Seven Dogs Might Be Too Many

I always think it won’t be so bad – it’s only for a day or so.  Twenty extra legs coming down the stairs with me and they all want to come down at the exact same time as me, on the exact same step.  As I walk through the house I find myself hanging on to furniture or the wall for balance and when we’re outside and they start playing, I get out of the way because they could so easily knock me to the ground, breaking any number of bones.  I wish I could post a video – I’ll bet it’s pretty funny.  We are once again sitting in the porch awaiting rain and listening to the thunder.  Maybe that’s what it will take to cool us off.

Let me introduce you to the elder statesman, Jackson, a perfectly behaved black lab, who has stayed with me many times.

And here’s Tucker, a young energetic yellow lab who is actually an outdoor farm dog belonging to good friends from church.  I make Tucker an exception to my rule of no outdoor only dogs in hopes that I’ll change their minds and they will let him be a house dog, too.  He is perfectly behaved in my house but he does shed and when he drinks out of the water bucket he does slobber all over the floor.  All very normal and my house is dog friendly – theirs probably is not as it is new.  


And here’s what I’m working on while watching the convention and the dogs.  More pictures to come.  And another convention to watch next week!

25 thoughts on “Seven Dogs Might Be Too Many

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi Mary, has it been hot enough for you? It rained this morning and is overcast at the moment. Worked at the fair last night and the night before and Tuesday, under a zinc roof . Just awful.

    I actually know Jackson and I guess he is well behaved. Enjoy your pals and stay cool, Felicia

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – you must know Jan, too! She is a talented quilter!

  2. Angie Rowland

    I can’t believe that you can multi task so well. You are amazing. I knot and watch the convention. They olympics are coming and they will keep me glued. Michael Phelps is from baltimore and we couldn’t be more proud of him. GOOOOO MICHAEL.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – I faithfully watch the Olympics, too, and wish they covered more hours of the events!

  3. Linette Stewart

    Hi Mary, our part of WI has been miserable the last couple of days. Humidity that makes you feel like it’s hard to breath. Oh well, relief is coming the beginning of the week. I so envy your home and dog life. We are blessed to have 4 currently. I love they sound of jingling collar tags, slurping water, kibble crunching, and our Lab leaning on us even in the heat. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love seeing the photos of dogs on your quilts! I used to keep mine up then realized no one can enjoy them. Your emails are always appreciated! Have a great day!!

  4. Launa

    Never a dull weekend here as our two younger granddaughters (17 & 14) and the small granddogs are here with them. They like to “hang out” together in our travel trailer with satellite TV, Red Box movies, AC, snacks, sodas and stay up late and sleep in…they come in and out freely for meals. We try to cook their favorites.

    Yesterday mid morning my helpful younger neighbor, Genevieve, came by with cupcakes she’d baked and frosted herself. A great tasty job for a 5th grader. I’d just made a latte for myself so poured her a glass of milk and we sat and discussed American doll dresses, school starting in a few weeks here, politics and since I’m a Jelly Belly fan she enjoyed looking at all her favorite flavors on the big container label from Costco. I demonstrated the proper use of a rotor cutter to her as I was cutting a couple blocks for Temecula’s Circa 2016 Friday sew along. It’s good to learn something new every day. Her two older brothers are at the World Youth Conference in Krakau, Poland and missed out on her delicious cupcakes.

  5. Rebecca H

    OH wow, your having some dog days of summer…many paws to watch, but how cute. And maybe with all of these critters you’ll be able to buy more fabric! LOL

  6. Paula S.

    Mary, you are amazing! I have to watch my step with my ONE dog as he’s been known to trip me up and I don’t want to fall down. We are very hot here today – over 100 and have been for several days. The weatherman says we will have relief Monday and I’m ready. I’m also ready for autumn weather, my favorite time of year.

  7. Louise

    Mary, I am envisioning yourself and all those legs attached to the critters flying down the stairs. Please be very careful young lady!

  8. Diane

    Yes, Mary–watch those legs!! They all are cute. I showed my husband your pictures and he commented on how green your grass is. Ours is brown and green. We’ve had some rain, but not enough. Now it is hot (93 or so today according to the weatherman) and humid in Central Ohio. We have a heat advisory. I’m quilting:) Enjoy your four legged friends. Diane PS I love all those quilts–some old, some new:)

  9. Bea

    Love those cross like blocks can you tell what size and length to cut the strips? Thankyou! Bea

  10. Pam

    Your home looks like a big dog rescue! Good for you! Watch underfoot and be safe with all that extra “lovin”!

  11. Ginny

    I understand hanging on when you move…11 dogs and throw in a couple cats who believe they are dogs.
    I wish I could be there to love on your labs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ginny – yes, you would probably understand the problem! Ha!

  12. Rita S

    Not only a lot of dog legs but a lot of dog ears to cut on your sewing table. Couldn’t resist๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Vickie Lemonds

    One can never have too many digs, even when if they don’t all belong to you! They all seem perfectly civilized and properly behaved. Other than ‘helping” you walk down the stairs or through the house, it looks like a grand party!๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•

  14. Donna Sproston

    I hope you write a book! You description of coming down the stairs I is priceless.

  15. Cathy

    This is my daily life! Seven dogs, two hang out with my husband, the others with me. I can’t remember the last time I could take a shower or even go to the bathroom without a room full of furry kids! When I go downstairs to my quilting studio I have an entourage with me at all times. Hope you get some heat relief soon. This is the weekend for the Brickyard 400 & I pity the people who will be out in the heat. We are about 50 miles south of Indianapolis & the heat index here tomorrow is supposed to be 102. Ugh. Come on fall!

  16. Ann Barlament

    I would love having the Labs around, but probably wouldn’t get anything accomplished. Just thinking about you and your entourage of fur, makes me giggle in delight. With Rick on the road, it must also provide you with a sense of security being surrounded by all those fur babies!

  17. Paula

    Really hot and humid here in southern ky. Love seeing the dogs. Can’t imagine getting too much sewing done with that many legs. haha. Paula in KY

  18. Kathy

    Great pictures of the puppy dogs hanging out with you. My pets are all snuggled next to me in our motor home where we are camping along Lake Ontario, upstate NY for a few days. But just now We have a fly buzzing around inside, the dog’s jaws open when it flies by but the cat is is ignorimg it till bedtime and then he’ll be the big hero thinking he can get it.

  19. Marsha

    I can’t imagine 7 dogs in the house!

    I love your blocks – do the half square triangles go with the blocks on your design wall?

  20. Paula

    You must really be busy with the dogs. Wondering where you are, used to you posting more.
    Paula in KY

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