Snirt, for those of you who don’t know, is what you get when the wind blows so hard that the rich, black Iowa topsoil ends up blowing around with the snow. It is that kind of day — high winds creating blizzard-like conditions and falling temps so dangerous that all church activities for tonight have been cancelled. When the dogs go outside and then come back in with wet feet, puddles of mud are left behind rather than clean puddles of water from just the clean snow. The windows are covered with snirt as is everything outside from sidewalks, cars, bird feeders and snow shovels – everything!! Ugh!
Libby claimed Mary Baker this morning and Faye is trying to be friends with Tasha. When I go to the shop, all my visiting dogs go, too, and all staff has a part in caring for my boarders. Without their cooperation and help at times, I couldn’t do this.

Heard from Chew-E’s mom that he is exhausted but happy to be home.

Because I have this evening free, I think I’ll devote it to my January UFO. Have all of you finished your #10?

What lousy weather!

6 thoughts on “Snirt!!!

  1. Rose Mikulski

    The only good thing about this winter is that is makes for good sewing time for me. It’s absolutely miserable taking the dogs out for their walk. I already finished my UFO Challenge and sent an e-mail and photo to the store’s e-mail address; do you send out confirmations that it was received? Also I completed the January BOM and tried to pin them on your Pinterest board but it wouldn’t let me. Sorry for bothering you with this.

  2. carole

    It surely is lovely weather for sewing! Your ‘snirt’ comment reminded me of being back in southern NY. We had an area of black dirt where they grew primarily onions and sod. Snirt abounded! (although I don’t think it had that name.) In the summer, I think the names were probably quite ‘colorful’ as the dry black dirt swirled and made hanging out wash or trying to keep windows clean a lesson in futility.

  3. Claire

    Not liking the cold weather here in nh. warm beef stew and biscuits for supper.
    spent afternoon cutting out fabrics for a new quilt for my 20 yr old grandson. have had the fabric for a year for another quilt kit. I like the pattern I have chosen better.
    keep warm

  4. Jeanie

    Loved the pics of Libby and Tasha–so precious. The animals at your house have such good lives, Mary. I wish I lived nearby, so I could help out with pet chores.

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