Scrap Challenge

So many of you have shown interest in cutting up your scraps and Paula from KY suggested we all consider it our personal challenge. So join in and I’ll tell you all I know which won’t take too long.

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My love of scrap quilts has always been inside me but since I became a Bonnie Hunter fan, I am all consumed with scrap quilts. I made her mystery last winter which is still waiting for binding but I loved the whole process. I am very aware of copyright laws so I urge you to buy a Bonnie Hunter book and jump in. I can explain some basics here and get you started but this is HER method not mine. Remember I’m just one of her many fans.

I had baskets and containers of pieces of fabric everywhere I looked and when I wanted to start getting organized in the quilt shop after all the water came in, I knew I should do it correctly. And that’s when Bonnie’s Scrap Saver System became reality for me. Her quilts are lots and lots of piecing with relatively small pieces and I love that except I hate to start dragging out all that fabric to get started. And I really hate cutting.

A reader asked what kinds of quilts I would make with all these strips and without even standing up from my sewing island, I grabbed all of these books within reach which use strips and scraps and squares and rectangles! I know some of you already employ Bonnie’s method and I will talk about only the basics here in respect of Bonnie’s copyrighted instructions.

Bonnie cuts strips in 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″ and 3-1/2″ wide. When her scrap doesn’t allow for a long strip she cuts squares and rectangles. All of her quilts work with these sizes and her Essential Triangle Tool. I have to get some more clear plastic containers so that I can separate into color families next. Right now for instance all 2-1/2″ strips are in the same container which is difficult if you’re looking for all red strips. Eventually I will sort them all into colors. I think cutting and organizing these scraps is almost as satisfying as making the quilt top! I’ve always been in awe of all the quilts Bonnie gets made! Now I hope I can make lots of them, too.

So……if you’d like to join me in cleaning up your messy baskets and boxes of odd scraps and pieces, I think it would be fun to discuss it here. I’ve come a long way already and can’t wait to cut a quilt out using Bonnie’s system. Look at all the books using strips right here in front of me! There are books galore of quilt patterns made from strips and squares and yes, I’m a book junky! (There are worse things to be, right? And it keeps me out of the pool hall!)!!

So in the middle of the games I took a break to write this post but now Iowa State is going to play Ohio State so I’ve gotta wrap this up.

It first another parade of Harveys, Big and Little, all from a class in South Carolina – some really cute details on some of these rabbits. Thanks to Sylvia for sending them.

I just love to see all these Harveys! I hope all these gals are reading the blog.

Here’s a Harvey that I cannot find the owners name – oh, dear! And he’s so cute! Whoever claims this guy, let us know in the comments. My apologies.

It was such a beautiful day today – 54 degrees under these bluebird skies. Someone else called a pretty blue sky a bluebird sky and I thought it was a perfect description.

And look at this little succulent in the basement. I was sure it was dead but did not throw it away and lo and behold it has new green shoots! Wow, I almost threw it away and it was dormant!

And here’s an eye opener for me – Wear Warm Clothes was published in 1994! Not 20 years ago but 25 years ago! Holy Balony!

Working on figuring out the details of mailing out Goat Gazettes – we really looked in the corners and came up with several bundles – and I grabbed them before Rick started the trash fire with them! Ha!

The game is starting!

78 thoughts on “Scrap Challenge

  1. Kate

    Is the quilt Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do without in the Warm Clothes Book? If so, I have that book somewhere and we sold it in our store when we had one over twenty some years ago. I have always thought I would make that particular quilt one day and you’ve reminded me of that fact. Must go find the book. Love all the Harveys. Debating buying the pattern, but probably should our I’ll kick myself later!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – yes, the pattern for the quilt is in the book by the same name. Hope you find it!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – I’m sorry. My answer was wrong! That particular quilt is in the book “Use it up….”. Had a senior moment there.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy A – you can still order Harvey for $10 until Easter! And still have time to make him!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    There isn’t a single ad, either in the comments or on the side…….
    Love the Harvey parade. They are absolutely wonderful.
    My Gramma spoiled me for life and I don’t waste anything. The larger scraps or strips go with the big pieces. Then I cut the smaller stuff into whatever I can manuver like 2 1/2 squares or larger if I can fussy cut. I’ve even sewed a “frame” around some fussy cuts to get it to the 2 1/2″ size. My scraps not usually much bigger than the 2 1/2″ squares. I especially like the scrappy log cabins. Each strip of “dark” fabric was picked out without looking and that was that. The process really “hurt” sometimes, but it turned out to be amazing! The off white background came from a scrap bag at the quilt shop. I washed, ironed and cut it into the correct sizes and just used them as they came of the stacks. Then the smallest scraps go into a box for the miniature paper piecing stuff. From there it is into the dog and cat beds for the shelter!!
    I’ve been going thru quilt books for Project Warmth to sell at a Craft Fair and it is amazing how much they have changed over the years, especially the directions. And for the better.
    I feel for everybody with water. It is so bad. If I remember right about 1993 when the Mississippi really flooded, some of the little towns just decided to rebuild further inland where the water didn’t reach.

  3. MartyCae

    Oh how I loved the Goat Gazette! When it came in the mail I used to sit down and read it from cover to cover until I was finished! Supper for hubby was always late that day! Loved the pictures, news about the shop, pet tips, etc. Your wonderful blog continues the conversation now. Love it when I see Country Threads pop up in my mailbox.

    Help – Emmet County under water! Hope it dries up around here soon. Feel so bad for Nebraska.

  4. Holly in TH

    Goat Gazettes!!! I so excited–I just loved them! And your blog is such a fun part of my day. I love all the scrappy talk today. I’ll be checking out Bonnie Hunter’s website again. I have my scraps sorted by the system in Sunday Morning Quilts. There’s more cutting when I make a quilt, but I enjoy cutting, I must be an aberration. Ha!

  5. Launa

    I don’t cut up any leftover pieces from my quilts nor clothing. I tuck some pieces back in the larger leftover that goes back on my shelves. Can’t imagine what I would have done if I had cut up my leftover red from your WEAR WARM CLOTHES..I used a piece of it recently in a Hexie sew a long!

    I have been purchasing smaller 1/8 yard cuts of many new backgrounds recently to replenish my stash and have a list of some “coming soon” fabrics I plan to buy online. I like to see what is coming new to shops online and I do purchase larger yardage, too.

    My Idaho snow is getting slushy like Beryl Hoff’s in Montana! The sky here is bright blue and the sun is shining, but rain or winter mix is predicted for my altitude this weekend! A few Stellar Jays have returned this week!

    Go DUKE…on Sunday!!!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    I love love love seeing all the spring time Harvey’s!!!! And sweet Harrietts! It’s so nice to know even the old patterns I keep saving make up so darn cute today.
    Thanks again Mary for the push to use what still works. I now have an expandable folder of Country Threads patterns so you are a rock star just like Bonnie! You both are sweet and so giving.

    1. Cynthia Sabinske

      Bonnie Hunter will be at the Minnesota State Quilt Show, in Rochester MN. June 13 – 15 Mayo Civic Center. Please enlighten me on how to make a Harriet to go with Harvey!

      1. Kathy

        I would use pretty pastels for the pants and add a ruffle of lace to the bottom of her pants. Maybe a big organza ribbon to her ears. Embellish embellish embellish and just have fun thinking what could be cute to use on her. Gosh I would love to see Bonnie again. Her trunk show is amazing.

  7. Donna Albright

    Do you realize how many people won’t even understand ‘pool hall’???!!! I did for sure! My dad went to town on Saturday night and my sister and I could go along sometimes. We got to go to the movie (we didn’t care what it was) and daddy would wait for us in the pool hall down the street. After the movie was over, we were allowed to stick our head in the door and holler for daddy. If he was not done catching up on the weeks gossip, he gave us a little money and we could go to the café next door and have a fountain pop. Those were the days:):):)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Albright – haha! You are so right – I forget sometimes how old I really am. Yes, we went to the outdoor movies in the vacant lot next to the legion hall and sometimes we got to reach into that ice cold water to get a bottle of pop which was the dispenser in the pool hall. Yes, those were the days all right!

  8. Beth Laverty

    I am making a scrap quilt…. but it is just a simple 9 patch. I have been cutting out five inch squares from all my smallish bits of fabric. Yesterday I sewed up the first nine patch. Many more to go. But I love knowing the fabric is going to good use.
    Also I have been making quilt as you go runners. I have made them for holidays and seasons and several people got them for Christmas gifts this year. They are so easy to make. I use strips 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide and they sew up quickly.
    Hooray for using up scraps.
    And I love that “harvey” parade.
    Yesterday we had snow, rain, sunshine and warmish and cold temps all in one day. Spring is a strange season.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth Laverty – 9 patch quilts are one of my favorites and scrap quilts don’t have to be complex – one of my favorite quilts is a 9 patch with gray alternate blocks. You’re on the right path!

  9. jan VanDeWalle

    I used to watch Bonnie on her blog videos she would just pull bits of scraps out of a tub or basket and sew while talking. She sewed little bitty pieces to a paper base that she cut from a phone book. They were mostly long skinny pies maybe an inch wide. She has quite a collection of old machines, Was a fun blog until I lost the contact when my computer died. I have been a very basic Raggy quilter for a while. Have just started and pieced quilt my first attempt, One of MSQC tutorials Jenny made it look so easy called a disappearing Hour Glass #2, I am definitely not perfect but am going to keep going, struggled with the 1/4 seams until I changed presser feet now I am doing better and the points match a little better too. My sister quilts but lives too far away , haven’t found a mentor near me yet. Have some awesome quilters in the area so just a matter of time. I envy Reed having such a good teacher.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan VDW – you know what I told Reed when he was being overly fussy and meticulous? I held it up and asked if he thought he could see that tiny flaw from a galloping horse – haha! Practice makes perfect!

  10. Karen

    I don’t care top pre-cut my scraps because what I might need for whatever project might not fit the pre-cut size. So, I sort by color, neutrals, and some specific styles of prints like Black&Whites, florals, 30’s, Civil Wars, novelties, stripes and dots, plaids and solids. Some of these might be more differentiated by color, such as dots or stripes, etc. I also have a bunch that are “un-define able”, (maybe uglies?)
    I pull the fabrics I want to use in a project and spend time cutting just for that.
    This way, I don’t end up needing a particular piece only to find I’d pre-cut it into say, strips, when I needed a 6 1/2″ square or a piece large enough to cut an applique shape from.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen – and for you that’s going to work. I have enough fabric to choose from if I am wanting a large piece but it crossed my mind not to cut it all. But I’m on my way with what I’ve cut to start piecing something next week!

  11. Joyce

    Do you cut by hand or have an accuquilt cutter..?? I hate to cut out quilts too! You’re going to be so organized and crank out quilts like Bonnie. I got to meet Bonnie a few years ago. She was flying into Sioux Falls and had posted she didn’t know how she was going to manage all her luggage and pick up her rental car. So I messenged her I’d meet her at the airport and sit with her luggage.. So that’s how I got to meet her for 20 mins! She’s the nicest person and so gracious!
    I’m excited about the Goat Gazzettes!! Rick… don’t you dare burn anymore! Lol

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joyce – I cut everything by hand with a rotary cutter. We had an Accuquilt in the shop because we cut so many kits and honestly we could not get it to work well. The company sent us many new parts but we finally gave up and sold it for $20, I think. And glad to be rid of it!

  12. Marilyn

    I watched four basketball games in Columbus today and heard on my way hoe that Ohio State beat Iowa State. It is any wonder there is a real winner in the bracketsmwe complete.

  13. Pam from Waterloo

    No scrap questions today, but I would like to know how you keep all those plants growing in your basement? Do you use grow lights? Obviously the basement is heated. How warm do you keep it? Do you use fans also for good air circulation?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam from Waterloo – I have 8 double grow lights on timers and the furnace is in the basement- I don’t adjust any heat. Every once in awhile I run the shower to put some humidity in the air. My plants in the basement look better than those upstairs!

  14. Beryl Hoff in Montana

    Spring here today too! I love the blue skies!! I used to live in CO so always called them Colorado Blue! Sunshine and blue skies are so welcome, it is always so grey in MT nearly all of the winter. I keep thinking I hear a robin or two scolding too…maybe it is my imagination!! They have no place to find food yet, still white everywhere up here. The other birds are more active so maybe they are close, I hope so.
    I have been working on a scarp table topper the last couple of days. Itis called Saltwater Taffy. I am using 30’s prints. I got to the border today and don’t have enough fabric to do it the way the pattern says so will make up my own. The instructions are wrong. I will send a picture when I get it done.
    I think the name on the small Harvey is Lois…it looked familiar, so I looked on past emails…I think you posted it with a Big Harvey and then this little one on the 20th, I think!
    We might get snow on Sunday also, but at least it won’t last now!! Our road is so slushy I hope it isn’t much.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beryl Hoff In MT – I think you’re right! I had them in different emails so I didn’t find it – thanks so much!

  15. Judi L.

    Mary, I actually have your book “Wear Warm Clothes that I purchased during the Fall 1994 Quilt Market here in Houston. I also purchased from Benartex a kit with fat 1/8’s of the entire Wear Warm Clothes fabric collection along with the pattern for the small version of the quilt, Mr. B’s Warm Clothes. However, it took me some 23 years to actually make the quilt! I would bring out my little bag of fabrics and give them the old touchy feely and put it aside. I finally made the quilt in 2017 and I love it. And, I still have fabric left! I still have many more Country Threads designs I want to make and I am slowly getting around to my oldies, but goodies! Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judi L – I have lots of old designs I like well enough to still make rather than getting rid of . You’re not alone.

      1. Jan from MA

        Me too! I’m looking at one of your sweet doll patterns “Country Sheep” Ewe-nice & Baa-bara and I think I will make the plaid cake stand doll quilt. I even have the package of madras fabrics that you sold separately!
        I will be joining you in cutting strips and I plan on buying Bonnie’s triangle ruler. Love the blog, Mary. Not seeing many ads to click though.

  16. Jan

    I Love Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Saver System. It works really well for me as long as I cut the scraps as soon as a quilt is finished. If not, you know what happens!!!!! True confession – I do have several tubs of scraps that need attention! I am so excited because she is teaching classes at A Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge, TN this week and I am taking one of her classes tomorrow! She is amazing!

    1. Jan fro TN

      Have fun at the show in PF. I missed it this year. I’ve heard it’s a great show again this year. Always so amazed that it’s more if a “local quilt show” when it seems almost like an AQS show because it’s somlarge & so we’ll done! So sorry I had to miss it—family emergency.

  17. Claudia Litton

    Love Bonnie’s scrap Saver System. I made this years mystery
    Quilt, Good Fortune using 90% of the fabric from the scrap
    Saver system. It was awesome not to have to cut fabric
    For each clue. Such a time saver. I need to replenish
    Ha! So glad your temps are warming up. It was 73 here on the Alabama Gulf coast today. A perfect day and ending with some hand quilting on a scrappy quilt.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Claudia Litton – as I was cutting Good Fortune I thought about how much easier it would be with her system!

  18. Sue in PA

    When you are ready to send out your Goat Gazettes, I would love to buy some. Please add me to a list, if you have one, of people interested. Thanks so much for your blog. I enjoy it so much every day!

  19. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi, Mary. I love all those Harveys, Today, I worked on its head and it turned out OK, I am happy that I won’t have to buy any fabric since I have enough scraps. It was a beautiful day here too.

  20. patti leal

    i am most definitely a book junkie. especially for scraps. got a couple new books this past week. saw several of your’s and connie’s quilts in the ‘big book of civil war quilts.’ when i had my quilt store, i would send a 5″ square to my best friend. then i started cutting strips. have been doing it a really long time. mine are not sorted by colors so i have to search through them. for a really long time i also cut squares and rectangles. finally realized it made more sense to leave things in strip form that are 4″ or larger. then i can cut squares when i need them. fun times ahead. patti in florida

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – I agree about the squares and that goes for rectangles, too, unless all you have to cut is a very small scrap. Can’t wait to start piecing!

  21. Deb H

    As soon as I get home and unpack the camper, I am going to gather all my scraps and start cutting!

  22. Carla J

    I was checking winter wall quilts today, they need the big swap out this weekend, and had a smile on my face. A dozen mittens wall hanging made with the wear warm clothes fabric line! It has hung every winter in our entry since it was made while we lived in Georgia.

      1. Carla J

        I may still have some of those scraps or even larger pieces. I tried to get a few pieces of your fabrics when they came out, you had some great prints. Had great quilting buddies back then too so looking at those scraps reminds me of some great road trips, shows and retreat times together.

  23. Judy

    I talked about Bonnie Hunter’s blog from today, but it was actually March 21st. I always get it a day late. So I would like a resend of the March 21st blog. Please let her know. Thanks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – you must think I’m on a first name basis with Bonnie! I’ve never met her and she doesn’t know me from Adam. Leave her a comment but I’m not sure she’ll be able to resend to you.

  24. Angie Rowland

    Loved the goat gazette. It was so folksy you felt like I was transported to Iowa and sharing a cup of tea while reading it from cover to cover. It had to a bugger to write and get ready to send but we loved it and always shared. With a friend or two. After we digested it here in MD I would send it off to a friend in Canada. Shipping was less then. BUT it was loved.
    I think that is why I love the blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie Rowland – well, this chicken scratch blog is just an extension of the Goat Gazette – you gotta love blabber which is how I feel some das writing it. Haha!

  25. Heather Kittelson

    I was laughing when I saw the topic was scraps- I am working through my scraps fast cutting up squares for Jen Kingwell’s Midnight at the Oasis which is next on list. Just moved back to NW but to Portland. Unpacking – hung up Harvey on the door today and my Country Threads barn quilt will go up on front porch tomorrow. Nostalgic for camp and all the treasures that I have from my visits!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Heather Kittleson – I want to hear from you! What takes you back to Portland? Will you restart the dog boarding business? What about that gorgeous house you worked so hard on – how could you bear to leave it? What’s Tony going to do? And how are the dogs? Bet you didn’t think I’d have all these questions. Yes, camp was very fun, wasn’t it? That’s one of the parts I do miss – seeing all of you here at the farm! If you’d rather answer in an email,

  26. Judy

    Love reading your blog. The Harveys are so cute. I think I discovered Bonnie Hunter on your blog. Thanks. Her blog today (how does she do it every day?) did not load onto my iPad properly. It kept flashing from place to place. I have tried a Bargello and didn’t enjoy it. It was hoping that she had some comments today to help me, but I couldn’t read the blog. I don’t know how to contact her. If someone would pass on this message, I would appreciate it. I have thought of cutting my smaller pieces of fabric into strips like you have done. I make scrap quilts quite often with just blocks, nothing fancy. I find it much easier to have the colors in a neat order with my mathematical mind.

    1. Rosie Westerhold

      My post from Bonnie didn’t load properly yesterday, either. I just went back to her blog and loaded the post from yesterday. Everything was just fine today. Gremlins in the cyber-world?

  27. Lisa in Washington state

    Thanks for sharing your scrap ideas, I love making scrap quilts but haven’t used Bonnie Hunter’s techniques before. I am going to check out her books. On another note:
    Go Zags! I always have to root for my home state teams. I know that the Pac 12 champs, the University of Washington Huskies (my kids are alums!) beat Utah State today but they won’t get much further I don’t think. However, I KNOW Gonzaga is going all the way to the championship! Go Zags! Woo Hoo!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lisa in Washington State – I email with 2 Zag fans so I know all about your loss to St. Mary’s – it’s almost justice to have them out in the first round but I heard from my friends that the Zags did NOT play well in that tourney game. And they had beat St. Mary’s by 50 points during the regular season ! Bet you didn’t think I’d know about GU, did you? Haha!

      1. Lisa in WA state

        Yep, it’s amazing what a very small private parochial college can do! And I knew that you’d know all about Gonzaga and their excellent program, especially since you’re such an avid NCAA basketball fan. Spokane will become a ghost town later today when the game’s on! Bluebird sky here today in eastern Washington, the snow is finally melting after this past week’s warm temps! Hallelujah!

  28. Carol

    Oh boy, I’d love some Goat Gazettes, I love to read, I live to sew and I love hearing from you! So I’m going to watch out for that post!
    Enjoy your blue bird sky. I’m off to the AQS show in Lancaster PA, on Tuesday, can’t wait! Taking a long arm class with Bethanne Nemesh, her work is amazing. I’m intimidated but need to learn.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I’m jealous of your trip to that show! You’ll have a great time!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        I have a couple friends going to Lancaster PA this week for AQS show and they rented a house together. I went to it once. This year I wanted to go to see Victoria Findlay Wolfe as she is another scrap saver that I was inspired by every time I heard her lectures on scraps. This was back a few years ago and she along with Bonnie Hunter were some of the best trunk shows to inspire me to be on that path which is my favorite still today. I have a pictures of me with both my idols as they have been in Western NY and PA area. I keep my 2 1/2” strips color coded in a 3 narrow drawer unit from Target. On my to do list is Bonnie’s Jamestown Landing quilt from her String Fling book (2012) and it was so easy to make up the neutral 4 1/2” string block but then I stopped with the blue broken dishes units. Last year I bought No scrap left behind book from your recommendation and love that book too.

        1. Cynthia Sabinske

          Bonnie Hunter will be at the Minnesota State Quilt Show, in Rochester MN. June 13 – 15 Mayo Civic Center.

  29. Michele

    Even though my stash is mini compared to most quilters-in my mind- it was starting to get out of control. So…this week while watching basketball I’m folding fabric to have uniform stacks and then sorting my scrap pile. I appreciate the timing of this blog post as I was trying to discover how best to sort. Now I know. Thank you!

  30. Diane in Central Ohio

    I thought I’d make a Harriet, too, to go along with Harvey.🐰🐰🐰. The Bucks and the Cyclones are neck and neck!! Exciting game. Goooo Buckeyes!! I will get a Bonnie Hunter book to cut along😊

  31. Mary Ann Platt

    Bonnie has a lot of free patterns on her website. She is very generous, like you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Ann Platt – yes, she does and I didn’t think to say that so I hope everybody reads your comment. Thank you!

    2. Jan from TN

      Bonnie also has her complete scrap cutting/saving system on her website. I believe there’s a printable version also. I have a lot of my scraps cut using her system but I have another couple of large piles waiting to me cut, too!

      Mary, I too am addicted to books-quilt books, novels, how-to books, magazines, cookbooks, etc! I think it’s a disease with no cure ❣️ It’s okay with me but I do have to go they & weed them out which is bpvsry stressful for me! Ugh.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Jan from TN – I try very hard not to buy magazines because Pinterest is better than any printed publication but I did just buy a beautiful book/magazine by Life called Dogs. And it was $13.99! Yikes!

  32. Nikki M in Tx

    Scrap quilts are my jam….I’m in. I too have oodles of scrap quilt books & most patterns I do scrappy even if not. Didn’t realize Wear Warm cloths that many years ago..won’t use the O word. Enjoy the games.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – That O word creeps into my conversation all the time! How are all the calves?

  33. Diane Bauer

    Oh, I love the parade of Harveys!!!! And Henriettas, too!! This gave me some new inspirations as I was wanting a girls as well!! I’ve been making pinnies, so need to get back to my personal parade of Harveys. I always send my kiddos Easter baskets, regardless of the fact that they are 27 and 21 now. This year they will each be getting a Harvey instead!

    I’m curious about the strips and rectangles, so will be watching as this process unfolds. I definitely have scraps that need organizing!

    It’s 40 here now and raining. I think it’s supposed to continue all night. Better rain than snow!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – the rain you’re getting now will be here Saturday night and Sunday. A year ago tomorrow the 23rd we got 17” of snow! It was Palm Sunday weekend and I couldn’t get my gate open to be at church!

      1. Diane Bauer

        Oh, my!!! 17″ would shut down my little town! I am just hearing about the awful flooding in Nebraska. I’m concerned about the spring run-off here in Colorado as we’ve gotten so terribly much snow in the mountains this year.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane – didn’t you have drought conditions last summer tho? Won’t the snow help with that? Educate me

          1. Diane Bauer

            Yes, we’ve had drought conditions for several years already. Colorado is considered ‘high desert’ so drought is not uncommon and our plant life has adapted to those conditions. Historically, water rights are fought and killed over around here. It wasn’t as big of a problem years ago, but now it contributes hugely to our wildfire issues, and the reason that’s such a huge issue now is because more and more people move into the ‘wildland urban interface’ each year (I used to fight wildland fires and then owned a wildland fire supply company for 25 years and wrote my master’s thesis on the topic–just explanation of why I know what I know). The snowpack is great in terms of decreasing the fire danger in the high country in the spring, but the runoff is going to be massive this year and there’s just nowhere for the water to go. We don’t have lovely, rich, black soil here like you have. Our soil is either sandy or clay-like and doesn’t hold the moisture very well. In the high country, the moisture will help the grass grow tall and lush, but then when it dries out in July, it’ll just be that much more fuel to burn when the inevitable fires start.

    2. Cecilia Mire

      The Harveys are adorable. I have never seen them before. I can’t wait to see the Henriettas as I lived in a small town called Henrietta in New York. Where do I get these patterns. I am a Bonnie Hunter fan also. We did a lot of her quilts at the quilt shop I belonged to in Arizona but I now live in Jacksonville, Fl trying to return to Rochester, New York my hometown and I will establish myself at a quilt shop there. Hopefully by next summer. Are you going to put a quilt on line that we can do with you or is this on our own. And yes OI have lots of scraps and yardage but but have not cut them up yet. I sell most of it on sew its for sale yahoo group

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Cecilia Mire – you can order the Harvey pattern for $10 sent to Country Threads – address found under our picture. Available only until Easter.

  34. Kandy

    I made a few of my early quilts from your book and Wear Warm Clothes fabrics… also subscribed to your Goat Gazette…did a few road trips to your shop too… loved it…

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