Snow for our Eastern Friends

I watched the news this morning about the big snowstorm in the Northeast – I’m thinking about all of you in those parts today.  Stay home and stay safe!  Our weather is sunny but very cold.  Hope was glad to come out to the farm again today.  She loves going to the barn and is completely trustworthy around the chickens.

And speaking of chickens – here’s Daddio.

A bad hair day hen.

We think these bad hair day girls must be blind – they are always lost!

Here’s a naked neck hen.

Here’s a naked neck hen sitting in a nest – she’s actually sitting on a lightbulb because I take all the eggs but she still wants to “sit” so I fooled her with the lightbulb.

And then there’s an up to date picture of Chicklet – he even looks like a rooster, doesn’t he?

Charlene and the Three Amigos say Good Morning!

I went after groceries, watered the plants at church and picked up Hope.  Now it’s back to my log cabin project.

Just a couple of notes about this project.  I tore the strips from the shirts – much easier – and I simply did not measure.  I will even up these blocks at the end by either trimming or adding another row to fit.  I don’t plan too much – just reach in the box for a strip.  Strips probably average around 2″ in width.  I’ll furnish more details as I work on this – right now I don’t have all the answers – I’m just happily sewing blocks.

I loved all the comments chatter – wish we knew how you could put your own pictures on the blog.  That would be fun.  Connie is still in Chicago and I’m still watching basketball games nearly every nite.

52 thoughts on “Snow for our Eastern Friends

  1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I love the bad-hair-day chickens! And yeah, I think Chicklet is looking fairly Rooster-like! Very cold here today too, after snow yesterday.
    I wonder what all the shirt wearers would think if they could see what had happened to their old clothes? Isn’t fabric wonderful?

  2. Marian

    Oh, I just love all your pictures! They always make my day! Sunny and cold in Rochester and am glad we are not out EAST! Will be in the 40s tomorrow. Love your quilt–I like that you aren’t doing a lot of measuring–just making it happen. Enjoy your days! Oh, how about some more pictures of your cats lying in the sunny spots in the house. My Phoebe gravitates to the sun rays!

  3. Angie Rowland

    LOVE your log cabin quilt. Looks Friendly. AND I do think you have a rooster on your hands. Pretty one but BIG feet. Is it the same as with puppies and big feet mean a big dog? Stay warm, we are hunkered down, no snow but COLD wind (for us) It was 72 on Tuesday.

  4. Susan Sundermeyer

    The chicks are beautiful! It’s cold here in Ohio. When it’s warmer the clouds are out, but when it’s darn cold the sun is out. One day Mother Nature will get it together! I am working on a Disappearing Nine Patch.

  5. Michele

    I’m giggling at the fact that you can fool a laying hen with a lightbulb!! Oh, Mary!! Only you would think of that!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Have you read “The Virginian” by Owen Wister? The Virginian put the setting hen on potatoes and she did her best, but they wouldn’t hatch.

  6. Pam

    Love the pictorial updates on all of your creatures! I laughed about the lightbulb as we grew up doing The same—–got pecked a couple of times when I think the old hen got on to my tricks. I think we used whatever was round-light bulbs, golf balls, tennis balls, etc. I have a half dozen white glass eggs that I think were used for the same reason- I have no idea where I got them-we were not nearly that sophisticated in our trickery!!!

    I’m in Iowa not-so-much enjoying the weather. My husband reports it is projected to be in the 70’s this weekend in NC! Oh well, makes me appreciate our adopted climate.

    Chicklet will probably start crowing any day! HA!

    Happy quilting and thanks for sharing your days with us. Pam

  7. Amy

    For “chatter” purposes, as Mary knows, I attended Country Threads camp beginning in 2000 with some friends and we met new friends. After several years, someone could not attend camp on the schedule dates so we arranged our own camp and rented the classroom. There are five of us and we decided we needed a name. We asked about one of the chickens and were told it was called a “No Neck Chick” so that is what we call ourselves, “The No Neck Chicks”. Mary later corrected us and told us the chicken was actually the Naked Neck but we liked out name so it stuck and we still use it! We have sewn together every year (I think we only missed 2) since 2000 and we are now spread out to Phoenix, Kansas City, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Thank you Country Threads and the Naked Neck Chickens! We have such good memories and continue to make new ones thanks to Country Threads.

      1. Amy

        So many stories! The helicopter landing in the field, Northwestern Steakhouse-yum, 9/11/01 camp, helping with the customers…if we had only known we should have kept a journal!

  8. Betty Klosterman

    There is hope for the weather. Yesterday morning we had 4″ of the lightest, fluffy stuff. That snow was really pretty and fun. The kids had fun sliding down the hills after school. It was still cold, but that didn’t bother them. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be a lot warmer with inversions in the hills. That is cool air in the low spots and warm air up higher. That is our Black Hills. The snow is melting and there is icy water all over. It is like after having 20 below temps, 0 temp feels almost balmy, especially if the wind isn’t blowing. Welcome to winter from Rapid City. I was raised in Iowa, but love South Dakota.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara – I wonder if she puts them on (I know how to do that) or does the reader insert the picture?

        1. Sherry Whalen

          Ok, it created a link to what I wanted to show. Can you open it? I have a board (the board needs to be public) with photos of my quilts, so I opened the Pinterest picture, and copied the URL and dropped it in here. It isn’t as nice as having the actual photo here, but at least it would be a way to share photos.

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Sherry – you’re much smarter than me. Wish I could pick your brain the next time I’m in a jam!

        2. CountryThreads Post author

          Sherry – I get the message “the URL can’t be shown”. It takes me to Pinterest but not a specific picture.

          1. Sherry Whalen


            Mary, I want to try a couple of things – since it is my pinterest, of course I can get into it….can you see if you can get to this one? I went to Bonnie’s website to see if I could post a picture…I didn’t see any way to do it in the comments. I know she posts photos from others but I think they send them by email to her and she posts them, like you would, and Facebook of course.

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Sherry – it takes me to Pinterest but the URL message still pops up. When I post readers’ pictures, they send it to me via email and then I post it. Guess that’s the safest way – we will leave it at that.

          3. Sherry Whalen

            Ok, I just thought it would be a good way to share…. I am communicating with Pinterest via email today. She says it SHOULD work to drop in a Pinterest link. The links worked when I sent them to Al, so the links are ok – I sent the Pinterest person the link, and I am waiting for her to write back. In her first note back to me, she thought maybe there is a spam filter in your blog that might be blocking URLs, but I thought it was strange that the URL even took you to Pinterest then. Anyway, I figured it was worth a try, it is always fun to see photos!

  9. pam forsling

    Hello from all the stripes. I love your pictures and animals. It makes my heart smile!

  10. Paula (Texas)

    I really enjoy your pictures! Chicklet is growing prettier every time. We used to have an English Springer Spaniel who would carry an egg around in his mouth without breaking it. As far as weather goes, it is cooler today. Only 70 compared to 87 yesterday. Beautiful blue sky with a few wispy clouds. Big rain moving in next week though, so I guess it will be another couple of weeks before I can add more dirt to my flower beds. Not complaining, we need some rain and I’ll get to sew and quilt.

  11. Carolyn

    I so enjoy your chicken pictures! They need an accompanying soundtrack. I imagine their sounds are wonderful!

  12. Sue

    I was so hoping Chicklet was a hen, because I know you wanted that, but…..nope. Don’t think so. He is a really good looking little Roo, though, soon to have a lovely long black tail. Your chickens are great. They remind me of those complicated applique blocks by Maggie ahhh Smith?? Can’t remember her name. But the chickens were uniquely feathered. I made some of those blocks and then wore out. I still have them and simply must do something with them someday.
    Thank you for posting your animal pics so often. I love farms, farm animals and quilts. I would love to post some of our beautiful black Angus cows and calves. And, my chickens, which are very common but sweet.

  13. Suzanne Beech

    I guess i am among the ones who cannot believe that a hen would think a lightbulb is an egg. Very strange.
    Love the log cabin top. Never thought of using shirts for fabric…. but I am a newbie to quilting.
    Keep up the great posts about the farm. Really brightens my day!!!!

  14. Claire

    Mary , I love reading you! Today’s post was so awesome, it made me laugh out loud.. Thank you! I would love to live on a farm, IF. I were younger…
    Big snow storm in New Hampshire today, I did t sew, darn. I would like to make your shirt quilt, but I have too many to finish. It’s on my bucket list… Keep safe!!

  15. Ginny

    We had glass “eggs” that we put in the nests for the hens that wanted to sit when I was a child.

  16. Jane

    Mary, do you have problems finding 100% cotton shirts? I looked at Goodwill and most were part poly.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane – no, I really don’t have trouble finding 100% cotton and I hate working with poly/cotton blend!

  17. Agatha

    Your pictures always make me smile, love the chickens they are so goofy looking, always have to share your pictures with my husband. Reading your blog is the highlight of my day after a long day at work. But my favorites are all the dog pictures, we have a crazy boxer named Izzy so I can relate to your stories. Love the quilt pictures because when not working that is what I love to do. Thank you

  18. Sandy

    I just saw a Facebook post about chickens eating yogurt. Their production more than doubled. It would be interesting to try. Maybe Bill’s would gift you their outdated yogurt???? I picked up sourdough and a baguette of cranberry/walnut yesterday. My mother is 90 and always enjoys their apple fritters.

  19. Julianna

    Broke my machine, took it in for repair which will take a full week – minimally – my wonderful quilt shop offered a machine so I sewed ALL day only to find I added a piece to the WRONG side of the hexi. Guess who has spent a week tearing apart 82 pieces so I can spend a whole day re-sewing
    The worst part – this was a “quick” project I threw in the rotation so I could accomplish something.
    Some days it’s just “the more you move forward the behinder you get” ;-/ If I EVER get this finished, I’ll never forget the journey.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julianna – oh no! I probably would have given up – you should be proud of yourself for continuing this journey!

  20. Diane

    My husband, who grew up on a chicken farm , said they didn’t put anything under their 37,000 chickens, but he enjoys reading about yours and seeing their pictures๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”! Will she continue to lay if she is sitting on the light bulb? I grew up ” in town” with two cats and a dog so I know nothing about farm life! That is why I enjoy your blog so much. Love the three amigos, chicklet, and the naked neck hens. Central Ohio got two inches of snow , but the grandkids are disappointed– no snow day. Your log cabin looks great.

  21. Carolyn Hosier

    Wow!!! I was on Barrister’s Block post and saw your post, so excited!!! Love your chickens and your blog. Great log cabin blocks too. I will visit you again, soon.

  22. Kelley

    Wow, I love looking at the bad hair day chickens. They look like fun hens. And chicklet…looking more like a rooster every day!

    We had the snow here in Indiana two days ago and now it is sunny and pretty. Still cold though. I love watching your projects come together.

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Sneed

    Daddio is a hoot. DD has a black and white like him that we call Don King because of his bad hair. Love the Turkin, or naked neck. Our Wiggy is one of the sweetest in the flock.

  24. Kathy Hanson

    Wow! Chicklet has turned out to be a beautiful boy!! Who would have thought!
    Liking your shirt quilt. I have to show the picture to my daughter who has some shirts of her father-in-law who died several years ago – she would like a quilt like that. I have several smaller quilts that I am binding – being retired is great, I even get some things done now!!

  25. Kathy Hanson

    We have llamas – live right in the middle of Rochester, MN. We think we will have a new baby in June so I will have to send a picture to you. Llamas are such sweet, gentle animals – of course, the goats are fun to watch.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – I’d love to drive up and see a baby llama! Will you let me know?

  26. Betty Klosterman

    While I was reading today’s comments, I remembered when we lived on the farm north of Goldfield that Dad found a nest of eggs while he was out in the field. He brought them to Mom who put the setting hen on them. We got wild ducks! When we moved to Clarion, the ducks went, too. Had a pen in the back yard which was moved every so often and I’d take the dishpan of water out so they could “swim.” It didn’t bother any of the neighbors, but that was a different time in a small farm town. Maybe the good old days?

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