Several Things, 4-17-24

Last weekend a friend of mine was at a swap meet and came across 14 Great Dane puppies who were all skin and bones, with no water and all crushed into a small space of some kind. She and her friend asked if they could “buy” or rescue all the puppies and the guy said to do:back in 45 minutes for an answer. He had to talk to his mom. They went back and he and the puppies were gone!!! After reporting the neglect to the organizer, somehow the Great Dane Rescue was notified and somehow obtained those puppies – thank goodness.

Her friend got these two skinny guys. This just makes me sick.

But here they are just one day later – one day with food, water and love.

And then several days later:

Lucky pups!!!!

Don’t you just love a story like this one in awhile?

Spring pics:

From Gloria in CC
From Gloria in CC

This afternoon I cut down a pagoda dogwood that was mostly dead with some live branches.

Do you think these will root enough to plant them in the ground?

Just in from Linda of hummingbird fame who says the babies are still in the nest flapping their wings – they like breakfast in bed! These garden pics are from Linda:

P.S. came across the first quilt I pieced by hand – could I have picked a harder block?

Ugh! I was learning on a small hard 8 pointed star block – I have improved. Just look at those corners! Anybody remember those very old calico prints?

Off to choir practice.

46 thoughts on “Several Things, 4-17-24

  1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I will never, never understand how people can be so cruel to animals. I realise that some people may not be able to cope, but then ask for help, there are so many places that you can go to. Thank goodness your friend was there! They look like different dogs already.
    I am enjoying all the spring photo’s. It actually snowed here today (after in rained and hailed first!) so that was bizarre. Last week we had a couple of days of 77 degrees, which was also bizarre. Normal for this time of year is about 50 degrees during the day, and we are back to that this week. Most years we get a snow day sometime in April, winter’s last hurrah, I guess.
    I remember those old calico’s in combination with unbleached muslin. The first actual quilt that I made (as opposed to a pillow cover or something) was for my parent’s king sized bed (!), It was entirely made of early ‘80’s calicos. As was the frist quilt I made for my own bed: pale green, orange and white calicos, and it was a puff quilt! Come a long way since then, ha ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona – funny you should mention puff quilt – it was also my second – so heavy it pinned you to the mattress!!!!

    2. Susan K in Iowa (texas)

      My second quilt was a puff quilt! I made it for my sister and her new husband. It was too thick for my machine so was mostly pieced by hand. That took forever. It took years and my new husband thought I’d never finish it. My sister still uses it to dress the bed but rarely to sleep under as it weighs a ton.
      And now I see that puff quilts are making a comeback among younger quilters. Never again for me!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        My second quilt was a puff quilt too. So heavy. I used polyester cotton solids. And a sheet for the backing.
        My first quilt I just have a table mat made of. Ready for this – cathedral window!!! Lots of had sewing.
        But I did make a patchwork pastel gingham bassinet liner which technically was my first sewing project cause no one but my grandmother shared any sewing tips with me so I practiced on my own to learn. Then my husband bought me a sewing machine as I left the one home my grandmother bought for us girls. I now have it. A 60’s singer aqua touch mate slant needle in a cabinet.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    My neighbor loves Great Danes. I’ve found 2 for them, in the paper “free to a good home”.
    It’s so cruel to treat puppies like that.

    Your little star quilt is precious. My first quilt, we made one of those. It took me 8 hours to put that block together. I still love stars, but I’m a lot faster getting them together.
    It’s raining here.

  3. Amy in NW Ohio

    Just wondering if the puppy sellers were Amish? They run puppy mills here in Ohio & I do not support the Amish in any of their business dealings.

    I’m excited for you over that fiddle leaf fig sprouting new growth!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy – the adult gig has also sprouted 4 new leaves on top when I cut off the top!!!! Yes, I’m pretty sure they were Amish – despicable puppy mill owners!

  4. Jill

    I am so sad to hear about the puppies your friend saved. Why are people so mean? Couldn’t they have just dropped them off at a shelter? The two adopted puppies are very lucky.

  5. Diane in Colorado

    Oh, my, yes those two pups are lucky!!!! It breaks my heart (and makes me VERY angry!!!!) to see any animals so neglected.

    You were brave on your first quilt!! My first was an Amish Cactus Basket quilt—I really had no idea what I was doing and not only chose a difficult pattern, but I made it king sized and then thought I was going to hand quilt it. I ended up hiring a group of church ladies to do the quilting!

  6. Peggy Grandberg

    We have about 4″ of snow and more to come and it’s very windy. So much for spring.

      1. Peggy Grandberg

        We are in Saskatchewan. Should be getting better tomorrow. Sunny for the week-end. Not unusual to get snow in April, but it is not too cold.

  7. Donna Jo

    How can people be so cruel to innocent animals? I am glad they were rescued. All the garden and lawn photos are wonderful. Linda’s garden is just beautiful! Mary love your first quilt. You’ve come a long way!

  8. Sue in PA

    Gloria, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what are the different-shaped structures with the pointy tops that are in your yard? Are they ornamental or do they serve a purpose? I have never seen anything like them before. They are quite interesting.

    1. Gloria from CC

      Those are cupolas off the top of barns for ventilation in the gay mow. I started collecting them a long time ago before anyone was showing an interest in them. I have 14 of them scattered around in my gardens. I hope I answered your question.

  9. Sheila in WI

    Those poor dogs. Glad they were rescued.
    Love your first quilt. My first one was a dresden plate quilt. At that time I didn’t know anyone who quilted and loved the pattern. Now I realize it probably wasn’t a good pattern for a beginner, but I worked slowly and it ended up looking great… even the hand quilting.

  10. Connie in NV

    Just caught up with your blog from the 16 & 17th, enjoyed all the pictures. I certainly admire the big lots of grass to maintain and the flowers that will fill in the beds over the summer. Fun to see the asparagus growing, that was my Mom’s favorite vegetable and the rhubarb plants made me want rhubarb pie or crisp! Spring makes us want to get out in the sun and clean up for the coming summer and fall.
    Your first quilt is good to have a reminder of your progress and we all had to start out with imperfections, that is a challenging star you chose for your first quilt.
    And Caitlin has a models body to wear Prada! She looked very nice and continues to look and act classy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – did you see Caitlin today when she arrived in Indiana? Black sleeveless dress and pumps? Classy. Somebody is advising her well or she’s just that composed.

  11. Chris in Alaska

    So glad the puppies were rescued ! Someone here witnessed a person dumping off puppies on the road just last weekend too. 🙁 so very sad 😢

  12. Billie

    So glad the puppies were rescued. Just finished the book “The Women” it was a great read. Highly recommend to all.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      I agree – ‘The Women’ was a great read. I admit that I cried a few times, but everyone should read it. It breaks my heart about the way returning military members were treated – especially the women who volunteered to serve and care for soldiers.

      Sherry in windy and cool Kasson MN

  13. Lorraine

    Poor puppies. Thank goodness for the ladies to stand up and report the person. So glad they were rescued and they will be loved and taken care of.

  14. Betty Klosterman

    How old were you when you made that block? Did anybody show you different blocks you could make, or just make this block. I have ALWAYS thought a person should save their first attempt making something. They think they did such a horrible job, but if they compare the first with the current, it is great to see how far they have come. They should never be upset at the first try. Everybody has to have a first time!!

    When I was about 3 or 4, Mom gave me a double threaded, knotted needle and a small piece of fabric. I sat in a little rocking chair (Mom had it when she was little) and worked very hard at sewing. I was so proud. Mom wasn’t as I’d sewn it to the skirt of my dress and she took all the stitches out. So much for my first try? I still have the rocking chair.

    Spring is trying to arrive, but it is supposed to be in the 20’s the next 4 nights. Problem is the sump pump drain hose has a low spot outside that freezes outdoors…..I’ll have to watch it.

    Take care. We’ll be growling about having to mow the yard!
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I was in my 20’s and I saw it in a book. Nobody told me a thing – I had no idea what I was doing really but with persistence I learned. I wonder if I still have that book – I’m going to look for it. I wanted to sew when I was young but my mom hated it and also didn’t want me to make a mess. (I got over that real quick!)

  15. Martha W in WY

    Spring photos are great! Linda sure has the flowers either blooming or about to bloom. Love the photo of the dog “flying ” over the bridge.

  16. Beryl in Owatonna

    Love spring pictures!! It is coming but still too cool to plant anything, will have frost the next 4 nights I think I read. I am on the north side of the building so my Hostas are barely peaking out. After yesterdays’ rain everything is really getting green. Hope we have some sun soon.
    So glad you made it home safely the other night in the rain and wind! Not fun.
    Where does Linda live to have the Hummingbirds.,.I have forgotten. I will take my feeder down for the next 4 nights…too cold, I haven’t seen any birds there yet anyway, I had a pair of Mallards waddleing through my front area, maybe they are looking for a nesting place? He was so handsome. I do have my planters pulled out and set where I want the for the summer but will wait to plant.

  17. Sharon G.

    Mary – I’m officially moved! There have been some issues but they are resolved. The cats are a little upset but hopefully they’ll be all right after a few days.
    Take care everyone.

  18. Charlotte in No. California

    So glad the puppies were rescued. It’s so sad that people treat animals like that. I love all the spring pictures. I planted 2 tomato plants and a yellow squash today. I planted 3 sweet peppers a couple of days ago. That is the extent of my veggie garden! My azalea blooms are done but my peonies have lots of buds. It’s supposed to be in the 80s tomorrow.

  19. Lynette in Orlando

    God bless your friend who rescued those pups!!!! Glad to read they will be in a better place. I cannot understand how someone can do that…… my current pup is a rescue – they had food deprived her. Needless to say, I have no tolerance or sympathy for anyone who would do that.

    The spring pictures are lovely!

  20. Gloria from CC

    Love all the spring pictures. Our asparagus should be ready to cut this weekend. It’s raining here this morning – much needed. A farmer told me a couple of weeks ago that it could rain an inch a week until July 4th and it still wouldn’t be enough for this area.
    Thank you to the ladies who rescued the starving pups. I’m too upset to make a comment for fear of what I might say.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – Amish and Mennonites who operate puppy mills should be arrested and more. I, too, would like to say more.

  21. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central Ohio

    People who mistreat animals should be locked up! I am so glad those ladies didn’t just leave, but helped out those babies! Your first quilt is adorable. Have you ever read Ami Sims book. It is How Not to Make a Quilt and is hilarious!!
    We had those heavy rains yesterday. It rained uphill it was so windy. Whew!
    Where do the baby Hummingbirds live? It is too cold here for them to come back.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – the baby hummingbirds live in CA. Yes, it did rain uphill, downhill and both directions sideways – all at once! I’ve never been so scared in a rainstorm.

  22. Linda in Central Iowa

    There is a free series of videos on YouTube called “Sitting with Dogs” -he works at an ARL in California heartbreaking to see how scared those dogs are and how he takes away that fear and gets them to trust. First step for the dogs in order to be adopted.

    1. Jan Hebert

      Linda, I have seen his videos and yes, he really does wonders with those poor mistreated dogs. It breaks my heart seeing animals that scared. Jan in MA

  23. Fran Dixon

    It’s raining! Loving it.

    Loved the spring pictures. That’s a lot of hard work for you Mary!

    The first quilt is adorable. I hand quilted in my very first quilts. That went by the wayside fast. But I adore quilts handquilted with the balls of like embroidery thread (the word escapes me).

    Shameful on those puppies. I hope they shut down that puppy mill.

  24. Alice in SW Ohio

    So happy these pups were rescued!! I simply don’t understand puppy mills. I’m guessing the owners think it’s an easy way to make money?? Did they not realize Great Dane puppies go through a lot of food!! My mother raised Cocker Spaniels & I’ve helped feed the “runt”of the litter more than once with special formula from an eyedropper. As a child I got to cuddle all the puppies. Great memories!All I can say is those people just don’t have the same love for animals as we all do! There’s much more I could say, but I’ll leave it at that! Love the beautiful pictures of the yards & flowers! My tulips have been beautiful this spring. Unfortunately the heavy winds & rain didn’t help them. But I’m happy they bloomed this year before the deer ate them. So the Irish Spring soap chips really do work to keep the deer away!

  25. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Gloria, I don’t know where CC is located. Lovely pictures. Sad about the puppy mill photos and am glad someone intervened.
    Mary, thanks for sharing your first quilt. Yes, you’ve come a long way but I admire your perservence. Yes, you chose something hard, but you finished it and I appreciate your sharing of your early work. You are a true artist. Reminds me of my first sewing project.Hand sewing doll clothes when I was 9 years old!

    1. Gloria from CC

      Charles City is in Iowa. I live a little over an hour from Mary in Garner.

  26. Linda

    Oh my goodness…what a miracle that those puppies were rescued….The owners should see jail time..I have no sympathy for them and how they treated those dogs…..The last photo is so sweet..the pups are so cute in their coats…You just want to cry…

  27. Kim from Wi

    Those puppies are so lucky to be saved and look how quickly they filled out. Just shameful how they were treated. Love the pictures of Lindas yard, so many cute pieces and all those flowers. We have daffodils blooming right now and the trees are budding out. My allergies are making me miserable. Lots of rain the last 2 days.

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