Rain! 4 – 16 – 24

I had an appointment in Algona today, 26 miles west, and when I left it was raining quite hard. During the drive home I rain into very heavy rain – as if someone was dumping 5 gallon buckets of water on my windshield repeatedly. The wind was extremely bad from the direction I was traveling.

I could not see the road, or a driveway or an intersection where I could pull over so finally I stopped on the shoulder and waited but nothing let up. At one point we were traveling 35-40 mph in the heavy rain and wind.

When I got within 6 miles from home I pulled into a Dollar Store parking lot and waited but after 10 minutes it still hadn’t let up so I went on. When I pulled into my garage I was thankful and shaken at not being able to see where I was going. Of course a keeper was with me and I had visions of having an accident and him running off.

So that’s my spring story – ha! But now enjoy these spring reader photos:

And from a reader in Germany:

This dog reminds me so much of a young Telly!

The sky tonight looking east-

Surprise! This is the top of my fiddle leaf fig that I cut off and put in water!

And last night the Hawkeye wore Prada!

I liked this red dress better actually.

I am one of many new Indiana Fever fans! First game May 14!

Raining again – we’re going to make up for lost time!

43 thoughts on “Rain! 4 – 16 – 24

  1. Vicki Ibarra

    Vickie in Seattle – what are the beautiful bright red plants? Are those creeping phlox in Jeannie’s first picture? Lovely flowering shrubs. And the picture from Germany shows we are more similar than we know. Lots of open fields and a variety of “crop” with wind turbines like we have in Iowa in the middle of fields. The quilt hanging on the line is a happy quilt. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Vicki in Seattle

      Vicki, the crimson plants are azaleas. They are evergreen but blossom in April in beautiful shades of pink and red. The road is steep and becomes slippery when the rare snow comes. Cars have taken out few plants over the years!😂

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – I said the same to Rick about the countryside in Germany except there were grapevines and the fields were very small and hilly. Nothing like North Iowa’s huge fields. But yes, I look out on wind turbines, too.

    3. Jeanie S, Central IL

      Vicki Ibarra,
      Yes, we have creeping phlox. The lavender are doing very well, the pink are struggling. I plan to add more pink phlox and also some white.
      The snowball bush left of the garden shed is just about ready to pop; the blooms last quite awhile.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Barbara Firesheets

    Sorry you and Keeper had to be out in that heavy rainstorm. It’s scary when you have to keep going when you can’t see. Lovely spring pictures!

    1. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy

      Yes, that drive sounds very scary. Good to have company in Keeper being along. Glad you made it home all ok.

  3. Susan K in iowa (Texas)

    The storms hit eastern Iowa this evening. There were tornado sirens but no tornadoes near us. We did get pea sized hail. The wind this afternoon when I ran an errand was crazy strong.
    The house is basically taken apart. Now it’s time to get it put back together. Today my chore was stripping wallpaper. My errand was to get a steamer to help strip the wallpaper and it really sped up the job.
    I’m glad you were safe. It’s scary to drive in rain so hard you can’t see. And I know your fear with having Keeper with you.
    I’ll try to get some yard pictures from the Iowa house for you. It too is a work in progress. I’m trying to learn what all of the plants are.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – now you really do have some before and after pictures, don’t you? And we’d all love to see some! We had tornado watch but not warning and it just sprinkled this evening. I was afraid I wouldn’t get off the road far enough but the other cars were also driving slow with their hazard blinkers on. It was horrible.

  4. Angie from Baltimore

    Prada looked good on her Angel from Baltimore was wearing a barely there outfit I was worried something was going to fall apart.
    Driving in rain like that is scary because I am afraid to pull off the side of the road as I am afraid someone will run into me. Always a relief when you get home. Glad you made it safely.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – yes, one wrong move and Angel’s dress would have hit the floor!

  5. Janet

    I love the blue quilt Is it one that you made? If there’s a pattern I love to get one. Thank you Janet

    1. Kim in N IL

      I made the blue quilt from a pattern the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Glad you like it!

      1. Diana in Des Moines

        Kim – I love that you just got the April issue and made that quilt! I did that with the Christmas issue – had it done before the holidays rolled around. Very pretty!

        1. Kim in N IL

          I only made the 9 block version, about 48” square. The original has 42 blocks and is way too big for me. The 12” blocks go together quickly.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    All the flowers are so beautiful. Thanks to all where spring is green and blooming for sharing with us.
    Driving in the rain like that is petrifying. We’re so very glad you’re home and safe.
    I saw on the news tonight really bad weather in your neck of the woods, Mary. Mason City was on the map.
    We got some much needed rain last night…today 60 mph winds.

  7. Linda in Estherville

    Mary, do us a favor and let us know when to watch Caitlin! We had buckets of hail this afternoon…you are so lucky your downpour was clear liquid! Check my Facebook page and you will hear some of the noise. At least they were marble sized.

    I cannot seem to get my mojo going….I need to bind the graduation tee shirt quilt for grandson, Reece. And, then do the memory bears for family members. Plus …..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – yikes! I honestly expected it to start hailing as I was driving. Did you have damage? You know what I’d do to get my sewing mojo back? I’d make something fun and senseless that has no deadline attached – just something small, doesn’t have to be anything great but just working with pieces of fabric again works for me. Just tonight I told myself to quit stewing over what to do next so I started sewing little scraps together while watching a movie. Sometimes the actual “Starting” is the hardest part. Okay, I’ll let you k ow I. Advance when the games are coming up! You can count on me!!! Haha! Please send me a friend request on FB

  8. Kim from Wi

    I didn’t like driving in rain until I found some “yellow glasses” to wear. They clip onto my regular glasses and they help with the glare of night driving and also rain driving. I bought mine at Walmart in the jewelry department and they snap onto my regular glasses. So helpful for night or rain driving, about $15. 00. I love the photo from Germany with the windmills, so much like Iowas landscape. I recall the red lights on top of the ones my mom saw from her farm in St Ansgar. I love seeing all those spring plants blooming, so colorful. We got the rains and thunder here in middle Wisconsin after 7 pm. We needed the rain, to help the spring flowers.

  9. patti

    so glad to hear you survived your drive in that rain. i’ve done that and it can be really scary – afraid to pull over because someone else will hit you. you are safe and so is keeper, that’s what counts. all the pictures are glorious. love seeing these. we were dealing with doctors and lawyers today taking care of errands. stopped at cracker barrel and had breakfast at 3 pm. the oxygen situation is still ongoing. must be resolved before the end of the month. it’s very stressful. i hope to be able to sew tomorrow. anything to take my mind of this situation. all will work out. take care all, patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I’m so sorry you’re still dealing with the oxygen issue! Do you have anyone to help you? (I may have asked before but forgotten.). Doctors and lawyers are exhausting!!

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, that weather was tough! I have just been outside watching the international space station go overhead, a good clear night and early 6.41pm. We have a couple of people in our suburb who inform us on Facebook about satellites, etc so it’s really interesting. My husband has just been in hospital with a chest infection, back to the rest home tomorrow, but he will require hospital level care from now as he can’t walk or feed himself. Can l suggest everyone getting wills done and power of attorney to relieve some of the pressure as we all get to the end of life.Sorry to be so serious, time to get back to quilts, pets and Caitlin! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – this blog instructs as well as entertains. I just finished updating my trust and I encourage everyone to think about their end of life decisions. I’m not dwelling on my death but I want the decisions to be made if, like yesterday, I could have a life ending accident. Then what?

    2. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

      I agree, Sandy. All of the necessary paperwork and pre funeral preparations are gifts we leave for our loved ones after we pass. My dad was an attorney and he stressed that over and over. My mom kept her Living Will on the refrigerator. Sounds odd, but we all knew her exact wishes!
      On another note. Our grand dog, Finn, died yesterday. He had battled Cancer, but had had two tumors removed last year and was doing well and was taking Chemo drugs. Our son took him to the Vet on Friday due to vomiting and they gave him anti-nausea pills and something to drink to get him hydrated. He was not great on Monday so our son was going to take him back to the Vet, but he found him under his son’s bed. We are all soooo sad. He was just a doll of a dog.

      1. Pat in AZ

        Diane, I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking. Hugs to all of you as you grieve.

        1. Diane and the gang

          Thank you, Pat. He was a Miniature Labradoidke, very smart and adorable.

      2. Mary Etherington Post author

        Diane – NO! Oh good heavens, he died under the bed? Poor Finn! I am sure you’ve sent me his picture before but I can’t remember what kind he was. Please send my sympathies to your son and family. Losing a dog is akin to losing a child in my world.

        1. Diane and the gang

          Oh yes, Mary. Thank you so much. He was definitely their third child. I will send his picture.

  11. Amy Kollasch

    We had to go to Mason City yesterday and met that storm on our way back home. We probably passed by each other and didn’t know it since we couldn’t see. So horrible and stressful. Glad to know you made it home safe. We stopped at The OP for lunch and had to park wonky because everyone else was parked wonky. Thought of you right away 🤣😂. I didn’t get any pictures since it was raining though. Of course the parking lot was basically full. My gripe about parking yesterday is someone had a huge truck with a long trailer and decided to park sideways in that small parking lot at The OP and took up 6 spots. That is rude. There are plenty of places they could have parked and then got a ride in the other company truck without a trailer on it to go eat lunch. Very inconsiderate. I know there are a lot of people that will read this and not know what The OP parking lot looks like, but it is very small and they are a very popular place to eat.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy – this is exactly my rant!! I do not know how people do not think of anyone but themselves! If it’s more convenient for him to leave that long trailer close to the door, he just does it – to hell with everybody else. I would never have that attitude and I don’t understand it. And like it or not, men drive those big trucks and trailers. The OP has a huge parking lot in back.

  12. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary and everyone that had to drive in the heavy rain…..thankfully you can write your story. That is so dangerous. Pull over and someone will run into you etc. ugh! I was home watching the rain and the wind and then the wind stopped and the tornado warnings came on….it just felt eerie! Thoughts and prayers for those that had damage from the storms.
    Mary your farmer Tim will see his corn in the row very soon! It always so neat to see those small little green plants! Jay planted his potatoes on Good Friday but no sign of a potato plant yet!
    We are so thankful for the moisture! Looking at the forecast, it looks like more is on the way!! Today we have wind!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – when do we not have wind? At least today it’s from the NW which doesn’t bother us much. I talked to Tim yesterday before it rained and mentioned his lucky corn and his concern was that it would be packed down with the hard rain. I’ll be watching for those rows to appear.

  13. Ann in PA

    Teaming rain is no fun when you are driving and pulling over where you might get hit from behind is just as scary. I felt your fright as I was reading…what a relief when you finally arrived home. As Kim from WI mentioned glasses for night driving. When I mentioned a problem with headlight glare, my Ophthalmologist recommended inexpensive yellow, “safety glasses” from a big box home improvement store . (around $9 ) They really do help at night and on rainy days. I love the photos of kids and dogs! Good advice from Sandy on getting Wills and Power of Attorney done before you need them. We did just that after dealing with health issues when both our parents, aunt and uncle needed hospitalization and nursing home care. That photo from Germany could have been here in PA. We have a lot of vineyards in the rolling hills but those huge wind turbines are on mountain tops. I thought Caitlin Clark looked age appropriate in Prada. (her mom looked fabulous, too) I had to look up Angel’s dress. The media was hyping her backless dress…it was also “frontless”. Looked more like something on the red carpet where many leave nothing to the imagination. Can’t wait to watch more women’s basketball…Mary, you are an enabler! lol

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I’ve been called lots of things but never an enabler! Haha! I love it! And here I thought the fun had ended and it’s just continuing with CC at Indiana. Me reader asked me to remind you all of upcoming games and times. You can count on me! Haha!

  14. Connie R. in Wis.

    The picture of that cute toddler with the dog is just adorable! Makes me smile to look at it.
    Sounds like a very scary ride home for you and Keeper. Hard to know how to drive in that kind of weather. Have to worry about how everyone else on the road is driving too. Glad you got home safely.
    It’s nice to see green grass in the photos you posted. We’re about a week or so from having green grass. Geese are flying north so, spring is here.

  15. Fran Dixon

    Proud of Caitlin Clark. She has class!

    Rain and bad weather here too. But it’s going green very fast now with a cool down. One of your photos show an anvil shaped cloud. My hubby told me when he was flying private planes that they stay away from clouds shaped in an anvil. Extreme weather.

    The new retreat center is open in Elk Horn, IA and we have reservations from previous owner next week. I am hoping I can go.

  16. Diana in Des Moines

    When I took the grandkids to pre-school at 9, just a light rain. But WOW – when I left at 11 to pick them up, the thunder was rolling and the rain started in earnest. Not bad going there, but just awful coming home. Of course I had them with me and was scared to death of running off the road. You couldn’t see anything ahead of you or behind you. I got behind a semi truck with his flashers on and followed him to my exit. As soon as I got off the interstate, it slowed down.
    We had a great big hawk in our back trees Monday. He was squawking up a storm, so he must have eyed a rabbit or some other small unfortunate creature. We have woods behind our house, and he is back there often, but usually not so vocal.
    Our pre-school consignment sale is this weekend, so I’ve been getting rid of toys the kids no longer play with, and clothes that no longer fit. I work several shifts, so busy week for me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – I know exactly like you felt – I was terrified. You had kids with you – I had keeper with me and I have never experienced such rain. Behind a semi would be even worse! Well, maybe not – you had lights to follow and maybe he was breaking some wind and rain. Either way I don’t ever want to go thru this again. You are a hard worker, my friend! Is there anything I could do to help you? Send me your mailing address, please.

  17. Launa

    Your Guardian Angel was driving along with you in that rainy downpour!

    We had quite a few snowfalls today n the temperature hasn’t gone above 30o! More snow is just coming again!
    This is the 17th of April! Our pond has thawed now!
    Enjoyed the green lawns n other pictures!

    Launa in Idaho

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – oh my! You’re still getting snow? When will spring get to you in Idaho?

  18. Lyn Smith

    Hi Mary,
    I live in Australia & I’ve got several Fiddle Leaf figs growing in pots that need a prune. Your cutting looks great. Did you put anything in the water? Love reading your blog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lyn – I didn’t put any nutrients of any kind in the water and I’m ashamed to say I rarely changed it. I do not understand how this is growing! I left too long a “stem” on it tho so I’ll have to find a very deep narrow pot. I wonder how long I should wait before planting it in dirt. Any guess?

      1. Lyn Smith

        Thanks for that Mary. I guess I’ll just have a go. I think I’ll try one in water & one directly into soil & see what happens. Fingers Xed.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Lyn – it took a very long time for these leaves to appear so be patient and I’d really like to see yours. Maybe a should post both pictures here – the actual plant has 4 new leaves coming out!

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