Cold Saturday Night

Brrrr….we’re heading towards zero by next morning and we have about 3″ of new snow on the ground. We met Tom and Becky in town for a burger and beer and we discussed how we all get accustomed to these frigid temps.

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This was the scene just yesterday.

Snow and cold moved in last night. We’ll get used to it.

I’m thinking of starting another rug.

Anybody want to start a rug with me? If you need the book and DVD, I can send both to you for $20 to be sent to our address on our home page. This technique is called twining – it isn’t braided or woven – it’s twined on a frame and the instructions to make the frame are in the book.

I don’t know where last week went – I know you didn’t hear much from me. A friend asked me today how I get it all done and I’m here to tell you that I don’t. I wish my house was clean and everything was dusted. I wish I had a small love seat rather than my big leather couch which I’m sick of! I wish the cats and dogs didn’t shed so much – it’s an endless problem but one I need to accept if I want to have all these animals. I worry about the barn animals ALL THE TIME! So please don’t think I get it all done – I don’t even come close but really wish I did.

Here’s a picture sent in by a reader of her young dog named Addie right after her spay surgery. She’s shown in her “snow” cone! She uses it to scoop up snow! Hahaha!

Joyce C. commented that euthanasia may be the last gift we can give our ailing pets. I agree – it’s the most loving thing we can do for them when life becomes a struggle and there’s no hope.

More coming about Scott’s flag quilt – we’re going to work with Scott on a smaller version. Watch the blog for details.

Reed was here last week working on his log cabin blocks. Hazel is his biggest fan and rarely leaves his side while he’s here. See?

I’m hoping to finish the batik/plaid quilt tomorrow – it’s off the longarm machine but the binding is waiting for me. Maybe tomorrow.

Connie and I spent some time at Junkin Gal this morning. Rick made the kettle corn for us to give out to customers. True to form I bought more stuff than we sold. Haha! Christmas shopping, I’m on it!

Remember that throw I bought in October at the quilt show in Des Moines? I put it on my bed this week. I love it!

Here is my huge fern in the piano room.

That’s all I’ve got, Folks! I’ve got 3 books going – paperback, Kindle and audio and numerous quilt projects – what are YOU working on?

Talent counts but effort counts twice. That’s the story of my life.

44 thoughts on “Cold Saturday Night

  1. Jane Dumler

    I am restoring an antique crazy quilt for a client. Lots of the silks are gone due to exposure to the sun and being stored in a big plastic bag. It is beautiful and certainly worth restoring. I had a fun time hunting fir silk pieces. Never bought more than 1/8 yard. Makes me want to start one.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane Dumler – restoration is something I’d never have the patience for- thank God there are kind people like you who are willing to take on such a daunting project!

  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    Little Addie reminded me of my real character yellow lab Addie. She was always getting in trouble but when scolded would smile and wag her tail. Miss her bunches.

  3. Donna Sproston

    I just spent the afternoon getting out Christmas decorations and the first item is always my red and white Country Threads log cabin which is on the dining room table with a big red bucket of greenery atop. It was snowing outside which makes me think December is here! We will be at the kids for Thanksgiving, so I was in the mood to get started. The photo of Reed and Hazel is a keeper as is the one of the two men at work with Hazel keeping watch.

  4. Kathy in western NY

    I am right with you on the cleaning part…I just took down my Halloween stuff today. I saw a ton of dog hair on the loveseat in the corners when I changed quilts and just groaned I needed to bring out the vacuum cleaner again. There’s always tomorrow and maybe I will feel like doing it. I agree it’s been tough getting use to the cold. Probably cause we didn’t seem to have a fall.

  5. Pat Williams

    Mary, can’t remember what fabric you said worked best for the rugs? I remember those posts but have no idea what month to check the archives. Thanks. Pat in Ia City

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Williams – I like to make rugs out of t-shirt knit, woven plaids and homespun because the fabric is the same on both sides. I hate working with denim because it’s so stiff it hurts my hands. If I’m using t-shirt knit, I keep it all the same knit not mixing in a different type.

  6. Carol

    I spent yesterday thoroughly cleaning three bedrooms, a long hall and a bathroom, spic and span, ready for Christmas guests. All I’ll have to do on the 23rd of December is the proverbial “firehouse swish” … a quick dust and vacuum and I’m guest ready. Today, the tree went up, a new shelf in my cutting space, chili in the crockpot, applesauce on the stove and gingerbread cookies for dessert…company for dinner.
    That’s it for a couple of snowy cold days in Western New York! Staying in, staying warm. Actually, cleaning…I worked up a sweat!
    Also, finished a book, The Vengence of Mothers… sequel to One Thousand White Women…both by Jim Fergus.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I wish my house was ready for guests! I have the book One Thousand White Women but haven’t started it.

    2. Connie Lutz

      Oh my! 1000 White Women is one of my all time favorites.
      I didn’t know about the sequel. Need to get to the library!co
      Addie had her cone removed today. Talk about a happy
      girl. She was running and playing and licking places she couldn’t reach with the cone! Ha! She managed to gain
      7 pounds during her convalescence…up to 45 pounds at
      4 1/2 months.
      Connie. and Addie in Kansas

  7. Dee Winter

    I love the fern, I have a 12 ft tall avocado tree. Cathedral ceiling in living room, so it’s just reaching up. And of course an ivy and an umbrella plane and and and. I love plants, they love the windows in my living room. I too worry about my outdoors animals, I have an old horse and she has been eating the front yard grass. Last night’s snow let me see where she was getting out. We thought it was one place, the kid fixed that one, we left home and I came back to her in the front yard! Then she moseyed back into the pasture when I put the dog back in the house.

  8. Becky from TX/IA

    Reed and Hazel… cute is that……
    I can relate to busy…got to TX on Tuesday, left for the Houston quilt festival on Friday got back home on Monday, sewed with my group here Wednesday and Thursday, hosting Thanksgiving and have to get ready for flea market on Saturday!!!! I have a dog and cat so why dust….ha! But you are amazing you get way more done that I can ever imagine…you are my hero!!!! But you know it seems all to work out……

  9. Debbie Archer

    I’m working to get the sewing room unpacked and organized. I have two books I’m reading,both are on kindle. My daughter and I went to the cities this week. I needed a sewing table. I’ll post pics when the sewing room is done.

  10. Agatha

    I love reading your blog it is always a great highlight of my day. I am working on a paper pieced butterfly quilt that I am designing to raise money for ALS. It is a benefit that my oldest daughter is involved with. Just hope it brings a lot of money for them.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I hope you send Mary a picture of your raffle quilt she can show us when it’s done. ALS is a horrible disease to watch a loved one die from so wishes that your quilt raises lots and lots of money for them!

  11. Diane in Central Ohio

    Remember when I said I was ready to make the flannel rug because hubby had his knees replaced in December and February? Well, I’ll start it with you this December or whenever!! I have three quilts to bind, house to dust, and 3 table runners to quilt. Lots of fun getting ready for Thanksgiving and our grand daughter’s 15 th birthday on the same day. The pictures made me smile and laugh outloud. What a precious one of Rick, Reed, and supervisor Hazel😃. The ice storm knocked out our power on Thursday–5 hours and Friday midnight to 8:45. I am so glad we put in the generator–money well spent. Take care of you, Mary. Don’t wear yourself out.

  12. Joyce C

    My daughter has a continuous shedding corgi.. she swears by the romba! I took a glass blowing class today.. such fun and new admiration for beautiful blown Christmas ornaments…. practice is much needed! Wondering… does Reed realize that he has a big piece of white Velcro sticking to him ..? 😉

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joyce C. – haha! I’ll be sure to tell Reed to look for that big piece of white Velcro! Hazel sticks by him when he comes over – she loves Reed!

  13. Sue in Oregon

    One Thousand White Women was a favorite of mine, too. I am very pleased to hear there is a sequel.
    Joyce….your velcro comment is very funny. Hazel does seem to adore him, doesn’t she?
    Always love your photos, Mary, but today’s seem extra special, starting with the goats in the driveway. Love it!

  14. Felicia Hamlin

    Sweet pictures of Reed and Hazel, Mary. I just came back from San Francisco on Thursday, the smoke was terrible on Wednesday and it was a little cold. Those fires have been tragic and so devastating. I am not enjoying the snow, but I am thankful for having a roof over my head.

  15. Kim LeMere

    I’m busy getting my leaves raked and the flower beds cleaned up for the season, think I will get some pansy to plant by the front door since they bloom all winter here in TN and give us a splash of color outside. I went and ordered a smoked ham for turkey day and then got most of the groceries. Just hubby and I this year so we invited two of our single friends to join us, an easy holiday. I think I need to check out the book that everyone is commenting on, never heard of One Thousand White Woman.

  16. sandy williams

    Love the Reed & Hazel pictures… sweet!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving…….

  17. Lillian H Whitworth

    I love my two dogs,basset hound and jack Russell,but wish they didn’t shed so much.It’s a never ending battle.But husbands can be just as bad!He doesn’t shed but brings in lots of dust.

  18. Diane Bauer

    Love seeing that the barn is still sporting the big flag!!! And yes, Reed and Hazel look to be quite a team! I have two Goldens who shed all year round—keeping the Swiffer close by is a necessity of my life!! I finished binding the last of my “deployment quilts” yesterday. This one was a simple pattern called Jack’s Blocks I found on Pinterest—a baby quilt I enlarged to make a throw for my therapy office. Bought more fabric than I needed so my Mom got a nap quilt as well. Curled up under the quilt and started a new book called Educated. Will be checking out 1000 White Women next, I guess!!
    We had ice in Fort Collins last night, so lots of cars in ditches on the interstate and back roads. Denver had a 20-car pile-up right in town earlier in the week. That’s always scary!! Today it’s supposed to warm up so I am planning to hike the Devil’s Backbone with my Women of the Year group. We have loved our year together so plan to continue on as Women of Many Year’s rather than disbanding in February.
    Stay warm, All!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I envy you that hike! We are too cold now to be outside for any length of time. I’m missing one of my hens tonite and if she’s outside, she’ll be dead by morning. I have looked everywhere I can think of!

  19. Dot

    My husband needs to be in a nursing home, so we recently moved completely across the country to be near our doctor daughter in North Carolina. I had little time to choose what to move, and only a small POD to put it in. I haven’t yet unpacked the quilting tools and UFOs, but yesterday I was sorting the few of my more than 400 quilting books that I’d been able to save, and one of them was “Use it Up, Wear it Out …”! Re-reading the introduction, I now know where Hazel’s name came from. My mother’s family were Iowa farmers, so I love to read about Iowa.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dot -yes, my Hazel is named after my mom. Our Terrier before Hazel was Faye and that was Rick’s mom’s name. Gotta keep it in the family, don’t you know! Ha!

  20. Sue H

    Ahhhh …. the never-ending saga of housekeeping. UGH! We do what we can when we can, right? Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. elizabeth a hinze

    I’m very excited to work on Scott’s quilt. I love it.
    I’m obsessed by string quilts lately…
    I’m working on one for a coworker who is moving to

  22. Lynn in Highlands Ranch, CO

    I am working on a rug in blues and reds so I will be making a rug with you. I twine rugs, sew pot holders, crochet scarves and dish cloths, and embroider dish towels. There are always 4-5 projects going.

    The weather was icy here last night. We didn’t think there would be many people in church, but it was full.

  23. Tina W in Oregon

    Mary you are amazing! All the things you get done in a day makes me tired! With two big shedding dogs, we always have “fur” rugs floating around and I’d rather be quilting so don’t do anything about it until it drives me crazy or we’re having company! And I always thought dust was a protective covering for furniture! Mine is very well protected!! But I guess I’d better get busy since we’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year!

  24. Colleen

    Hi I am in the San Francisco Bay Area of California USA and we have been breathing smoky air for (?) 2 weeks today it is finally foggy.
    It is so nice to breath the cool moist air
    The rest of the country thinks California burns and shakes but really these devastating fires burning entire towns to the ground are new.
    The first one that took part of a town was the Oakland Hills fire in Oakland California (movie about it)

    California has as well as any forested state had its share of forest fires trees lighting camp fires power lines that happens all over

    But these fires are towns suburbs blocks of homes with yards lawns not out in the forest

    But today I can take a breath without smelling smoke or coughing up a lung

  25. Noël

    I have yet to finish the rug from the last rug-a-long. I’m embarrassed to say I only have three rows done on each side. I am a good starter of projects, but a bad finisher! If only I had more Mary in me! 😀

    And I had to show my husband the pics of Reed and Hazel as he knows that scenario all too well. Our dog Rosie wedges herself in the back of his office chair all the time. 🙂

  26. SusanfromKentucky

    I’m making a quilt for my 93 year old mother. She’s in Rehab at a center near me. We are waiting for her to get in a long-term care room. Hopefully, she will like this quilt. The last quilt I made for her, I was told, “It’s pretty, but I wish it was purple.”
    My house doesn’t get dusted much anymore. Since my husband died last year, I really don’t care much about keeping it clean.

  27. Gramapama

    What a cute pic of Reed and Hazel … I love reading your stories about your farm and animals. I’m working on a Carolina Chain quilt made from lots of 2 inch strips from scraps. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  28. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Great pictures, especially of Reed and Hazel. I also would like the receipe for the kettle corn. I’m waiting for Dec. 8th so I can have popcorn again. I had oral surgery on Nov. 8th and cannot have popcorn until then. I really do miss it. Have a happy thanksgiving.

  29. Catherine Platzer

    My goal is for my son’s 8 grandkids (my great grandkids) get quilts and pillow cases for Christmas. I have 2 quilts yet to finish, then 3 to quilt and bind, plus 4 pillow cases yet to make. Making good head way if I don’t loss my way.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cathy Platzer – HOLY COW, Cathy! That’s a lot of quilts and pillowcases – hope you get them all finished in time!

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