September Dirty Dozen

Photos of #5’s are pouring in as well as some previous projects.  You have worked very hard and I’ll bet you’re all so elated to have finished projects.  I’ve had a sad afternoon – the hen with the one chick has no chick and I’ve always known that hens can’t count.  But she has no other chicks so she is so upset!  The chick wasn’t even a week old and managed to jump up on the ice cream bucket of water and fell in and drowned.  Makes me sick.

I caught one of the 15 chicks and tried to give it to her – but the chick would have none of it.  The hen wanted to accept that chick but eventually the chick got back to the opposite side of the barn to its mom.  I don’t know how to water the goats without using a bucket- anybody got an idea?

Keeping animals of any kind can be heartbreaking.

Here are the finished projects:

My Morning Glory is together but not quilted.  I’m going to give myself a pass because I hated this project.  I didn’t put more borders on it because the space I have to hang it in is not big enough.  And the quilt below is Connie’s #5 which I posted earlier.  I’d really  love to make one of these!  Tomorrow I’ll announce October’s Dirty Dozen Number!

51 thoughts on “September Dirty Dozen

  1. Rita in Iowa

    Sorry about the chick mishap. Hope the mother hen will calm down.
    The quilts are beautiful, so much talent.

  2. Diane from TN

    Ah. I feel so sorry for the momma chick. Love seeing all of the finished #5’s. And I love your morning glory quilt, even if you didn’t enjoy making it. It’s so whimsical.

  3. Susan in PA

    So sorry for that poor hen. Could you perhaps hang a water container on a wall high enough that the chicks couldn’t get to it but the goats could? I’ve never had goats so I don’t know anything about them but just thought it might work.
    I’m so glad you got your blog working. I do enjoy it so.

  4. Beth T.

    Oh, Mary, I’m so sorry about the little chick. There is so much sadness on a farm. I don’t know how to water goats without a bucket, but we have found a way to lift our buckets up off the ground. (In our case it was mostly to keep them clean, because our goats are ridiculously picky and don’t want to drink the water if there is any–and I mean any–hay in it.) We attach a two-by-four, turned the skinny way up to two sides of where a fence meets or the corner of a goat shed. Looking at it from above, it looks like an HST. You could use a special saw to make the boards meet smoothly, but I just cut them to size and nailed them in sturdily. Then at the feed store I bought buckets that have hooks to slide over the two-by-fours, so that the buckets are elevated, the goats can still drink from them, and in your case, they’ll be high enough up that no one tiny will jump up into them. Maybe that would work?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      That’s a good idea OR I would simply water the goats at night and remove he buckets during the day. Maybe?

  5. Diane Bauer

    Life on a farm (or generally with animals) is an exercise in the cycle of life, isn’t it? So sorry you’ve had another loss.
    So many gorgeous projects!! I just love seeing what everyone is working on! I have an I Spy in the works as well—it was fun to work on collecting all those different novelty prints! Can’t wait to hear what I will be working on for October!!

  6. Ellie

    Such beautiful quilts! I think you did well to finish the top if you hated it! It’s hard to make yourself work on a project you dislike. Sorry about the chick.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      And I forgot to add that there are ten little chicken waterers in and around the barn that I spent the day refilling. I’m not sure when the goats are going to get a drink! I took all the buckets away.

  7. Jan from TN

    Sorry about the chick! 😔
    Gorgeous quilt finishes! I always forget I’m not on FB so I always want to “like” each picture! 🙄😂
    Closed 5 ads tonight. The 6th ad had no close symbol. 😕

  8. Beryl in Owatonna

    So sorry about the chick. I’ll bet it was hard getting the little one to bring to her…those little things move so fast!! Peep, Peep, Peep! I hope that Mama will have a couple more chicks so she will be happy.
    Your Morning Glory is very nice and looks fine without borders. It is hard to finish something you don’t like…at least I think so, that is why I have a few unfinished things! I get frustrated with them and then they sit. There are some great quilts that were finished, I especially like the table runner. my colors.
    Sounds like we will have quilting weather the next few days!! Also cooler too, today was miserable. I hope to get a couple things finished.

  9. Charlotte S.

    So sorry about the chick and the poor mother hen.
    The #5s are beautiful. So nice to see what everyone is working on. I’m so glad I have 3 UFOs finished and can’t wait to see what I’m working on next. Thank you Mary!

  10. Sue in Oregon

    OMG…..Not fair that the mother with one chick would lose hers and the 15 were fine. You were brave to try to give her one. Just wish it would have worked.
    I know they have those valve waterers (plumbing involved) that the animal just pokes and water comes out. Then it is nice and fresh all the time. Chickens get onto it pretty fast, I guess. I want one but have to wait in line for my projects to happen. lol I don’t know about goats, though. I am sure they drink a lot at one time so maybe it doesn’t work for them.
    I absolutely LOVE all of the new quilts. Great work gals. I am envious.

  11. Holly in Two Harbors

    That’s a heartbreaking chick story! Poor hen! When I had goats I bought a bucket that was flatter on one side at Fleet Farm and hung it on a big nail up higher, otherwise they were always fouling the water. That would work for your situation, too.

    The finishes are beautiful! I especially love the color on the log cabin.

  12. Judy A

    So sorry about your chicks and your horrible very bad day.

    On the brighter side, I love the finished quilts today 🙂

  13. Joyce C

    Sad about the little fluff… we used to transfer baby pigs to different moms if one had a huge amount of piglets. Dad would spray some scent or Lysol on a cloth and rub baby and moms nose with it. Usually accepted as their own then…..

  14. Louise K.

    I don’t know much about farm life, but could you get a few fertilized eggs from someone who has hens, and give them to the chick-less hen to hatch and raise?
    I once had a nest on my porch in a basket. It was pulled down, probably by a neighbor’s cat, and the baby birds died. It was so sad to see and hear the parents hanging around the porch looking for their babies. They did that for a few days, then finally gave up. I hope they started another family.

  15. Anniewiththeducks

    Do you think if you gave mama hen 2 chicks that ‘know’ each other it would work? They would still have each other to continue to bond with and maybe allow mama hen to mother them. I know nothing about goats except my daughter told me they do not like to get wet. Silly goats. Glad to see so many people are getting so many quilts finished! They are beautiful.

  16. Linda in So Cal

    So sad to hear about the chick’s loss. Can you “ buy” a chick &give it to Mom? Can you Hang water buckets for the goats; just high enough for the goats to get water but a chick can’t reach it? We use to hang buckets for our horses. Love all the quilts. So many talented quilters! Thanks for pic of gosling.

  17. Debra Miller

    So sorry about the hen and chick-to lose her only one. It is so hot, the goats need their water. We have small goats and we have tubs that are about 18-20 inches tall. I LOVE your Morning Glory quilt and all the others. Closed 6 ads.

  18. Janice Hebert

    Beautiful #5’s! Love seeing everyone’s color combinations. I, too, love the log cabin colors. Nice work, Sherry! They are all just lovely. I’m so sad to hear about the chick but as you say, life can be hard on a farm. Jan in MA

  19. Darby in WI

    Not buckets, but we made ramps to put in our cattle water tanks so birds wouldn’t drown. We wrapped a 2×4 in hardware cloth for traction & slanted it in the tank so one end was at the bottom & the other above water & sticking over the top. Then we put a large rock on the bottom end to keep it from floating to the top. Perhaps you could figure out something similar on a smaller scale? Also had an older kitten fall in a tub of water in the barn so now I put an upside down milk crate (with a rock on top) in them for safety.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I have used the ramp idea before but at 5 days old I simply didn’t imagine this tragedy – have 10 chicken waterers throughout the barn! If she’d had more than one I would not be this upset.

  20. Jane Eilderts

    So sorry about the chick! Does Connie have a pattern for her projected posted. I love that one!

  21. Pat Smith

    Life on a farm has a lot of sadness. So many animals and so many opportunities for accidents. I know nothing of farm life, but I liked the idea of donating a fertilized egg to the grieving mother to hatch as Louise K. suggested. I have no idea if that’s even possible. The finished quilts look beautiful, and I love seeing them..

  22. Tina W in Oregon

    All the #5’s are wonderful. I bet when you get yours quilted and bound, you’ll love it too! I’m looking forward to finding out tomorrow what number Reed picked for our October project.
    Sorry about the chick and it’s mama hen.

  23. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Poor little chick, poor momma hen. The cycle of life is indeed heartbreaking at times.
    I love everyone’s projects, including yours, Mary.
    Spent today finishing my mother’s costume for the Senior Center Halloween party. She’s going as Mr. Peanut! I had the top hat, cane and gloves already. Ordered peanut fabric and made a lined vest and bow tie and belt. Just need to sew buttons on spats and she’s good to go. Even bought a monocle and can of peanuts!
    I should send a photo when she’s ready for the party.
    I am somewhat stunned that something happening a month from now has been her singular focus for weeks now. She was so upset last week that she wouldn’t be ready because I hadn’t started… five weeks ahead of Halloween!
    Is this what’s it’s like to be 89?!?!

  24. Sue H

    Mary, I can “hear” it in your voice how sad you are for that hen. We surely love having animals in spite of the heartache it sometimes bring. We love them because they love us back. Your #5 Morning Glories are beautiful!

  25. Diane in WI

    I ,too, am sorry to here about the chick. Today I saved a wren from one of our cats. I had it in the house in a shoe box so it could calm down and later released it in our orchard. I lost part of my list for the dirty dozen. I have been busy though making items for the two craft shows my partner and I are in. We are to get 2-4 inches of rain the next couple of days. I may be busy building an ark instead of sewing.

  26. Betty Klosterman

    The UFO’s are wonderful. I’m happy to see that somebody besides me is making “I Spy” quilts. I really like it. With all the electronic stuff now days, I wonder if kids will pay any attention to the little quilts?

  27. Ginny

    How about a Ritchie Waterer (made in Conrad), then you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying water and it is heated so no freezing. It needs to be plumbed in but then fresh clean water year around and no babies getting in it.
    That poor mama, I feel so sorry for her.

  28. Dorothy

    No ads to close today on my feed. I don’t understand why it is so different from day to day, (and yes, I “unblocked” your site from my ad blocker, so I should be getting the ads on your blog)

  29. Mrs Goodneedle

    All of the 5’s are inspiring. I love Connie’s sashed nine patches, it is very pretty— do you happen to know how big those nine patches are? The teeny, thin sashing is great!

  30. Mrs. Goodneedle

    So. Very. Sad. I have no solutions for the chick situation but my heart breaks for that mama hen. I just love all the finishes and am incredibly inspired by each and every one. I especially love Connie’s 9-patch scrappy! Do you happen to know the size that those 9-patch block finish up? (I went back over the last month of posts but couldn’t find that one; I know that you said that you’ve posted it before, sorry.) I love that tiny, thin sashing too; it really sets off the quilt. Well done!! Here’s hoping that your day today is a happier one.

  31. Sharon Lowy

    I am so sorry for that sweet mama hen. Can you put a board over the top of that bucket of water? Sad for you Mary. Those of us that love our animals know they are family and losing any of them hurts.❤️

  32. Montana Kathy

    Mary, so very sorry to hear about the baby chick. It breaks my heart. Poor mama.
    The quilts are all beautiful. Makes me want to get in my sewing room, but winter hit early here with snow the other night, so the days have been spent getting ready for winter. Better late than never!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We have seen Montana’s early blizzard on the news – dang but that’s too early! September?????

  33. Rhoda Ebersole

    So sorry for your chick and the chicks mother hen. And especially sorry for you.

    Did you mean the Ns to be backwards on Motning Glory?

    More rain here in NE Wisconsin.

  34. Montana Kathy

    Can you believe MORE snow?!? I got up this morning to go to quilt meeting (in the next town over), and didn’t look out the window till I was ready to go. HA! It’s still coming down 4 hours later. Living on a mountain top, I decided not to chance driving down this morning, and I’m glad I didn’t. It’s a good day to stay inside by the wood stove and quilt! Still feeling sad whenever I think of that poor baby chick and his mama. Life on the farm is just hard sometimes. Hope things go better for you.

  35. Kathy Hanson

    Such fun to see the projects that are getting finished! This has been a win/win for everyone!
    Farms and farm animals are so special and when something like your mama hen’s little chick drowning makes everyone so sad. Thinking of you and knowing that you are heartbroken!

  36. Rosalie

    Maybe use a taller bucket- a 5 gallon size like they sell at Home Depot.
    You can always use the smaller buckets to fill the big one – those big ones are HEAVY when filled!

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