Scenes from the Country Living Fair

Getting the booth ready on Thursday

Here are some of the things we are seeing at the Country Living Fair on Friday.

8 thoughts on “Scenes from the Country Living Fair

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anita-I expected you all day. We have 3 Mary’s working in our booth. Did you speak to someone else? Or maybe you weren’t at the Fair today?
      Mary Etherington– I’m the person who demonstrates the rug making.

  1. LMK

    enjoyed seeing the pictures, hopefully you have nice weather. sorry to hear about sally but you did the right thing (even though it was hard) enjoy your time out there, will be waiting for more pictures and hear more about what’s happening out there.

  2. Patrisha

    Ohhh! Wish we could be there. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your booth and Good Luck!

  3. Lisa

    Terrific weekend! Already working on my needle punch kit. Your booth was lovely, and staffed by such fun, friendly people (we bonded over spray cheese ;-).

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