Nala, 9-27-2020

I keep forgetting to post Nala’s photo – here are several – she is still thin but eating well and if she were just good with the cats, I’d bring her in the house. It will be an uphill battle.

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  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I am sending you a hug, Betsy was lucky to have you in her life and to know your care, but I know that when our pets leave us they leave a big hole in our lives and hearts.

    It is nice to see the puppies getting so big, and Nala is looking good, thank goodness for you and your good heart. Pretty quilts!

  2. Tammy Guerrero

    My heart still breaks for her, thinking of what this poor baby has been through. I know an angel is taking good care of her now.

  3. Anonymous

    Nala is sure looking much better now that she is getting lots of good food and just as important lots of love.
    sorry to read about Betsy.Keep up the good work.

  4. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    So sorry about Betsy. Wonder if Nala will be better with the cats after the pups are weaned. My mama beagle slept with our cat except when she was still nursing. Then Tiger wasnt allowed by her in the same room. Once the pups were weaned, it was back to normal.

  5. Nicole Hanson

    Poor baby. She still looks sad and forlorn. Am glad she is a good mommy. Bless you for taking them in!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    You are a godsend to give Nala some normalcy with your dogs and out in the fresh air All together. She must feel like such a relief to know she has food, water, shelter and loving attention from you and Rick. Bless you so much. Sorry to learn about your goat but you did all you could and that’s what is in your heart to provide to all your pets. When we adopted our first rescue who was abused, I remember the vet said to us she had will need lots of patience from us and I replied it was not a problem as we are two old folks who are homebodies and love to talk to the pets like they are humans living with us.
    It took her awhile to trust us knowing we would never hurt her. I see her looking sad occasionally and still having nightmares but I pet her and calm her so she knows I will make sure she lives out her remaining years being loved and cared for. When she climbs some evenings into bed between us, I am reminded how far she has come as I cuddle with her. Thanks for showing us Nala in her castle.

  7. Gloria B.

    Nala is so relieved to have you help her get healthier and to take care of her pups. She looks better already! Thanks got all you do.

  8. Kathy Hanson

    You and your care for Nala and the pups are amazing! What wonderful things you do for the foster’s that you bring home and care for! There is a special place in Heaven for you for all that you do!

  9. Pat Smith

    I’m wondering what behavior Nala shows to cats? Is she aggressive to them?We have the opposite problem at our house. Our daughter’s two cats, who all live in our house, rule. Sonny has always been respectful of our cats, but for some reason these 2 year old cats have taken it on themselves to make Sonny’s life miserable. All he’d have to do is bark in their faces once, but he is too afraid of their hisses. Instead he hides from them and knows all the safe places, our bedroom, my sewing room, and anywhere outside as the cats don’t go out. You can lead a dog to cats, but you can’t make them bark! You are doing such a wonderful job with this dog family and those puppy’s lives will be made better for it. I’m hoping Nala has enough years left so that someone can show her another side of humans.

  10. Martha C Engstler

    Looks like Nala is getting along with the other dogs which is a step in the right direction, just hope it will go as well with the cats in time. Thanks for all you do for all of them. After last weeks frost three days in a row, the trees are really turning faster than I remember.

  11. Judith Ann Jaques

    I am sorry for your loss,Mary.

    I am still working on bringing in house plants. Whitefly is bad this year. Have to spray everything before I bring it in.
    Zinnias are beautiful right now.
    49 degrees this morning says feels like 46.
    Furnace turned on here in the sewing room.
    Glad to see momma dog doing well. take care Blessings j

  12. Mary L Adams

    She is looking better, her ribs are showing less. You are a very loving caregiver! Those pups are adorable little butterballs!

  13. Jean

    Nala is coming along physically. I suppose we won’t know emotionally for awhile yet. Poor thing. What must go thru their little minds. She has been thru so much. I just am so thankful that she is loved for now and feels safe. Thanks to YOU!

  14. Kay Crandall

    Thanks for the Nala pictures. She looks so much better – still tired and sad, but I can’t see as many ribs as before. You are taking such wonderful care of them all!

  15. Linda in So Cal

    Thanks for pics of Nala. She looks tired but who wouldn’t be nursing 8 pups. Glad she is able to socialize with your dogs. Are the pups still nursing? Vet check up this week? Has Nala been in the house yet and met the cats? Mary, you are doing an exceptional job of rearing Nala and her family. Kudos to you. Hopefully you are getting some rest.

  16. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks for the Nala pictures, Mary. She is so fortunate to have your loving care. 🥰

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    Looks like Hazel, Telly, and Ivy are a welcoming committee.
    With your care and love, she will get better and better.

  18. Beryl in Owatonna

    She doesn’t look as sad as she did! She is gaining a little weight but, wow. with all those babies to feed, no wonder. They are getting so big!!

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