Shopping! 9-29-2020

We have a new Bomgaars near us and since I needed so many things for Momma and the puppies, I went shopping today. You all have been so generous that I really enjoyed looking for food, treats, toys, a new puppy bed! These puppies will be so spoiled and they will never experience hunger like their Momma. I spend time in the quilt shop and Momma follows me around and shows me things she knows such as sitting down and politely asking for a treat or a bite of whatever I’m eating. Now how in the world would an owner who gave her treats and taught her to sit without being asked turn into the same evil person who locked her in a shed for over a week without food or water to punish her for getting pregnant? I just don’t understand it.

I still have not had the courage to turn her loose in the yard or bring her into the house. I might ask Connie to help me someday. Connie?

I have quite a few Dirty Dozen quilts/projects to post.

I’d really like to know more about this quilt but the reader not only didn’t put her name on it, she didn’t even tell me who she was in the email. Wish I could convince all of you to put your name on your quilt!

Our friend Connie, L. had her grandson help her refold quilts – along with her dogs, Addie and Mabel!

Becky visited the puppies over the weekend – a lapful of puppies here!

Hazel is still her favorite!

Mrs. Goodneedle who sometimes leaves a comment posted this quilt on her blog with a quilt that I love. Here’s a link to her blog:Mrs. Goodneedle – and here’s the quilt:

I love the low volume pinwheels!

Here’s a beautiful shot of Tim’s cornfield!

Am I caught up?

18 thoughts on “Shopping! 9-29-2020

  1. Kathy Hanson

    Nala looks so downtrodden, looks so sad! She must be such a wonderful girl, behaves so well! Can’t imagine anyone abusing her! Loved Becky with the puppies, two of them are quite a lapful! The quilts were gorgeous, as usual, Looks like Connie had quite a time!!!

  2. Jean

    Poor little nala looks so sad in her picture. Does she ever look you in the eye and connect? My heart breaks for that poor sweet girl. Too bad she chases cats!
    A HUGE thank you to kay Crandall for sharing the name of her beautiful quilt. I’ve ordered the book. Now when am I going to be able to go fabric shopping? I just wish this would all end.

  3. Nancy S.

    The dirty dozen quilt you wondered about I’m pretty sure is Nova from Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett. Hope this is correct information.

  4. Betty from Canada

    Hi from Canada: Nala looks so much better. She still is very unsure of what is going on. You will have to take things very slow after all the trama she has been through. But I know you will do your best. She sure hit the jackpot with you taking care of her and her puppies.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Great post. I’m glad you got to get out and go shopping. I love the way you asked Connie for help, I’m sure she won’t disappoint.
    The DD’s are beautiful.

    I have a little celebration to share…my old ladies exercise group has 2 smokers 2 non-smokers. It’s a very small group. One of the smokers announced today, she quit last Friday…I inspired her to quit. ( I quit 37 years ago). Isn’t that wonderful!!! Next bit of news, I stopped at target and bought a smaller pair of shorts 😃. I joined the group 4 weeks ago after PT ended. This has been a great day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – oh man, I wish I were buying smaller clothes! Honestly, my current clothes are fitting again yet when I went to the dr.on Monday I weighed 5 lbs. more than I did in July! No!!!! New meds and big appetite is my excuse.

  6. Joan West

    Nala acts exactly like George, now Buddy, when we first saw him. It took him a while to trust us & longer to return the affection we gave him. But now there is no more hanging head ears down look just a look right in your eyes look & a bark to tell me to hurry up with his food !! I think her health has to catch up first & then she will feel better & return the love she is getting from Mary.

  7. Kathy in western NY

    I agree with Joyce above and how timid she looks so It’s kinda sad she is looking for your love and attention but I know you give it to her. I feel so sorry for her.
    Loved all the wonderful pictures of puppies snuggling with Becky, your friends folding quilts, and all the quilts your readers finished. What a nice feeling being part of your day. I have been sewing fall fabrics into masks for several people – teachers, seniors and friends asking for them. I say I am sick of making them but find myself just doing it to help them since they are doing one of the things right to stop spreading this Nasty virus.

  8. Ellie

    Nala looks so sad and timid. I hope she will gain self confidence as she accepts love from you. When she gets to her furever home she will find a new world in people who love her and care for her.

    The DD are lovely.

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    It is encouraging that Nala interacts with you; apparently, she trusts you. I know you are really busy; thanks for posting.

  10. Margaret

    I love hearing about those could a person be so mean and hat dog seems so timid. Mary, you are so special and your love for animals goes beyond kindness. God bless you and your family.

  11. Beryl in Owatonna

    Mama looks so sweet and a bit timid. So sorry she had to go through what she did. She will pull trhough with all of the love you give her! Her babies are all growing so big and fast.

    Love all the finished projects.

    There were a number of ads tonight, not one would close! That is a first.

    Enjoy the cool.

  12. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: This may be a “dumb” question, but why are you hesitant to bring mama dog into the house or let her out into the yard? Did I miss something?Today was “National Coffee Day ” and I had 3 of my best friends over for coffee to celebrate. (We actually have coffee together every Tuesday morning!) I am so happy for the good outcome of Nala and the puppies coming to stay at your house.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann Johnson – she wants to chase down the cats and the chickens- if she kills one of them, I will be heartbroken!

  13. Maryjane

    I am soooo grateful you have her and the puppies! I hope you can bring her in the house one of these days so she’s not alone. What a monster who had her before. I can’t recall if you found her at a shelter. Those puppies are looking so healthy and well fed. I know they have blessed you too. Such love.

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