathy in western NY

    I am so sorry Charlotte lost her husband. Thanks for passing on to us. Gosh we sure all care about one another….like sweet Angel, and how well she is doing now. What a happy picture and what relief she must feel having her bladder fixed. Mary – you had some sadness this week…well entire year losing pets. I pray for comfort for so many. We are trying to do church tomorrow thru remote access so this will be interesting to see if I can log on and watch it! We are restricted here to gatherings of 50 people so much has been cancelled to stop the spread. We sure don’t want to be another Italy here. Hope people cooperate for the sake of the vulnerable.

  29. Vicki in Seattle

    Great news about Angel! So sorry about Charlotte’s husband and the loss of your goat, Mary. I love the picture of your house yard chickens. I live 20 minutes from the Life Care Center Nursing home where the Virus was discovered about 2 weeks ago. A quilting friend had been in that facility recovering from surgery and had fortunately gone home just a week before. We are thankful that she is OK and are so appreciative of all the Medical staff and caregivers who are working so hard everywhere.
    We have never seen the Seattle area in this shut down situation. EVERYTHING, has been cancelled…no concerts, sports, trade shows, church just to name a few. All schools in Washington are closed for 6 weeks.
    Grocery stores and pharmacies are open, swamped and hiring people to help with home deliveries. Restaurants are closing daily and other businesses are suffering badly, especially the travel industry.
    We are social distancing but can still reach out to others by social media. We have to curb the spread because our hospitals will not have beds for many more. I pray that you and your loved ones will be safe.
    Just remember, spring is coming this week and we are getting lots of extra Quilting time!!💙🙏🏻💙

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vicki in Seattle – I have another friend in your area who said the same thing – a ghost town!

  30. Diane in Maryland

    So sorry about your goat but you did the right thing for her in my opinion. She had a wonderful life with you for many years.

    Charlotte, we are saying prayers of comfort for you and your family. We are so sorry.

    Gloria, you are surely the angel for Angel. What a beautiful little dog. So happy she is healing quickly and you all will have many years together.

    We live just outside Chestertown, Maryland on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is home to Washington College. Just learned that one student is in isolation at the local hospital waiting for test results for the Coronavirus. Her suite mates are in quarantine. Our schools, colleges, Parks and Recreation programs, sports events, and any activity where a number of people gather have been cancelled for the rest of March. It’s a good idea to check if something is open before going as seems things are cancelled or rescheduled hourly.

    I was in our local grocery on Wed. and the shelves were stocked. I need to buy some cat food for our two house cats and hope they haven’t sold out of that. I won’t be good at catching mice for them!

    I will pass on a suggestion from my daughter who is a dental hygienist. She told me that the most important things for me to have right now are Tylenol, Ibuprofen and a good cough medicine like Mucinex. The virus is here and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

    In the meantime I am quilting. Amazingly, I am well stocked with fabric and quite a few unfinished projects! Most of our quilt shops are still open but advising daily about hours, classes, a Shop Hop, etc.

    May all of you and your family stay well.

  31. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Angel looks so much better. So sorry about Charlotte’s husband. That is rough. Ohio schools are closed for three weeks. Most churches have cancelled services and activities. Our girls’ basketball team was to be in the state tournament, but all sports are cancelled. I don’t get why track and baseball—outdoor Spring sports— are cancelled, too. We are still doing normal things. We went out to dinner and the servers wore gloves to deliver the meals. Good idea. I think you did exactly right for the goat. How did she walk? Poor girl. I love seeing the # 6 Dirty Dozens—lots of talent. I am still working on mine😃.

  32. Diane Bauer

    Angel looks so healthy and happy!! Yeah!!!
    So sorry about Charlotte’s husband. This is a sad and difficult time for so many.
    Your dear goat certainly had unusual hooves! I’ve never seen anything like that! So sorry for your loss.
    Sewing is my coping strategy. I have plenty of fabric purchased in Rochester over Thanksgiving. I will dig into that as soon as I finish binding a few more quilts that are hanging over my stair rail.
    There’s a lot of doom and gloom here and hoarding is a huge problem. I’m grateful to be well stocked on a regular basis and ready to quarantine as necessary. I can see clients online or by phone. I’m concerned those with anxiety will struggle during these uncertain times.
    Take gentle care all of you!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – won’t we all be so appreciative of normal life when this is all over?

    2. Susan Sundermeyer

      Afternoon Mary. I will keep Charlotte in my prayers. As Diane previously said, things are shut down in Ohio. As of Monday the schools are shut down and college kids have headed home. Almost all our church services where cancelled too and many had online services. I will say that my neighbors on my block are checking with each other. When one goes to the store, they see if anyone needs anything. I’m a volunteer with Hospice of Dayton and I can’t see my patients and this breaks my heart. I’m biding my time crocheting hats for preemie babies. May your little goat now be grazing in green pastures. ❤️

  33. Betty Klosterman

    The churn dash of beautiful. On the feed bags, do you put the strapping for handles all around the bag, or just from the top?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – I just put them on the top – they are very very strong and sometimes the bags are filled with groceries making them very heavy but I’ve never had a handle give way.

  34. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Dosen’t Angel look fabulous and happy! Like a different dog, she and Gloria have obviously found each other. What a great story, Gloria must be a very special lady.
    We are also living with the effects of the Corona virus here in the Netherlands. The government requested everyone who could work at home to do so, about 10 days ago, and also people who had any signs of illness to stay at home, but on Thursday the regulations were tightened further, banning any events (like a concert) with more that 100 people present, and all sporting fixtures, both amateur and professional for the whole country. Theaters and museums have to close until the 1st of April, so on Friday I had to close the museum that I am director of to the public, and send all my volunteers and nearly all my staff home. These coming weeks we will have a minimal presence in the museum for security reasons (that includes me, so I still have to travel to and from work), and everyone who can work at home will. Those who aren’t working at home because they can’t (for instance reception staff, or cafe staff) still have to be paid their wages, even though the museum now has no income, so this is a difficult and worrying situation for us all, but thankfully at the moment only one of the staff is actually sick (and that may just be the flu). My husband has also been sent home to work: he works for a US firm, and travels regularly. He was supposed to go to the US this week for work, but can’t do that now because of the travel ban.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Fiona – tell us about your museum – what is the subject matter? Educate us, please! Glad your hubby has to stay home with you.

  35. Anonymous

    This is from Rapid City, SD. Just found out that my great niece who was in Spain got back to Brookings, SD, today where she is in quarantine. Her plane ticket home cost $5000, but at least she is back here. Just about everything here is closed but there is still a lot of traffic going past my house. We got the really nice snow which should take a lot of crud out of the air. Public schools are closed for a week and colleges for 2 weeks. The towns are so far apart so that may help the spread. The first death in SD was on March 10 at our hospital, but the man had been overseas. No other information.
    We’ll just have to stay home and sew and let this pass. In past years the schools have closed because of extreme flu cases.
    So sorry Charlotte’s husband passed away. Angel if looking great. Take care.

  36. Peggy S

    Oh, dear. So sorry to hear about Charlotte’s husband. May he rest in peace.
    Love the pictures of a much improved Angel. She actually looks happy. What a wonderful life she will have now with Gloria.
    So sorry you had to make another very hard decision for your goat girl. I always feel that a person knows when it’s time to let them go. I’ve had to make that decision too many times for our dogs. And not too far away from having to do it again for #7.
    Love the quilt #6 of Laura’s & Donna’s projects.
    Peggy S Eagan, Mn

  37. Pam in NC


    In NC the governor just closed K-12 schools for the next two weeks. The Bishop of the United Methodist Church Blue Ridge District has asked that services not be held in person for the next two Sundays. The Biltmore Estate remains open to visitors and are offering discounts. The United Methodist Women owned retirement village is not allowing anyone in the buildings except staff. I’m in Iowa right now to take care of grands over spring break but those are the things I’ve received text or email on. Thanks for all your news and I’m sorry about the Amigo you had to put to rest. Sounds like it was merciful but still difficult nonetheless.

  38. Jan B from TN

    Hi Mary! I just finished posting my comment on your morning blog at almost the same time you sent this one out so I’m sure you haven’t seen it yet! Thanks for the recipe. I’ll share with my friends who love that type of food……me, not so much tho. Angel looks fabulous! So glad she had a successful surgery! Our female cocker spaniel, Sabrina, had her gallbladder removed in 2011. She recovered well tho her chances were pretty slim. She lived to age 13 when we had to put her down since here quality of life was ZERO since she’d become blind & deaf. I could not handle watching her walking into walls, furniture, etc. Saying goodbye to her was the hardest time I’ve ever had with any of many dogs over the years. She & I had a special bond. I feel bad about your goat (whose name you didn’t mention). Those hooves were nasty looking. No wonder she couldn’t walk. O
    One more thing, my girlfriend who had total knee replacement 2/24/2020 developed a large blood clot behind the replaced knee & was in extreme pain last week. She was put on a blood thinner & is doing better. Her swelling is almost gone & the pain is a bit more tolerable tho it is still difficult for her to stand. She’ll resume her PT this week. She was doing really well before this setback but she only missed one week of PT. Just wanted to share with you since I know you can identify with her.
    Also, glad you’ve liked some of the emails I’ve sent you from my brother who lives in IL. Him & his friends do fine some funny ones!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan B from TN – I’ve loved your detailed comments today. Bonnie’s blog won’t come to my email anymore so I don’t always think to go to her site but if she got a new puppy, I’m there! I will also look into the Frolic pattern – wish it was together in a top instead of in a box. I’m working on a baby quilt right now but will finish tomorrow piecing the top. Doesn’t Angel look just great? I love her story! Your friend with the blood clot is lucky it didn’t travel to her heart. I hope she is fully recovered! Yes, I can identify with her so easily.

  39. Chris H. in Washington

    I’m in Puyallup, Washington. We are about an hour away from the nursing home where the virus was first discovered in the states. We are dealing with a lot of fear and consequently hoarding of toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and many other items. The stores can’t keep these things on their shelves. Gatherings of 250 or more people have been ordered to not happen whether it be concerts, church gatherings, etc. Yesterday, it was announced that the public libraries here were closed indefinitely. We are staying at home except for absolutely necessary trips for essentials. I’m ordering groceries on-line for delivery. I’m hopeful that self quarantining will help stop the spread of the Covid19 virus.

  40. Rita in Iowa

    Love the pictures, Paula love your Churn Dash quilt. I had to look at it closer to see what looked to be circles in some of the blocks. It’s perfect. Thanks for sharing.
    Mary thanks for all you do.

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