October Book Club List

I tried very hard not to duplicate titles but I see that there are several – my old brain cannot remember stuff like it used to.

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I made page 4 what is called “full size ” and pages 1-3 are called “large size”. Is there any difference? I can’t tell from my blog site.

I’ve mentioned before that I simply don’t have time to look up details of books mentioned so unfortunately if you did not give me the titles, I’ve just had to write “series” and the author’s name. Same with giving me your favorite author -book titles are not included.

Connie and I have been at the library this morning for Novel Idea, our monthly get together with other readers. I love hearing what they are reading and enjoying.

So we’ll start over the first of December and I’ll ask for new titles that you’d like to share. If it has already been on the list, please don’t put it down again. After a few days I’ll publish the list again. You’ll notice that October’s list is half the size of our September list. If you’ve read a good book, please join in our fun and send the author and title as a blog comment when I ask again in December.

It’s a sunny day in North Iowa. Earlier this week the ASPCA raided a puppy mill not far from here and I’d like to write just a bit about it in another post. Not now – it’s too disturbing and today we want to concentrate on the joy of reading!

Thanks for being a supportive Country Threads Chicken Scratch reader! We appreciate all of you!

24 thoughts on “October Book Club List

  1. Clayton Rector from Ohio

    To get the titles of the books in a series, the best place to go is Fantastic Fiction. Just Google it. Upcoming books are listed, too. I use it all the time in my job as a librarian. We got our first snow and ice storm here in western Ohio. Back to the 40’s todsy. Thanks for the list, I too want to share it, Love to get recommendations.

  2. Sue in Oregon

    Page 4 is so much easier to read. I have been without email for a few days, so I am late with my answer, but I LOVE page 4.

  3. Beth

    I am presently working my way through the Quilting mysteries by Ann Hazlewood. Some of the writing is a bit simplistic but the info on quilting and quilts in general is interesting. So far I have read the Potting Shed Quilt and the Funeral Parlor quilt. I have been lucky enough to find them at flea markets which means they don’t cost too much. The list price is $14.95. With the rate I read I can’t afford those prices for long….. LOL

  4. Wendy

    Hi Mary – In answer to your question – page 4 does seem to be the largest and clearest document when I compare them on my screen. Also the pen or marker you used after the first few on the list is very much more clear to read. Thanks for all of the time/effort you put in to making your blog so fun and interesting. I always look forward to a post from you and Connie.

  5. sandy williams

    thank you Mary for all you do!
    page 4 was much easier to read,,,,it appeared brighter to me
    enjoy your day!!

  6. Lynn in Highlands Ranch, CO

    Kathy in Western, NY, I like gentle, sweet books, too. I don’t want anything that is too gritty. You will find The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith and the Susan Branch books cheerful and uplifting and not disturbing.

  7. Kathleen L.

    I just came across you book blog. I love to read and since 2012 till now I have read over 242 books. I love a really good book that grabs you on the first few pages.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathleen L. – Welcome to Chicken Scratch! We all like to read, quilt, garden, decorate our homes, shop at thrift stores and we all LOVE animals!

  8. Kate

    People that have puppy mills are just sick…
    Page 4 is definitely easier to read.
    Thank you for making the book list. A lot of time goes into it.

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I love the Mrs. Pollifax series!! I need to go back and re-read them again! Thank you for this list!!

  10. Jan Behm

    Yes, page 4 is much brighter & clearer so easier to read! Thanks for this! I thought I could never die because I have SEW much fabric & projects to do but now I double can never die since there are so many books to read! LOL!! Just can’t fit it all in my schedule. Makes me sad, but I’m keeping the books lists! Thanks for doing this, Mary!

    And, yes, it’s tough to read about puppy mills. Luckily there are so many rescues throughout the country that usually step up & help with these horrid situations! We have a few here in TN that are phenomenal because many people in TN don’t think of their dogs as “family”. Don’t get me started. This, too, is one of my passions!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan Behm – and don’t you get ME started! Puppy mills are horrendous!

  11. Micky

    Oh my Gosh!. I need to start reading more or find a secluded place to retreat to. Thank You for compiling these lists. I will have to live forever to read what I want. Who needs cooking and cleaning with quilting and books. Peace Micky

  12. patti leal

    mary, thank you for the new book list, saw several i want to add to my reading list. there just isn’t enough time in the day. i found page 4 the easiest to read today but the other pages were still easier to read than last time. i think the pen makes the difference. thanks for all you do for us all. patti in sunny florida where we will be going from summer to winter. we just skip fall.

  13. Mary Shultz Central Iowa

    Page 4 is the easiest page to read! Thank you so much for listing all of those books, I will be referencing this list when I go to the library to choose a book to read.,

  14. Kathy in western NY

    Oh Mary I am sure it will be an upsetting post to write and read too about the puppy mill. Maybe lawmakers will pass tougher laws. It’s hard to imagine as we adopted rescued dogs and do all we can to help them forget their past. As I have gotten older I can’t read or see anything about Nazi Germany and what atrocities happened to the Jews they captured. It just repeats over and over in my mind when I read something horrible so many of the books people recommend are around that time frame so I can’t read them.
    Is it just me or am I too sensitive to stuff as I get older??? Thank you Mary for giving us so much of your heart with your blog.

  15. Ellie

    Mary, thanks for doing this! It’s a labor of love!
    Hate hearing about a puppy mill. Hope they are adoptable.

  16. mary jane

    Mary, I am so sorry to hear about the Puppy Mill, I just don’t understand the mental state of such people.
    On a lighter note, thank you for taking the time, and the effort in all you do for us. The blog itself brings such joy to all of us readers and followers. I made a copy of the all the books to send on to a Florida friend and book lover, I know she will enjoy looking thru the list. I also want to wish you, Connie and families a very Happy Thanksgiving Day, we all have a lot to be thankful for up here in the North. No fires, hurricanes, floods, just snow and low temps, which I happen to love…!! from Hudson Wi

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Waller – thank you for telling me – I will make note for next time!

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