WNBA Draft and More, 4-15-24

Caitlin went to Indiana as the Number 1 draft pick tonight. I have never watched this before but it was pretty fun – IF you’re a big fan.

Windy again today – no outside work to speak of after I got home from my eye appointment.

Hummingbird update – it’s been just 3 weeks since they hatched and Linda thinks they might even be gone tomorrow.

Thank you, Linda! This has been very fun to see them as I’m sure I’ll never see it in person. Hard to believe those two tiny things are the same birds now.

Look at these sad pictures of where I’ll be working – leaves! And it’s so hard to rake out those hydrangeas. Last fall I planted 15 hydrangeas along the fence by the barn and I checked them today – they all survived!

And here’s the wilderness trail in early spring

And if only I loved to garden this would be such a special spot! Semi shade with protection from the wind – but no.

So send me your gardening/yard pictures: the “after winter but before spring work begins” pictures. Then in mid summer we’ll do it again. Send your photos, not more than 2-3, to maryehazel2020@gmail.com.

Did you know that Connie has an Etsy store? Search for Sew It Goes By Connie. Look at this fun tomato pincushion!

32 thoughts on “WNBA Draft and More, 4-15-24

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Congratulations Caitlin…you have made a huge change in this country.

    You want a picture of my garden mess? Ok.
    It was a nice day till about 3:00. Now we have cold and wind.

  2. Cathy D

    Do you use a leaf blower to blow leaves? I use it to clean up flower beds, before going back to rake what couldn’t be blown. Works great for me! I’ve been busy picking up sticks! All this wind has been very hard on the trees! Lots of stick left to pick up before we can mow. We’re expecting some much needed rain the next few days 🤞.

  3. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Hi Mary, I’ve sure enjoyed the pictures of the hummingbirds. Thank you for s sharing them Linda! I’ve seen their nests and eggs, but never got to see a baby one!
    Would it be possible to blow the hydrangeas clean with a leaf blower? Perhaps you’ve already tried that. I’ve never had a hydrangea. I think they are beautiful!

  4. Gail in Ohio

    We had sunshine and 70+ degrees here today so I managed to get a planting bed cleaned out a bit – still have some piles of stems and sticks around to move after the pollinators don’t need them anymore. We’ve been pulling hairy bittercress like crazy – need to get them out before they get to the stage where they shoot seeds everywhere. I even got a couple of decorations changed out for spring and rinsed out the oriole feeders – they’ll be scouting very soon. We’ll put out hummer feeders at the end of the month.
    After supper it was down to the sewing room to work on costume items for my chorus; the end is in sight, just one more shirt to take in and a zipper to replace. We compete in early May, so this all has to get done but I can’t wait to get back to piecing and quilting!!
    Good for Caitlin Clark – going to Indiana! One of our Lady Buckeyes is joining her, it’ll be fun to watch!

  5. MN Jo

    Being in northern MN with all the trees up here, we have found that vacuuming works very well cleaning flower beds. It’s so much faster and easier on our bodies. I just got back from a 3 day bus trip to Missouri Star Quilt in Hannibal, MO. So much fun! And traveling through Iowa to see how much further along your trees are turning green, and seeing and smelling black dirt…heaven!

  6. Sue In OR

    Those baby hummers are so cute. We have a year-round hummingbird pair but I have never been able to find their nest(s). They bring the babies to the feeder as soon as they can fly. Then I am busy filling the feeder almost daily.
    It’s hard to tell them from the parents except that their tails are shorter. They grow so fast and soon they are buzzing around everywhere.
    I took some photos with my phone to send here today, but then I got hung up trying to get them transferred to my email. I have always used my big camera to send quilt pics. My daughter is coming tomorrow, so hopefully she will help me.
    You had great success with your hydrangeas overwintering. They are so pretty.

  7. Gloria from CC

    Congratulations to Caitlin Clark. She wore a beautiful Prada outfit to the draft ceremony – very classy. I’m also happy that Kate Martin got picked in the second round to go to Las Vegas. I think Coach Bluder was pretty proud of her two girls.
    We’ve been cleaning gardens and picking up sticks also. We had a leak in the coupler that connects the well to the main water line to the house so I lost all but three Annabelle hydrangeas in the excavating. That’s okay. The little stinkers had taken over that garden so now I can plant something new in there.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – I didn’t know you were doing excavation at your house! Yes, Annabelles spread easily once they get started.

  8. Donna Jo

    Really enjoyed the hummingbird photos! Linda will miss seeing them. I watched the first six women get drafted and then quit watching. I did hear Kate Martin called drafted and watched a video of that. I think Coach Bluder was so proud but also looked a little sad. After all they won’t be playing for her anymore.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DonnaJo – I think Coach Bluder is just very proud and she should be. Obviously Kate didn’t imagine getting drafted since she was there supporting Caitlin and she was not dressed up. I thought she was going to be a coach -?

      1. Jeanine Waal from SE Iowa

        Mary – I read a week ago that she had put her name up for the draft. She said she still wanted to play more basketball. She has plenty of time to be a coach. I think she looked just fine the way she was dressed. Nothing to be ashamed of in my opinion. I could say more, but I won’t…

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jeanine – I honestly don’t think I had heard that so I was shocked!

  9. Holly A Woodyatt

    Mary I am envious of your tomatoes. I had a nice collection but my house burned down a yr ago and I lost them all.. I have been unable to find any since.

  10. Susan in AL

    I love the promise of spring, and I actually enjoy the spring clean-up process; I kind of get to know the gardens all over again and make Too Many Plans! I am very fond of the planning-and-planting part of gardening and not too fond of the maintenance and weeding part. Here in Alabama, we have had our week of Spring and are now essentially in summer with lawn mowing and all of that. I had to stake up the hydrangeas this past weekend as they are so big and heavy already and wash all of the mounds of yellow pollen off everything on the porch…which was just Not So Good for my allergies but essential for Porch Sitting. This week is forecast to be summer-hot with summer-humidity and rounds of rain, so my spring fever has almost passed. I will very much enjoy seeing all of yours though!

    1. Susan in AL

      I forgot to ask before I posted — Do you have to clean the leaves around your hydrangeas? Here we use them as a free mulch and soil amendment for many of the shrubs and smaller plants. Some people even BUY bales of pine needles for their acid-loving azaleas and other plants!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Susan – I do usually clean those leaves up but this year I just can’t – my hip/back is too painful and raking or shoveling puts my lower back out of place immediately. I raked about 15’ recently which was a mistake.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I love seeing all the pictures of your yard as I never traveled there so it’s nice to imagine all the lucky people who walked around your grounds. Spring is a season of renewal and seeing my colorful flowers popping up and trees blossoming makes me very happy. We have many local small family farms around us that I would rather support them for our fresh veges since it’s just us.
    I didn’t watch the draft but I know it was a lot of excitement for Brooklyn from our local news as a Syracuse player was part of it. The sports announcer was broadcasting from it and looked very exciting. It will be fun watching Caitlin again so congratulations to her for a true success story.

  12. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I would love some new hydrangeas, but the deer love them, too.
    Caitlin looked so excited and happy last night. Looking forward to seeing her play in the WNBA!

  13. Vicki Ibarra

    Great news for Caitlyn and Kate. The hummingbird pictures are a delight. I can’t believe Linda got such good pictures – clarity and lots of detail. Will think on garden pictures to share.

  14. Fran Dixon

    Love humming birds. I put my feeder out but took it in last evening with pending storms and high winds. I don’t normally do that.

    Spring is here. You have a lot on your plate with cleanup. I am enjoying this rain!

    Love that pincushion!

  15. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    We watched the WNBA draft last night…….first time for us as well. Was happy for Caitlyn, and also very happy for Kate Martin. She was sooo good in all areas of offense and defense. I hope both of them succeed in their new chapter in life.

    No rain here at 10:30 a.m., but storm warnings out for the rest of the day. I will probably stay put today instead of going to our sewing group at church this afternoon.

    Enjoyed all the pictures today as usual. Everyone stay safe out there.

  16. Paula Nordt

    I’ll try to remember to send some of my Spring before Summer photos. It’s been in the high 80’s here
    between Needville and Fairchild, Texas this week. About to clothe up and gather more poison ivy infested dead wood to the burn pile. Don’t worry. We only burn when the wind blows away from the house and yard. We light the fire and scurry back indoors to safe air..

  17. Joy in.NW Iowa

    We had an eventful weather day! It started in the early morning hours with lots of lightening and thunder, rain and heavy rain. Then during the day we had rain showers come through off and in. At about 2:30 the weather started getting nasty around Sioux City heading north and developed into tornado warning with damage I the Sioux center and George areas, we ended up with 2.25 inches of rain and no damage.
    Take care and ttyl.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I was traveling on Hwy 18 round noon and have never experienced such heavy rain and wind! I followed the guy ahead of me and pulled into the shoulder for a bit but I was actually afraid the shoulder might be too soft and mushy to get back on the road. It was like someone du ping a 5 gal bucket repeatedly on my windshield. I couldn’t find an intersection or driveway to pull into. Finally got to a Dollar Store and sat for awhile. This was a first for me.

  18. Pat in AZ

    There is nothing more terrifying than Mother Nature unleashing a fury. Tornadoes scare the daylights out of me and I’ve never been in one. Can’t imagine. We were golfing in South Carolina one time when the siren went off. We were on the 17th green and before we got to the clubhouse, it was a torrential downpour. Thankfully it went around us but I’ll never forget how scary that was. We had to wait over an hour before we could even see the parking lot. I’m sorry you got caught in that

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat in AZ – Rick said he could hardly see the barn when it was pouring.

  19. Carlene

    I just read that hummingbirds love bananas. The picture had a banana held in a tornado shaped open wire hooked on a tree I guess. Maybe you can keep a bunch in your area is you share bananas.

  20. Mary Etherington Post author

    Jan – well, I didn’t get it right. Yes, Caitlin’s rookie pay is $76, 535 plus endorsements of which she has many big time names but the rookie men are paid $167,000 per game!!!! Just another example of women being treated as second class citizens. I feel a rant coming on – ha!

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