Silence of the Blogger

I’m still here – just under the weather.  Last weekend I felt that nasty cough coming on and prayed it would hold off until after my fun day at Connie’s lake home.  By Mondy night the handwriting was on the wall so to speak and Tuesday morning I had to call Connie and tell her I was too sick to come.  Oh but I was disappointed!  Went to the clinic but was told I probably had allergies.  Really?  So now I’m just hoping I can get well on my own.

Someone asked which Bernina we bought – here it is – a 740 and it stitches beautifully.  See the wide throat area for machine quilting?  It also has a scissors.  It does so much that I will want to take the class this fall at Calico Hutch in Hayward where we bought them.  One of our customers, Kathy from Rochester teaches the class – can’t wait!  This machine is so solid I can’t explain it – it’s quiet – like a Lexus compared to a Chevy.  Ha!

Just talking about it makes me want to go visit it.

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  1. Kathy

    Sorry you had to cancel your outing with Connie. I’m also in the throes of a allergy/asthma problem that came thanks to the polluted air from the nearby fires from Monterrey area. The heat with the bad air combined to make me extremely ill with coughing and then a sinus infection. Best thing to do was to stay indoors and drink lots of liquid. I hope you’re on the mend and had time to do more quilting while recovering.

  2. Louise

    I fully understand your disappointment..I hope the allergies are short lived. What a beautiful “Nina” . That’s what my middle daughter calls hers . Among us, my two daughters and myself we have 7…
    Because nothing sews like a Bernina! Feel better soon Mary!

  3. Diane

    HI Mary–I was worried about you and am sorry to hear about your cough. It is really too bad you had to cancel the trip to the lake. That would have been a nice, cool thing to do on the hot, humid days you’re having. I hope you feel better soon and have that Lexus Bernina humming along:) Diane

  4. Martha Engstler

    Prayers for a fast recovery. Nice picture of your beautiful machine. Missed your blogs.

  5. Delores

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling well and had to cancel your trip to the lake. You, above all people, deserved some fun and peaceful time with friends. Take care, rest and know you are being thought of lovingly.

  6. Deb

    Hi Mary, hope you are feeling better and are able to reschedule your trip to Connie’s. I love my Bernina and was wondering what kind of table yours is in. I love that everything is flat.

  7. Donna Sproston

    Hope your cough goes away quickly. You deserve a break! You have convinced me that it may be time to go Bernina shopping!

  8. patti leal

    i hope your allergies straighten up soon. it’s always sad to miss a retreat with great friends. i got some of my best stitching done at retreats. patti in florida

  9. Diane M

    Thank you for the kind words about my great nephew’s passing. It was probably the saddest funeral I have ever been to. Hope you feel better soon. I would love to invest in that Bernina; it looks wonderful. I am trying to finish my fair entries for next week. Our Walworth County Fair starts on Wednesday. We had about 90 or more various quilt entries last year. It is always interesting to listen to the judges comments.

  10. Carol

    Be careful about the allergy diagnosis. I had that in a July and two weeks later it was in my sinuses and throat, strep throat…a ZPac and salt water gargles was the cure.

    Too bad about the retreat, they are always fun as a well as interesting and informative.

    I bought a 630 a few years back and really like it. I like the fact that you can go back to your dealer’s shop for free machine classes, but a word to the wise. I just found out that my 8 year old machine is now an antique and classes are offered for newer models. If I want a refresher, I have to find someone in the shop who is willing to do it. Bummer.

  11. Linda

    I feel your pain, I lost the month of August because of not feeling well. Three trips to the Doctor and many medications. Finally on the mend. Didn’t keep me away from my Bernina.
    Get well soon.

  12. Lisa Kogan

    Your new machine looks gorgeous Mary! My 1090 keeps on going but it feels like I’m the Chevy and you’re the Cadillac!

    I’m on allergy meds year round now, developed in my mid 40s. I feel for ya!

  13. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, sorry to hear you are under the weather. Take care of yourself. Felicia

  14. Launa Peters

    Oh Mary…..was wondering how your lake day was……Another time perhaps; the sooner the better! A little honey with lemon is good for a cough.
    Still using my Bernina 1530, but am looking forward to a 740 soon. Just can’t say enough about Bernina Guide Classes…best ever.
    Finally getting a little break from BAD particulates in the air from the Cedar fire…..which is still burning on a northward march thru the Sierras. Some new evacuation alerts this late afternoon. God bless the exhausted fire fighters.

  15. Ann Barlament

    I was thinking about you earlier in the week..wondering how much fun you two were having? How frustrating to be sick…nut the thought of “quiet time equals sewing time”, it was a winner either way.

    Feel better!!

  16. Sandy Kolarik

    I bought the same machine but I’m sorry I didn’t take a class. I thought I could figure out on my own but it doesn’t seem so easy. I haven’t tried quilting on mine yet and that’s why I bought it. Hopefully you’ll learn lots of good stuff with your class.

  17. Karen in FL

    Hope that you are on the mend and feeling better. Certainly being in front of your B740 should help. I was able to bring home a new-to-me B710 on the very same day that you and Connie got yours. I was told that they are the same machine but because Bernina changed its logo, the number had to change as well. AND I also have a 1230. It’s a workhorse for sure, but the new one PURRS and it truly is magical. I was able to take the Masters classes, but for those who can’t, or in addition to the classes, I thought all the videos on were a big help. I love the longer arm bed and just machine quilted a 60″x70″ piece. Don’t think I would have tried to get all that fabric thru the little 1230.
    Thanks so much for all the news!

  18. Jane dumler

    Hope you feel better ASAP. Not fun to have a bug at this time of year. I am in the mountains of Colorado .at 8700 feet and the trees are starting to,turn. Where has summer gone!

  19. Jane dumler

    Hope you feel better ASAP. Not fun to have a bug at this time of year. I am in the mountains of Colorado .at 8700 feet and the trees are starting to,turn. Where has summer gone!y

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