Scott’s Finished Quilt

Finally it’s done! I think winter’s arrival caught us by such surprise that every day there’s something else to do in the barn. Today is the reveal!

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Can you tell how windy it is outside today? Finally I got a straight shot.

Do you like it? I really do. I used a Country Threads pattern called Opposites Attract which told the whole story of combining batiks with plaids. All the plaids were shirts. Here’s a couple closeups.

I always like to keep a quilt on my sunroom table – it’s always covered with cat hair, too, so guess I’m not the only one who likes it.

Here is the star block.

You may use this to make your own Opposites Attract quilt. If you would prefer to order a complete paper pattern, you may send $3.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. This includes shipping but it’s really helpful if you send us an address label. I will post this info again tomorrow and again after Thanksgiving in case you’ve missed this post.

Remember how tidy my sewing table was a few weeks ago? Here it is today – working with the scraps from this quilt in a small improv quilt. I always have such good intentions to keep it tidy – haha!

I thought you might like to see my basement “greenhouse”. My friend, Jane, just sent me some more “starts” and she is so considerate when she packages them. She warns me if it’s a prickly cactus.

See what I mean?

And around the corner.

Honestly it’s a sickness just like hoarding fabric. There’s lots more but I didn’t want to scare you.

Oh maybe just a couple more.

This is the main area but I have another double light over the workbench. I’ll save that for another time.

So ……. you can use the star pattern measurements that I posted OR you can order the pattern for $3.00,your choice.

I’m making bean soup from last week’s ham bone – smells delicious!

And this is off the subject but I would like to sell my leather couch for $40. It’s perfectly good but I’m sick of it and it’s too deep for me to sit comfortably – my feet don’t even reach the floor! It is also scratched by the cats but would be OK for a workshop or a basement. Just thought I’d throw it in for someone local.

Use my email if you’re interested.

41 thoughts on “Scott’s Finished Quilt

  1. Wendy

    Your batik and plaid quilt is just beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration Mary! A wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Scott’s quilt is wonderful!! Great marriage between plaid shirts and batiks! Enjoy your early winter…still getting up into the 50s here, with clear skies. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Janet

    I absolutely love the batik and plaid quilt. I love how you quilted it too. Thank you for the pattern.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Diane in Central Ohio

    What a beautiful quilt on a cold, snowy day. It’s perfect:) I love the colors; who would have thought shirts and batiks? Have a yummy Thanksgiving.

  5. Launa

    Ah Mary…your soup smells divine! Scott’s batiks n your shirt plaids quilt is so beautiful with the snow background. Thanks for the block measurements. I saw Scott’s batiks online, but I can’t remember where. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  6. Martha Engstler

    Your plant are wonderful. They must love you, they look so healthy. You know how to treat them. I have a sun room that is all glass and my orchids are starting to bloom. It’s more sun than directions say they need but they do well there anyway. It faces west. Three are ready to bloom and one is blooming. I’m keeping fewer each year but more of other types of plants. Blessings for Thanksgiving to all.

    1. Felicia Hamlin

      Martha, what is the secret to your success with orchids? I have killed a few, but right now I have three which face the east, but it is getting cold now and I don’ t know it the cold temperatures will hurt them. How much water and how much do you give them and how often?

      Could you reply to me at: Thank you, Felicia

  7. Kathy Hanson

    I love the quilt – I would think it would work for flannels too, wouldn’t it?? I was cleaning things up so that I could put other things away and what would I find but two big bags of flannel, and I already have a relatively big stash of flannel!! I need to start making something! Your plants are amazing – I love to see that but I don’t have a “green thumb” but my husband does outside. My inside plants aren’t doing so well. Just love seeing yours! Thanks for the pattern, I will put it to good use.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    What a stunning quilt! You sure have an eye for putting plaids and prints together and making scrappy look so great. I can’t wait to see how you do Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt in your own colors. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Rita Mulvey in CT

    I do like the quilt Mary you certainly have a talent for choosing fabrics.
    I love your plants they all look so healthy, it’s so wonderful that you have to space to bring them all inside and care for them over the winter.
    My feet also don’t reach the floor when sitting on furniture. My granddaughter noticed that on Saturday it made her very happy because hers don’t reach either. She’s three! 🤨
    Thank you for giving us a peek into your life and adventures.
    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  10. Carol

    The quilt is charming! It just might a “sooner” than later for me!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary… and yes, you may be the most plant hoarding-est person I know!
    I worry about picking the wrong things and having my kitty eat them. I recently cut my hydrangea trees back, harvested those big beautiful blossoms and dried them in an old four gallon pickle crock. Kitty got very ill at the time, and I looked up hydrangea flowers, yes, highly toxic even when dry. My mom had seen her on her hind legs rubbing her whiskers on the flowers, I didn’t know if she ate them and the vet said, no, even if she ate a petal or two she wouldn’t get as sick as she was.
    She’s all better and my sister has my flowers so I have to go to her house to visit them!

  11. Tanya in Houston

    LOVE the quilt! Thanks for motivating us with the pattern and fabulous photos.

    Great minds must think alike…we inherited our son’s “pleather” sofa and love seat that are flaking. I stopped by the thrift shop today and asked them to schedule a pick up. A nice new sofa is due here later today…another Thanksgiving blessing! The weather here can’t decide whether it is hot or cold; lots of people seem to have runny noses as they can’t tell whether to wear shorts and flip flops or sweaters and scarves! Maybe it’s better to just stay home and read and sew!

  12. Sue in Oregon

    Oh, I do love your star quilt. I made my own little pattern for it, but I am so far behind in just everything. Wish I could clone me. lol I can’t even seem to keep up with my few houseplants. Yours are beautiful. I like your little basement greenhouse. Everyone looks very happy down there.
    Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving. I just cooked down a couple of pie pumpkins in my instant pot. I love making my pies from my own sugar pumpkins.

  13. Lois Palmisano

    MARY!!!!!! Great Wow to the quilt.
    And hooray for the creatures in the barn who DO appreciate your good works.
    Happy holidays Lois in Omaha

  14. Judy

    Love, love, LOVE the star quilt! SO inspired by yet another star quilt!

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone from Texas!

    Judy in Texas

  15. Sandi

    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!! Scott’s quilt is wonderful. I love the color combination. Thank you for the pattern information. Hugs,

  16. Lillian

    Beautiful quilt! Don’t you hate to bring in all those plants after they have enjoyed being outside? It must take a whole day to get all the plants watered. I have quite a few plants myself but so enjoy them,

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lillian – I try to water different areas on different days so it doesn’t have to take the whole day. Yes, I hate bringing them all in!

  17. Cheryl

    I love your quilt. When I saw the fabrics, I wasn’t sure you could pull this off, but you did it beautifully!

    We finally bought a sofa that works for me. I am vertically challenged and most sofas aren’t built for us!

    Your succulents are amazing!

    Blessed Thanksgiving, Mary!

  18. Sherry Whalen

    That is such a cute quilt! The combination turned out great. Your plants look so good. The space you have for them is wonderful and easily lighted. My area is just a corner in my lower level family room so it is too crowded and probably too warm and dry so they only have the chance to just survive until they can get back outside again. The survivors are tough though lol.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – I agree about the plants – even mine. If they survive our winter, they get rewarded with spring!

  19. Debbie

    The quilt is lovely and perfect against the backdrop of snow and wind. I have no green thumb indoors or out, but enjoy seeing your collections. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Sharon Ernst

    Mary, your quilt is truly magnificent!! You did a wonderful job! And it’s so perfect in your house! ❤️❤️

  21. Sharon Cervenka

    Love the quilt! Not into batiks, but does make you think about mixing it up! Share your ham and bean recipe? Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  22. Margaret

    Love your combinations of plaids with Scott’s designs! Thanks for the showing it–looks great with the snow as background.

  23. Beryl Hoff

    The quilt is beautiful!! I love the wind pictures with the snow!! I think I will have to order the pattern for some day!! The Batiks and plaids are perfect together. May have to hit a thrift shop for some shirts!! I have a friend who garage sales all of the time,maybe I will have her look for some for me!
    Your plants look so healthy and happy!! I can’t imagine caring for all of them. I seem to be acquiring more Hobby Lobby greenery, I know that isn’t the way to go but I feel guilty when the real thing dies! Had someone watering plants for me last Christmas, one of the greenery ‘plants’ got water too as well as the cupboard it is sitting on!! They must look real!!
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, we have SO much to be thankful for!

  24. Caryn Goulden

    I love your quilt! Such cozy colors. Thanks for the pattern.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  25. Carolyn Rector in western Ohio

    You have such a knack for putting colors together. That’s why I love to look through your books. Love the outside pictures, but it looked so big to me. It’s attractive on your table, and helped me to see it’s size. Thanks for the pattern, almost doable for me. I’m still working so everything overwhelms me. Love your blog so much.

  26. Kathryn Dalheim

    Beautiful, and such a unique combination of fabrics! Love your color match-ups. The quilt seems to glow!

  27. Debbie B

    Love your quilt! I love any quilt with recycled shirts. They are always so comfy and cozy. Thanks for the pattern. Your plants are lovely and I’m so jealous. I don’t have a good history with them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. mary jane

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day to all. I am thankful for this blog. I get quilting information, recipes, travel logs, photos of farm critters, views of cornfields, mud puddles, snow piles, most important life of a happy, caring Iowan homemaker, her husband, her friends and cute little pup, Hazel.

    I love the quilt Mary, a prize winner

    MJ from Hudson, Wi

  29. Ann Barlament

    Love the closeup shots of your quilt. But I’m delighted to see some of your plants. You have quite a plethora of plants and it’s fun trying to remember each kind. I truly miss that connection, with digging in the ground.
    Plastic flowers is what is allowed, it’s not the same…

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

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