So Much To Do On A Monday


I hate Monday’s as much now as I did when I was working.  It’s a new start to everything – laundry, kitchen clean-up, sewing room organizing and today I’m hanging more fall quilts.  I’m also going to give you the details about ordering our new book.  My cleaning isn’t going so well – it is so humid that my concrete floors are wet making it impossible to vacuum – guess I should go with the flow and get out the mop.  Here are some fall quilts that I dug out of the storeroom.

Is this Sunshine On My Shoulder by Cherie Ralston?  Please, anybody who knows?

Does anybody remember Playhouse Pumpkin?  So easy and so fun!  I will post this free pattern tomorrow so you can just print it out for your own use.  (That’s what those clicks get you – free patterns as our thank you!)

And even the simple runners made from squares of fall fabrics are put into use.

More things I forgot on Monday – the book list, HIPS and the RugAlong!  See why I hate Monday’s!

Now for the book ordering info.

A Country’s Call— $25.99

By ordering directly from us you’ll not only be supporting Country Threads, but your book will be autographed and we will include a free pattern of some kind – to be determined.

Tax comes to $1.82.

Priority Mail to anywhere in the US is $7.35.

For a grand total of $33.64.   To make it easier we’ll subtract the  64 cents for  a total of $33.00.

Books will be released to us on October 15.  IF you have an Amazon Prime Account, you will be able to order our new book on November 15 and get free shipping.  BUT if you want to support this blog and our business, we’d appreciate your order.

I will be posting all the quilt pictures tonight or tomorrow.  Hold your breath that I don’t lose the whole post in a crash.  That’s all for right now – I don’t want to jinx this post.


31 thoughts on “So Much To Do On A Monday

  1. Sandra Pierson

    Love the Sunshine on My Shoulder quilt. I do think it is a Cheri quilt. I too only had one ad with an X but you can rest assured, I closed it 💕 Can’t wait to get your new book!

  2. Lisa B

    Sorry to have to say…I think your addition is off: 25.99 + 1.82 + 7.35 = $35.16 Did I read the post too fast and miss something? Love the book photos in the next post. Six ads but only one with the X to close on both posts.

  3. Jan from TN

    Closed only 3 ads. Two ads in the right side were just long rectangular yellow boxes. Your new book looks wonderful, as usual! Love your simple fall quilts too. I have no idea who designed that pretty, appliqués quilt. Sorry!

  4. Jan from TN

    Loses on,y 3 ads. Two ads in the right side were just long rectangular yellow boxes. Your new book looks wonderful, as usual! Love your simple fall quilts too. I have no idea who designed that pretty, appliqués quilt. Sorry!

  5. Sunflower from Michigan

    The new book is gorgeous! I’m going to order one too.
    Today I turned 60 and spent the day in the garden around my beautiful flowers. I was taken to lunch by my cousins and then shared dinner with my son and husband. Then we had a sunset pontoon boat ride. A very lovely day for me!
    I enjoy your blog so much, thanks!

  6. Nikki M in Tx

    Oh Mary, can’t wait for this book. The cove is absolutely beautiful and makes me think Texas August temperatures have actual dropped by just staring at it. Check will be posted tomorrow.
    I hear you about Mondays!
    Even though I seem to appreciate all quilts (some more than others) I think fall colored/inspired quilts seem to be my favorite. Just something comforting about the colors. Maybe it is the fact that whee I live we don’t really have a fall & have to create it with items.

  7. Jessica in FL

    Question regarding closing the ads: I’ve become obsessed with closing them before I read anything lest I forget (thank you, Chemo Brain). I revisit some of your posts and make sure to click them closed. I was wondering, do you see the benefit from the revisits of the pages? I hope you do!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Jessica, I see the results on the “other end” so to speak. And thank you so much!!!

  8. Joyce from NY

    Closed 6 ads today, your Fall quilts are beautiful. Your new book looks so great. The weather here has been warm & going to continue rest of week. It does get cool at night like fall.

  9. Liz Schrader

    I really like the Playhouse Pumpkin. I will try to get it made for Halloween when you give us the pattern. I will also order your new book. I purchased your book “Behond The Battlefield” at JoAnns last week. I have several of your books but not that one. Love getting your blog everyday. I almost always can close several ads.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Great quilts. I recognize some of those plaids.
    Did you know running the vacuum is causing your knee to twist, making it worse? Give yourself a gift and hire it done.

    I shall send my check with an address label. What a beautiful book.

  11. Dorothy

    Glad to see the “secure” icon on the blog. My check for the book is in the mail Will send address sticker too

  12. Donna Sproston

    I hung my Playhouse Pumpkin quilt yesterday! My check will be in the main shortly for the new book. Amazon Prime may cost less but it is not autographed and does not pay for the blog. When I see you have posted it is a day of sunshine.

  13. Diane Deibler

    Would you donate one to the library. I don’t quilt but would love to read the stories.

  14. Dot

    That quilt IS Sunshine on My Shoulder, according to someone’s Pinterest post. And was published by Jan Patek Quilts

  15. MartyCae

    Love your fall quilts.
    Love your new book cover! It is beautiful! Can’t wait to get my copy. Putting check in the mail tomorrow.

  16. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Love your fall decorating, Mary. I am just getting going with mine too: quilts with fall colours and crows and corn and pumpkins.

  17. Kathy Hanson

    I hear you, Mondays can be hectic. Laundry, making spaghetti sauce with our fresh tomatoes, pureeing more fresh tomatoes to freeze for spaghetti sauce again sometime too. I haven’t hung my fall quilt yet or gotten out any fall things, guess I am procrastinating! I do love Fall best of all. So looking forward to the new book, the cover looks amazing and can’t wait to see the patterns and the information about the Civil War women. I love the pictures of the ones you have put up at your house. Sending my check soon.

  18. Mary Ann

    The quilts are lovely. Everything came through perfectly and I’m finally seeing ads which is a good thing as I know they support your blog.

  19. Linda

    I absolutely love that Sunshine On My Shoulder quilt!! The pumpkin is super cute as well! And I’ve pulled out my table runner made from fall square scraps we made at a quilt camp!
    Thanks! Keep the blog going!!

  20. Penny C Maryland

    I am on vacation so hopefully you will post the book info again! Love your fall quilts

  21. Pat Smith

    I love fall quilts. I have a few of your fall patterns but, naturally they are in FL with my stash of fall fabrics, and I’m in VT. Trying to lead a dual life has big drawbacks. I’m looking forward to seeing your other fall quilts. In case you have new readers, it might bear repeating about clicking the x on all adds. In the beginning, I thought I was doing something wrong because after hitting the x, it always says “report this add.” I’m not very advanced in things digital and was worried I was doing something detrimental. Now that I understand I’m doing no harm, I find lots of x’s to click. Cleaning never puts me in a good mood! I usually move on to cooking pretty quickly!

  22. Jean

    Monday’s are rough for many people. Even after retirement! I love the day to day events shared on your blog. It’s the first thing I look for when I turn my phone on.

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