Anniversary Quilt For Jean

Jean reminded me to post Connie’s anniversary quilt – the staff made it for their 30th anniversary – I think.  That would have been about 17 years ago – really?  Now you’re going to ask me what book this can be found in – that will take quite a lot of time to find – why don’t you just ask Jan?  That’s Jan Patek – the designer of the quilt.  Jan – if you’re reading this, save us all some time and post the book name in the comments, please.  Here is the wonderful quilt, faded but still beautiful!


Isn’t it just fantastic?  I can’t believe we made it!

And here’s some yard pictures – when you live with old trees, sticks, twigs and branches are always an issue – picking up sticks could be a daily chore around here.

The morning glories are beautiful this year and with blooms, not only foliage as last year.  Wish they were blue though.  Maybe that’s why they’re blooming – they’re pink instead of blue?

And it’s a great tomato year!  Some are 6” across – one slice fits the slice of bread!

And I didn’t even plant these pumpkins and patty pans!  I threw the pumpkins to the goats last fall and the vines came up in the brush pile producing all of these!  Yay!

Heidi sits on the head of “Sparky”, the cement dog that used to belong to my Aunt Charlotte.

This post has been a series of experiments so I’ll see what posts and what doesn’t – I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.  Clicking that X on the ad will allow you to support this blog – if you’ve never done this, please do it today!  We need all the help we can get at this point.  And thank you to all of you who click the ads regularly – we couldn’t do this without you.  Honestly!

Have a great Saturday – it’s a football day in Iowa at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa.  Iowa State meets University of Iowa in a big game at 3 pm on ESPN’s Gameday.  Go ISU!

89 thoughts on “Anniversary Quilt For Jean

  1. Paula Philpot

    Just found this one No pic of the anniversary quilt. All other pics came thru and 4 ads but only two had the X to close. Hope this helps. Paula in KY

  2. Jeanine

    I don’t know anything about morning glory except the weed (?) that grows in our garden, and I have blue flowers there. Go figure!

  3. Judy A

    Sheesh – Just like yours, I had no flowers on my humongous (were supposed too be blue) morning glory plants, but this year my plants are not as big and full of the pink flowers. Go figure. I LOVE blue flowers!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      So what’s with the blue morning glories? Why won’t they bloom? Does anybody know? I, too, love those blue flowers. Hmmm- I’ll pose the question for anyone to give us a clue.

  4. Mary O

    No quilt pictures for me either. Not even when I went back to the post. Got all the other pictures of pumpkins and morning glories, etc, but no anniversary quilt.

  5. Sherrill

    No quilt picture for me, only a link that took me right back to the most recent post on the blog! Hmm

  6. Julie DeBower

    Well, I’m thinking maybe it’s my Apple computer causing the problem. Can only see five of your pictures and for several times I don’t have any “X’s” to click on–they simply aren’t there. So Apple users if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. I’m missing all of the wonderful pictures you post Mary!

  7. Darlene in Texas

    Most of the photos came through and ad to click but no anniversary quilt. Hope this helps.

  8. Connie Heffner

    Darn, 8 of the pictures did not come through. Couldn’t see any of the quilt. Lots of people are seeing all of them. Only one ad to close also. Am I the only one that the photos are not coming through? I just get a black outlined box with an X.

  9. Barbara Forde

    Strangely was able to get this post with all its pictures and ads on my phone, but it doesn’t come up on my laptop! Keep up the struggle as frustrating as it must be for you.

  10. Sandra Pierson

    The pattern is in Brannock/ Payek book “Together Again” Lori DeJarnette is considering doing a sew along of this quilt!

  11. Deb - SW Minnesota

    This is the first time the pictures came through on the blog for me. I’ve been able to view them in the email but not the blog. Things are improving!

  12. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I have a question on the ads. I just click ON the ad and when it comes up, I click on the X at the top right corner of the computer screen, not on the ad. Are you getting credit for them? Hope you can tell.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – yes, I think so – I wish I could be more informative about the ads but I just don’t have anyone to ask.

  13. Helen Jane (TX)

    Hi Mary…thanks for the tip on the morning glory seeds (blue)…will keep that in mind to try another color. My mother always grew the blue MG by the well on the farm. That way enough water would splash out to help them grow. Watching football as this is Cowboy Country…enjoy your blog immensely also the blog comments…

  14. Paula S.

    Love the quilt and all of your pictures you post. Clicked 2 ads today, but I click them religiously trying to help out.

  15. Jean

    Mary. How do people get in touch with jan patek? I’ve lost my book that has the anniversary quilt in it! Just darn it! I’m all ready to go on that quilt now. Hope you can help. THANKS!

  16. Kathy Hanson

    What a gorgeous anniversary quilt – I am sure that Connie and Roy love it! Yes, Tomatoes are going gang busters this year – am making Chicken Cacciatore today and will make spaghetti sauce tomorrow with our nice fresh tomatoes, looking forward to some BLTs too! All the rain must have done a lot of good for the produce this year. Love that the goats have been “planting” pumpkins, and the patty pans too!! Enjoy the football game…hope your team wins!! Love Heidi and the statue.

  17. Sally J.

    Oh my the anniversary quilt is just wonderful!! Great pictures today. Closing ads. Thanks Mary for hanging in there as I so enjoy your blog each morning!! Blessings to you.

  18. Caryn Goulden

    Such a beautiful quilt! Full of love from the people who made it. That’s a pretty good produce haul! Is that your cane on the seat? Pretty classy!!😆


    Mary, I received ads, but no X’s to click!
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog!
    Jo Anne in Virginia

  20. Helen Jane (TX)

    Hi Mary…I like-like the anniversary quilt. Suits me to a T! Enjoyed all your pictures. I planted morning glory seeds (blue) and the vines are growing profusely but no blooms. It is getting late in the season for blooms here. (this is my 3rd attempt to post, just disappeared like poof) hope the rest of your weekend is good…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I’m thinking about you tonight – how is your husband doing? And your mom? Does your mom live with you and just visit her friends at the senior center? Has your husband had surgery yet? What do you to relax? Do you like to read? Watch TV so you can just sit and relax? And once again I wish I lived close to a reader so I could help out. Please just know that you’re on my mind.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Sorry, Helen! I wanted to say to you that the past two years I’ve planted blue ironing glories and have not gotte a single bloom – it must be the blue ones that don’t bloom well because these magenta blooms are profuse!

  21. Kathy in western NY

    It was good to see the “ tease” in my email to click and read the entire post on the internet. Plus I had lots of ads with X’s in the corners to close. No places I shop at so I think it was just a meandering of places but with the X I don’t open them anyways. The picture of Heidi cracked me up. We had wind come thru here last night and it was pick up sticks here this morning from our old trees. None of my dogs bother playing with them sometimes I use the pooper scooper claws tool to pick them up and throw them in the fire pit that way.

  22. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Lovely quilt – so much hand work!! Only the ad at the top of the page had the X to close it. If we click on the other ads that we can’t close, does that help you as well?

  23. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I love everything about this post! Heidi on the dog’s head, oh my, cats have no idea what comediennes they are! The quilt, love it, love the scrappy binding! And free pumpkins and patty pans, now that’s the garden for me. Your morning glories are glorious, I’ve never seen that color, only blue.

    Lately your posts fill my heart, I’m so stressed here with my mom’s surgery and growing needs, and now my husband’s surgery. It’s nice to see God’s glory on your farm and in your spirit. I’m so glad you did not give up on your blog.

    Shutting every ad I see!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I’m thinking about you tonight – how is your husband doing? And your mom? Does your mom live with you and just visit her friends at the senior center? Has your husband had surgery yet? What do you to relax? Do you like to read? Watch TV so you can just sit and relax? And once again I wish I lived close to a reader so I could help out. Please just know that you’re on my mind.

  24. Lisa B

    Great quilt! A group project, wow! Congrats on 47 years! Four ads to close. All the photos came through.

  25. Nikki M in Tx

    Magnificent quilt. My taste. A gift to treasure.
    My son & 2 friends came for a work weekend & so far have worked their butts off. Cut 3 trees down that needed cutting and mostly have the cut into firewood. Erected a new deerstand on the south. Repaired a fence. Sighted in my new rifle & several of their own. Filled all the deer feeders . Worked on cleaning out the barn, this has been an ongoing project since my husbands death & often feel will never complete. They guys did dispatch 2 large boar hogs & hopefully more this evening. Mary hope this doesn’t offend you but they are so destructive & have no natural predator.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I love work weekends! And no, I’m not offended – Rick lived in Pearland for over 20 years and has told me about the wild hogs and how destructive they are. Does Bongo like the visitors? Keep those guys working!

  26. Jeanie S, sw Illinois

    The anniversary quilt is really beautiful–just lovely! All the pictures posted; thanks.

  27. Marian

    Two ads to close! Yay! The quilt is a work of art! Lovely. Heidi is so cute with her Sparky! The volunteer veggies are a success. I love the blog and hope you can keep it going.

  28. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Post came through great, and adds to click also. Love the morning glories. I once spent a summer working with a Japanese morning glory breeder/expert (they are a big thing in Japan) who came to the Netherlands to grow special varieties for an exhibition at the Botanic Garden in Leiden. It was fascinating: all sorts of colours and patterns, from white through pink, purple and blue to black.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, what a wonderful experience for you – I’m jealous – do you plant morning glories now yourself? I just love them but they don’t always bloom for me.

    2. Rosemary W

      Oh Wow, what an interesting experience.
      I only wish my morning glories would stay put and not wander around throughout the garden!!


    Someone tell me were to find the ads at. I would like to help but can’t fine the adds. Thanks, Nancy Pleimann

  30. Peggy

    Looking good. Have to click to see the whole post so the ads come up. I have to change from strict to standard security for the ads to show. Thanks for all your time.

  31. mj

    i feel we are back in business..Right? pics came thru and i think 5-6 ads I hit…it is a great Saturday…
    The quilt is lovely, AND what a wonderful gift to receive from friends.
    Go Ames, my G’daughter went to school there so we have to cheer them on…and what a wonderful day to be in a stadium watching a football game…A favorite flower is the Morning Glory, i had beautiful purple ones on the trellis by our deck…
    thanks for sharing…

  32. Polly Perkins

    Beautiful anniversary quilt. Yahoo everything is working and I am clicking away. So happy to see all the pictures again.

  33. Jill

    The quilt is so beautiful! It must have been a very talented group of ladies. I can understand how frustrated you are with your blog site. I, like you, love technology, when it works!!!!! Since you changed servers, I think everything has been coming through!

    I so look forward to your posts/pictures.

  34. Cindy K-Wi

    Yeah!!! It’s like days of old-beautiful pictures, plenty of ads. I can’t get my TV to work! Tomorrow is football and I don’t want to watch it sitting on the end of my bed. If it’s not one thing mumble… I hope everyone has a sunny beautiful day! ~Cin~

  35. Esther Lautenbach

    Mary what kind of tomatoes are those huge ones? Our tomatoes 🍅 produced a huge crop but the largest are only about 4 inches across, I have been canning juice about 3 times a week. Love your blog and I do close the ads. Beautiful Anniversary quilt.

  36. Esther Lautenbach

    Mary what kind of tomatoes are those huge ones? Love your blog and I do close the ads. Beautiful Anniversary quilt.

  37. Jean

    that quilt!!! It is simply AMAZING! I was living in Mason city when that quilt was made. I forgot how lovely it is. Lucky connie! I still have all the fabrics to make it but doubt it will happen anytime soon. This blog is just the BEST! Thank you mary for showing us that wonderful quilt. Only 1 ad to close.

  38. Susan in PA

    The email is back to its old self with just showing the first paragraph of the blog forcing everyone to go to the complete blog in the browser. The first time I went to “see all comments” there were no ads so I clicked on “read more of this post” and the ads came up. Then I clicked on the URL and it also showed the ads. Just for fun I clicked on the “see all comments” again and that time the ads showed. Maybe if people aren’t seeing ads they can just refresh or go in a different way.
    Also when I clicked on it took me back to yesterday’s post. I know you can’t tell from your end what is happening so I hope this helps.

  39. Montana Kathy

    Your post came through just fine, great photos and lots of ads to close. Absolutely loved Connie’s quilt. I had never seen this pattern by Jan Patek before although I have most of her books (love her patterns). So glad the blog seems to be fixed. And that you persevered through all the trauma and stress. I know we all appreciate it. Life wouldn’t be the same without your postings! Oh, and I just love the photo of the kitty atop the dog statue! So cute!

  40. Debbie G

    I clicked a lot of ads today! I am so happy that the blog is hopefully back! I love your daily thoughts and all the pictures of what is happening in your corner of the world!

    1. Kaye

      Love that you got free pumpkins! Tomatoes look great too. How cute is Heidi setting on Sparky!

      Sometimes I get all pics and other times I don’t! Had 8 squares blank out of 13 pics on this post. I can only imagine how frustrating this has been for you!
      Always enjoy seeing what’s going on! Kaye

  41. Linda in So Cal

    Tried to open ad but a window popped up saying it was not safe to open the ad…infected? I’m confused. Will try again later. Love Connie’ s quilt…awesome.

  42. Joyce from NY

    That anniversary quilt is gorgeous!! The pictures of yard & pumpkins came through perfect. I mowed yesterday & last night we had rain & wind, now my lawn looks like a hurricane hit, leaves & sticks blown all over. Closed 4 ads for you.

  43. Marsha

    It seems like everything came through! The quilt is gorgeous; I’m jealous of your tomatoes – need to hit a farmstand – and live your “volunteer” punkins! I clicked an ad! I never knew what you meant by that!

  44. Tina in oregon

    Connie’s quilt is beautiful! What a treasure from dear friends. We have an abundance of lemon cucumbers and the last of our tomatoes are ripening. I will dearly miss them this winter.
    The pictures and a gazillion ads came through today. Closed as many as possible. Your blog reminds me of my dad’s diaries of daily events on our ranch when I was growing up in California. Thanks for keeping at it and persevering!

  45. Jeanine

    Six ads today. I just keep clicking every time I refresh the blog. Loved all the pictures today. I have been picking a bucket of tomatoes every day! I’m making another batch of salsa this morning. I gave a lot of them away. Very thankful for the good year. I hardly go any last year in southeast Iowa.

  46. Jan B from TN

    6 ads closed! Yippee, they ALL were closeable today!
    Gorgeous quilt! LOVE all the pics today! Your morning glories are beautiful!
    I had a similar pumpkin accident this year but we only got one little pumpkin out of the vines growing thruout our brush pile. I think it was too hot & dry here & we didn’t water enough. Oh well, the little guy is sitting on our front porch. I’ll send you a picture of it along with a picture of our new rescue dog. I think I told you about him but forgot to send you a pic thru email.
    We’re still in pro baseball mode here rooting for the Chicago Cubs even while living here in TN now. 😊
    Have a great weekend! 😎

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Loved your picture of Brody – looks like a sweet little guy! Thanks for rescuing him.

  47. Connie Blyler

    Love the quilt – it’s gorgeous!!! The last two posts seem to have everything included except only one ad in two posts had an X for me to click on. I try to click every time I read your blog – but need the X’s!!! 🙂

  48. Maggie

    I had several ass on the right side of the blog! Love the quilt and all your pictures! Thanks for hanging in with the blog so we can all see your slice of Iowa!

  49. Diane Bauer

    The quilt is fantastic!! I don’t know about you, but I love the fading and softening of colors on older quilts that have actually been used and lived through the years!

    Your harvest looks awesome! Those tomatoes are HUGE!! Do you can or freeze or something else? I can almost taste the BLTs!! Enjoy!

    I will head to yoga at our little local rec center in s few minutes. Then to put up some Edison lights on my pergola. Then, and only then, I will out the binding on Jen’s Frank so she can take it along home with her tomorrow. She was here when I opened the pattern for The Count. Looks like I better start cutting two of those out!

  50. Jo in Wyoming

    What a great post card today! Thanks
    Connie’s quilt is one of a kind…just as beautiful today as when it was new. Well loved.
    What a nice harvest of veggies today. And I think I see a nice clean cane too. I’m still laughing.
    Love the morning glories, reminds me of growing up in Tennessee.
    Everybody…have a great weekend.

    Almost forgot, not a single ad…I’ll check later. Not even a x in the blank boxes.

  51. Susie Q

    wow look at all these pictures!!!!! and pumpkins to boot….. chickens like pumpkins also… at the end of the season DEC I give my decorative pumpkins to my friend with the chickens and she cuts them in half and gives them as a treat to the chickens.

    Now I do not see X’s to close…… what few boxes there are have arrows and that produces a new screen with 8 or more ads…. well I am not into ads, especially to companies I have just bought from. Then there is the credit card bill which produces a trip to the bank every three months as something is not right – too many problems with on line buying these days Takes all the fun out of making the purchase in the first place. Hope ou can get it back to an X in corner box.

  52. Sue in Oregon

    It feels like fall here in Or and it Looks like fall in your blog this morning. Very pretty.
    The quilt for Connie and Roy is magnificent. The border appliques are wonderful.
    Everything seemed to get here just fine. Thanks so much for all your work and patience keeping it going. I know it has been hard.
    Clicked everything there was to click.

  53. Laurie Mosley

    This email came through real well and all the emails have been improving lately as far as ads and pictures coming through.

  54. Kathy L

    That quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t plant any pumpkins either but they came up I guess from last year’s planting I got tons of them but the grubs ate all but one hope I get more next year have to do something about those nasty little things

    1. Mary

      I got 6 ads today, 2 from one place, 4 from another. I clicked them all.
      Great pics today!
      Mary E.

    2. Mary Evans

      I got 6 ads today, 2 from one place, 4 from another. I clicked them all.
      Great pics today!
      Mary E.

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